The Cruise

byDG Hear©

Agnes left and I continued my drinking. I'd drunk more in the last two days then I usually do in a year. I didn't want to go back to the cabin and staggered out on the deck and slept in a chaise lounge on the deck. I even had a blanket to cover myself when it cooled down.

The ship was heading back toward the docks when I woke up. We would be there in about two hours. I headed back to the cabin and Anna was already up. We hardly said anything to each other than what we needed to do to get our bags ready. There was a knock on the door; it was Agnes. She said they would meet us for breakfast in the main restaurant.

Our bags were ready to go and we set them outside our door. We walked to the dining room and there sat Bill and Agnes. Bill said hi but I couldn't look him in the eye. He smiled at Anna and said good morning and she smiled at him, that didn't help.

I got up and got myself a large plate of food from the breakfast buffet. I sat at our table but didn't say anything. Anna talked with Agnes and Bill a little. I was hoping that Anna might give me some kind of an apology but I guess she figured the arguing was all my fault. No way was I going to apologize to her after the way she reacted. If she would have just put her top back on it would have all been over, but no, she had to show her ass to the world.

When I finished eating I told all of them I'd meet them on the deck. The more I thought, the worse I felt. I was waiting to depart when the three of them showed up. The courtesy bus took us to our motel where we checked in.

Since we weren't talking I wasn't about to start a big argument in the motel but I knew I didn't want to be with Anna, not now. They took their luggage up to their rooms and I paid our bill in advance then I got back on the courtesy bus and asked to be taken to the airport.

I was able to transfer my ticket to a plane leaving in the next hour. I thought about it and knew it was the best thing for me. I didn't have to worry about Anna because I knew Agnes and Bill would see she got home safely. I called her motel room.

"Where the hell are you?" asked Anna. "Bill went down to the lobby and said you weren't there. Get back to the room, we need to talk." She said it like she was ordering me.

"I'm done talking. Actions speak louder than words and you showed me the kind of life you want yesterday. I'm at the airport and flying home in a few minutes. I paid our motel bill and I'm sure your friends will take care of you and see you'll get home. Goodbye Anna."

Before I hung up I heard her say, "Ted, stop, please, we need to talk. Nothing happened..." and I hung up the phone.

On the flight home I had my two drink maximum. When I arrived at the airport I retrieved my car and stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of rum and some beer. When I arrived home there was a message on the answering machine; it was Anna.

"Ted, please call me, we really need to talk. You got this all wrong." My first thought was she was still blaming me. I sat down and poured myself a drink. About an hour later the phone rang again. I heard Anna's voice and went over and pulled the plug on the phone as she was leaving a message.

For those who drink to drown your sorrows, let me tell you it doesn't work. You just feel worse but unable to think correctly. I was figuring I would have to get a lawyer and file for divorce. Since tomorrow was Sunday I would do it first thing Monday morning. I still had a week of vacation left.

I never unpacked my suitcase since I would probably have to leave as soon as Anna got home the next evening. I knew they would be home late since I made the original plans. We were going to enjoy Florida for a day before catching our plane home.

I just didn't want to hear the yelling and screaming knowing it wouldn't solve anything. When she arrived home I decided I'd let her say her piece on how stupid and immature I was and then I would tell her I was applying for a divorce and leave the house.

I needed to get out of the house. Everything reminded me of Anna. I drove around awhile and found a dive bar and went in to have a couple of drinks. I ordered a sandwich and sat at the counter. Their floor show started and I moved over to watch the pole dancers.

Looking at their tits and ass all I could picture was Anna doing the same thing. One topless girl sat next to me and asked if I wanted company. That means they want me to buy them drinks. I said why the hell not and she got her drink. It costs me seven bucks and was probably soda water with lemon.

I watched the dancers but couldn't get my mind off of Anna. I even thought that someday I would stop in here and she would be dancing. I know it was stupid but that's what drinking does to me. I bought my topless companion another drink and she asked me if I wanted a lap dance.

She put her hand on my crotch and began rubbing it. All I could think at the time was what Anna said at the nude beach. She was right; lap dances would be cheating. Her rubbing her pussy against another man's crotch would definitely be cheating. Why did I keep thinking of Anna?

I apologized to the topless dancer and told her I was married, at least for now. I laid down twenty dollars and walked out of the bar. I went back home and slept on the couch.

The following day:

I was as nervous as hell when I woke up. I knew Anna would be home somewhere around nine that evening. I had a whole day to kill before our big argument would ensue. I left the phone unplugged so I wouldn't have to argue with her on the phone. I still had my suitcase packed that I had taken with me on the cruise.

I opened it and took out my dirty clothes and decided to wash them. If I was leaving I might as well have clean clothes. By habit I sorted the clothes in the hamper and washed everything. Every time I picked up a piece of Anna's clothing I brought it to my nose and smell it. I loved her scent.

I even washed her bra and panties. It might have seemed crazy but I smelled her panties. After doing the laundry I sat down and had a couple of beers. I folded all the clothes and put them away. I repacked my suitcase and left it by the door.

If I ended up leaving that night I knew I would have to come back after more things. I thought about the house and if I should ask for it. I decided I would give it to her because everything in it reminded me of her. I needed to keep busy.

I headed outside and cut the lawn and trimmed along the fence line. It was hot so I sat on the porch and drank a couple of more beers. I went and got the hedge trimmers and trimmed all our hedges. I drank more beer. Before I knew it I had drunk the whole twelve pack. That was the same as I usually drank in two weeks.

I was hungry and made myself some bacon and eggs. I liked eating breakfast in the evening. I was out of beer and knew I shouldn't drive so I took out the rum and drank it with some cans of coke. I staggered around the kitchen and cleaned up my mess. I didn't want Anna coming home to a dirty house.

What was I thinking? Damn! I must be fucked up. The air was on but I was still hot. I took a shower and noticed it was only seven o'clock. Anna would be home in a couple of hours and the fighting and arguing would start. I sure wasn't looking forward to that. I was hot and tired and somewhat drunk. I decided to lay across the bed in my briefs and turned on the overhead fan.

I must have gone out like a light. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or awake but it was dark in the bedroom. I could hear the fan going thump, thump, thump as it went around. I thought about Anna and felt my cock getting hard.

It felt like there was a hand around my cock but it wasn't mine. I sort of looked down and saw Anna with her hand around my cock and trying to give me a blow job. I say trying because there were small pieces of tissue stuck all over my hard cock, sort of when a guy cuts himself shaving and sticks tissue on it.

"Anna? What are you doing," I asked.

"I love you Ted and I don't want you to leave me. I saw your suitcase packed by the front door." She had tears in her eyes.

I realized I wasn't dreaming and said, "Ok, but what are you doing with my cock?" I asked.

"I want to prove my love to you and I'll do anything so you won't leave me." She was still crying.

I remembered how she would never give me oral sex since I came in her mouth the one time, but there she was trying.

"I'm trying to give you oral sex but you keep leaking precum and when I try and wipe it off the tissue keeps sticking to it. I'm sorry; I'm just not good at this. I love you so much. Please don't leave me." I couldn't help it but I had to laugh a little when I looked at my tissue covered cock but Anna kept trying.

"I'm sorry what happened at the beach. It was Agnes's idea to show our boobs. I thought it would be funny because Bill always told her he wished he could see my boobs.

"I knew I had you there to protect me so I wasn't worried about getting groped or anything. Then we started arguing and everything got out of hand. I was yelling and we are both too stubborn. Shortly after you left I put my bathing suit back on. I realize that I should have asked you if you were ok with it, after all you are my husband and I wouldn't want you pulling your cock out and showing women."

"Did Agnes tell you she talked to me and said pretty much what you said?" I asked Anna.

"I know part of it was so Bill could see my tits but I really believe she wanted to see your cock. We joked about how hung you were and I think she wanted to see it. After seeing Bill I can understand why. After you left Bill was sitting next to Agnes and she grabbed his cock and he had a premature ejaculation. Agnes couldn't help but laugh. I could see Bill was embarrassed."

"Since I had a nap I'm going to have a hard time going to sleep," I said to Anna.

"So you're not going to leave me?" she had tears running down her face. "If you can't sleep I can think of things we can do. I love you so much."

"I really thought about it but I love you too much and I think we can work through this." She climbed up me and kissed me passionately. She stood up and took off her nightgown being naked underneath.

"I promise you that no man will ever see me naked again, except you."

She pulled off all the pieces of tissue off my cock and lowered her pussy down over it. I rubbed her tits while she rode my cock. I remember saying, "Maybe I'll go see Agnes tomorrow and show her my large cock," I laughed.

"Over my dead body! If my pussy and tits belong to you then your cock belongs to me. No other woman is going to get it." Anna was smiling at me; I had to smile too.

Instead of bouncing up and down she now pushed hard against me rubbing her pussy back and forth; my cock buried balls deep in her. I knew it meant she was about to have an orgasm. I also knew I wasn't far behind.

"I love you Honey, I love you so much, fuck me, fuck me hard. God, I love the feel of you in me. Come for me Baby, come for me. I want to feel you shoot your hot cum in me."

Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. Her pussy pressed down hard squeezing my cock, her hands rubbing my hairy chest. I grabbed her waist and shot my load deep inside her. She kept rubbing her pussy against me. Eventually she leaned forward and kissed me.

After rolling off of me we lay side by side. She looked over at me and said, "I love you with all my heart and soul. With Rob at college all we have is each other. I'll try not to be so stubborn if you try too. I don't want to live my life without you and I was scared to death when I saw your bags packed."

She had tears running down her cheek again. I loved her so much and knew she was sincere. "I'm a jealous man when it comes to you; I can't change that. I guess I'm afraid of losing you but I will never be a cuckold. You are right, we need to talk more to each other and vent our feelings."

"Ted, as I've told you a hundred times, I've never cheated on you and never will. Yes, I like to look my best and receive compliments from people but I have no intention of sleeping with them. You should feel proud that other men would want me or look at me as desirable. Just remember it will only be you that I make love to."

She made so much sense. I was proud of her and other men have told me dozens of times how lucky I was. I almost left her which is something I would have deeply regretted for the rest of my life.

"Anna, what about Bill telling people he saw you naked?"

"Ted, as far as the nudity goes. I won't do it again but it really wasn't that big of a deal. As I told you I felt safe with you there. You saw other women on the beach and unlike Bill your tongue wasn't hanging out. For some reason men want to see women's tits.

"Showing and touching isn't the same and believe me, Bill didn't get near me. I was stupid for taking off my bottoms and wish I hadn't done it, but for what it's worth, I kept my legs together." She smiled at me.

"I doubt Bill will say anything since I saw his small penis and him ejaculating in his wife's hand. I don't think he would like that shared with his fellow workers and I told him I would if he said anything about me."

Our talking was making me hard again and Anna noticed. She reached over and squeezed my hard cock and smiled. "Honey, I'll do anything for you except suck it. I tried that again because I would do anything not to lose you, but I don't like doing it."

I laughed. I knew she was serious but it just hit me as funny. "Honey, you give the worst blowjobs ever and I'm not much on having tissue stuck to my cock." She laughed a little also.

I had her turn over on her back and took her in the missionary position. I loved watching her facial reactions as I fucked her. When I saw she was about to have an orgasm I asked her if she was thinking of Bill."

"Oh shut up and fuck me, you asshole." We both got a chuckle out of it and I shot my load into her pussy."

Life goes on:

The next day we talked some more and she said how nice our yard looked and noticed I did the laundry. "Why would you do that if you were thinking of leaving me?"

"I had to keep busy and I don't like you using the hedge trimmers." I replied.

We took our suitcases in the bedroom and emptied them. She had her two piece swimsuit and I asked to see them.

"Wherever for?" she said as I took them from her and brought them up to my nose and took a whiff.

"I love your scent," I said. She laughed and called me weird.

The rest of the week we made good use of our vacation. We went to the amusement park and acted like a couple of teenagers in love. It was the first time in a long time that we made love or had sex every day for a week straight. She wouldn't deny me.

She dressed sexy when we went out and got a lot of looks. I was fine as long as I was with her. On Friday we called Bob and Sue and told them we were going out for dinner and maybe do a little dancing. They said they would love to go.

We met them at the Red Lobster and headed to the lounge and ordered drinks. Anna had on a low cut black dress that was also quite short. Sue was dressed similar and looked good also. They must have talked about what they were going to wear.

I danced a couple of dances with Anna and held her close. Bob asked her to dance and I danced with Sue. I looked over at them and Bob was talking to her. She later told me he kept telling her how nice she looked. He tried to pull her closer but she told him to ask me if it was alright. It was enough to stop any advances.

He had a good looking woman in Sue and as I danced with her I told her so. She smiled and told me she knows Bob had cheated on her in the past and was wondering whether to tell him she found out. The next time he cheated she told me they would be in divorce court. I told her if she really loved him and wanted to work it out to make sure she told him what she knew. She thanked me and told me Anna was a lucky woman.

Sue asked Bob to dance the next slow number. By his actions I could see she broke the news to him on the dance floor. After they came back Bob said he wasn't feeling good and they were going to leave. As he went to pay his tab Sue thanked me and said they were going home to talk.

After she left Anna asked me what that was all about. We don't keep things from each other anymore and I told her about my conversation with Sue. She said that she hoped it would work out for them. After all they were our friends.

I ordered us a drink and as we were talking a large, good looking but arrogant man came over and asked if I would mind if my beautiful wife danced with him. I looked over at Anna who was trying to look innocent and then back at the man.

"By any chance is your name George?" I asked.

He smiled an arrogant smile and said, "Yes it is. What difference does that make." He was staring at Anna and to me he seemed so arrogant.

I thought back to when we were going out to this same restaurant and I had that nightmare while dozing off in the chair. I looked up at him and said, "Get the fuck away from my table and if I see you as much as look at my wife I'll smash your face in!"

The man left quickly and told me I was a mad man. I looked over at Anna and she was laughing. "I love you," she said.

From that day on we talked to each other about our feelings and ideas. We still don't agree on everything but are always able to work things out.

Bob and Sue stayed together after their talk. Sue told Anna that she had him on a short leash.

We got a call from Agnes asking us if we wanted to go on another cruise the following summer. They had convinced some of their friends to go. We declined.

Our marriage might not be perfect but we are trying.


Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear.

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by Anonymous04/17/18

What a stupid statement!


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by Anonymous04/15/18

Wife was wrong

First off, yes he has some insecurities. We all do. The wife knew he would not be keen on her taking off her clothes. He said so and she did it anyway and then upped the ante. Spouses shouldn't domore...

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by DeKre07/25/17

So what?

I don't think I will ever understand the american hang-up on nudity. What hypocrites!

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by Justgr807/24/17


Not your best work......

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by Anonymous06/22/17

she has the cheeks to not to listen to him, his husband

he has to cut those damn cheeks through divorce, then she will be free to show her self to any one as she please.

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