tagNonHumanThe Creature Below - Omnibus 03

The Creature Below - Omnibus 03


Author's Notes: This happens a few months after the events in "Vampiress, Mine – Omnibus 02", "The Snow Maiden – Omnibus 02", and "The Prison Creature"

Like "Snow Maiden 02", I got hung up on this one and it required a lot of reworking before it got to the point that I was satisfied with it. First, I just didn't like how it turned out. Then I didn't like how the protagonist turned out. Then I was drawing blanks. When I finally hit upon a bout of inspiration from looking at more pics online, the story seemed to write itself from there. It also helped that I had the Minotaurs to draw from this time to provide me a bit of an out at the end of the story. So, once again, I apologize for the long wait but I do hope that it's worth it. I went down some new tangents on this one that has opened up the possibilities for more plot lines in the ongoing saga of the Supernatural War.

Unlike in past installments, I'm not going to hint as to which the next chapter of the series is going to be as I have a few options as to which one I'm going to be publishing next. My options include, but is not limited to; "Amazon of Mine", "Maiden of Summer", and "The Sirens" with these names being working titles at the moment. I'm also exploring an option about writing about the Magi that I introduced in "Vampiress, Mine 02" and more about the Minotaurs as I'd introduced in "Snow Maiden 02". If any of these titles interest you more than others, please let me know. I welcome constructive feedback on this series that has gone on some interesting twists and turns over the years!

To date, the recommended reading order is;

"The Crimson Tithe" (Optional)

"Vampiress, Mine – Omnibus"

"The Snow Maiden – Omnibus"

"The Creature Below – Omnibus"

"The Creature Below – Omnibus 02"

"Vampiress, Mine – Omnibus 02"

"The Snow Maiden – Omnibus 02"

"The Prison Creature"

"The Creature Below – Omnibus 03"

To recap, there are three women currently imprisoned inside the Prison Creature:

Mary - former mayor of Newhaven

Kimberly - former Assembly Councilwoman of Newhaven.

Kaitlyn - Caretaker of the Crystal Lake Lurker that was killed by the Hunters.


There will be times on this journey all you'll see is darkness.

But out there somewhere daylight finds you if you keep believing.

So don't run. Don't hide. It will be all right.

You'll see. Trust Me. I'll be there...

Watching over you.

-Phil Collins, "Look Through My Eyes" (2003)


CHAPTER 1: The Plan

Something was wrong... for the first time in centuries, the being known to both its caretakers and its own kind as The Ancient One was in distress. The mortals that did not belong to it were systematically hunting down and destroying its race and it had lost all contact with the genetic legacy of the thing now referred to as the Prison Creature. Those that were not killed off were being psychically cut off. This could not be allowed any longer... not with the final, and largest, colony ship approaching. Natural Selection was to be expected but something on this scale was unprecedented. Something had to be done and it had to be done now.

Stretching out its mind, The Ancient One called forth the conclave. One by one, others linked their minds until it was fully convened. They saw The Ancient One's troubles and worries, quickly identified the problem, and agreed that a solution had to be reached soon.

'If only...' rumbled the mind of one of the original landers known as StarSeeker, 'If only our warrior caste had survived the great impact and the warriors from the second colony made plantetfall... then these mortals would still be in awe of us...'

'What might have been or what could have been is irrelevant...' one of the younger of the kind that called itself Skulker added in. 'What matters is that, according to our caretaker, we have been hidden and on the defensive for far too long... we must go onto the offensive and become warriors of our own until the last ship arrives...'

The Ancient One regarded Skulker. It was of the newer generations that had matured into adulthood; a mere millennia old. It had been born of this planet and had developed language and turns of phrases akin to that of the humans that cared for it. Even still... the idea was not without merit. Even The Ancient One had avatars running around, calling themselves Sirens, but three did not an army make. 'Does our caretaker that aids you have a plan..."

Amusement radiated out from Skulker. 'We could say that... This does... however... mean that we might need to bend or break a few rules...'

'So long as it interrupts the machinations as the one known as Tillis... we are all for it...' StarSeeker agreed with Skulker.

The plan was then presented, formed, agreed upon, and the trap set.


[Inquisitive]This plan of yours will work, yes...

Brad frowned in irritation as he worked at his computer. "It's not a hundred percent foolproof," he replied verbally instead of telepathically to his Lurker in the Lake that he called Skulker. "After all; no plan survives first contact with the enemy."

[Pointed] You do realize that this will result in the enslavement of many males and females in the village below...

Brad shrugged as he furiously typed commands into his program. "I've been telling you all that if you're going to fight a snake that you're going to have to send your own into the nest. Besides, if all goes to plan, they won't be imprisoned long."

[Sardonic] And yet you are not willing to be one of them...

"Ugh..." he grunted as he rolled his eyes. They'd been over this point before. "And what good would that do any of us? Hm? I'm both the brains and the brawn of this operation..."

[Irritable] The Sirens are on their way...

"And they're more than welcome to help me kick in the gates wherever Tillis has the Prison Creature stored at," Brad countered. "Provided they get here in time. We're a bit far from Newhaven and even with them running like The Flash, it's a stretch on even their limits. So we're kinda stuck with what we have." Now it was Brad's turn for a pointed look although this one was out the window into the night where he knew by heart where the lake was at even though he couldn't see it right this moment. "The real question is; are you ready to do your part?"

[Pride] We are prepared to become the first of a new warrior caste... the first of such since the days of old when the original colonists first walked this world... [Sorrow] We will miss our home that has been here for so long...

Brad grunted again. "Eh... from what I'm told; the lake up at Newhaven is large and deep enough to house four of you all with still room to grow. Buck up, buddy, you're about to become The Ancient One's personal bodyguard." He typed in the last of the commands into his program and hit 'Execute' on the computer screen. "Alright... it's done. Tillis will think that we've slipped up. I expect we'll see a few spies slip in at first before the main force gets here. I figure about a day or two." Brad stood up, stretched, and yawned. He'd been at this for hours.

[Inquisitive] Would you enjoy a donation... Skulker's mental voice, normally male, switched to a beautiful, melodious female voice [Seductive] We have been experimenting and could fashion a feminine reproduction for you based on the images that you enjoy on your screen there...

"Hmmmm..." Brad considered it as he caught the image of a lithe, green, translucent, plant-like woman beckoning to him in open invitation. It reminded him a bit like an Anime Forest Nymph meets Poison Ivy. The idea had appeal but he had more important matters at hand. "I'll take a rain check on that one, Skulker, I'd intended in going down to the camp to see Jen tonight and let her in on the plan.

Skulker's mental voice went back to normal. [Pointed] The female's village will be ruined and she will lose monetary value...

Another shrug. "Again, if all goes to plan, she'll have all the business she could want up in Newhaven."


Minutes later, clad in nothing more than his shorts and a pair of running shoes, Brad was slipping into the window of Jen's cabin that she kept unlocked for his visits. It was part of their on-again, off-again liaisons that they've had over the years. Despite Skulker's constant nagging for them to do so, they held onto their friendship rather than making things awkward by formally getting together and getting married. Neither one of them wanted that and they respected each other for it. Whatever significant other they might get in the future would have to be accepting of the kind of friends-with-benefits that Brad and Jen enjoyed with each other.

Brad snuck up to the top floor to the master bedroom loft where Jen was sleeping soundly in her bed with nothing more than a sheet over her voluptuous body. Her being a nudist certainly made things easier for Brad whenever he did sneak into her home. Pausing at the door, he slipped his shoes and shorts off, his large cock already rock hard for her. He closed his eyes and let out a long, deep breath, allowing his pheromones to be let loose into the room. On the bed, Jen moaned, subconsciously rubbed her thighs together, and rolled so that she was on her back once she inhaled his musk. The sheet shifted when she rolled, giving him a good look at her naked body; her legs and shaved sex now open for the taking.

He darted in and jumped onto the bed. Jen's eyes shot open in surprise and he clamped a hand over her mouth while driving his cock into her now wet pussy. She squealed as she was roughly penetrated by his hardness. Then she moaned as her pussy molded around his cock and she brought her thick thighs up around his waist to squeeze him as he settled onto her body. He took possession of her mouth with his. His hands came up to rest on her lovely Triple Ds that stayed youthful and defied gravity thanks to the monthly sessions that she took with Skulker. His thumbs worked up and down, brushing across her now hard nipples with each stroke.

Subconsciously sensing her need, Brad fucked her harder and faster. Their bodies rocked together as one. Jen started whimpering as she grabbed at his wrists and brought them up to her throat. He placed them where she wanted, holding her neck in a domination manner yet in a way that he wasn't actually choking her. She moaned again and got lost into her own fantasy of being ravished by an intruder. Brad leaned back in such a way to get the angle just right so that he was looking down at her, enticed by her bobbing breasts. He wanted to blow right now but held off until she was ready. Once she was, he unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside of her, reveling in the look of pure bliss that he got as she groaned while her eyes rolled back into her head. "Holy fuck..." she breathed at long last, bringing her hands up to spread her dark red hair out from underneath of her body.

Brad slipped out of her and slid to the side, laying down beside her. Jen rolled to face him, giving him a friendly peck on the nose. "Well this is a pleasant surprise. What brings you down here tonight?"

"The sex is a perk, tonight," Brad admitted. "I wanted to give you the heads-up that we're going to need you to move a youngling here soon. Probably within a week, maybe sooner if some unexpected friends show up."

"Ugh... God..." Jen let out a disgusted sigh. "Again? You know I hate doing that. I have to wear clothes when I leave here."

"Skulker will make it up to you like he always does. We're also expecting you to be followed when you do it. If you happen to see someone following you, don't make any indication of it. We want them to come here."

Her eyes narrowed. "What's going on? Is this something to do with that little feud that's going on between you people and that Hunter-guy you've been lamenting about?"

"Raymond Tillis and yeah; it has everything to do with him." Brad admitted. "He's killing off Lurkers like it's going out of style and he's gotta be stopped."

"And me moving a young is going to help do that?" She arched a skeptical eyebrow at that.

"No," he shook his head. "That's the fail-safe in case Plans A through F go under."

"Okay, fine, whatever," Jen sighed, rolling her eyes again. "Just leave me out of your future plans."

"Time's coming when you're gonna have to pick a side, Jen," Brad pointed out, "sooner or later; we're all going to have to choose sides before they're chosen for us."

"Whatever," she mumbled, reaching down and grabbing his cock. "Since you're here I might as well make use of you. Now get this thing hard again, fuck me senseless, and then get outta here. I want to enjoy my time before we get invaded." Brad proceed to do just that, this time standing her up and bending her over the side of her bed so that he could pound her round ass from behind until she was screaming for him to stop after giving her multiple earth-shattering orgasms in a row.


CHAPTER 2: The New Prisons.

Raymond Tillis looked at the thee naked women who were each suspended in their individual glass tubes, side by side, that were filled with the clear, nurturing nectar of the Prison Creature. Pink and Purple biomass filled the tops and bottoms of the ten-foot-tall tubes, encasing the women's legs and keeping their arms stretched above them. Blue light from the top and bottom of the tubes ensured that their bodies were properly illuminated, making them look like they were in some extraterrestrial science experiment tank. This was reinforced by the machines that both held up the tubes and powered them with an array of wires and conduit pipes that ran up and down the sides that were responsible for circulating, scrubbing, cleaning, and filtering the nectar inside like it was a giant automated fish bowl.

Each of women had a new creature, that they'd each birthed inside of the Prison Creature, wrapped around their faces and necks; Facehuggers. The creatures were named aptly after the things found in the Aliens movie franchise and they were working perfectly acting as both a feeding and breathing tube for the women while they were submerged in the liquid while at the same time keeping them mostly paralyzed and tame. Occasionally they could overcome the paralytic poison that the Huggers excreted when it became diluted within their systems. Then the creatures would just give them another dose. They kept the women alive while submerged and in turn the women kept the creatures alive by leeching off of their life force. Per his own instructions in making the new creatures; each of the women were conscious and aware of their surroundings yet unable to do anything about it. It was the perfect eternal torment cell for them while his Prison Creature reworked itself into a bigger and deeper cavern that was off site.

Right now the two redheads, Kaitlyn and Kimberly, were asleep. The third, an older brunette named Mary, was awake and glaring daggers down at Raymond. Raymond gave her an evil smile and a wave. "Anytime you want to come out, surrender, confess your sins, and be my personal slave, just let me know," he chortled. Mary closed her eyes and turned her head in disgust. The Facehugger, sensing that it's poison had worn off, pumped another load down Mary's throat. Mary's eyes shot open and then rolled back into her head before her eyelids fluttered close and she became docile once again.

Raymond let out a harrumph of amusement as he feasted his eyes on their large, round breasts full of nutritious milk for the creatures to feed off of as well as their pregnant bellies that were gestating more Huggers. One of the fatal flaws with the Seekers had been that they were rushed to production. The Seekers were inherently weak in their exoskeletons as a result, making them susceptible to gunfire and blunt objects. They still had their uses and his scientists were reengineering them to be more resilient, but the Huggers were already far more superior by gestating longer within the women in order to develop a thicker hide. Unfortunately, the production of new Seekers was stalled until the Prison Creature finished setting up its new lair as there simply was no room inside of these tubes to birth one.

He peered at the bottom of the tubes where the second Hugger lay dormant at. Every so often they'd wake to carry out their function on the women; wrapping themselves around the women's loins to withdraw the waste from their bodies and to pump more liquid up into their uteruses to care for the growing young inside. That action alone would give them a powerful, yet painful orgasm to the point that the women will probably eventually learn to hate sex. Then the Huggers will latch onto the breasts to feed and then go dormant once again. Raymond had watched the process one time and the Huggers would feed, much to the discomfort of the women, while it fucked them with their whip-like tails. Once the young were birthed, they'd take over that function, impregnate the women and the cycle continued. The older Huggers would be removed and kept in storage containers until such time they were needed in conjunction with the Seekers for the next major attack.

"Mister Tillis!" One of his scientists cried, running up with a sheaf of papers and a map. "We believe that we've located another Lurker stronghold," he gasped, out of breath from running.

"Calm down, son," Tillis reassured him. Good news was always rewarded, in his book. If they found another Lurker, then this would be exceptional news. "Take a deep breath and collect your thoughts."

"Yes sir, thank you, sir," the man, barely out of college, gasped. He took a puff from his inhaler, straightened his glasses, and delivered his report. "It's not too far from your own beach resort, sir. It wasn't easy to find and, in fact, it had been overlooked as a potential site since it was high in the nearby mountain and the lake seemingly small for one of the creatures."

"Huh... nudist camp just like our beach..." Raymond grunted as he reviewed the data. "Clever... and close by too so it's basically hiding in plain sight." He eyed the scientist. "How'd you come about this information?"

"It wasn't easy, to be honest," the young man admitted. "I was doing a logistical comparison of Newhaven and had written an algorithm to search for similarities to other sites. This just now flagged for me and I've been pouring over it for the past few hours. This, right here," he pointed out one memo in particular, "grants Federal protection over the lake and the access is restricted to a single resident that lives there year-round."

"Big deal," Raymond grumbled. "We have the same under Homeland Security."

"Yes, but their protection comes from the Department of the Interior. Same as Newhaven."

The light went off in Raymond's head. "Which is how Newhaven got their protected status to begin with by identifying a new species, logging it, and getting top secret clearance to keep it out of the public eye..." He looked at the map and papers with renewed interest. "Fucking hell... that close to us all this time. No wonder they've been all over us with their intel recently." He clapped the man on the shoulder. "Good work. What's your name?"

"Bruce, sir."

"How long have you worked for me?"

"About a year now, sir." Bruce said.

"And you have no convictions whatsoever about what we do here?"

Bruce was shaking his head. "No sir. Any enemy of humanity deserves to be punished." His eyes flickered towards the ladies in the tubes, then at the row of tubes beyond that were here in the basement waiting to be filled. "Just like them."

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