tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Creation of a Glitch

The Creation of a Glitch


It was such a hot day, it was always hot, but today was worse than most. The air was like a blanket that dragged down the large leaves of the trees and plants. All the flora magenta in color to better absorb the light from the green tinted sky. Not that one would ever see it with the sickly gray clouds that roll over the horizon keeping the light dim and the air thick and wet. Amee ran along the dark brown soil creating divots with each step. This rich and soft dirt was one of the reasons this world was originally taken and colonized. The rich and fertile soil perfect for plant and food growth. At least that's what she's been taught. Plants grew quickly but it could be because the sun never seemed to set and the light was always the same. The original colonist had mentioned a night, and that it was when the sun set and a 'moon' came up but Amee wasn't sure what that meant, never having even seen the sun before.

This day cycle was special it was the first time in more than 100 years that an off world diplomat was coming to visit. A representative of the Imperium to see that their investment and time into her society had been profitable. She wanted to see the ship land and if she didn't run she might miss it! Never having actually been allowed on the docks before all the girls were excited, and she would be laughed at by the others if she didn't make it in time.

The elders wanted to make a big deal over this arrival to make the diplomat feel as important as he was, so the larger crowd was encouraged. The elders who were not born on this world were apprehensive of the entire thing, worried that if they made a misstep bad things would happen. Many of them told hushed and whispered stories of slavery, death, war... But none of it had ever been seen by any of the young ones like Amee, creating a sense of legend and awe for all the wrong reasons.

A sigh of disappointment ran through Amee as she arrived and saw that there was already a large crowd. Men and women in their finest clothing, soft cloth made of the magenta leaves the material when processed leaving it a soft and pale pink. Details were embroidered on with unprocessed fibers giving it a comparison. It created a sea of pink as everyone stood grouped together.

As she stopped her skin shiny with sweat, chest rising and falling quickly as she tries to catch her breath in the heavy air, she sees Sean walk towards her. He was one of the older men and assisted Commander Sandoval in duties around the compounds. He gave her a once over, a look of disappointment crossing his features leaving her to wonder what was wrong? Maybe it was the sweat.... She regained her focus when he gave her a nod of his head towards the crowd.

"Come along Amee, we want you in front."

She squealed in excitement unable to help herself, so much energy running through her body it trembled. "Really!? In front?" Another squeal of excitement as he nods and smiles, her enthusiasm contagious. "We want the girls in front, it creates... A..." he trails off, not wanting to tell the young girl that they were trying to showcase the prettiness of youth after finding out that's what he preferred. He instead puts his hand on her shoulder and gently pushes her towards the crowd. "Come on Amee, he should be here soon."

Lips parted to ask what he was going to say, but the distraction of possibly missing the landing was enough. Her eyes widen in panic as she looks over at the crowd. "I can't miss it! Oh... Noooo." she runs from Sean leaving him to smile and shake his head behind her, ah to be young.

She moves through the crowd excusing and pardoning her way up to the front where the other girls her age bounced and giggled, all as excited as Amee was. There was a safety barrier, white bars with chains connecting them together, a long soft magenta carpet that rolled along the dirt just on the other side. It felt out of place and she wondered why it was laid down when one end just went to the dirt while the other end it connected to a large platform, flat with black boxes painted on... It looked as big if not bigger than the entire compound! Could that entire platform really be just for one ship?

A low hum fills the air, vibrations running over skin. Amee looks at the others curiously noticing they had the same reaction, a loud boom causes clouds to ripple before burning them away. Sending bright sun over the crowd, a collective groan is heard as arms raise to protect light sensitive eyes. It makes the loud hissing from the flaming engines burning away the moisture in the air seem louder, the of ozone that much stronger. Amee moved her hands over her eyes to make a visor. She didn't want to miss a moment of this even if it did make her eyes burn, and she was so glad she did! The ship was huge!

Diplomat Jean Tartuffe the Third stood on the deck, watching the small swirling planet come into view. It looked sickly with it's swirling gray clouds and glowing green aura... Why did he have to come to this backwater planet? Who exactly he had pissed off...? He considered the list of enemies and what he had done to them recently as they descended. His attention returning to the planet as the clouds parted, the flame from the engines burning away the cloud cover. Exposing the small planet all brown, blue and red.

His lip pulled back in a sneer, this was a little more interesting. With all the clouds it shouldn't be too hot on the surface. Granted there wasn't much to look at but he would make due. The ship lurched, getting ready for landing and adjusting to the gravity of the world. His hands reached out grasping the banister tightly enough that his knuckles turned white. He quickly scanned the immediate area, making sure that no one saw him... He hated this, even his own ship was trying to make him look bad... He ran his hands over his coat pulling it to make sure it was perfectly in place taking a moment to notice his newest acquisition standing behind him.

His servator, made from a woman in the last world he visited. Black hair that shone blue in the harsh artificial light, soft tan skin, full lips, small nose with intense bright blue eyes. Well she had intense bright blue eyes. He watched her, smiled at her eyes glowing with a bio-luminescent blue just the hint of a pupil hidden in it. Veins glowing in the same fashion the fluids throughout her body having the same effect making her muscles glow under the skin, pulsating with each beat of her heart. Which was also visible, a small port hole surrounded with platinum and thick glass over the beating muscle. Slow beats, little shocks of electricity to keep it moving if it started to slow... The technology wasn't perfect, but they came closer each time and even though not perfect she was still so beautiful. So much in fact that he felt the familiar stirring low in the pit of his stomach, the tightness of his dress uniform pants making him wince. He couldn't do this now they would be landing any minute.

With a grunt of frustration and deciding they could wait he turns, the back of his hand slapping across her cheek sending the sound of flesh against flesh echoing through the room. He didn't mean to hit her that strongly, hissing through his teeth as he shakes the sharp pain from that. She falls to the ground, hitting the hard floor with a slap of flesh and a short skid. She responds with a loud vibrating gasp, as if taking her first breath after a long period of time. Her eyes wide as she looks up at him with intense blue eyes, her hand touching the reddened mark on her beautiful tan skin, full lips parted just so and that beautiful heart just fluttering away underneath that glass... He definitely could scratch this itch before they landed.

Her breath caught in her throat, the ship... It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Shiny metal, gleaming even under the cloud cover that had managed to push it's way back to cover the sun. All angles and windows and wow... She found herself bouncing more, a high pitched squeal of excitement lost in the cheers, squeals, and shouting of the others in the crowd. The pressure of air forced away from the ship runs over her and the others gathered. Displacing hair and skirts, making many of the other girls shriek and try to catch one or the other for fashion or modesty. Amee couldn't care less though. It was a ship! A real one, right here and she wanted to catch every detail. The humming of the engines had filled the air for so long she no longer noticed it until the engines turned off, leaving the world sounding empty and overly quiet for just a moment before a hiss of hydraulics was heard. Doors sliding open as a long walk way extended from the ship, touching down on the white of the dock.

She could barely see the outline of people in the doorway with how dark the interior was. She could hear them however, heavy boots against metal walkway as soldiers exited first, creating a semi-circle around the diplomat as they walked. She felt her pulse race as he she saw the shiny alien material in a dark color that stood out against the uniforms of the guards. She felt just about ready to pop with the surge of emotion... Then fizzle as he became fully exposed. He was not what she expected, she thought that maybe he would've been tall and handsome. Muscled like the men she was used to seeing. Instead he was short, his limbs were thin with just enough of a stomach to look out of shape. His hair was thin, tied back into a ponytail while his small and watery blue eyes did not match with the large and crooked nose and overly full lips. He looked like a fish.... A fish with blue eyes... Those fishy eyes connected with hers almost as if he could hear her thinking about them. She felt her own eyes widen as her cheeks heated with a blush. Glancing away quickly she hoped he didn't notice her, it wouldn't do to look crestfallen and as upset as she felt that the day wasn't going nearly as well as she had hoped.

The first thing he felt was the humidity... It was like a blanket, sweat dotting his skin just by contact. God this was going to be miserable after all. It did not help the mood he had just rebuilt with his toy. With a dejected sigh he followed along with his guards, hands clasped behind his back eyes surveying the girls all in pink and red who stood just on the other side of the chains. A smirk playing over his lips, giving points to the Commander for having thought of this little and welcome touch. The girls all bouncing and excited, happy little balls of energy... All but one, her hair so blonde nearly white it matched her skin beautifully. So pale that hints of veins showed blue under her skin, causing familiar feelings to build in his stomach only to smack him like hammer when his eyes met hers. They were beautiful, bright cornflower blue with a ring of emerald green in the center. He felt lost in those orbs, frowning when she took them away from him as her cheeks flushed a bright red, her imagined her jugular fluttering away making the skin of her neck shiver with the movement. The picture that created made him smile. He would have to ask who she was later... It was time for a new toy and he thinks he might have found one that would fit his collection nicely.

A shiver went through her as if she could feel his eyes on her, she wanted to get away, pretend she didn't exist... Not sure why he made her feel so nervous. She tried to back away from the carpet feeling so on edge that the hairs on her arms stood up. Only to be pushed forward by the others standing behind her. Making her bump into the low chains and trip onto the carpet. Sprawled on the rough magenta carpet, cheeks burning with embarrassment she notices a hand offered to her out of her peripheral vision, putting her hand into his she allows him to help her up.

She finds herself face to face with the Diplomat. Gasping, her hand pulling away from his as both move over her mouth. "Oh... Oh! I'm so sorry!" she bows her head, hands moving clasping in front of her on her thighs. "Please forgive me sir!" She didn't know much trouble she was in but she knew it was bad to insult these men, and that their livelihood depended on making a good impression. And she, she alone might have ruined everything. Stiffening as she heard a laugh, s warm tenor that sends vibrations through her making her look at him surprised not expecting something so pleasant to come from him. Her cheeks flushing as he runs his hand over her hair in a reassuring manner making her feel shy. He speaks in the soothing tenor again "Don't worry, accidents happen. I must say though that I've never had such a beautiful girl fall at my feet before... Usually it's the other way around." with a teasing smile playing at his lips he watches her, making her feel as if a pressure is building over her. Making her stutter, unable to help it "T-thank you... S-sir... I... I s-shall take my leave..." with that she turns not waiting for a reply, and runs like the chicken she is. Stumbling over the chains and pushing herself through the crowd not letting them hold her back this time. The embarrassment she felt worse than she could ever remember. .

He watched as she ran away, pushing through the crowd and out of sight quickly. A soft grin stuck on his lips, this trip looked promising.... He walked slowly at a casual pace down the red carpet his nose wrinkling as they reached the end and it was nothing but dirt. Hundreds of footsteps visible all over showing how soft the dirt is. He raises a hand to signal the guards waving one over, his hand lazily points towards the dirt. "Find me a cart, or something..." he said at a casual deadpan, trailing off as he noticed two young men running towards them with a wooden seat held by two poles, It was not cushioned and looked uncomfortable. His stomach sunk as the two boys neared. He saw them saturated with sweat, the liquid darkening their clothing. He could just imagine how bad they must smell. Boys, especially dripping red faced panicked ones like these always smelled sour... If it was his only option though he must make due. He waited until they had reached him and put the base of the chair against the dirt before sitting. A flickering thought of why exactly he hated these trips as much as he did moved through him.

She ran silently through the forests, soft dirt shifting underfoot leaving a noticeable trail behind her. She made her way back to town using the shortcuts only a native would know. Again shiny with sweat, breath lost to desperate lungs and legs sore from running she gets to home A small and modest modular made of metal and shaped like a cube. Looking just like all the others, even in little details like the small fence and garden in the back. The only thing that made it different and stand out was the numbers printed on the front allowing visitors and outsiders to be able to find the home. She moved into the the comfortable cube, marveling at how it looked so much bigger inside than out. The open space of the living room holding the kitchen, living, and dining area with 4 doors total all against the back wall leading to the bathing and waste areas as well as their bedrooms. The house was empty, her parents still at the landing dock and attending festivities, papers scattered over the table from her mother's last task standing out as the only thing out of place in the otherwise neat home. Deciding to take advantage of this quiet and alone time Amee goes to bathe sure she would feel better after she cleans off the sweat, grime and embarrassment. Maybe she would even feel well enough to go to the feast, although she might be forced to go anyway just to assist in preparation.

Hours have passed, touring the living and working spaces on this boring planet. Being introduced to the boring people, being fawned over by the boring peasants. He had looked forward to catching a glimpse of that girl again and when he realized she was nowhere to be seen he just became more and more upset as the time passed. He was a man who was used to getting what he wanted and that was not happening.

He idly realized that the man who was speaking had stopped. What was his name...? He couldn't remember. Deciding it didn't matter he met the mans expecting gaze and realized a question had been asked.

"What was that?"

The man looked taken aback, so engrossed in his pride of the planet he couldn't even comprehend that Jean just might not be as interested as him. Jean couldn't help but smile as the man became flustered... Face becoming red, forehead becoming a touch wetter, awkward and jerky movements. He loved to make the peasants squirm, and knowing how strongly of an effect her had from this simple man greatly improved his mood.

He nearly missed the question again, something about a feast and what he would want. Well, this appeared to be a good opportunity. "What I would like...? I believe I would enjoy an escort. There was a girl I saw who has caught my attention."

The man nodded, babbling "Is that so sir? What does she look like. I am sure any woman in our city would be honored to attend to you..."

He looked like he would never stop so Jean raised his hand, one finger raised to silence him. "Very good, it makes me happy to hear that. She was a young one, white hair blue green eyes. She fell into the carpet during the landing..." Jean paused, looking over the man trying to remember if he had been there too. By the look of surprise and the loss of color he assumed that he had and was reliving what had happened.

"S-sir! T-that's... That's my daughter, she just only came of age.. I... Is there any other woman? She is still young, just recently a woman and has not even started courtship rights." Jean felt his smile widen so that's what the look way for... Eyes closing as he breathes in deeply of the air. This was exactly who he needed to speak with to get exactly what he wanted. "No, that's perfect. I want her... What will it take for me to keep her?" Jean looks at the man, eyes meeting. "I do mean permanently, I would like to take her with me when I leave."

The man takes a step back. Eyes filled with disbelief "You can't just have her! She's my baby... The only child I have and I won't let her leave with a stranger..." His voice trails off, so bold except for that quiver of nerves.

Jean felt the smile falter, wilting on the edges... Not liking the word no even in perfectly understandable situations, he looked at the man with harsh eyes feeling satisfaction of a flinch from him.

"I am not asking, or bartering for her... She will come with me or I will make life hard... For you." he gestures towards the man to make his point clear before looking around, a casual and relaxed gaze and stance to keep him off guard.

"What could I do? I could make this a military state? It is towards the end of the known territory... Be a useful barracks. Maybe turn all these lovely people into servators or soldiers rather than wood and wheat?" he taps his chin, looking up towards the gray swirling clouds. "Maybe, I could just say that you are all a rebel force and take her anyway and anyone else who might make a profit." he finally looks at the man, noticing the red cheeks fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white

"T-that's awful! How could you do this to us!? To my daughter! We follow all protocol and do as we are told!"

An easy grin covered Jean's face, quite happy with the way things were turning out he raises a hand to shush the man again, waits until he's quiet.

"There are so many options, I just couldn't pick right now. Of course... So, let us wait until after the festival is over then we can talk more business. I believe I am owed the company of your daughter, no matter what has been choice is made. You should go inform her and make sure she dresses prettily for me." With that he dismisses the man with a wave of his hand and turns towards his guards. "Let's go." Jean walked away from the upset man, having decided that the dirty boots were worth the effort if it meant not being subjected to the pheromones of adolescent boys. Oh, the situation was delicious... He might have to visit his toys again with the amount of pleasure and anticipation he felt. No, no... He wanted his first time with his new toy to be special and the anticipation made it that much better.

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