tagLoving WivesThe Crack Dollhouse

The Crack Dollhouse


Miranda's husband Rick was the leading dealer in their part of town. He'd even outsourced dealers in two other sections of town. He was now the most powerful seller in the city. He hid his dealings behind his job working on the river boats. He was gone for ten days then home for five then gone again.

Miranda liked to be called Randa. She liked when the guys would stop over when Rick wasn't home. They'd flirt with her and tease her if he wasn't home. She didn't mind slipping a ten from her purse into the money pouch Rick kept. The satisfaction she got from the customers was worth it to her.

It was Friday morning, Rick was heading off on his latest stretch. He hated to leave his wife alone. She wasn't the skinniest or sexiest woman in the neighborhood, but he'd seen every man who walked past drool over her plump ass.

Speaking of her ass, that was the first thing he saw when he walked into the kitchen. She was bent over near the sink, her short skirt rising, revealing her thin black thong. She knew he loved thongs on her. He told her often with an ass like hers, why cover it up?

He took a few strides across the floor before she could straighten herself. She knew his rules, very well! If he wanted sex at all, she was to give it to him. Her legs spread and he slipped her thong down. He crouched below her, slipping his tongue between her juicy cunt lips.

She gripped the counter and braced her self for him. Once she was soaking wet, he stood up and unbuckled his pants. His cock was small but meaty and was already dripping with pre-cum.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread both of them wide before stuffing her pussy full of his cock. She moaned softly. He pumped in and out of her until he felt the eruption. He tightened his ass cheeks and pressed as deeply inside as he could, filling her with his semen.

After wiping himself off on the dishrag, he kissed her and grabbed his bag. "See you in ten babe," he smiled at her. A horn honked outside and he slung his bag over his shoulder. With a quick turn of his heel, he was off for another long trip.

With her husband gone, it was up to Randa to keep sales up. She was good at sales too. She walked down to the local mini mart. She used her food stamps to purchase dinner and a soda.

On her walk back, she ran into Cris Marone. He was a regular and always made a big spend. She liked him best out of all the customers, he never made her pay for him and always left her satisfied. He'd often buy her sexy clothes or gift cards to spoil her. He carried Randa's bags back to the house for her. When they reached her front deck, he rested in a lounge chair.

She slipped inside to put the groceries away and slip into something fresh. She opted for a flowing blue sundress. Her blonde hair mixed with the color of the dress made her eyes look pretty. She ran a brush through her hair and slipped on beaded sandals. Her surprise for him today would be no panties.

His favorite activity was to eat her out and she liked to surprise him by letting him go to town on her on the back deck. The difference between the front deck and the back deck was that everyone in the neighborhood could see the front deck. The back deck was outdoors but secluded. In order for someone to get to them in the backyard, her trust Boxer Ricco would attack.

When she was entertaining someone, Ricco laid at the front gate and wouldn't let anyone in. Not even Rick could get past that dog. Also, she liked the added privacy to do her business.

She grabbed her soda and sunglasses and met Cris at the sliding door. He led the way to their special spot, he'd been there enough for it to be theirs. She settled onto the large swinging bed she'd had Rick put in when she'd saw the girls of Bad Girls Club tanning on one.

Rick didn't know she wasn't tanning in hers, she was having her brains fucked out by Cris. Before she could do much else, Cris had her pinned onto the bed, skirt up and bare pussy exposed. He immediately dove in, he'd been away for a few weeks since Rick had been home.

Her clit was in his mouth, she was gasping for air. He was so good at eating her, he always left her complete. He wouldn't have sex until she had came atleast three times.

As she began her first orgasm of the day, he inserted a finger then two inside her love hole. She wiggled her hips, accepting him further into her. Then began rocking on his hand, rubbing her clit on the rough edge of his hand. He really did have her in the palm of his hand.

Soon she was squirming and having her second orgasm. He gently flipped her onto her stomach, then lifted her skirt revealing her plump ass. Then he took one long lick from her clit to her asshole, rubbing his tongue over her puckered asshole. She moaned aloud, he retaliated by sucking his thumb. It was dripping with spit when he popped it into her asshole.

He fucked her ass with his thumb and used his fingers on her cunt. The grand finale was in play and he leaned his head down and flicked his tongue on her clit. That was all it took, she came again.

When her shivers finally subsided, he knelt between her. She still lay on her stomach with her ass high in the air. He loved her like this, her entire package spread out in front of him. He slipped his dick into her and began banging deep into her.

She felt as if he was jamming his dick into every organ inside her. She spread her legs wider, leaned forward further opening herself to him wider. He thought the size of her ass made her even sexier. Thinking of her ass made him cum. He wasn't thinking, he usually pulled his cock out and she sucked him dry.

Today was different though, she wasn't stopping him either. She reached her fingers down to her bare pussy and began to rub. She was rubbing, he was fucking. All the friction was causing them both to loose control.

He couldn't stop himself, he had to get out of her. She was too into the moment though. She was about to orgasm again and wasn't ready to loose that. She wrapped her legs around his thighs, pulling him in deeper. Finally with nothing left to say or do, he filled her up with his seed.

Collapsing onto the bed they called "theirs", they were tangled together. He wrapped her in his arms and whispered all the things she wanted to hear. She loved what he had to say and the sex was great, but she cared too much for Cris. If Rick ever found out, he'd kill him and her both.

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