tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Crash and The Contract Ch. 08

The Crash and The Contract Ch. 08


Day 8 - Friday 24th May

Lucy gingerly followed Steve down the corridor, dressed only in her tiny bikini. For the second day off in succession, she was up early. She didn't think a 6am alarm was entirely necessary, but Steve said he wanted to go for a swim and make the most of her company before he went to work. And she did think that if Steve had to go to work again, then maybe it was for the best as at least they got to spend some time together. It was quite cold walking through the corridors though and Lucy felt goose pimples start to appear on her arms. Lucy's bikini still hadn't dried after yesterday properly and that was definitely not helping either. At least the cold was starting to wake her up though.

"Come on, hurry up" he told her, as she began to fall behind.

"Ok, I'm coming" she replied as she picked up her pace and they were soon at the lifts.

Inside the lift, Steve pulled the young woman to him and pressed her sparsely clothed body against the dressing gown he was wearing. He got off on the idea of Lucy being made to walk around in public in her bikini while he stayed wrapped up. Not that there would be that many people around this time of the morning.

Their lips met and Steve forced his tongue into Lucy's mouth, meeting little resistance. As they kissed, Steve rubbed his hands around her back and started to fondle her ass. Lucy reciprocated and their kissing became more passionate. They didn't break off the kiss until the lift pinged.

Steve picked up a couple of towels as they walked past the unmanned reception and he ignored the sign-in sheet.

Memories of yesterday came back to Lucy as she walked past the massage room, and she felt her pussy awaken as she recalled the feel of the masseuse's hands on her. She looked around, hoping that she wasn't about to bump into her again.

They walked straight past the changing rooms into the pool area and Steve immediately removed the dressing gown, revealing his swimming shorts, looking around to see that they were on their own. Taking Lucy's hand, he led her down into the water and gave her a quick kiss before swimming out. He laughed as he splashed Lucy in the process, before commencing a length of the pool.

Lucy joined him, keeping a reasonable distance behind Steve to avoid being splashed any more. When he got to the other end, he stopped and waited for Lucy to join him. As she approached the end, he grabbed her and pulled her close to him. Then he reached down and found her bikini bottoms, proceeding to pull them down, with some protests from Lucy.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want you naked" he told her matter-of-factly, pushing her back into the water so he could remove her bottoms completely. She splashed around in the water as she tried to steady herself, but couldn't and fell without being ready, as he removed her bottoms. As soon as she had got back to her feet, and had begun coughing up the water she had almost swallowed, Steve unfastened her bikini top before she could prevent him, and put both items of clothing into the pockets of his swimming shorts.

Lucy sank down in the water in an effort to conceal herself, still catching her breath from being underwater. She tried to console herself by reminding herself that they were on their own, but she knew that there was CCTV in here - she had noticed it in reception yesterday.

When Steve launched into his next length, Lucy was left there on her own, naked and exposed. She moved her arms around, creating ripples in the water just in case anybody could see, as she thought about what she should do. Then she decided that she would just get swimming and started a breaststroke, trying to stay as upright as possible, not wanting to reveal any more of her body than she needed to.

Steve watched as his naked slut swam towards him. She looked so cute like this - clearly unnerved by being made to swim naked in the pool. The anxiety on her face made her look innocent and as she got closer he could make out more of her naked body. He stopped her as she got close to him and pulled her to force her to stand up, hiding her breasts with his body. He moved his hand down her left hand side until it got to her hip, at which point he let his finger trace a line underwater across her stomach until he got to her belly button. Kissing her again, he pushed his hand further down and let his middle finger slide into her slit before starting to slowly fuck her with his finger.

Lucy couldn't believe he was doing this to her here. She knew that anybody could walk in on them any moment. But she couldn't deny how good it felt and she found herself pushing her body onto him, taking his finger deeper into her pussy.

Steve turned slightly so he could reach his thumb to her clit and he began to rub it gently as he continued to slide his middle finger in and out of her, while he let his other hand hold her up. She had broken off the kiss the moment he had touched her clit and she now had her eyes closed, laying back in her master's arms as he slowly brought her towards orgasm.

He heard a gentle moan escape her lips and he wondered how close she was. He kissed her neck as he continued his assault on her pussy and pulled her upper body more tightly up against him.

This had been going on for long enough that Lucy had started to forget where she was and had lost herself in the hands of her master. She felt an orgasm begin to build.

"Yes master, that's so good master" she whispered to him, as his hands continued their underwater ministrations, bringing her to the edge. After a while she moaned loudly as the orgasm took over her. Steve held her as her body writhed under his touch and he continued to work her pussy.

"Thank you master" she said as she started to recover.

"Let's do some more swimming - we've only done two lengths" Steve said, as he began his third.

Lucy stood there for a few moments, naked with her tits on display, catching her breath as she felt the remnants of her orgasm flow through her. Still consumed by the high, she momentarily forgot what she was exposing but quickly came round and remembered her situation and she sank again into the water. She wasn't ready to swim yet and just paddled around in the water, waiting for Steve to return.

As she glided around, she noticed a couple of men walk in. She watched them as they took their robes off and made their way into the water.

"You not doing any more lengths?" Steve asked as he returned. But she was ready now, and thought it would be better to get moving if her lack of clothing was to avoid being noticed now they had company.

As the four of them swam, Lucy only noticed a couple of glances from the men in her direction and she decided, or rather hoped, that they probably hadn't noticed. She had realised that she was attractive, and received attention from men anyway - they could have looked at her that way even in a bikini. But in an effort to hide herself, she was trying to make as many splashes and ripples as she could and was pretty sure she had been successful.

After a while, Steve came up to her and told her it was time to get out. He promptly swam up to the steps and climbed out of the pool, walking over to the towels. He picked one up, wrapped it around himself, then picked up the other and walked back towards the pool.

He stood there with the towel open, motioning for Lucy to come. She was horrified by the thought of stepping out of the pool naked. She had assumed that Steve would give her the bikini back before they left the water. But he hadn't and he didn't look like he was about to relent anytime soon either.

She waited until the two men had turned around and were swimming away from her before making her move, and she swam up to the steps and climbed out. As she climbed, she nervously turned round to see the two men staring back at her naked ass and she quickly finished the climb and jumped into the open towel waiting for her. Wrapping the towel around her, she walked straight towards the exit, not wanting to make eye contact with the men again.

They walked back along the corridor together, but just as Lucy was about to head into the ladies changing room she realised that she didn't have anything to change into.

"You'll have to come into the gents if you want your bikini back" Steve told her and walked in that direction himself.

Seeing she had no choice, she obediently followed him. Steve pulled the towel off her as soon as the door closed behind them. He had seen that the room was empty and he stripped off, hanging his towel and dressing gown up next to Lucy's. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her into the shower and immediately started kissing her as the hot water began to rain down on them.

It didn't take long for his cock to wake up. He had got himself semi-hard while touching Lucy in the pool, but he didn't think he couldn't get away with doing anything there. Here, though, he could, and he ran his hands over the young naked slut sharing his shower. He squeezed and played with her tits and her ass and he was soon fully hard.

He pushed her naked body up against the wall of the shower, facing away from him, and stood behind her, allowing his erection to rest in the crevice of her ass. He ground his cock against her ass and started to fuck her ass cheeks, letting his hard cock slide along the crack between his cheeks, joining the water that was running down her back.

Standing back a moment, he lowered his cock so that it was now perpendicular to him, and slid it underneath Lucy, rubbing it against her pussy. He slowly guided it into her waiting vagina and paused once he was all the way in. He bent down and kissed her cheek gently before proceeding to fuck her roughly.

As the water cascaded down her back, Lucy took the pounding to her pussy. She hadn't been particularly wet - the ironic effect of the pool and the shower water washing away her juices leaving her dry - meaning she wasn't really ready for this and, for the first time, it was a little painful to accommodate his cock in her pussy.

If she was honest, she'd also admit that her pussy was still sore from what had happened last night. After the three times before dinner, Steve fucked her three times after dinner too, and her pussy was still aching. She hadn't taken that much before and it was already early today - the last fuck last night hadn't actually been that long ago.

But that didn't mean she didn't want it now. She had relished the attention she had received last night, and had forgotten how many times she had cum. She loved being taken and fucked. And she had only been fucked last night that many times because Steve wanted to. This wasn't something that was up to her and she had to make the most of the opportunities she received.

It didn't take her very long to get into it though. Her pussy was starting to react to the cock as though it hadn't received any attention in a month, and as her body was pressed against the cold wall with the hot water splashing against her, she started moaning, another orgasm imminent.

Suddenly, Steve pulled out of her and dragged her out of the shower. He led her to a bench in the changing room and bent her over it, with her ass sticking up in the air. He then guided his cock back into her pussy and resumed his fucking.

Lucy tried to grip the cushion covered bench she was lying on, but Steve was fucking her with such vigour that she was struggling. In the end she gave up and just let him fuck her, allowing her face and upper body to slide back and forth along the waterproof fabric.

The change of location had taken her from the edge of an orgasm, but she was quickly back there again. Her pussy was so wet now that she could hear the slurping sounds Steve's cock was making as it slid in and out.

Steve could see that she was close and he wasn't too far off himself. He slammed into her another couple of times before emptying himself into her and they came together. Lucy moaned as the orgasm washed over her - her second of the morning already.

Once they had both dried off, Steve put his dressing gown back on. He considered letting Lucy walk back to the room naked, but he decided maybe he didn't have the guts to do it yet and he handed her her damp bikini.

"We have some spare dressing gowns by the way" the receptionist said as they walked back.

Lucy's face immediately reddened, knowing the receptionist was referring to her near nudity.

"We'll be fine, thanks" Steve replied and put his arm around Lucy and they walked out.

Once they got back to the room, Steve told Lucy to get undressed and told her to put the dress on she had worn last night. It was a tight black dress that hugged her figure, coming down only slightly below her ass. The shoulder straps came down far enough to reveal a little of Lucy's cleavage and the criss-cross of the material down her back made it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

She wore a pair of black heels and felt good in the dress. The outfit she had worn for most of yesterday made her feel uncomfortable and overly slutty, and she had been nervous wearing it, whereas the dress she had today made her feel confident and sexy. She knew she looked hot in it - but an acceptable kind of hot. She wasn't about to get all the disapproving looks she had received yesterday, but still all the attention.

The way she walked across the hotel lobby exuded confidence. She knew that she was attractive and that she would be grabbing the attention of many of the men wandering and queuing. But although the dress was revealing, it wasn't outrageous and she felt safe by Steve's side.

Lucy was impressed with breakfast. The choice was extensive - plenty of fresh fruit, pastries, cereals and hot food. She was hungry after her swim, and the food looked so good she piled her plate up. It was tasty too and she went up for seconds.

"Did I not feed you well enough last night?" Steve joked at the amount she was eating.

Lucy smiled. "But the food is delicious, don't you think?"

Steve agreed that the food was good. But he still didn't like the way these big hotels did hot buffet breakfasts - especially when the hotel was as prestigious as this one was. He preferred the way hotels used to do breakfasts - cooking to order - like some bed and breakfasts still did. You didn't get many hotels that did that nowadays.

"It's alright I guess" he replied before changing the subject sharply. "As you've probably guessed, I'm at work today."

"Yeah, I thought that might be the case. At least you let me get dressed today though. I like this dress" she told him.

"Good. You look amazing in it too - I wish I was able to see more of you in it today. I'm hoping to not finish too late, but we'll see. Any ideas what you want to do today?"

"No, not really, I'm not sure I fancy another museum though."

"If you haven't ever properly done London, why don't you do the real touristy things? I'd do the Tower of London this morning and the London Dungeon this afternoon. In fact, I'll tell you what, when I'm done at work I'll meet you at the London Eye and we'll go up together. What do you think?"

"That sounds good" she smiled. She reached her hand under the table and rubbed Steve's leg. "I hope you don't have to go to work too soon, I was hoping we might go back upstairs before you left."

"There's nothing I'd like more, but unfortunately I do need to get off. Anyway, the sooner I leave, the sooner I'll be back. I can't believe you want any more though, the amount of times we did it last night, not to mention this morning, you can't really want any more. Unless you are a real slut" he raised his eyebrows and tried to stop himself from smiling.

"Well, maybe I am" she suggested.

"No, not maybe. Definitely. You're definitely a slut. And who's slut are you?"

"I am your slut master."

Steve looked around to see whether anybody had overheard what they had both said, but the other guests were too busy tucking into their breakfasts. It was quite a noisy room, even though most of the tables were only seating one, and if anybody had heard they were not making it obvious.

"I know. I am going to see to you later, but I need to head off now. I have left you enough money in your bag for today and I will check out and settle up at reception, so you don't need to worry about anything."

He got up and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking out.

Here she was. Left alone again. But somehow she didn't feel as bad as she did yesterday. She had had a nice day in the end. And the sex last night had been fantastic, which is why she wanted more this morning. She had meant that, even though her pussy was still aching. But she was now going to have to wait a while before the next time.


The tower stood imposingly before Lucy across the river. She was impressed with how grand the building was and wondered at the history of it. She looked up at the four turrets at each corner of the building, each with its own dome and remembered the tower from the news the autumn before, when the moat of the tower had been drenched in poppies, with a stream of poppies flowing from the window in one of the turrets. She remembered how beautiful it had been. No sign of the poppies today though.

As she wandered aimlessly around the ancient building she drank in the history. She enjoyed wandering the courtyards and the walkways along the tops of the walls of the tower and from her vantage point she looked over the city.

The British seemed to be well outnumbered by the hoards of foreign tourists that were thronging the hallways. Lucy noticed a large proportion were Japanese and smiled to herself at just how many photos some of them did take - obviously the reputation they had was well deserved. She wondered at the various different languages she could hear and tried to work out where they all came from, but language was never her strong suit.

She spent a surprising amount of time looking at all of the exhibits. After saying she didn't want to go to a museum, she hadn't been expecting to be looking at room after room of historical artefacts, but it was interesting nonetheless. The swords and guns had really impressed her and she was surprised at how much variety there was, not to mention how sophisticated the very early guns were.

And then she saw the crown jewels, which took her breath away.

As she wondered out of the Jewel House, she heard her phone go off. She pulled it out of her bag and unlocked it. It was Steve. The message read:

"Take a selfie with your tits out in public and send it to me. Make sure you get plenty of people in the background."

She read it again. Why did he persist in doing this? In making her do all these things? She looked around for somewhere to take her dress down. But how was she going to manage it? Was she going to be able to do this without anybody noticing? And there had to be plenty of people in the background. How could she make sure there were plenty of people in the background without them seeing what she was doing?

For a while she walked around the grounds of the tower trying to find a place where she could do it. But there didn't seem to be anywhere that she would be safe from prying eyes.

Eventually, she saw the cafe and decided that it might be a good location. It was a little busy, but not too bad - especially given it was 11:30 by now, so the mid morning coffee rush should be in full flow. She walked in and bought a cup of tea. She saw an empty table in the corner and sat herself and her tea down. The tables were small and round, each surrounded by four matching chairs. She sat in the chair that faced the corner and took her phone out, taking a few sips of her tea to try to make herself feel a bit more normal.

Turning the camera on, Lucy looked at her reflection on the screen. She moved the screen around to see how many people she could see, while trying to keep the top of her dress in screen. It took a while, but she managed to get the few people queuing up to get their drinks in shot, plus a pair of couples sat at a table just behind her.

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