tagLesbian SexThe Craving Chronicles Bk. 01 Pt. 01

The Craving Chronicles Bk. 01 Pt. 01


Author's Note: This story contains graphic lesbian sex, as well as supernatural elements and, perhaps, questionable consent. There might be some grammatical errors because this story has not been proof-read, but hopefully they'll be few.

Comments and feedback is very much appreciated!


I fell down like a log of timber onto my bed and eventually managed to pull the thin sheet up to cover my legs. Because of an irregularity in the air-conditioner -- that my landlord quite obviously refused to fix -- my pleasant little condo was extremely hot and humid despite the cool and moist summer night. I had been forced to sleep with the bedroom-window open the whole summer, and that night was no different. The clock was past 5 AM and I had just gotten home from probably the most interesting party of the year so far.

The event had been a welcoming-party arranged by my closest friend Dex, devoted to welcoming an old friend of his to the city who had also happened to turn 30 just a day prior. Dex had rented a lodging-house on a field at the outskirts of town from his brother-in-law, and to be honest it wouldn't surprise me if his whole circle of friends were present. People were everywhere, and being the outgoing and social person that he is, I'd say that Dex mingled with pretty much everyone there. I, on the other hand, wasn't the type to go out of my way to socialize with new people. Yes, I know how to behave (when I'm sober, anyways) and I am actually quite polite and open -- but huge crowds make me nervous. The mood was good, the liquor was flowing and the music was blaring. I on the other hand was standing a bit away from the house, closer to the woods, talking and charming a potential partner for the night -- when suddenly a woman emerged from the woods. At first I paid her no mind, assuming she was only a guest who had ventured into the woods to relieve herself in the lack of a bathroom, but a second glance at her made my eyes shift from my "friend" and focus squarely on her. She was extremely beautiful. Before my mind could continue processing her, she spoke:

"Excuse me, but what's going on here?" She asked. My "friend" excused herself to go join the other guests, dryly implying that I shouldn't waste her time if I was just going to ogle someone else.

"Hey, what the fuck!" I shouted to her as she walked away. Jeez, I wasn't ogling that new woman, and besides I wouldn't have spent 35 minutes talking to her in the first place if I wasn't interested in her. Uh, interested in screwing her. Never mind -- if there was one thing I couldn't stand, it was arrogant and self-centered girls so good riddance. And so I was left alone with the stranger. I might as well answer her and then get back to the party, I thought.

"Well it's a party a friend of mine arranged for a friend of his. He just moved into the city. Uh, the friend I mean! Umm, kind of a welcoming party... He's just turned 30 too, so it's a birthday-party... too." The longer I looked at her while I spoke, the more I trailed off. By the end I was even surprising myself with my social clumsiness; I had a problem with crowds, but talking to girls (and hooking up with them) was my specialty. Not only was her face beautiful, but the woman's eyes' were captivating in their own little way too. Especially for their weird mix of colors; a blend of a yellowish color and bright green -- they were definitely like no other eyes' I had ever seen, and they didn't look like lenses either. They were really bright, almost a bit too bright, and were sort of etching themselves into my head. I had never spaced out from smoking weed, but by then I was worried that it was starting to fuck my mind up. The woman coughed to get my attention, and I realized I had probably been staring at her slack-jawed for like five minutes.

"Here I was introducing myself and all, and you weren't even paying attention!" the woman snickered. Her voice had a distant British accent, but I had to really focus to make it out. I am not entirely sure where it came from -- or if it was just some weed-induced paranoia -- but she was kind of eerie. I couldn't explain it though.

"Are you alright?" She asked me, a hint of worry on her tone.

"Yeah, but I think that...maybe I've had just a little too much to drink; you know? I get easily distracted when I'm drunk. Did you say something?" well, if I had been her I would have just given up and left at that point, because I was obviously too drunk to have a normal conversation. Instead, she snickered again and gave me a crooked smile.

"Mhm, I'm sure that's it." She said quietly. Something about her way seemed to make my skin crawl, and at the same time entice me enormously. My at the moment apparently way too easily-distracted mind jumped to other thoughts very quickly, however -- like how her breathing made her breasts rise and fall. Yup, I had definitely had too much to drink.

In my strange way of life I had literally emptied every single bottle of alcohol I had brought along with me already, having arrived only maybe one and a half hour prior and there being at the least another four hours left of the party I'd say that was a bit extreme. I had been through a very bad break-up not too long before that, and well -- no matter how much I hate to admit it -- I noticed alcohol kind of deafened the heartbreak I felt. I tended to be reckless when it came to drinking and while being under the influence of alcohol, especially in these last couple of weeks.

My ex, Mira, had decided to drop the bomb that she had been sleeping with a man for the last two and a half months of our one year relationship, after I had finally dared to sit down with her and tell her that I wasn't feeling entirely satisfied with our relationship. I had felt as if some vital part of it was missing, especially in the bedroom. Yes, the sex was good I guess -- but in retrospect I realized that Mira's everyday arrogance and selfishness was heavily influencing her bedroom-efforts as well -- and after admitting to cheating on me for over two months I told her to pack her bags and get the fuck out of my condo. Thankfully I hadn't heard from her since.

"Well, I was saying my name is Lily and I asked that you introduce yourself as well." The woman said in an effort to -- again -- re-capture my interest from my deep thinking when she noticed that I probably wouldn't say anything. I heard her, alright; her voice was charming, and it snapped me out of my dwelling on the thoughts about my ex.

"Ah! My name is Chris. Well, actually it's Christa, but I go by Chris. You know, the kind of butchy way of things." I babbled uncontrollably. Ok, what the fuck am I doing? My nervousness was getting the better hand of me, and why -- I wasn't completely sure of.

"No, I don't really know." She said and smiled that kind of crooked smile again. Not only did she make me nervous, but she confused me in my drunken state as well.

"Do you mind if I perhaps join you and the party? I will behave, I promise." She suddenly said. She was definitely flirting with me -- I could see that twinkle in her eyes -- and again I tried not to think about how her charisma and outgoing personality made me feel so tiny and in-secure, like a little child who has gotten caught with her hand in the cookie-jar. Don't get me wrong; she was absolutely beautiful -- long and straight and full, dark auburn hair that reached to somewhere around her middle back, those captivating eyes of hers, and alabaster skin without a single blemish -- just looking at her was extremely exciting. She was dressed in a full-length dress that looked very much out of place and had been the reason for my second glance earlier, and -- she was barefoot. Frankly, that didn't even surprise me -- she was probably just that kind of weird. Nevertheless, I can't imagine that the long, moist grass in which she stood was especially warm this late at night.

I had to put up quite a struggle not to comment anything about it; it would probably just come out as rude in the drunken state I was in. Instead I proposed that we joined the other guests near the lodging-house on the field that served a bathroom and a small kitchen. Only when we got closer to all of the other guests did Lily -- the complete stranger -- ease her hand in mine and held it. I froze a bit mid-walk because of the abruptness of it all, my mind trying to process why she would take my hand when we hardly knew each other. Also, I couldn't help but notice that her hand was a bit chilly, but then again it was a cool summer night. My friend Dex, the arranger of the party, met us as we walked up to the small verandah outside the cottage.

"Oh, and who have we here Chris?" He mused. He had said not to invite other people than those on the invitation-list (which were more than enough as it was), and I couldn't decide whether he was pleased that I had found someone to hook-up with after my breakup, or angry for still bringing someone along.

"I'm her date for the night." Lily hurried to say, and gave my friend her apparently trademark-crooked-smile, before I could embarrass myself further.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I was bringing someone along Dex..." I murmured to him, trying to play along with Lily's lie.

The remainder of the evening I managed to sober up a bit, and Lily and I spent it sitting on the veranda talking. People walked by and teased us for being so stiff and not partying, but something about Lily told me she wasn't the partying type. Also, the more we talked, the more comfortable I felt around her -- which only added to me opening up further. I told her that if she wanted to get something to drink I could fetch something for her, but she said she didn't really "fancy alcohol". I know it's wrong to be prejudicial, but with her looks and charismatic personality I kind of expected her to be a frequent party-person.

"Looks can be deceiving." I murmured.

"They sure can be," she snickered, "but what exactly are you referring to?"

"I mean...you're very beautiful, charming and flirtatious, I was thinking you'd be like the stereotype youth; you know out late, partying, raisin' hell." Somehow I couldn't look away from her eyes.

"Red wine." She said.


"I like red wine, but I'm very picky -- so only the really full-bodied, luxury wines."

"Ah." I said and laughed.

Personally I despised red wine, I just couldn't get it down no matter how hard I tried -- and the few times I had been drinking it on parties (after being readily warmed up, I tell you) I had always ended up puking my guts up. So no, I was no major fan of wine.

When most of the party guests had left my friend Dex wrapped it all up by inviting his old friend to the city by swiftly grabbing him by his waist, leaning him down, and giving him a good and proper, although rather sloppy, make-out -- but seeing as the majority of the people on the party was rainbow-folks, no one batted an eye. Then everyone broke out in song and made huge cheers in Dex's friend's honor. I had my own suspicions of this friend of Dex, and I was pretty much positive that they were involved and probably had been for some time.

Eventually I was left at the lodging-house with Dex, a couple of other friends and Lily, who volunteered to help cleaning up. A guy came by with a cup of a weird-looking substance in it and offered me 20 bucks if I could finish it. Allegedly, it was a mix of all the remnants of the various alcohol-bottles they were cleaning up. I guess my brain decided that I hadn't done anything remotely reckless this evening, so I took the cup and I gulped it all down. It tasted horrible, but I swallowed it all and even managed to open my mouth without puking to show that I indeed had swallowed everything. I was rewarded with my promised 20 bucks and a huge laugh before I turned around and puked my guts out.

In some miraculous way Lily -- who was standing right behind me -- anticipated what was coming and swiftly moved out of the way before my vomit splashed the grass beneath me. I thanked whatever higher power there is that it wasn't her beautiful dress I splashed with vomit, because I've learned from previous mistakes that doing so is a complete and giant mood-killer. Dex walked by and just sighed at one more of my reckless, impulsive ideas, and continued cleaning. Dawn was coming close; the clock was at least past 3 AM. Lily helped me sit and calm my revolting stomach down.

"Apart from the vomit, I would say that you were a great company. I would like to see you again sometime if you're interested. Minus the vomit, that is. If you'd like?" She said. Her smile told me that she knew she wouldn't be refused. Tiredly I scribbled down my number on a piece of paper, before she excused herself and left.

"It's getting very...late -- or early if you would like to call it such -- and I must be going. I'll see you soon." She said and gave one final, crooked smile before she turned around and walked away. What amazed me was that she walked the same way that she came; through the woods -- barefoot. I suppressed the urge to run after her -- she's an adult, she knows what she's doing. Dex and I said our goodbyes' to the remaining guests, and then we decided to meet for a cup of coffee or something on Monday the following week.

As I walked home into the rising sun I couldn't get Lily out of my head. There was definitely something not quite right about her, but then again she was extremely charming, had a quick and funny sense of humor, and she looked gorgeous. I was definitely attracted to her, and I highly suspect that she was attracted to me as well.


Monday it was. I had a day off from work, and was going to enjoy it with Dex. I called him while trying to get my shirt on as I ran through my little condo searching for a pair of clean pants. We had decided to meet at the local coffee-shop at 2 PM, and it was 1.45 PM as I tried to get dressed. When he finally picked up I told him I would be running a little late, and he just laughed and in a friendly tone told me that I need to get my life together. To be honest, the bad break-up I had been through, and losing my previous job just a week before the break-up, had taken a toll on me. Missing my laundry-days and a generally filthy environment in my apartment was proof of that. The only habit I had really managed to keep was my working out at the gym after coming home from my new job in Customer Support at a company in town, and my pre-girlfriend-turned-ex appetite for hooking up with cute girls.

When I finally arrived by cab to the café that me and Dex were supposed to meet at, I spotted him at once. I sat down and we ordered some coffee-drinks.

"So who was that girl you dragged along Saturday evening?" Dex asked curiously while taking a sip from his chai-latte.

"Her name is Lily, if you remember her introducing herself. I don't really know what to say about her, she was a bit weird actually."

"Yeah, I noticed you walked home alone." Dex laughed.

"Screw you." I said and grinned, "Well, I think the puke-thing might have put her off but she said she wanted to see me again, so I guess she's still interested." I didn't mention anything to Dex about the way she made me feel; so insecure and so excited at the same time. By then I had actually just dismissed most of those weird feelings on Saturday night as something I had felt because of the weed and alcohol I had consumed. We sat there for another hour or so, chit-chatting about this and that and just catching up a bit. I had known Dex since junior-high, and we had even been roommates for the first couple of years after our High School-graduation. Dex was attending the local collage, studying law to become an attorney. I hadn't enrolled yet; I felt I wanted to work a couple years before furthering my studies. Lately, however, we hadn't spent as much time together as we used to, so the afternoon together was appreciated.

When it was time to leave I realized I didn't have enough cash for a cab -- but I figured a walk couldn't hurt too much. When I came home my phone rang, the number was one I didn't have in my contact-list and I contemplated not answering. But... maybe it was Lily? With mixed feelings I picked up the phone.


"Hello, Chris. How about I come visit you tonight? Is 7 PM good?" Lily said. Well, she certainly wasted no time with pleasantries. Even on the phone, her voice sort of daunted me and I nervously agreed to her proposal. Lily said goodbye, still with no small talk or anything similar to what you would do in a normal conversation. After we had hung up I took a long shower to clear my head, and after that I changed to some nicer clothes, and randomly just cleaned up in the condo a bit. I spent quite some time in front of the mirror styling my hair until I was confident that it looked good. The hair on my sides and the back of my head was very short, while the hair on top of my head was slightly longer and styled wildly, spiky, or sometimes in an old-fashioned back-slick. I decided to go with wild and a bit un-kept. After much searching, I managed to find a couple of semi-clean and nice-looking jeans to wear and a thin and slim cotton-shirt. As I final effort to charm her I ran into my kitchen just minutes before she was supposed to arrive, and rummaged around until I found the bottle of apparently very classy red wine that Dex had bought me for my 20th birthday. I popped it open, and filled two glasses about half-full. At exactly 7 o' clock the doorbell rang.

"Good evening, you look very handsome tonight." Lily said as a way of greeting me when I opened the door.

"Good evening to you as well, my dear. You are quite beautiful yourself." I said in a guy-like tone of old British English. That joke got me one of her trademark-chuckles.

"So may I come in, Handsome?"

"You may." I answered her in the same British accent. As quickly as it showed, it disappeared; the flash of sly intelligence and pure mischief in her sparkling yellow-green eyes made me flinch slightly. She stepped inside, and I showed her to the living room. I couldn't help but notice that she made no sound at all as she walked behind me on the otherwise so noisy wooden floor. I began to wonder if she was even following me at all, and had to glance back to make sure she was. Her eyes instantly spotted the wine-bottle when we entered the living room.

"Oh, how sweet of you; you remember that I said I liked red wine once in a while. I was thinking that with all the alcohol you had consumed Saturday night you wouldn't remember much at all. I'm looking forward to getting to know the sober you." She said happily and gave me what seemed like a genuine smile. I gave a nervous laugh, made a motion for her to sit next to me on the couch and gestured for her to take taste the wine.

"Oh, and it's a very good sample as well." She murmured softly as she smutted from her glass. The situation suddenly came on to me as weird.

"So... are you gay? Bisexual? Straight?" I said, and chuckled on the last one. After I had asked, I realized she probably thought I was rude. Truth was that I was just extremely nervous, and well... I tend to screw up a lot then, as I suspect a lot of people do. Lily glanced at me, placed her glass on the living room table and straightened up in the sofa.

"I prefer not to label myself. But you may say that I have plenty of experience... playing on each team." She said, and then gave me that crooked smile again. Her eyes glistened from amusement. She was totally teasing me, and I gave her a dry look and a snort. Since my ex dropped the bomb on me that she had been sleeping with a man a quarter of our relationship despite initially telling me she was gay, I would probably suffer from serious trust-issues a long time ahead in several aspects of my love-life if you know what I mean.

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