tagLoving WivesThe Cruise

The Cruise

byken philips©

(slut wife, group sex, pissing, lesbian, animals)

All characters in this story are entirely fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead.

We had been talking about doing something daring for ages. Having been married for 12 years with two children, and both knocking 40, if we were ever to experiment, now was the time.

Anyway, after talking about it, and having countless wonderful steamy sex sessions thinking about it (which I usually started), it was my wife Leanne who did the deed. She hopped on the 'net, surfed around swinger sites and found something she thought would fit the bill.

She booked us on a "nude cruise" in the Mediterranean for five days. Over several email enquiries she established that:

  • There would be about 6-8 couples – no single males, but perhaps an extra lady or two;

  • There was a crew of 4 staff, including one girl, who once we got out to sea also stripped nude, and were all available to participate in any activities;

  • People could do what they liked on the cruise – no restrictions; and

  • A clearance to film the goings-on also usually was obtained from all couples.

The ship appeared to be in excellent order from the net photo sets, being a large clipper. The price was a little high, but fair given the circumstances, and the next available cruise fitted within school recess. Leanne booked us in – 5 weeks to wait. The time went quickly till the day we were due to leave, what with work, the kids' school, and general suburban lifestyle crush. Before we knew it, we were on the plane with our lightly packed bags heading for the rendezvous point in southern Italy.

We were advised the week before of the final makeup for our cruise. There was to be four regular couples, a lesbian couple, two extra girls plus the crew of four. That made it 7 guys, including crew, to service 9 girls – sounded a pretty good deal to me, and Leanne wasn't complaining either as she always secretly harboured desires to try girlie sex. We were the second oldest couple (one couple was just over 40), with the others all aged in their late 20s & 30s.

Everyone had sent in recent photos as asked, and we all had been supplied copies. I must say everyone looked nice, especially the lesbian couple, Jennifer & Meredith, who were in their late 20s and definitely of the "glamour" rather than "butch" variety. The two single girls (Vicki & Lindsay) were also great – Lindsay had large boobs on a well proportioned athletic body with bottle blond hair to match; Vicki was small and petite – a size 8 I guessed from the photo. Leanne, I should add, does not look too bad herself, with size 34b boobs with very responsive nipples on top of a perfect round bottom and pussy that comes like a gusher when she is turned on.

The first couple of hours were tame as we packed the cruiser, set up our cabins, and cruised out to sea. After about two hours virtual constant work setting up, the cook Hannah (a stunning 34c brunette with gorgeous round bottom) popped around stark naked to invite us for cocktails, suggesting we dress similar to her. Fair enough!

We all followed suit. Bottles of Moet were cracked open, and the cruise began to take its anticipated shape. We all still were a little nervous, though, so although everyone was very complimentary to another and some cocks were rising, the action had not really started. The captain suggested we all sit down for our first dinner together, while the clipper cruised a gentle pace up the Greek coast. The crew got to work.

Hannah's reason for being on the boat soon became evident. She came back out, and lay on the dinner table. The food was placed upon her torso, tits and legs. A banana was then gently pushed into her cunt, and a small carrot inserted up her arse – in front of us. We ate the scrumptious food off of her, and washed it down with the Moet. Soon everyone was relaxing more, and Hannah sure put on a good show. As the food went down, she started masturbating herself with the banana and carrot.

She then turned to my wife, Leanne, and one of the single girls, Lindsay, sitting beside her. Both were getting quite horny at Hannah's wanton display. I could tell Leanne was wet and glistening in her pussy, while Lindsay had already started furiously fingering her naked, shaved cunt. Hannah turned and faced both of them standing on the table while we watched. She pulled her cunt lips open wide and started doing this enormous piss all over my wife and Lindsay's faces and tits. Leanne and Lindsay quickly got in closer and started drinking the warm flow, and rubbing down their naked bodies.

Leanne has always loved being pissed on, and drinking the golden shower.

That was the signal. With the amount of champagne and beer being drank, we all took the cue and a big piss party you ever saw took off. There we were. Sixteen of us including the crew completely nude all pissing on another, and drinking each other's golden flow. It was truly debauched, and wonderful to be part of.

From there we soon partnered off, with the couples all separately so that the wives could have the pleasure of the other cocks available. Jennifer & Meredith, it soon became clear, also were quite happy to not only lick our wives' cunts out and suck and bite their titties, but they also were not against having a big cock shoved inside the hot, wet cunts, or up their arses even.

I got into an excellent session with my wife Leanne, Jennifer and another couple. While I had the great pleasure of pumping my 7 inch cock into my wife's arse, she fingered her own cunt which was gushing with cum and licked out Jennifer. Jennifer in turn was licking and fingering out the other girl, Robyn, who herself sucked off her husband's cock.

And so the cruise proceeded.

On day three, I woke up to go out to the main area to find my wife Leanne already sandwiched between two guys (one in her cunt and one up her arse) while sucking off a third and wanking two more. That's right, she was being gang-banged by the guys, while the wives and other girls watched and finger fucked themselves in awe at the show. It was a great sight when the guy in her mouth and the two she was wanking all came at once over her tits and in her mouth.

Later that day the cruise hit its peak for me when we pulled into an alcove on an island. There was a large compound on the island, which the crew guys advised us belonged to the firm and where we would stay the night. We wouldn't need any clothes, and could roam the compound and island in the nude as we had done on the boat.

One unusual thing was, they told us, no toilets. You just shit and pissed wherever you were, or if the people around you were amenable, on them. I had never stayed at a place like that before!

Hannah, however, announced we would be playing a special game where two girls (remember there were 9 girls to the 7 guys) would be drawn as "lucky winners" for a special treat, leaving a nicely matched 7 with 7. Hannah and the boys didn't specify what the treat was, so we were very curious.

Leanne was one of the winners with Lindsay, which was great as they had got on quite well. We wondered what was in store for them.

After we had set up in the compound, with everyone helping the crew unload the food and drinks, we settled down to a wonderful Beef Wellington dinner preceded by oysters, and accompanied by some great Aussie wines. At dinner, Hannah indicated we would all adjourn outside through the back kitchen door for the "treat".

When we got outside, there was this large cage – about 8 metres X 8 metres, with a gate on it. Hannah announced that Leanne and Lindsay would stay in there outside in the nude, while the rest of us went off for the night for a well matched up orgy.

The orgy was fabulous. I had the wonderful pleasure of fucking three different girls, including Hannah & Meredith. I also participated in some great pissy games, given the no toilet situation. As a special entertainment, two of the crew boys did big shits on Hannah – she actually ate some of the stuff and rubbed it all over her body. I must say I had never seen shit sex before. It was quite erotic. After shitting on her, the boys washed her off not in the shower, but – you guessed it – by pissing all over her.

I thought of Leanne and Lindsay a fair bit though, as they no doubt would have been able to hear us. When I looked out the upstairs window, I could see them cuddled up together (the night was cool, but not cold) snuggling and having a good, solid girlie sex session. They seemed okay.

After the orgy though, the crew told us we were all going back out to Leanne & Lindsay who were going to give us some special entertainment inside the cage. We all headed out, although I noticed a couple of the crew boys missing.

Anyway, Hannah gathered us all round the cage. Next thing, Rodney (from the crew) brought around this large black mastiff dog and put it in the cage with my wife and Lindsay. The girls were then told – the only way you get out of the cage is to fuck and suck the dog!

My wife looked very unsure about this. Lindsay, though, gave the impression she had some idea what to do – maybe she had done it before?

She told Leanne to take the dog by the collar and bring him over to her. She had noticed a large tray with peanut butter in it, which she smeared on the outside of her cunt. She then leaned against the cage, and lifted her leg high exposing her cunt to the dog. He started licking. Lindsay was soon in a deep orgasm as the dog's rough tongue explored her wet cunt.

Lindsay told Leanne to look underneath as the dog's cock should now be coming out of its sheath, and if it was to give it a wank and a suck. She said it would taste quite nice and sweet; she also warned Leanne that the dog's cock would be quite large and thick. She wasn't kidding.

As the dog continued licking out Lindsay, my wife Leanne started wanking at first, and then nervously at first, sucking off the dog's cock which rapidly grew. She soon got very turned on, too.

Lindsay said to her: "Do you wanna go first? I can guide the dog's cock into your cunt, and make sure you don't get knotted."

"What's that?" Leanne replied.

"See that big base. The dog jams that into your cunt, and then turns around to lock you in so that he can cum inside you."

"Oh! Does it hurt?"

"It sure can, if you have never done it before," replied Lindsay.

Outside the rest of us were in awe of the "show", and were coming around for a second session as we watched. I was just standing there wanking myself, when Meredith & Jennifer (the lesbian couple) joined me. Jennifer attached herself to my cock as we all watched.

Lindsay got Leanne to arch herself face up with her legs wide. She then turned the dog around, facing away from Leanne, grabbed his huge member and slowly started to guide into my wife's sopping, wet cunt. Lindsay told Leanne to grab the cock at the knot, and started working it in and out to suit herself. Leanne did as instructed.

She fucked the dog in that position for a good, solid four or five minutes. While she did that, Lindsay came around the front to allow the dog to continue to lick her cunt.

Eventually, the dog came in a torrent of cum inside my wife's cunt. As the dog came, Leanne pulled the big dog cock out of cunt to show everyone the doggie cum gushing all over her belly and tits.

That meant Leanne could get out of the cage. But what about Lindsay? The dog had cum, and would not be up again for quite awhile.

Rodney had the answer. He produced a goat. "Fuck this, and you're out".

To our amazement, Lindsay who was still raging hot and desperate for a fuck obliged. She got Leanne to help her settle the goat in a good standing position, and tied him off to the side of the cage so he wouldn't move too much.

They then started to masturbate the goat's cock, and give it long tongue licks. The goat's cock was quite long, but fairly thin (no thicker than a man's).

Once fully extended, Lindsay brought herself around the side and bent over. Leanne then guided the goat's cock slowly, and as gently as possible, into Lindsay's wet cunt from behind. She fucked the animal for quite some time, and when it came there was a huge gush of cum back out of Lindsay's cunt.

It was quite a show.

By the time we left the compound late the next day – all of the girls (that's right, every one of them) had fucked the big black mastiff dog. They got so turned on watching Leanne & Lindsay they all wanted a go. It was wonderful to watch.

Rodney & Hannah told us they do this treat on every cruise, and every time all the wives and girlfriends want to fuck the dog once they have seen the '"show".

We truly had a wonderfully debauched holiday. Five days completely naked, engaged in wanton sex of all types. It is such a wonderful experience to watch your partner being fucked and sucked and licked and pissed on and all manner of the dirty, sexy things in front of your eyes. I lost count of the number of times I came out of the bar to find my wife smiling, completely naked, except for the cum and piss dripping off her body and out of her cunt.

It was a great holiday, and now we are wondering what we can do to top this!

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