tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Crash and The Contract Ch. 12

The Crash and The Contract Ch. 12


Day 12 - Tuesday 28th May

The sun was shining through the curtains lighting up the bedroom when Lucy awoke, and she was temporarily blinded by it. She looked at the clock - 9:30am already, much later than she would usually get up. But then this was a day off, so it didn't really matter. And she was also still at Steve's, although it looked like the he was already up and about. She then heard his voice on the phone downstairs confirming this.

She was still sleepy though and snoozed for another twenty minutes or so.

When she did finally awake and arise from her bed, she noticed a note for her and she picked it up, unfolded it and read:

"This morning, slut, you will be my secretary. You will put these clothes and shoes on and put your hair up, as a secretary would. Make sure you report to me at 9am like a good secretary. You will also call me 'Sir' rather than 'Master' today while you are my secretary."

"Crap" Lucy said out loud, looking at the clock - it was almost 10am now, she was an hour late. She had better get ready quickly.

There weren't many clothes to put on. All she had were a pair of black lacy stockings, a black pinstriped miniskirt and a white sheer blouse that didn't consist of much. She put the blouse on first. It only just covered her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. It was covered by tiny black spots which didn't have much effect at hiding anything. The two sides of the blouse were tied together at the front with a ribbon-like knot, exposing plenty of skin above her tits as well as below. The blouse had a white collar which opened out from her cleavage. It covered her shoulders, going only a few inches down her arm with a white stripe, similar to the collar, across her biceps.

The skirt didn't go down very far. After putting it on, she bent over in front of the mirror and saw how far it rode up her ass. It wasn't going to cover much, and she didn't have any underwear to put on underneath, either. Let's hope we're staying here today, she thought.

She then also noticed a pair of black glasses besides a pair of black high heels and, after putting the stockings on, quickly put her hair up and then put them on. She didn't have much to do her hair with, and she wasn't great at it at the best of times.

But when she looked in the mirror she decided that Steve would approve - she looked utterly sexy, and she felt sexy too. She slipped the heels on and made her way downstairs.

"What time do you call this?" Steve asked her when she walked in on him, looking her up and down. She looked stunning. A little bit ridiculous in her sexy secretary outfit, but stunning. Steve had already decided that she looked good in most things though.

"I'm sorry sir" she said, remembering how she was meant to address him today. "I won't do it again."

"Damn right you won't. I will have to punish you for that, but I will get to that later. Now, go and make me a coffee."

"Of course sir" Lucy replied, gasping slightly at the mention of the word 'punish' even though she was expecting it, making her way into the kitchen.

She had seen Steve use his coffee machine a few times and thought she knew how it worked, and after a few failed attempts she eventually got it working. How did he take it? She was pretty sure he took it black. At least if she served it black she could add milk later. She also put the kettle on to make herself a cup of tea.

"Here you are, sir" she said as she presented him with the cup.

"Good. Did I also hear the kettle just then?"

"Yes, I was making myself a cup of tea, sir."

"Did I ask you to make yourself a cup of tea?"

"No, sir, but I haven't had anything this morning yet and I was quite thirsty."

"You haven't had any breakfast even though you turned up to work as late as you did?"

"No sir, sorry sir" Lucy replied, her head bowed slightly with her feet pointing inwards. She was also nervously fiddling with her fingers.

"That's your own fault. You had already incurred one punishment this morning for turning up late. Now you have another for doing something I didn't ask. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, sorry sir."

"OK. As I said, I will punish you later. But first, I need you to sort through these invoices, putting them in date order" he said, pointing to a table in the corner of the room.

Lucy walked over to the table and Steve admired her from behind. She had to bend over to sort through the invoices - that had been part of the plan - and it was intoxicating getting the occasional glimpse of her ass peeking out below the skirt. He was looking forward to getting his hands on that ass.

It was fortunate that Lucy got up so late, really, as Steve doubted that he would be able to get much work done this morning with her here as had been his intentions, and he had at least got some done already. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she completed her task, and it didn't take her long. Steve liked being able to play this role-playing game. Even though Lucy was already his slut, that he could do anything with, putting her in this fantasy scenario was still giving him a kick. He was going to have to do this again.

Once she had finished, she walked back towards him.

Steve rolled his office chair back.

"Come here, I need to punish you now".

As Lucy approached him, Steve grabbed one of her arms and pulled her over his lap. She was glad that Steve's office chair had no arms.

"Turning up late is twenty-five spanks. Putting the kettle on is ten. That makes forty in total."

Lucy momentarily thought about correcting his maths, but then realised that was a trap that would lead to even more.

"That's right sir, forty spanks."

She braced herself for what was about to come as Steve pulled her skirt up, revealing her round bum. Despite the threat, or even certainty, of punishment, Lucy had been enjoying this role-play. Sure, she could have done with waking up a bit more first and having some breakfast, but she did like being told what to do and she wondered what Steve had in store for her later. She was also pretty sure he had been admiring her ass while she had been carrying out her first task.

"Good. I want you to count these spanks as I administer them." He marvelled at the pretty little ass he had just revealed. It looked so inviting, and he loved spanking her.

He rubbed his hand all over her ass as she was bent over his knee before beginning, which felt good. Lucy always enjoyed feeling Steve's hands on her.

She was never fully ready for the first spank when it arrived, and it took a few moments for the shock to subside before she eventually said the number "one". God that hurt. She was surprised she had managed to not say anything as she was struck.

The spanks came thick and fast, but Lucy was able to maintain her composure enough to keep counting. Steve didn't let the intensity of the spanks let up, but neither did he spank her any harder. It was pretty constant and he kept his hand on the top of her back to keep her bent over.

By the time she had counted up to twenty, her ass was really sore. She was sure it would be bright red. But it was not just her ass that was feeling something. She was also starting to get wet. She felt sexy anyway in the outfit, but the submission and the humiliation of what was happening to her was causing her to become horny.

But she made it up to forty with only a bit of whimpering, she had managed not to cry. Either he wasn't spanking her as hard as he had before, or she was getting a bit more used to it.

"Good" Steve said, after applying the fortieth spank. "Are you going to be a better behaved secretary now?"

"Yes sir, of course sir" Lucy replied obediently as she was released from his knee and allowed to stand.

"Good. I wouldn't want to have to do that again." Steve couldn't hold back a smirk at that, but he noticed that Lucy didn't pick up on it. Instead, he noticed that her face was flushed, her nipples were hard and were poking through her blouse and her breathing getting a little heavier. He knew she was already getting horny. God he loved being able to do this to her!

"There is one other thing I need to do to punish you."

Steve turned around in his chair pulled out the nipple clamps that Lucy had worn the other day from a drawer next to his desk and applied it to her nipples through her blouse.

Lucy whimpered as her nipples were put into the grips and again as the chain was pulled, stretching her pert tits. It didn't take long, though, for her to get used to the dull pain on her chest.

The next item Steve retrieved from his drawer was the red ball gag. He did seem to like this, Lucy thought, and it was quickly applied to her mouth. She was quickly getting used to the feel of the different instruments on submission that Steve used on her.

If Lucy had looked hot before, she looked even hotter now. The nipple clamps and ball gag both added to her allure and she oozed sexuality as she waited there, at his mercy. If only the secretaries at the office were like this, he thought. Right, now to his next task.

Leaving Lucy stood there, Steve went back to his laptop for a few moments, before turning it around to face her, presenting her with a blank word document.

"I'm going to dictate a letter to you" he told her.

That's not too bad, Lucy thought, though she didn't know why nipple clamps and a ball gag were needed for that. The way that Steve had left the laptop meant she would have to bend right over the table to reach it, and she duly did.

"Dear Mr Richardson" Steve began, getting up from his chair as Lucy started typing. "I am writing to thank you for hosting me at your offices last week."

He walked around her and lifted her skirt up so he could see her ass, and he spread her legs slightly. Lucy suddenly realised this wasn't going to be as easy as she expected and knew she was going to have to concentrate to make sure she typed the letter correctly.

"Hopefully you have by now had a chance to digest the information I provided to you."

As she typed, Lucy heard Steve walk away from her, get something out of a cupboard, and walk back. She kept typing. She was pretty good at it and could keep up with Steve, at least she could at the moment.

"I wanted to make sure that you had read the section on our accounting software."

Lucy let out a muffled yelp and stopped typing as she felt a cold fluid slide over and into her asshole. "Why have you stopped typing?" he asked.

"Sorry sir" Lucy mumbled inaudibly through the gag, and continued typing as Steve slid a finger into her anus. She moaned as he slowly fucked her with it, but managed to keep typing.

Steve kept dictating as he withdrew his finger, replacing it with a small black butt plug. Lucy cried out as she felt the plastic intruder rudely stretch her sphincter. But once it was in it wasn't so bad. She felt comfortably full, if a little stretched with it there, and she worked out what it was, although she had never seen one herself.

Once he was happy with the plug, Steve went to retrieve another toy. This one was a vibrator. It was a simple, smooth purple toy but he put it on the side for now. As he kept talking, he started to roam his hands all over Lucy's legs, and he could tell that Lucy was struggling to keep up.

"Don't slow down, Lucy, I need you to keep typing. There's a lot I need to do this morning so I don't have time for you to do this slowly. If you don't start improving I am going to have to punish you again."

With that, he gave her a hard slap on the ass, to which she let out a muffled moan.

Lucy didn't know how she could carry on with this. She was so aroused it was really difficult to keep concentrating on what Steve was saying and what she was typing. The butt plug, the nipple clamps, Steve's hands. It was all very distracting. The threat of punishment didn't help either.

Again Steve continued his dictation, but this time he picked up the vibrator and turned it on. Lucy heard the gentle buzzing from behind her. She didn't know what it was, but she doubted that this was about to get any easier.

To begin with, Steve rolled the vibrator over her legs and bum, and as Lucy felt the vibrations she knew what this was and what was about to happen. She began getting wetter in anticipation and braced herself for how this might feel against her more sensitive areas.

Gradually, Steve brought the vibrator closer to her pussy, and circled it a number of times, being careful to not touch her there yet. Lucy's breathing was already heavy and her whole body was moving in and out with her breaths. This teasing must be torturing her, he thought.

Eventually he let the vibrator slide onto her pussy, eliciting a gasp from her. Slowly he drew the vibrator along the length of her pussy, before letting it rest for a couple of seconds on her clit. At this, Lucy stopped typing and her body fell against the table.

"I told you not to stop. Now I need to punish you."

He put the vibrator down on the table, and proceeded to administer twenty spanks to her right butt cheek, leaving it a nice red colour.

"You better not stop again, understand?"

Lucy nodded meekly, knowing there was no way she would be able to do this much longer.

As he recommenced dictating, Steve was also finding it difficult to concentrate on the letter, and his speech had become more broken as he stared at Lucy's inviting pussy. He too was getting incredibly aroused, but he wasn't going to give himself relief just yet. But the letter was not going to be quite as long as he originally intended - he didn't think he could manage that.

He put the vibrator against her pussy again and Lucy flinched. Again he drew it along the length of her pussy, but this time he allowed it to slip an inch inside, before resting it briefly against her clit. As he slid it back down he inserted it most of the way beneath the folds of her flesh and kept it there, buzzing away.

Lucy's efforts at maintaining her task were admiral. She was managing to keep up with him, just about, somehow avoiding letting the attention between her legs disrupt her. Steve held the vibrator against the very bottom of her pussy, so that Lucy would feel it vibrate against the butt plug in her ass.

Lucy felt like she was being tortured. She was so horny now. She wanted this attention, but could have done without having to type. It made it so difficult. Obviously Steve was trying to distract her as much as possible, but she was making a valiant effort at what she was doing. Until she felt the butt plug vibrate too. That was too much. It had taken all of her resolve to keep going with her pussy vibrating, but not her ass too.

She paused for a couple of seconds, before resolving to keep typing. But it was too late. Steve withdrew the vibrator.

"We talked about this. All I need you to do is type this letter, and it seems like you're either not capable or not willing. We need to put that right."

This time her left ass cheek took the punishment. Another twenty spanks, leaving it a shade of red to match the other cheek. Steve heard Lucy whimper through the ball gag she was still wearing, before she collapsed across his desk.

"Not long to go now." He told her. "Keep typing."

"I would like to arrange another visit if you are amenable" he continued, pushing the vibrator against her clit again. "On my previous visit, I only gave a high level overview of the capabilities, and I would like to go through some of the more relevant areas in more detail with you."

He was now talking a little slower, having some sympathy for the young girl bent across his desk with a plug inserted into her butt, red ass cheeks from being spanked, a ball gag in her mouth, nipple clamps gripping her tits and a vibrator massaging her clit. He didn't know how she was doing it really.

"I will give be in touch in the next week and hopefully we can arrange something."

He reached over and gave the chain dangling from her nipples a yank, before inserting the vibrator back in her pussy.

"Kind regards, Steve."

Lucy collapsed on the desk again once she finished typing the last few words. God, she hoped this was the end of it. No more torture, just fucking, she thought. She was so close to orgasm now. In fact she wasn't sure how she had managed to avoid it so far.

"Well done. Now just to make sure you've got it, I want you to read it back for me."

He reached over and took the gag out of her mouth, letting it hang around her neck. He noticed a rather large pool of saliva on the table below her mouth.

"Have you been dribbling on my desk?" he asked, half jokingly.

Lucy looked down, and nodded with embarrassment when she saw it. How could she have avoided that?

Steve walked back around her and caressed both ass cheeks gently, before applying five firm spanks to each cheek.

"OK. Start reading. And no cumming. Do you understand? No cumming. I can see you're close."

After she nodded to him, Lucy began reciting the words she had just typed, but it wasn't long before she again felt the tip of the vibrator against her clit. She took in a deep breath, now that she was able to, before carrying on, putting all her effort into the task she had been instructed to do.

But with the vibrator still on her clit, Steve inserted two of his fingers into her cunt and then started to gently fuck her with them. Lucy was right on the edge now. She could have cummed if she wanted to. But she held on. Her speaking was much slower now, which wasn't good because it would take much longer, but she was getting there.

"Fuck, oh God!" she cried out about half way through. "Please may I cum sir, please may I cum?"

"No. Get on with what you are meant to be doing!"

After a "Yes, sir" and a few moments of whimpering, she continued. But as she made her way through the sentences in front of her, Steve started to increase the intensity of his finger fucking.

The remainder of the reading was interspersed with moans, grunts, cries and the occasional expletive, but eventually Lucy got there, relieved to be saying the last few words "Kind regards, Steve".

"Well done" Steve told her. "You can get up now."

But she didn't want to get up. She wanted to lay here while Steve gave her the good, hard fucking that she so needed, and deserved. Reluctantly, though, she rose, knowing it was best to obey. She didn't stay up for long though.

"Kneel down in front of me" he instructed. "For some reason dictating that letter got me very horny," he continued as he started to remove his trousers.

"It has made my cock rock hard. Look at it!" he exclaimed, as he lowered his boxers, revealing it to her. She gazed upon the object of her lust. She wanted that cock. She needed it in her. But not in her mouth, as she knew was about to happen.

"I need some relief. Suck me off."

You need relief, Lucy thought. I'm just about dying here! Usually Lucy was tied up at this stage, and so Steve did it all himself, and he just fucked her face. But not today.

She reached out and grabbed it with one hand, and licked the shaft from bottom to top, kissing it all over before engulfing it in her mouth. She let the hard cock slide deep into her mouth and sucked hard, ensuring her cheeks were both pressing against his member.

While her head was bobbing up and down she reached both her hands around him and grabbed his ass. This steadied her and enabled her to take him deep and increase her speed.

"Oh God, that's so good, fuck" Steve said, as he saw his young slut at work on his penis, her sexy secretary glasses now all the way down her nose.

The morning's activities had got him incredibly worked up, so it didn't take long for him to reach orgasm. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock from her mouth, letting it spew forth his hot, white cum, onto her waiting face, into her mouth, across her glasses and onto her hair. As he looked down at her, Lucy licked her lips, getting as much cum as she could, looking up at him with a crazed horny look in her eye. She needed to be fucked, this must be torture for her. But not yet, he thought.

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