tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 06

The Cowboy Way Ch. 06


Jack called Tori later that afternoon, hoping that she would be done with everything that she had to get done. He didn’t analyze why he wanted to spend more time with her. He just knew that he enjoyed being around her. Both her submissiveness and her personality in general were pleasing to him.

“Hello.” Tori answered sounding distracted.

“Tori, its Jack.”

“Oh, hello, Sir.” Tori snapped her mind back to what she was doing.

“Is everything all right?”

“Yes, Sir, everything is fine. My mind was just on something else when I answered.”

“Will you be free to get together later?”

“ I should be finished here in about an hour.”

“Good, are you up for going out again tonight?” Jack questioned cautiously.

“Yes, Sir, that would be fine. I don’t have to be up early tomorrow so it won’t be a problem.”

“Good, I’ll pick you up around 7, wear something comfortable.”

“Yes Sir.”

They said their good byes and Tori went back to work so she could make sure she had enough time to get ready.

Tori decided to wear a black dress that had a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt. She put a turquoise belt around her waist to give the dress some color. She decided to wear her hair down so that it hung down her back. She added a pair of medium heels and was ready a few minutes before Jack was to pick her up.

Promptly at seven her doorbell rang. She opened the door and Jack stood on the other side holding a single yellow rose.

“You look very nice this evening, Pet.” Jack commented as he handed her the rose.

“Thank you Sir.” Tori accepted the rose and couldn’t resist sniffing it. “ Please come in and sit down, I’ll just be a moment while I put this in water.” Tori walked to her kitchen and started to look around for a vase to put the flower in. Jack followed her and stopped in the doorway. He just stood there watching her. He enjoyed watching her in her own environment. She finished putting water in the vase and gently set the rose in and turned around and almost dropped it.

“Oh gosh, you startled me.” Tori put a hand to her heart.

“Sorry.” Jack smiled.

“It’s OK.” Tori set the vase in the center of her small kitchen table. “May I ask what we are doing this evening?”

“We are going over to a friend of mine’s. He wanted my opinion about a new technique he has been working with.”

“Oh.” Tori was a little surprised, but she thought it might be interesting to see how other people were together.

They left Tori’s place and headed to Jack’s friend’s house. Jack had been there before and liked the play area. They got to the house and Jack could sense that Tori was nervous.

“Relax, Pet. You’ll like Jeff and Lee” Jack whispered as they stood at the door.

Lee opened the door, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and Tori felt overdressed. A big smile spread across Lee’s face.

“Jack, it’s good to see you again Sir. Please come in.”

“ Hi Lee, I’d like you to meet Tori.”

“ Hi Tori, welcome” Lee smiled and Tori instantly relaxed.

“Hi, Lee, thank you for allowing me into your home.”

“I’ve known Jack for a while now. I trust him as I trust my own Master. He wouldn’t bring you here unless he trusted you.”

“Where’s Jeff?” Jack asked quickly. Knowing that Lee would just stand there talking if you let her.

“He’s getting the toy bag out of the garage.” Just as Lee answered they heard Jeff enter the house.

“Lee? Why aren’t you getting things ready?”

“Our guest are here, Sir.” Lee answered laughing.

“Jack, it’s good to see you again.” Jeff shook hands with Jack. He glanced at Tori liking the way she looked instantly. “Who do we have here?”

“Tori, I’d like you to meet Jeff, the Master to this crazy woman here.” Jack smiled as he looked at Lee.

“Hello, Sir.” Tori whispered.

“Jack, you need to get this girl to speak up. Especially if she’s going to be around Lee.”

“I think she’s a little nervous, give her a little time. She can be a bit crazy at times too.” Jack was thinking about the night before and what got Tori her spanking.

Tori blushed but didn’t say anything else.

“Well why don’t we all go down to the playpen. Can we get either one of you anything?”

“I’m fine.” Tori spoke a little louder this time.

“Nothing for me.” Jack took Tori’s hand and led her to the downstairs area that his friends called the “Playpen”.

Tori stopped as she reached the last step. The room was smaller than Jack’s play loft, but there was still plenty of room to move. Tori spotted a few things she recognized and saw a few that she could determine by looking at them what they would be used for.

“Jack, why don’t you and Tori sit over on the couch, that way you have a good view of what is going on. “ Jeff pointed to a comfortable looking leather couch that had a sign on the wall that was an arrow that said Bad Girls. Tori smiled when she saw it. Jack sat down on the couch and Tori wasn’t sure if she should sit next to him or sit on the floor. Jack took care of her doubt by pointing to the floor. Tori knelt on the floor next to his feet.

“If you get too uncomfortable kneeling, you may just sit on the floor.” Jack leaned over and said in her ear as she got on the floor.

“Thank you Sir.”

Jeff put some music on the CD player; it was what Tori would describe as a light rock. It had kind of a soothing quality, but had a harder back beat. It was this back beat that Jeff picked up on while he was preparing Lee for the scene. He had her cuffed to chains that were raised and lowered by a turn wheel. He raised Lee’s hands a little higher then locked the wheel so it would not come loose during the scene.

Lee put her head down for a moment, then raised it again. Tori could see the change in her face. It was almost as if she had gone to someplace else. Jeff gently ran his hand down her back, then lightly smacked her bottom. He took a hair clip and lovingly put her hair up so it was off of her back while he flogged her. He walked over to his toys that were hanging on some hooks from the ceiling and picked up a flogger, and gently started to flog Lee's back. Tori was instantly mesmerized by the way Jeff moved. It was like an artist painting a portrait. The strokes against Lee’s skin were confident and sure. He very rarely stopped touching her, when he did it was only for brief moments when he changed implements. Soon Lee was begging for release, but Jeff quietly told her “no”. Lee stomped her feet and fought off her orgasm, as Jeff continued to flog her backside, using different floggers and whips. Tori sat at Jack’s feet totally mesmerized and was becoming very aroused. Lee’s skin was a nice light shade of pink. Tori wiggled a little to get more comfortable and to try to relieve some of the discomfort she was feeling without being obvious. Jack watched Tori squirm and knew that watching Jeff and Lee was affecting her. Lee continued to beg for release but Jeff refused to grant her permission. Jeff switched to a paddle like object but it was flat and flexible leather, the end looked something like a snake tongue. When he used it on Lee, she turned and gave him a look that said, “hit me with that again, I’ll kill you”. Tori smiled, she had that feeling herself once or twice with the smacks that Jack had given her.

Jack casually reached down and stroked Tori’s hair. He could almost feel her anticipation when he touched her. She was totally entranced by the scene taking place in front of her. She was lightly bunching the skirt of her dress in her hands. Jack smiled to himself. He had a feeling that Tori would be ready to cum in about two minutes if he were to touch her.

Lee’s skin had a light pink glow to it, and Jeff was watching her intently. He knew she was ready to cum. He squatted down next to her and continued to lightly paddle her butt with a leather paddle, with his other hand he reached between her legs to play with her clit. Lee started begging to be able to cum. Jeff quietly gave her permission, and Lee’s knees went to the floor as she orgasmed. Jeff tossed the paddle to the side, then grabbed a blanket and a chair. He unhooked Lee from the ropes, and gently sat her in the chair. He walked over to her drink and kneeling in front of her had her sip. He kissed her forehead and made sure she was comfortable. Jeff and Lee stayed like that for a few minutes. Lee looked behind her and was very surprised to see Jack and Tori still there.

“Oh, you’re still here.” Lee smiled.

“Yes, we are. You’ve done nicely here Jeff.” Was the only comment that Jack made. Jeff smiled his thanks to Jack. Jack decided to make Tori wait until they got back before he would let her have her release. He could see it in the way she sat on the floor still in a daze of watching Jeff and Lee.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and relax for a few minutes. Or if you’d like to have some time with Tori you’re welcome to.” Jeff suggested.

“No thanks, I’ll wait until we get home. I have a few things planned for this little lady tonight.” Jack just stroked his hand down Tori’s head. He reached his hand down to help her up off the floor. Keeping her hand in his they followed Jeff and Lee up the stairs.

“I think Tori and I are going to head back to my place. I think she is going to need to be taken care of real soon.” Jack smiled a wicked grin at Jeff.

“Your little mouse got worked up did she? You don’t want to share that with us?” Jeff grinned back at Jack.

“No, not this time. I have something special planned and I’d rather do it in private to see how she reacts first.”

“I understand.”

Jack and Tori left shortly after that. Once Jack had Tori settled and he was headed back to his place he casually reached over and inched her dress up her legs. Pulling the long skirt up to expose her naked pussy. Jack brushed his fingers against her sex and Tori sighed.

“ A little wet there are you little one?”

“Yes, Sir. A little.” Tori glanced over at Jack while he was driving and rubbing her sex casually with two fingers.

“ Sir, if you keep doing that I may not make it home.” Tori told Jack quietly.

“You will NOT cum. Is this understood?” Jack rubbed her clit a little harder.

“Yes Sir.” Tori fought to control her need to orgasm. The drive back to Jack’s place was pure torture for Tori. She was happy when they finally got to the house so Jack would stop rubbing her clit. To Tori’s surprise Jack didn’t get out of the truck, instead he pushed Tori’s skirt up and pressed two fingers into her pussy. Pushing them in and out feeling her wetness building. “Please Sir, please may I cum for you?” Tori begged. Wiggling against Jacks hand. “Please Sir, please may I cum?” Jack pushed his fingers in farther and said “Cum.” Tori let out a moan and squeezed his fingers inside her. Tori closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the headrest. Taking slow deep breaths.

“Good girl.” Jack smiled at her.

Tori opened her eyes and looked into Jack’s smiling face. “Thank you Sir.”

“You’re welcome little one. Now why don’t we go into the loft and do a little more playing of our own.”

“If that is your wish Sir.” Tori smiled.

“It is.” Jack climbed out of the truck and walked around to open the door for Tori. Tori stepped out and straightened her the skirt portion of her dress. She waited for Jack to start walking the started after him. Jack reached back and grabbed her hand, casually walking to the barn. When they reached the barn Jack turned on the lights and headed towards the loft. He motioned Tori to go up before him and when she started up he casually smacked her on the ass. She just smiled and kept climbing. Once up in the loft, Jack walked over to a cabinet that Tori had never seen open before. He removed several objects and put them on a cart next to the table.

“Come over here and disrobe, Pet.”

Tori walked over to Jack and removed her belt, then slipped her dress over her head. She was wearing a lacy bra and matching thong underwear, along with thigh high stockings. She slipped off her shoes, then went to remove her stockings when Jack stopped her.

“No, leave the stockings on. In fact leave what you have on and lay on the table on your back.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tori climbed on the table, and lay on her back. Forcing herself to relax she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. Jack walked over and took her right arm and raised it over her head and bound her wrist to the table with a cuff, then did the same to her left arm.

“Are you OK like that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’m going to blindfold you tonight. I just want you to relax and feel. You are going to have to lie very still though. I’m going to be using knives on you and I don’t want to cut you.”

Tori’s eyes went wide, but she replied “Yes Sir.”

Jack slipped the blindfold over her head and made sure it was on comfortably. He gently ran his hands down her body starting with her hands and working his way down. When he reached her breast he gently played with her nipples through her bra. Then he slowly ran his fingers down her body to her thong. He hooked his fingers in the waistband and dragged them down her legs and put them with her dress. He gently spread her legs open and cuffed them to the table. He walked over to the table where he had placed the knives and unsheathed one of the smaller ones.

Talking softly “Don’t move now.”

Tori felt the tip of the knife on her arm ever so gently being moved downward. She kept telling herself to remain still. Her skin tingled as the blade move slowly down her arm. He reached across and did the same to her other arm. He paused for a moment and Tori shivered. Jack bent down and touched his lips to hers, lingering there for a moment. He could almost taste her excitement and fear. Jack eased his lips from hers and brought the blade to her throat tipping her chin up with one finger, he gently ran the blade done along her throat tracing it lightly across the artery in her neck. Across her collarbone and along her right shoulder. He then brought the blade back, and repeated the steps on the other side. He could feel Tori tense up. So he paused again.

“Relax” Jack said softly. He wanted to keep his voice soft so as not to startle her.

Tori let out a long shuddering breath. Then took a deep breath and eased her breathing again.

Jack put the knife at the base of her throat and slowly trailed the blade downward. When he reached her breast he slowly eased her bra down to expose her right breast. Slowly he trailed the blade around her nipple “framing” it with the blade. When he finished the right breast he bent down and gently suckled her nipple making her moan. The process was repeated with her left breast. Jack moved the blade down her stomach to the edge of her clit. Again he paused giving Tori a chance to relax. Tori’s body shuddered as she took in a few deep breaths.

“Are you OK pet?”

“Yes Sir, I’m OK.” Tori replied shakily.

Jack set the knife aside and pulled a chair up to the end of the table. Jack lightly brushed the edge of his finger along Tori’s clit. He could see her tense up knowing she thought it was a knife he was using. He ran his finger over her clit again, this time in a downward stroke. Then he leaned in and ran his tongue along her clit in the same motion that he had used his finger. Tori let out a soft sigh. Jack moved in closer taking her clit into his mouth and softly sucking and nibbling on it. Pulling it with his mouth making it enlarge. Tori was wreathing in her bonds on the table, moaning. He knew she was almost ready to orgasm by the way her body was reacting to his mouth.

“Sir, please may I cum for you, please. I really need to cum.”

“Now.” Was Jack’s muffled response as he pulled her clit into his mouth again as she bucked against his mouth on the table. Moments later Tori was lying limply on the table, her body had a light sheen of sweat on it. Jack kissed her once more on her clit then slowly ran his hands up her body as he walked towards her head. When he reached her head, he lightly ran his fingers over her face, keeping her relaxed. Then he bent forward and took her mouth in an almost brutal kiss. Nothing like Tori had experienced before. She totally surrendered her mouth to him and let him take her where he wanted. This kiss lasted longer than any other they had shared, their tongues dancing in a frenzied mating, that when they parted they were both gasping for air.

Jack untied Tori’s hands and rubbed her arms a little as she brought them down to her sides. Jack then untied her feet rubbing her legs in much the same way he had done her arms restoring the circulation in her legs.

“May I remove the blindfold Sir?” Tori asked softly.

“Yes, you may.”

Tori slipped the blindfold off her eyes and blinked in the light. She focused on Jack standing between her still spread legs. She could see his arousal pressing tightly against his jeans.

“How would you like me to please you tonight Sir?”

“You’ve already pleased me a great deal, but I would like to relieve myself in your pussy. Slide down this way.” Jack pointed towards himself as he undid his jeans and slipped out of them along with his briefs. He slipped out of his shirt so he was standing naked before Tori. She took a long look at him, as she didn’t always get a chance to do so. Tori sat at the end of the table waiting for Jack to tell her where he wanted her. Jack pulled her off the table and set her down in front of the table.

“Turn around, I’m going to do you doggie style.” Jack growled in her ear.

Tori turned around and bent forward on the table, Moments later she felt Jack slip his hard cock into her already wet pussy. Jack slowly started to stroke in and out of her in long slow strokes, but soon was stroking her in short fast strokes as he came closer to orgasming. Tori could feel herself getting closer as Jack slammed into her harder and harder.

“Please, Sir, Please may I cum for you?” Tori sobbed as Jack started to release his hot cum into her.

“Now” was the only thing Jack was capable of saying at this time. As they both came down from their orgasm’s Jack leaned against Tori’s back. Holding her close to him gently nuzzling her neck.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening Sir. I have truly enjoyed this experience.”

“You’re most welcome Pet. How about we shower and go to bed?”

“Yes Sir.”

They gathered up their clothes and climbed down from the loft and headed to the house. The early morning breeze was cool against their heated flesh. They walked quickly to the house, and hurried up the stairs where they showered and climbed into bed.

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