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The Cross


Andrew was starting to wonder if his decision to stay home that summer was a bad one. Quite a few of his friends had gone off to camp, and the neighborhood seemed empty now. The morning after the last bus to camp had left, Andrew knew it was going to be a long, boring summer. He trudged downstairs and ate the last of the pancakes, his mother and father having left them for him. They were both outside working on getting the patio ready for summer barbecues, parties and long nights sitting near the fire pit. Andrew watched them for a second while thinking about what he could do. Nothing came to mind. A lot of the old activities seemed silly now. Indeed, Andrew knew it must be because he was growing up and needed to look elsewhere for fun.

Andrew's brother Mark had gone off to college, and now the house seemed dead. Andrew could enjoy having the place to himself, mostly, but his brother was always a source of fun. Now Mark was gone, chasing girls and weaseling his way through school with passing grades. Mark knew just how to have the most amount of fun while staying ahead. For that Andrew admired his older brother. Mark also seemed graced with all the charm. Andrew was tall, but nowhere near as handsome as his brother. Mark had always teased him saying that Andrew got all the brains in the family. Just another way Mark seemed to be able to smooth things over easily.

Andrew stood in the golden sunlight of the morning, munching on his breakfast. He tried to think of what Mark would do in the present situation. How could this summer be fun? Andrew would have to give it some thought. His number-one crush, Stephanie Wilson, had also left for college, leaving Andrew to wonder just what he had to wish for now. Maybe Stephanie would return this summer to visit her parents who lived just down the street from Andrew's family home. That would certainly make this summer more tolerable.

Days passed without much to do, finding Andrew riding his old bike near and far looking for the slightest bit of adventure. The sleepy, picturesque town yielded no such luck, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the calm of summer but Andrew. Riding past the Wilson house one day, Andrew stopped to say hello to Stephanie's mom, Doreen. Doreen was working in the front yard, kneeling on a gardening pad to pull weeds from the flower beds. She was somewhere in her late forties, a bit shorter than the long, tall Stephanie, brown eyes and hair that was always trimmed short and highlighted, so that you couldn't really tell what color it was naturally. Doreen was all smiles for Andrew, and so he felt obliged to talk to her a while. After a few minute's conversation, Andrew couldn't help but notice that Doreen had maybe unbuttoned one too many buttons on her shirt. With her kneeling and bending down from time to time, and Andrew's vantage from above the picket fence, Andrew was afforded a downright shameful view of Doreen's cleavage. He could see what looked almost like a great chasm of darkness down between her breasts when she bent forward, and even the part of her bra that joined the two great cups together in the middle if he watched closely. Doreen's boobs were gigantic, and up until now she had hid them well.

Andrew wasn't sure that Doreen hadn't noticed him looking down her shirt. He wondered, after he'd said goodbye, whether or not she'd seen him staring momentarily. Oh well, she'd probably forget about it if she had. He kept thinking about what he'd seen long after he returned home. The thought of Doreen's cleavage ignited something in Andrew, and he began to get an erection. He hurried to get to his room, so that he could relax for a bit. Climbing the stairs quickly, but quietly so as not to alert his parents to his arrival, Andrew was suddenly inspired to raid Mark's room and locate his stash of secret magazines. Mark's stash contained everything from lingerie catalogs to full-on pornography. Andrew knew where it was hidden: inside an old duffel bag up in Mark's closet.

Andrew snuck into Mark's room silently and closed the door behind him. He located the secret bag and gently freed it from its resting place, up inside the closet nestled amongst other unassuming objects. Once Andrew had the bag, he made the decision to transfer it to his room for the time being. Mark wouldn't be home for a long time, and Andrew could enjoy the secret stash in the safety of his own room for a while. Stealing down the hallway with the prized duffel, Andrew made it to his room and closed the door, bristling with excitement over what he'd just accomplished.

He set the bag on his bed and began to rifle through the contents. There was a layer of gym clothing masking the magazines from view inside. Andrew began to thumb through each magazine, looking for one that would contain what he sought: pictures of enormous, naked breasts. Once he found a likely issue, he freed it from the bag and began skimming through it. Alas, there on page 22 was a full page photo of a woman with boobs that must have been as large as Doreen's, if not larger. The model was bending forward, completely nude, licking her lips with what looked like great pleasure. Her breasts hung down like great drops of ivory and her lips looked like cherry candy. Andrew fumbled at his pants and they were undone, his unusually large, erect penis sprang into his hand and he started to pump it vigorously. He thought his heart might explode as he felt what he knew to be an orgasm coming on. He fell to his knees as the semen exploded through his clenched fist all over the side of his bed. It came again and again, dousing his hand and running down his wrist.

Andrew suddenly felt panicked as he found himself in an awkward position. What if his mom came through the door, not knowing that he was home? He also couldn't believe that he'd just come all over himself and the bed, thinking about Stephanie's mom instead of Stephanie herself. Thoughts of Stephanie had driven Andrew to masturbate frequently, but never with such immediacy. He quickly cleaned up his mess and changed his clothes, not forgetting to hide the forbidden duffel bag in his own closet in the process. It held little interest for him now, but he knew he'd want it later. He almost felt ashamed that he'd masturbated in broad daylight to his brother's secret pornography.

A week later, Andrew's mom mentioned to him during breakfast that Doreen was asking about him. Doreen wanted Andrew to do yard work, and she would pay him for it. Andrew told his mom that he was interested while trying to contain the sudden excitement that leapt up from his stomach. He calmed himself and celebrated with some more crispy bacon and scrambled eggs, while changing the topic of discussion. His parents seemed glad that he was taking an interest in work. Andrew was to start the next day.

That night, Andrew lay awake thinking about what tomorrow held for him. He wondered if Doreen would work with him. He imagined her bent over across the garden from him, giving him a view of her cleavage peeking out from her button-up shirt. Maybe she would sunbathe in the backyard, and Andrew would get to spy on her semi-naked body. He realized that it would be fairly easy to spy on the Wilson's backyard, as they lived next to a somewhat overgrown and unkempt empty lot. Why had Andrew never thought of this before? Stephanie had probably been sunbathing every day last summer.

After breakfast the next morning, Andrew walked down the still cool sidewalk in the shade of the oak trees that lined his street. It looked like it was going to be a hot day. Andrew felt a little nervous as he approached the Wilson's house. He had been having fantasies about Mrs. Wilson all week, and now it seemed like a challenge to walk up to the door and ring the bell. Mr. Wilson's car was gone. Andrew surprised himself by feeling elated by this simple fact.

Doreen answered the door. She was all smiles and hellos in her striped, un-tucked button-up shirt and blue jeans. Andrew stepped inside as he was bid and they chatted for a bit. Andrew felt himself feigning interest in the conversation as his mind raced. He found himself following Doreen down the hallway towards her kitchen and into the bright backyard that lay beyond the opened double doors. Andrew felt a little shaky, and realized he had been avoiding too much eye contact with Doreen. He took a deep breath and began to listen as Doreen gave him a tour of the backyard.

It was a fairly large yard with many different areas divided by large plants, garden beds and rose bushes. Doreen showed Andrew what her projects were and which jobs he had the option of taking on. Andrew waited here and there while Doreen became distracted momentarily by something that caught her attention. Andrew noticed as he watched her stealthily that her perfectly normal attire betrayed the bountiful curves of her mature body from time to time. She was twice Andrew's age, and it showed, but she was not unattractive. Her short, styled hair aged her a bit, but Andrew could see through that now. Doreen had once been every bit the stunner that her daughter had come to be. Her conservative, domesticated style could not hide that from Andrew, and he became deeply attracted to the woman.

Hours later, Andrew found himself hot, sweaty, hungry and covered with various plant debris. He'd undertaken the cleaning up of an overgrown patch of yard towards the back and was making steady progress. He hadn't seen anything of Doreen as she'd been working in the front yard while he was busy. Suddenly he heard Doreen calling him in for lunch and made his way to the back door. Doreen had set up their lunch on the kitchen table, and bade him sit with her. Andrew relished the food almost as much as the opportunity to talk to Doreen. They chatted amiably, topics ranging from school to gardening. Doreen announced that the next phase of his work was to be accompanying her to the hardware store for some potting soil and other supplies. He agreed, of course, and a short time later Andrew found himself riding in the passenger seat of Doreen's minivan.

As they shopped, Andrew lifted various items onto the large shopping cart while Doreen continued to talk him up. They laughed together and found mutual points of nostalgia among stories of the neighborhood. Once the shopping was complete, Andrew lifted the items into the van and got in himself. Doreen declared that they had one more stop before home and they were off again. She pulled the van into the town's new shopping center and instructed Andrew to wait for her. A short time later Doreen returned with a single pink shopping bag and they were headed back to her house. Once there, Andrew dutifully unloaded the van while Doreen went inside with her pink bag. Once he'd finished piling all of the supplies in the garden shed, Andrew set about working on something else, since he saw nothing of Doreen for the time being.

Three o' clock rolled around and Doreen decided it was quitting time. She gave Andrew some more lemonade and a fifty dollar bill. There were some men's clothing she'd set on the living room coffee table that she offered to Andrew. "It's all Richard's, but they're all too big for him. Try one of these shirts on."

Andrew hesitated for a moment but then tried one of the shirts on. It was just his size. "Lovely," Doreen said, admiring the fit and tugging at the shoulders. "I thought that these would fit you."

Andrew tried to relax himself as her close proximity to him began to give him goose bumps. He endured her preening and then removed the shirt. Doreen began to talk to him about next time she expected Andrew to work for her. The conversation continued and Andrew eventually joined Doreen for a sit-down on the large leather sofa. They talked about Doreen's future plans for her gardens, among other things. Andrew nearly had to dare himself to look Doreen in her big, brown eyes for more than a few seconds while they were talking. Andrew asked if he could use the restroom when the phone rang in the kitchen. Doreen rose to fetch the phone while instructing Andrew to use the upstairs bathroom, as she was in the process of cleaning the one downstairs. Andrew obeyed and climbed the stairs, listening to Doreen answer what sounded like an important phone call.

Once upstairs Andrew felt a thrill as he found himself standing in front of a closed door with a little pink plaque reading "Stephanie". Oh if only he could explore that room. He located the large upstairs bathroom and closed the door behind him. It was a surprisingly lavish room that was clean but well-used. Andrew scanned the surroundings, looked into the walk-in shower stall and made with his business. As he stood, relieving his body of excess lemonade, he noticed a large wicker hamper near the shower door. Once he'd finished with the toilet, he lifted the lid on the hamper and looked inside. There, sitting inside was the lacy, delicate mass of one of Doreen's huge bras. Andrew reached inside and plucked the treasure from the pile of clothing within. He held it aloft and gaped at it in wonder, as if he'd just found some priceless artifact. He found a small cotton tag on one of the straps that read '38DDD'. Andrew swallowed hard. He wasn't even aware such a size existed. Mark probably didn't even know about such things.

Andrew suddenly became aware that he'd been examining the immense bra for god-knew how long. He returned it to the hamper and left the bathroom quickly. Down the hall, he mounted the stairwell down to the foyer. Doreen had returned to the couch and beamed at him as Andrew appeared once again. She seemed quite prepared to just sit and converse with Andrew all day. Andrew took a seat on a nearby armchair and humored the woman. He found his moment, glanced at Doreen's chest and discovered that, unless he was mistaken, she had undone a second button on her shirt in his absence. This had an instant effect on Andrew's mood and he began to get an uncontrollable erection. In his glance he had spotted Doreen's cross that hung around her neck, seeming to beckon him into sinful thoughts of her undergarments and what they contained. Panicking, Andrew gathered up the folded stack of hand-me-downs that Doreen had set on the coffee table for him and made to set them squarely in his lap.

Tragedy struck as Andrew's haste caused him to knock Doreen's drinking glass aside. The contents spewed from the glass and showered both the stack of clothes and Doreen's knees. She shrieked suddenly and sprang up from her seat, quickly dabbing at the puddle running across the table with a napkin she produced from her back pocket. A volley of apologies from Andrew was countered by Doreen's reassurance that it was perfectly OK and manageable. She worked quickly to dry up the mess. Andrew's apologies ceased once he noticed that her cleavage was visible with Doreen in her current position. Standing bent completely in front of him, Andrew could see a mountainous breast pressing against Doreen's shirt. Her now-exposed flesh looked like white silk, bulging from within. The cross dangled free, damning him for his lustful desires.

Doreen bustled to the kitchen momentarily, returning with a paper towel. "It's OK, it was only lemonade. It will come right out. Here," Doreen made for the stack of clothing that Andrew held. "I'll just wash those."

Andrew refused politely, keeping hold of the pile, insisting that he could do it himself. Doreen paused there, at his insistence, mid-stoop with her hands grasping the pile. Their hands touched for the briefest eternity as Doreen's soft gaze met with Andrew's pleading eyes. She relinquished the stack and its care to Andrew, as if sensing his earnest, and sat down again. Andrew's relief was all but palpable, as only the pile of clothing he held hid the fierce erection that plagued him now.

They wrapped up the conversation with Andrew concentrating hard on the topic of discussion in order to end his biting arousal. Andrew agreed to come again in the morning and, somehow, made it out the door and away from Doreen's happy company. He had to get home. He needed relief now more than ever. It was no good though. Taking a detour down a side street, Andrew made his way to a small wooded area that lay beyond a house that was vacant and on the market. He ducked into a stand of vine maples and continued into the cover of underbrush until he could be certain that no one would ever find him there. He dropped the neatly folded clothes and clawed his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Leaning against a young, healthy maple trunk, Andrew freed his monstrous erection from its shackles and tried not to groan too loud. His pants fell where he stood. He closed his eyes, thought of Doreen's soft touch on his hands and squeezed with his right hand. He came. It was all too much. He remembered the scent of Doreen's bra; it was like honeysuckle. He came, his face buried in his left arm against the tree. As his semen flew out into space he began to sink to his knees. There he knelt, heaving against his tree for several minutes in the solitude provided by the dense vine maples that surrounded him. Even with his lust now sated, he yearned for Doreen's tender touch.

That night, Andrew lay on his bed after dinner and read. He read for nearly an hour, until suddenly something in his book reminded him of Doreen. He began thinking of her instead of reading, and then it was all he could do. Andrew sat up suddenly as a thought struck him. He moved to the edge of the bed and pondered his idea a moment longer. Yes, he was going out.

But he would have to be sneaky, his parents were still awake. He slipped on a dark colored sweat shirt and opened his door a crack. Darkness. His parents must have retired to their room for the evening. Andrew was in luck. He prowled through the hallway, down the stairs and to the back door. Mark's dog was there, wagging his tail probably expecting a treat. Andrew patted the dog on the head and closed the back door behind him silently. From there it was just a matter of walking around the side yard, hopping the little dog fence and he was out. Andrew was pretty sure his parents wouldn't be mad at him for going out at night, but he was certain that they would not approve of his purpose for doing so.

Andrew took the long way to the Wilson's house, rounding a few blocks until he was coming at it from the opposite direction. There were not many cars out that late, no headlights to spot him creeping along to his destination. Once Andrew had made it to the undeveloped lot next to the Wilson's, he pushed through the underbrush until he came to the backyard fence. He could see lights on in the house. He moved nearer to the street and scanned the front yard, making sure that nobody would see him. Mr. Wilson's car was gone. Andrew moved back into the thick bushes that lined the fence. Looking out over the back yard, Andrew could see that the back doors to the patio stood open. He could hear faint music coming from inside the house.

He watched for a while, not sure what to do next. There was no commotion coming from within the house save for the music he could hear. Andrew heaved himself up over the fence and lowered himself onto the ground on the other side. Scanning the windows on the corner of the house nearest the fence, Andrew could see in the back laundry room and a little bit of hallway. Light was coming from the living room or the foyer beyond. There were no lights on upstairs. Andrew moved around towards the patio doors, keeping close to the wall. He finally made it to the kitchen window over the sink. The kitchen lights were on, and, peeking inside, Andrew felt a rush of ice cold excitement as he discovered Doreen sitting at the little breakfast bar opposite the kitchen island. She was idly thumbing through a cook book, drinking a glass of wine that had been poured from a nearby bottle. She was dressed up a bit, in a thin, black wool sweater and a necklace. Andrew could not see her from the waist down. The sweater she wore clung to her body, showing the great swell of her tits as they rested on the countertop. A hint of cleavage showed from the v-neck, graced by the small cross on the necklace.

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