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The Cruise


I had walked by their table more than was necessary, but I wanted to make sure they were getting the hint. I passed them by one last time and then entered the lounge at the end of the hall and installed myself in a booth in the corner, the darkest spot in the place. The waiter took my drink order and promptly returned with the martini as the lounge was mostly empty at three o'clock in the afternoon. I glanced towards the door and saw them both hovering in the entrance. The man gave her a slight tap on the back as if to give her courage. She timidly made her way to my corner table and hovered for a few moments before placing a small piece of paper on the edge of the table and returning to the man in the doorway. They turned to leave, but not without a parting wink from him. I stared at the scrap of paper, a corner torn from something else, obviously found in haste. I could barely make out the words in the darkness, so I grabbed it and held it closer. "Midnight. Room 520." Perfect.

I left my room on the eleventh floor a few minutes after midnight. It would never do to look so eager. There weren't many people about, just the late night gamblers drunkenly stumbling into the elevators to try and find their beds. I stepped off on the fifth floor and located the correct hallway before checking for a closer elevator. You never know when you might need to make a quick getaway. I was not planning on ending this night early, though. I made my way to 520, nodding at the maid messing with her cart in the hallway. Could she tell that I was nearly bare under my long coat? Probably, but she had most likely seen everything here. You don't put over a thousand people on a cruise ship for a week without expecting some shenanigans. I knocked on the door and the woman answered, still looking shy and dressed only in a bathrobe.

"Please, come in," she said. I looked around but did not see the man I had assumed earlier was her significant other. "He said he'd be back around one." Perfect. We shouldn't have any interruptions for a while, then.

Their cabin was small, almost identical to mine. I knew from experience that within the hour the place would smell strongly of sex and sweat because there were no windows. She gestured for me to sit on the edge of the queen bed as she opened the small fridge under the desk in the corner. "Champagne?" I nodded. She poured two glasses and left the bottle in an ice bucket. Handing a glass to me, she sat on the bed. The mattress barely dipped under her weight. "I'm Hannah, by the way. My fiancé's name is West." Hmm, my first engaged couple. This should be fun.

"Emily," I said. I hoped that was all the conversation she would be looking for. I was right. Hannah gulped the last half of her champagne down and took her robe off. Completely naked and void of any hair below the neck. She was perfectly toned and tanned. She looked as if she had spent the last three days in the Caribbean doing naked sit-ups on the beach. There were no tan lines. Her muscles reminded me of a yoga teacher I had had once, but that's another story. I involuntarily growled in appreciation. Her eyes lit up and she smiled, having gained my approval. I placed my nearly full glass of champagne on the desk, I liked to have a clear head for these sorts of things. I stood in front of her and pushed her back on the bed. She moved up to lean against the pillows and held her knees to her chest. From the looks of it, I was her first. Woman, that is. Probably threesome, as well.

I slowly unbuttoned my long coat and let it slide off my arms and on to the floor. I heard her sharp intake of breath and saw her breasts swell slightly. This was almost too easy. I had worn my favorite underthings and I could tell she liked them. It was a matching set in black and red lace. The balconette bra pushed my breasts up and together providing an ample amount of cleavage while the sheer lace panties gave only a peek with a small keyhole cut-out in the back. I climbed onto the bed and pushed Hannah's legs flat to the mattress. "Be sure to tell me what you like," I told her. She could only nod. I straddled her hips and began to massage her breasts. Once her legs relaxed under me, I knew I had her. I leaned down and gently took her right nipple into my mouth. Her moan was audible this time and she was starting to make me wet. I kissed my way up her neck until I reached her mouth. I took complete control and plundered her depths with my tongue. She squirmed underneath me and I could feel her wet heat beneath mine. I ground myself onto her thigh and used my own leg to apply pressure to her labia. Her moaning intensified and I let up. She groaned and tried to pull me back down to her. I held fast. Slithering down her body, I made my face level with her sex. Her lips were pink and slick. I inhaled her scent. It was glorious. I looked up and saw that she was staring at me, a slightly terrified look in her eyes. "Just lie back and enjoy it," I told her. I gave her my most mischievous grin and dove in.

She tasted amazing, if slightly sweet. I laved my tongue up and down her outer lips while I held her thighs down to hold her in place. I lightly touched the tip of my tongue to her clit before taking the whole thing in my mouth and sucking on it. Her moans mixed with cries for a deity and shouts of my name. I plunged my tongue into her and worked her clit with my finger and thumb. "Oh, fuck. I'm going to come." I thought, you don't have to tell me, I have the evidence right here. I took her clit back into my mouth and plunged two fingers into her and pumped them as fast as I could. "Oh fuck!" She screamed. I hoped that her neighbors were fast asleep already. She came explosively and I greedily lapped every bit of her juice up. I took my time cleaning her with my tongue so she could recover. "That was amazing," she said. I have been told that countless times, but it's always nice to hear.

"Thank you."

"Now it's your turn," said a deep voice from the doorway. It looked like West had joined us whilst we had been otherwise occupied.

"I think I can deal with that," I said, not knowing if I meant being ravished by this couple or taking care of the obvious bulge he was stroking through his trousers. "Why don't you come join us?" I moved to sit next to Hannah against the pillows and began to play with myself while West removed his clothes. I turned to Hannah to see her watching my fingers intently. "Want to have a go?" She nodded. I guided her fingers to my lower lips and directed her to my clit. I laid back and let her go at it. This was obviously her first time touching another woman, so I let her go at it, even if she wasn't doing it exactly how I liked. She slowly inserted one finger and I shivered. Her innocence and tentativeness made it somehow even sexier.

West was now sitting on the edge of the bed slowly stroking his member. "I want your cock inside me," I said matter-of-factly. I heard a slight moan escape his lips. I grabbed Hannah's fingers and sucked them clean of my juices and gestured for her to sit next to me. I guided her fingers to her own sex as West crawled up the bed toward me. He pulled off my panties and stroked my outer lips with with cock before thrusting it inside me. He was big, but not uncomfortably so. I writhed my hips, trying to get him further inside, even though I could feel he was already fully sheathed. I turned to Hannah and pulled her into a deep kiss while her fiancé fucked me senseless. "I want you to sit on my face so I can lick your cunt until you come all over me." Without any hesitation, Hannah straddled my face and settled herself onto my tongue. She was soaking wet from already having come and then playing with herself. Her fiancé's thrusting became more violent at the sight of his betrothed getting eaten out by another woman. Hannah was grinding her pussy into my mouth when she came almost immediately.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," West cried. "I'm going to come. I love watching you eat her pussy and I love fucking your cunt like the whore that you are." Mmmm, I love the sweet nothings. West's dirty language sent me over the edge and I felt myself spiraling into orgasm. My cunt clenched around his erect member, making him spill his seed inside of me. West collapsed on top of me, shaking with his orgasm as Hannah started to get wet again on top of my mouth. I gestured for Hannah to move and she slid off to lay on the bed beside me.

"Darling, why don't you clean your lovely fiancé's come out of me?" I kissed her lightly on the lips before nudging her towards my still throbbing sex. West rolled off of me so Hannah could fuck me with her tongue. I moaned and writhed on the cheap mattress and noticed that West was already getting hard again. Oh, to be young and in love. I came quickly and fiercely as a result of Hannah's ministrations. I knew I had picked the right couple for the night. I rolled on my side to face West and grabbed his now stiff cock, startling him. "Maybe we should do something about this?" I ran my fingers lightly up and down his length and he shivered, but nodded. I slipped down the bed and took his dick in my mouth and bobbing up and down a few times. I stopped for a moment and turned to Hannah. "Go in my coat pocket, the inside one." My favorite velvet trench coat had a rather large inner pocket that was perfect for storing my favorite things. Hannah pulled out a long dildo, about ten inches and bright pink. Her eyes widened in surprise. "I want you to fuck me with it until your fiancé comes on my face." I went back to sucking West's cock until I felt Hannah timidly playing with the dildo at my entrance. She inserted about an inch before I thrust back onto it and sheathed the fake cock inside of me, moaning around West's penis. The vibrations from my lips were nearly enough to send him over the edge. I cupped his balls in my hand and used the other hand to pay attention to the base of his cock as I attempted to get his entire length in my mouth. Hannah was not being shy any longer as she sharply thrust the plastic dick in and out of me and then started using her fingers to pinch my clit. That sent me over the precipice and my shout of surprise, though muffled, allowed West's cock to make it's way deeper into my throat. He grabbed the base and pulled out of my mouth before spurting his come all over my face and breasts.

I used my tongue to clean off what I could reach as I watched Hannah deep throat the dildo now covered in my juices. When I turned back to the bed, West was fast asleep. "Why don't you help me clean up in the shower?" I said. Hannah smiled and set the dildo on the desk before leading me into the tiny stall shower just off the bedroom. We stepped in together but didn't bother pulling the curtain since the shower was so small. Plus, with the curtain open, we could see ourselves in the mirror which, from the look on her face, Hannah found very arousing. I stood under the flow of water and soaped my face and chest, washing West's come off. Hannah helped by massaging the body wash into my breasts, but she got a but distracted as her fingers slithered south and she started playing with my clit. I moaned, quickly rinsed off, and returned the favor. I captured Hannah's mouth with mine and pushed her against the shower wall. She responded by thrusting two fingers into me, nearly causing me to come right then. I was so close to orgasm that I could not concentrate on getting her off, so I withdrew my fingers and started kneading my own breasts. Hannah sank to her knees and sucked my clit into her mouth as her pumping fingers grew faster. I was so close. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tighter into me. She swirled my clit with her tongue and added a third finger. That was it. I came, pretty sure I squirted into her mouth, and then collapsed on the floor of the shower next to her, still shaking. She rinsed her face off, and then stood up, pulling me with her.

"I want you to come back," she said. I gave her a long kiss.

"Oh, I plan on it."

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