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The Crow: The Ravenous Wolf

bySean Renaud©


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The Crow:

Legend of the Ravenous Wolf

Chapter One


Terry grunted and wiped a stream of blood from the corner of his mouth. Geese stood opposite him and he didn't seem to be phased in the least from the assault he'd just endured. Instead he stood proud and tall with an over confident smirk on his lips. "Is that all?"

There wasn't a single cell in Terry's body that wanted to surrender to that man. Not a single drop of his blood that wasn't screaming to continue the fight. It was that undeniable will that allowed him to get back to his feet bringing his fists up to defend himself. "Not hardly." He said thumbing his nose and trying to clear his mind. I didn't come this far to lose. I can't lose! Terry steadied himself and looked up at Geese.

He hadn't moved from his spot at the window, his attention wasn't even focused on the brothers any longer. Geese was staring at the grey clouds outside. "You can't even conceive the power I now possess. This is futile." There was a hint of disappointment on in his reflection as the room started to tremble under the mighty power of the Scrolls of Immortality.

Across the room Andy braced himself against the wall. One hand clutching his broken arm as he stared in awe at the man he'd thought was dead. The dark power washing over him was unlike anything he'd ever felt before and it took as much of the strength from his legs as any of the blows landed against his body. "Can you fight?" Terry shouted.

"Wh-what kind of question is that?" Andy growled forcing himself away from the wall bringing his good arm up in front of him. "Ready when you are."

Together the brothers started channeling their energy, focusing their spirits on the battle at hand. "Honestly, why do you continue this battle? You must sense the futility is standing against me." Geese turned slowly back to face the two staring at Terry as he did.

"We fight for our futures! Not just for ourselves but for the entire world!" Terry shouted his energy spiking along with his courage.

"I fight for Mai!" Andy shouted his own energy rising quickly to match his brother's. "I fight for my brother!" He roared another wave of energy exploding from his body. "Terry I need to tell you something."

"What is it bro?" Terry asked as he adjusted his cap preparing to attack Geese again along with his brother.

"I'm sorry; I'm going to break my promise to you." Andy said as a smile curled the corner of his lips baring his teeth like a blood thirsty beast.

"What promise?" Terry turned slightly his energy dropping slightly as he tried to understand his brother.

Andy braced himself and rushed against his opponent snarling in anger. "Useless." Geese boasted turning toward Andy and quickly firing off a Reppuken that streaked across the floor tearing the carpeting along its path. The blue wave of fire energy streaked toward the rushing blonde warrior. An ear piercing war cry tore its way free of Andy's throat as he threw his legs up and over the Reppuken and narrowly missed Geese's fist.

He landed within arms reach of his enemy ducking beneath a lightning fast jab. Andy threw his arm out jabbing back. "HISHOOOKEN!" Andy thrust his palm against Geese's chest firing a blast of pure energy inches away from his chest.

The Hishooken slammed against Geese's chest with all the effectiveness of a snowball. The energy splashed against his bare chest dissipating harmlessly. Geese's hand shot out catching Andy by the throat. An evil smile twisted his lips as he watched the young warrior's face turn first red then a deep purple as his body was starved of life giving oxygen.

"ANDY!" Terry shouted charging Geese. The larger man turned to face him bringing Andy's limp body between them.

"HISHOOKEN!" Andy screamed this time aiming the blast at Geese's face. As soon as Geese dropped him he swept the near god's feet from beneath him. Andy planted his feet thrusting his one good arm out in a closed fist as he watched Geese get back to his feet. "SEN-PU-KEN!" He roared unleashing the greatest technique of the Hakkyoukuseiken martial art. His body spinning like a tornado flinging what little furniture had survived the battle up against the walls as he attacked Geese.

The technique was normally the last move in a fight, nobody stands up after the Senpuken but Geese, he didn't even move. Instead he crossed his arms over his face laughing. "This pathetic move again?" Andy pushed Geese back until his back was pressed against the glass window before he fell to his knees exhausted. "Let's end this." Geese brought his foot up preparing to stomp on Andy's skull.

"NO!" Terry shouted. "BURN KNUCKLE!" A blue flame wrapped around his fist as he lunged at Geese connecting with his jaw. Geese only slid back a half inch from the punch turning his head to one side.

"I told you, it's useless." Geese grinned as a trickle of blood seeped from the corner of his lip.

"It's never useless to fight against tyrants like you! POWERWAVE!" Terry slammed his fist to the floor sending a wave of blue white energy towards Geese.

"Double Reppuken." Geese whipped his right hand up sending his own huge blue white energy to crash against the Power wave then quickly repeated the motion with his other hand the blast slamming into Terry. The force slammed him against the opposite wall snapping his skull back against the wall.

The world flashed around Terry's head as he hit the floor glaring up at Geese through star filled eyes. Terry coughed up a mouthful of blood and gripped the wall getting slowly back to his feet. He's invincible. Nothing I do is even laying a scratch on him. Terry reached out with both hands focusing his energy for one final assault.

"I'm tired of this." Geese grunted his energy flaring suddenly. Terry knew the technique he was going about to perform. He'd only seen it once before when it had nearly killed Joe. It was the Raging Storm, Geese's ultimate technique and Andy was helpless at his feet. "RAGIN-"

"BURN KNUCKLE!" Terry dove at Geese powered by his desire to protect his younger brother. Geese stopped the Raging Storm and ducked beneath Terry's fist driving his open palm into Terry's chest. His fist closed around the red denim jacket Terry wore and torqued his body around slamming Terry against the window. The glass was reinforced, a lesson Geese had learned from his previous battle with the Hungry Wolf so it was no surprise when it didn't shatter. He pulled back a second time and slammed Terry against the glass a second time splintering the glass and splitting Terry's skull.

A third collision between Terry and the glass was enough to destroy the barrier and send his broken body plummeting to the concrete and asphalt below. Mai and Joe watched in horror as the body of Terry fell like a star from the heavens slamming into Geese's black Mercedes Benz. All the glass on the vehicle shattered outward as the alarm blared into the otherwise silent street. "An-An-dy." Terry gurgled between his blood soaked lips.

He couldn't see Geese staring down from his office on the sixty fifth floor. Terry couldn't even see Joe who was holding his hand and shouting something that really didn't matter to him as his heart failed. The only thing that he knew for sure as he died was that his brother, Andy Bogard, was still alive. Terry could sense his faint energy like a single a drop of oil in an ocean.

Three years later.

The always corrupt city of South Town was completely over taken by gangs who had divided the territories that had once belonged to The Conqueror of South Town, Geese Howard. Without Terry to fight against him he'd extended his reach until the entire North American continent was under his iron fist. The single biggest gang though was run by Rock Howard, Geese's son and heir. He dealt with all of the day to day things, drug lords, weapons pushers, and protection rackets. There wasn't a single crime in South Town that he didn't personally know about and the blonde warrior was nearly as infamous as his father.

Joe Higashi a dark skinned, dark haired kick boxer stood in the center of Geese Park, the only place left in all of South Town where grass and trees still grew. It had been a "gift" from Geese when he built it, complete with a stocked pond and an always abandoned children's jungle gym area. The spot where Joe stood was the spot where Terry Bogard's body received whatever measure of peace the living or dead could get in this cursed city.

"Man Terr, you wouldn't believe it man but things are bad, real bad." Joe sank to his knees. He tried to come to this spot once a month but it had been nearly six months since his last visit to Terry's grave. It wasn't that he didn't care; it was that things had gotten to the point where just surviving was starting becoming the only priority.

"I miss you man, I miss you real bad. Rock has started searching for us again. I mean doing some really messed up shit. It seems everywhere I go I find somebody new who got hurt, or had their family killed because they couldn't tell Rock how to find us." He sighed looking around. "Its getting worse, it's down to me and Kim from the old days. We have two new guys though. Kyo Kusanagi, that guy is something else. He shoots these red flames; he probably would have given you a run for your money if you'd been around. You would have liked him. We also picked up this kid named Benimaru, he's kinda strange but he's a great fighter." Joe lifted his head slightly and let a bit of a smile cross his face. "I wish I could stay longer buddy but it just isn't safe around here."

A muted sound snapped Joe's attention away from his dead friend and behind him snapping his head around to face the newcomer. Benimaru was leaning back against one of the trees a slight smile on his lips. "Sorry to cut you short pal but some of Rock's men are coming this way." Benimaru's waist length hair was dyed a ridiculously bright shade of pink and hung around him almost like a cloak. Beneath that he wore a dark red undershirt with a rip up the center so his perfectly sculpted abdomen was on display and a pair of skin tight red snake skin pants that clearly outlined his "package."

"I'm coming." Joe replied getting back to his feet but he was still staring at the spot where his best friend lay in the ground.

"You must not be hearing me Joe. Rock has men out and they are looking for us. He very much wants us to join Terry in the beyond and well I'm a little opposed to the idea.

"Yeah yeah I hear ya." Joe turned and walked over to Beni just in time to watch a group of eight running in tight formation through the trees.

"Great, now we have to fight." Benimaru reached up casually slicking his hair back as he readied himself for the coming battle.

"I'm sorry about this." Joe apologized as he stood up next to Benimaru watching as the eight got close and then broke away forming a circle around the pair.

"Don't apologize, fight!" Beni shouted.

"REPUKEN!" All eight attackers shouted sending a blue white blast of energy racing towards the surrounded warriors. Together the two men leapt up into the air narrowly avoiding being scorched with the earth beneath them in a frightening explosion.

"These guys are starting to get a lot better. Raijin Ken!" Benimaru retorted with his own blast of electricity that hit one of the black garbed soldiers dead center knocking him flat.

"Yeah." Joe grunted as he performed the Hurricane Upper sending a hurricane to sweep two more of the soldiers away.

The first man had already gotten back to his feet pulling a long knife from a sheath on his hip and charging back into the battle. Joe was too busy blocking a flurry of punches and kicks from two soldiers to notice the man to his rear. It was only luck that the slashing blade only sliced into his arm and not his throat. "Shit!" Without turning Joe snapped his leg up behind him in a perfect crescent knocking the weapon away.

"You know this would be a lot harder if those guys were half as cool as me." Benimaru boasted slipping beneath a roundhouse kick and bringing his electric fist into the black visor of the helmet shattering it and knocking the soldier down and out.

"Stop talking and fight!" Joe shouted blocking a punch and responding with a kick to the ribs.

Beni twisted around intending to punch one of the soldiers when a second grabbed his wrist. Before he could turn to attack another soldier had his other wrist and a third had him in a full nelson. "Damn, I don't like you all like that." Beni teased before taking a punch to the gut that lifted him off the ground.

Joe brought his elbow up into a soldier's jaw knocking him prone. The man hit the floor snapping his skull back and lying still. "Beni!" Joe dashed to help his friend when one of the soldiers tackled him grinding him across the ground. A second man kicked him in the skull splitting his lip open. "Beni!"

"Fuck this!" Benimaru threw his head back screaming at the top of his lungs as ten thousand volts tore through his body electrocuting all four of his attackers. The ones holding his arms tried to back away but he clamped down on their wrists keeping them close until their bodies were limp in his hands. He dropped one then gripped the other with both hands spinning him into three more soldiers before flinging him against a tree. Before the first one could rise Benimaru slammed his electricity wrapped fist into his chest.

Joe slammed his elbow into the soldier's throat and threw him off before kipping up to his feet and leaping forward driving his knee into the next attacker's chest dropping him to one knee. Joe clenched his hands together bringing them down on the back of the man's skull knocking him out. Without He hadn't noticed how close the attack had gotten though easily bumping into him rather than the intended kick to the ribs. "Very graceful." Benimaru taunted rewarding Joe with a slow sarcastic clap. Joe and his attacker fell to the grass in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Beni! I think this one's a chick!" Joe shouted holding onto her chest briefly before he got back to his feet. The female soldier slid forward driving her heel up into Joe's groin, a second strike to the head sending him stumbling.

"No way! Let me cut in, she deserves a match with the world's most handsome warrior." Benimaru grabbed her by the wrist sliding her across the grass then yanked her up to her feet. "Hi I just wanted you to know that I'm Benimaru." The woman threw a left cross but he just leaned back avoiding it and the next several blows she attempted.

"Quit showing off!" Joe shouted as he kipped back upright jump kicking one of the soldiers in the head then turning to deal with the last soldier. "C'mon c'mon!" He beckoned wiping the blood oozing from his lip away.

"It's one on one now their screwed!" Beni shouted as he glided behind his attacker removing her helmet and tossing it aside. Beneath was a beautiful blond with her hair done up in a tight bun. "Shame to do this to you babe, at least you'll have sweet dreams." She gripped a knife from her hip and spun meaning to stab Benimaru through the throat. She caught nothing but air as he dropped to the ground supporting him on one hand. He spun like a break dancer both feet slamming against her ribs and knocking the wind from her; a second kick was enough knock her flat on her back. "Dream of me babe." Benimaru said as he flipped himself upright and blew her a kiss.

"They won't stay that way for long!" The man fighting Joe leapt back firing another Reppuken at the Thai kick boxer who blocked the attack as he was driven back several feet. Joe dashed forward throwing a dozen punches over the span of a single second literally lifting his attacker up off the ground before he threw a powerful blow that sent the man flying into one of the trees. "C'mon lets go." Joe said frowning at the scorched grass. The place where his best friend's body rested and he couldn't even keep it clean. He took the two soldiers Beni had electrocuted and dragged them off the burned grass.

"Didn't you say we were leaving? You know there are more of them." Beni said looking around for a second assault team.

"Yeah, let's go." Sorry 'bout that bud. Joe turned to Benimaru and together they fled Geese Park for their secret hide away.

On the sixty fifth floor of the tallest tower of South Town a man dressed in a plain black suit stared out through a reinforced window and frowned. The blond Conqueror of South Town wasn't pleased in the least and he let the world know just by darkening his aura and setting the tower trembling at his might.

"We'll get'em boss." Billy Kane lowered his bandana wrapped head waiting for the rage he knew was coming.

"When Billy, when? You've been promising me that we would have them for three years now." Geese didn't even bother turn around as he started strumming his perfectly manicured nails over the mahogany arm of his chair. His perfectly polished black shoes tapped out an angry beat.

"Soon. Rock is scouring the streets as we speak for their location." Billy added still kneeling behind his boss. He was wearing a pair of blue coveralls and with his steel cane resting by his hand.

"I'm growing impatient with this Billy." Billy ventured a dangerous glance upward catching his boss's angry countenance in reflection. He was wearing a lavender pin striped shirt and a dark indigo tie. "They have been a constant annoyance to my rule."

"That's all they are though, an annoyance. That's all they will ever be is an annoyance. Nothing can touch you now that you've read the Scrolls."

"Even without the scrolls those insects were nothing compared to me." Geese grinned and spun around to face him in the huge leather recliner. Billy had always thought it looked like a throne. If it was a throne then Geese was some kind of mad god but Billy had sold his soul long ago when Geese Howard was only a mere devil.

Chapter 2



"There has been a sighting. At Geese Park. It was confirmed as Joe Higashi and Benimaru." Billy's voice came through the phone to Geese's office. "It should be coming through on the feed right now boss."

Geese didn't turn from the window to look at the display. He trusted Billy Kane completely. "Who is investigating this sighting?" Geese responded from his usual spot. He was usually staring out of that window, the same window he'd been thrown out of after his first fight with Terry Bogard six years ago. The same window that he'd thrown Terry Bogard out of three years ago.

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