tagBDSMThe Cruise Ch. 03

The Cruise Ch. 03


Light shines through the window, and my eyes slowly open. I yawn, stretch, and smile at the memories of the last two days. It's been difficult, but very rewarding to serve Mistress and cater to her every whim. With her now on my mind, I roll over and expect to gaze upon her wonderful sleeping body, awaiting its morning worship. Instead, I see nothing.

I panic, and scramble out of bed. Did I forget something, is this some kind of punishment? I peek into the bathroom, but Mistress is nowhere to be found. I'm growing increasingly concerned, and don't really know what to do. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spot a note on the dresser, clearly written in her handwriting.

"Slave," it begins. "I'm stepping out for a bit. Be a good boy and wash up. When you're done, I want you kneeling in the corner blindfolded and naked awaiting my return."

A wave of relief washing over me, I quickly do as she asks and take a quick shower. I dry off, somewhat saddened that Mistress wasn't there to shower with me, and don the blindfold in the corner. The room is surprisingly chilled, to the point where I wonder if Mistress lowered the temperature on purpose. Regardless, I have to do what she says, so I remain in the corner, shivering.

After quite some time has passed, I hear the familiar noise of the key card sliding into the door. My ears perk up and I grow excited as I hear the door swing open. A single pair of footsteps enters, and the door closes behind them.

"Good morning, Mistress," I say, obediently.

"Your Mistress is currently resting in my room" a gruff masculine voice replies.

I spend a few moments in shock, before I remember its owner, Jim. I tense up.

"She was feeling a bit neglected this morning, and decided to pay a real man a visit," he continued. "We had quite a bit of fun together while you lazily slept, and now she's taking a break. In the meantime, she's given me permission to punish you in her stead. I'm told that you are to obey me unconditionally, and she'll be checking up on us later, so do not disappoint."

I can barely control my emotions at this point. How could I have neglected my morning duties? What punishments does Mistress have in store for me? What is Jim going to do to me?

My thoughts are interrupted as Jim grabs me by the chin and runs his rough hand down my body. He grabs my cock, still in its cage, and laughs.

"I can see why your Mistress was left unsatisfied. This tiny cock is truly pathetic," he says, a hint of sadism in his voice.

He then reaches back up to my face, and yanks off the blindfold. I'm face to face with his massive cock, which appears to already be growing hard, perhaps in anticipation. He clearly hasn't showered, I can still smell Mistress' scent on it, and it honestly makes me jealous.

Jim, clearly aware of how I must be feeling, begins to rub his cock on my face. It's still moist, presumably from a mix of his and Mistress' cum from earlier. Despite how much this humiliates me, my cock begins to stir in its cage as Jim covers my face in the aftermath of his morning's activities.

He grabs my chin again, and opens my mouth wide. I comply, not wanting him to report any insolence to Mistress later. Jim then rests the head of his cock on my tongue, and issues a single command.

"Lick me clean, slave."

Still on my knees, I begin to run my tongue around the head of his meaty cock. The taste of Mistress is as intoxicating as ever, almost enough-so to keep me from thinking about what I'm actually doing here. Jim appears to be enjoying my tongue, and his dick begins to harden. I wrap my lips around it, and bob my head back and forth. As his moist cock slides deeper into my mouth, he gets more excited, and grabs the back of my head.

"I went easy on you last time," Jim starts. "I was very clearly instructed not to for this session. I'm going to treat you to a thorough facefucking. Let's see just how well you can handle it, slave."

Before I can reply, Jim thrusts powerfully. His massive cock, now quite hard, rams down my throat. I can barely handle the girth, and can no longer breath. I gag audibly, and drool spills down my chin. My nose presses against Jim's muscular pelvis, and his large hairy balls slap my chin. I look up at Jim, and he smiles down at me, clearly enjoying this.

He holds me in this position for a while, until I begin to struggle due to a lack of air. He releases me, and I gasp and choke. Before I can catch my breath, he thrusts again, this time faster than before. Instead of holding me in place this time, he begins to fuck my throat.

Each thrust is faster and stronger than the last. I choke and gag with each one, and my face is a mess of drool and pre-cum. Tears stream down my cheeks, and I struggle to breath. To add to the humiliation, Jim's large balls slap my chin audibly each time. In spite of all this, I'm surprisingly turned on, and my small caged cock drips and aches, as if to remind me of my place.

Without warning, Jim pulls his cock out of my aching mouth and forces me to the ground on my back. I relish the opportunity to breath again, although it's short-lived. Jim stands above me, his muscular body towering over me as his thick hard cock drips onto my face.

"You're not a bad cocksucker, slave," Jim states, slightly out of breath himself. "Your Mistress' pussy is obviously better, but still, I can't complain. However, she wanted me to make sure you really learn how to please a man thoroughly as part of your punishment, so we have more work to do."

Jim then begins to squat. I squirm as his powerful body, glistening with sweat, lowers down towards me. His balls rest squarely on my mouth, and my nose slides between his hairy ass cheeks. The smell is musty and masculine, and unlike Mistress' scent, entirely unenjoyable. I gag and cough, much to Jim's amusement.

"Sorry, I know I'm not your Mistress, and to be honest I haven't showered in the last day or so," he says. "I'm sure you'll take care of that for me. Breathe deep, and start cleaning my balls and taint."

I do as he says, reluctantly, and take a deep breath of his ass. My eyes water, and I stick my tongue out and begin following his orders. While I lick his balls, Jim begins fiddling with my tiny caged cock, laughing between grunts and moans of satisfaction. As if betraying me, my cock aches more than ever before, making me question how I really feel about this scenario.

Jim then slides forward, resting his ass squarely on my face. The experience is quite unlike being underneath Mistress. He's not soft, comforting, and smooth. His ass is firm, muscular, and hairy. I begin to lick, his hair growing matted with the moisture.

He moans as my tongue swirls closer and closer to his asshole, and he presses himself hard against my face. Being the well-trained slave that I am, I know this is my cue to begin licking his asshole, and I do so. I push my tongue deep inside him, cringing at the salty taste and smell. Jim grunts in approval, and I begin to push my tongue in and out of his asshole.

Jim rocks back and forth, clearly enjoying this greatly. He moves harder and faster, and my face grows damp with a mix of his sweat and my saliva. Suddenly, the door clicks, and I hear Mistress enter. This does not stop Jim from fucking my face with his ass, however.

"Hello, Jim. It seems you're having quite a bit of fun with my toy," Mistress begins. "I'm glad he's being of use. Has he behaved?"

"Well," Jim begins. "He's not the worst slave in the world. He did gag on my cock and the smell of my ass, though, which I find highly disrespectful and unbecoming of someone in his position."

Mistress pauses, clearly disappointed, and nods. "I guess further training is necessary."

Jim rises up off of my glistening face, and I heave a sigh of relief. He and Mistress tower over me, looking disappointed, to say the least. To make matters worse, I must look terrible, covered in sweat and tears. I can still taste Jim's cock and ass, to add to my humiliation.

Mistress steps over me, and starts digging through her belongings. She returns shortly after, with a handful of bindings. She then nods to Jim, who roughly grabs me and tosses me over a nearby chair. It's cold and uncomfortable, and I shudder at the thought of what must be coming next. Mistress grabs my hands and forces them behind my back, and binds them together tightly. She then binds each leg individually to the leg of the chair. Lastly, she takes the final binding and ties one end to the collar around my neck, and another to the chair. I'm able to tilt my head up and down, but aside from that, I am completely prevented from moving.

"Mistress," I start to say. "I'm so sorry."

She grabs my mouth in response. "Silence, slave. You've failed me today. You did not wake up in time to perform your morning duties, and you performed poorly for Jim, which represents me in a bad light. You are going to continue to be punished, and you will bear it in silence. Let this be a lesson for you, so that you better serve me for the duration of our trip."

Mistress then walks behind me, and slaps my ass cheek. It stings, and I cry out. This does not stop her, and she slaps the opposite cheek harder. She then continues, alternating back and forth. Each slap is more painful than the last, and my ass grows more and more raw. Just when I think I can't take any more, she finally stops. Tears are streaming down my face, and I open my mouth to thank her, but quickly stop, remembering her instructions.

Mistress then circles back around to the front, and grabs me by the chin and forces me to look up at her majestic body. She holds me in that position briefly, before forcefully releasing me and walking off. She returns a few minutes later, wearing the strap-on harness from last night.

"You're going to learn to be a better cock-sucker, slave. You will not embarrass me again," she says.

I open wide, and accept her large cock into my mouth. She's utterly merciless, and slides it all the way in immediately with significant force. She lifts her large stomach, so that it rests on top of my head. My face is pressed between her thighs, and I'm enveloped in her, with her massive strap-on resting in my throat.

"Do not make a sound. If you so much as start to gag, Jim will spank your raw ass until you stop," Mistress commands.

I struggle, but remain silent. Every ounce of my being wants to remove the cock from my throat, but I cannot refuse a command from Mistress. Before long, she slides out, and I catch my breath. She quickly slides back in, and we repeat this process for a few minutes until Mistress' is satisfied.

"Good," she says, and she nods to Jim.

I feel my ass cheeks part, and a familiar cool liquid is spread around my asshole. It's actually somewhat of a relief, given how sore it still is from last night. That relief, however, is short-lived, as Jim begins to slide his massive throbbing cock into me.

"Mistress," I choke out. "I've never taken a man before, I'm not ready!"

"Slave, I told you to take your punishment in silence. Part of being my slave involves pleasing me and my partners. This is something you need to understand," she replies.

I nod silently, and accept my role in this arrangement. My sore asshole, on the other hand, is less willing. It aches as Jim slowly pushes his way in, and feels like it can barely take any more. Just when I think I'm about to be torn in two, Jim grunts, and his cock slides all the way into me. The feeling of fullness is strangely enjoyable, in spite of the pain.

With Jim now ready, Mistress pushes her strap-on back into my mouth, and begins to slowly slide it in and out of me. At the same time, Jim begins to tenderly fuck my ass. The contrast between the cool silicon strap-on and the hot hard cock is incredibly unique, and not something I'd ever imagined. My cock seems to agree, and has begun dripping pre-cum onto the floor beneath the chair.

The scene probably would look incredible to any bystander. I'm bound to a chair, my face buried in the large soft crotch of Mistress with my mouth wrapped around her strap-on, and a large muscular man stands behind me, slowly fucking my ass. I can't decide if I should feel humiliation or pleasure, or perhaps both. Regardless, I have no say in the matter, so I decide to focus on the task at hand, making sure Mistress and Jim are enjoying themselves and using my body to do so.

Jim begins to thrust harder and harder, clearly excited by the event. I can feel his cock throb deep inside of me, and with each thrust his balls slap mine, causing my chastity cage's padlock to clink rhythmically. Mistress matches his pace, her strap-on thrusting deep into my throat whenever Jim goes deep into my ass. As instructed, I force myself to keep my mouth wide open and do not gag.

After a few minutes of this, something within me finally clicks. Something about my role as a slave really starts to make sense to me. My body relaxes, and welcomes being used for Jim and Mistress' mutual pleasure. This is truly who I am, it's my role, and they deserve to use me how they please. This makes me surprisingly happy and satisfied. Waves of pleasure wash over me, and I get lost in the rhythmic thrusting from both ends.

As if following my body's cue, Jim begins to really have his way with my ass. I feel it ache, but the pain feels almost distant, washed away by pleasure and acceptance. Mistress' strap-on thrusts deeper as well, and sends saliva flying out of my mouth with each thrust. I take it without complaint, hoping to make her proud. Soon, Jim's thrusting reaches a climax, and I feel his cock twitch as its forced as deep as possible into my tight aching asshole. I'm suddenly filled with warmth as he cums inside of me, moaning and shaking.

Jim and Mistress both pull out of me simultaneously, and Jim walks around to the front of my face. Smiling, he places his cock in my mouth, and I begin to dutifully clean it. It tastes of cum and my ass, but for whatever reason, I no longer mind. I happily and eagerly lap it up, and suck on his cock to tease the last bit of cum out of the head before swallowing. He pats me affectionately, gets dressed, and exits the room.

Mistress undoes my binds, and escorts me over to the bed, my legs trembling. She lies down with me, and holds my face tightly against her ample bosom.

"You did well, slave," she says. "I know these punishments can be tough, but they're an important part of your training. You've redeemed yourself in my eyes this morning, and have done your Mistress proud."

I smile, sleepily.

"This trip is far from over, and you have a great deal to learn and experience yet, but for now, you should get some rest."

Mistress holds me close, and I drift off to blissful sleep.

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