tagBDSMThe Cruise Ch. 06

The Cruise Ch. 06


After my defeat in the scavenger hunt, Mistress slowly gets up from the couch, a devious grin on her face.

"Be careful, slave. It almost seems to me like you want to be punished," she begins. "My punishments are not something you will enjoy."

I gulp, and nod. "Yes, Mistress, I understand."

"Good," she replies, while staring down at me.

Mistress grabs onto the leash still attached to the collar around my neck, and begins to drag me away from the couch. I feel like every guest at the party is watching me in anticipation, as we make our way to a platform in the center of the room. I must look ridiculous, cum still smeared on my face and ass, and I reek of the bodily fluids and scents of numerous guests at this point. I blush, and my face goes hot.

All of the color drains out of my face, however, as we reach the absurd contraption in the center of the room. On one end is what appears to be a standard queening box. It includes a nice leather seat, and next to it on a small table is a bowl with the bottom cut out. A few feet from the box, just above the edge of the platform, is a pair of bindings chained to the ceiling. Next to the contraption is a simple sign which reads: "Slave: Free for any and all use."

Without a word, Mistress forces me onto the platform. Two other guests assist her, and they slide my head into the queening box, locking it in place while pushing my face through the hole in the top. I feel my legs lift into the air as the bindings are locked around my ankles. My legs are left nearly completely vertically, and my ass is spread and exposed over the edge of the platform for easy access. Mistress stands over the queening box, her majestic visage blocking most of the light.

"You'll be here for the rest of the night, slave," she begins. "Anyone in the party is free to use you for any purpose they desire. You will do whatever they wish, and you will do so without complaint."

"Yes, Mistress," I reply, my voice shaking.

Laughing, she walks away, and announces my availability to the entire party. I hear laughter and the sound of guests clamoring around the platform. Suddenly, I feel a sharp sting on my swollen and aching balls. I cry out, but my mystery assailant takes no heed, and what is clearly a crop makes contact once again. My eyes well up in tears as the guests clap and cheer. Another hit connects with my balls, and the chains rattle as I try to contort my legs to protect my tender exposed balls.

My assailant laughs, most likely at my feeble attempt to protect myself, and hits my balls once again. Fiery hot pain courses through them, and my vision begins to go white. My toes curl and writhe in pain as the assault continues, each hit more painful than the last. Finally, after seemingly an eternity, the punishment thankfully stops. I pant and sweat, and my vision slowly returns to normal. My balls feel like they've doubled in size, and even slight movement on my part makes them ache. I slowly relax my legs, hoping the worst of this is over.

Unfortunately for me, it's just begun. The same crop used on my balls suddenly hits the tender place between my thighs and ass, adding to the already intense pain in the area. I start to cry out, when my mouth is suddenly muffled. A large hairy man has lowered himself onto the queening chair, his sweaty ass enveloping my face. I can feel him grip his cock as he begins to rub his ass back and forth on my nose. The thwacks to my thighs continue, and I cry out into the man's ass.

I stick out my tongue, and begin licking the unknown ass on my face, not wanting to invite any further punishment. It's hard to focus with the intense pain coming from my thighs and balls, but I know I can't fail Mistress any more. I feel the man laugh as my tongue connects with his asshole, and he suddenly clenches. What follows is both terrifying and humiliating. Earlier this evening, two party goers had relieved themselves of some pent up gas on my face, most likely unintentionally. This man however, clearly shows intent. A familiar rippling nose escapes his hole, and hot air hits my face. The stench is so foul that it actually somewhat mutes the pain coming from my lower body.

Some of the party-goers laugh hysterically, as does the man on top of me. I'm humiliated nearly to the point of tears, and can barely take any more of this. My eyes well up, and each breath is thick and unpleasant. In spite of this, I keep licking until the man is satisfied. He gives my face one more wipe with his ass and balls, before climbing off of me and stepping off the platform. I gasp at the fresh air, thankful to be able to breathe again. The assault on my ass seems to have stopped for the moment too, and I take some time to recover.

Before long, I feel two hands spread my cheeks, as a hot thick cock slides its way into my ass. Fortunately for me, I've been considerably loosened up over the course of the evening, and the entry isn't too painful. I take a deep breath as the cock slides in, and its own begins to fuck me like a piece of meat. I moan in pleasure in spite of myself, growing to enjoy the feeling of a warm cock deep inside of me. My enjoyment is short-live however, as the man fucking be grabs my tender balls tightly and squeezes.

"You are not supposed to be enjoying this," the gruff voice says.

The grip around my balls tightens, and any hint of pleasure leaves my mind. The chains binding my legs rattle, and the man pushes his cock deeper into my ass with each thrust. I suddenly realize just how right Mistress was, as she always is, about her punishments. I should not have wanted this, and now I have to learn my lesson.

While I'm being fucked, a few guests walk over to the queening chair and spit on my face. Some poor the dregs of their drinks on me, and others the scraps and leftovers of their various foods. I feel like a disgusting object that only exists for their amusement. Before long, I feel the man fucking me tense up, and my ravaged ass grows warm with his cum. He unceremoniously pulls out, and I can feel cum dripping out of me. Mere moments later, another cock enters my ass, and a new powerful hand grabs my balls. I'm literally just being passed around, my ass being used like some sort of communal fleshlight.

Mistress learns over the queening box, and looks down at me.

"Look at you, my disgusting slave. The people of this party consider you to be nothing more than an object for their amusement," she says. "Do you know why this is?"

"I do not, Mistress," I reply between pants.

"It's because it's true, that is exactly what you are now," she replies, a flat tone in her voice.

My face goes cold with the realization that Mistress is entirely correct. I am nothing more than an object for their amusement, and this is what she has been training me for. If I can embrace it, I'll become the perfect slave for her. Meanwhile, the man fucking me cums in my ass, and another slides right in behind him. Mistress smiles, likely reading the expression on my face, and steps away from the box again. I soon hear her moaning in pleasure, likely enjoying herself while watching me get used.

Before long, an extremely large woman sits down on the chair, her warm fat pussy pressing up against my face. I begin to lick without any word from her, my nose and tongue both buried deep in her. I can feel her making out with someone while sitting on me, using me as a foreplay prop to enhance her experience. Part of me feels jealous, but a newly-awakened part of me is just glad that someone has a use for me. She rubs her fat wet pussy up and down my face as her and her current lover grow more excited.

Suddenly, she bends over, her rolls of fat covering much of my face. The man she was kissing earlier enters her from behind, and starts fucking her. Meanwhile, the person using my ass pulls out. I can feel the cum from everyone who's fucked me sitting inside of me, and it makes me feel filthy and used. The couple on top of me continues to go at it, treating me like an old dirty couch that nobody minds a few stains on. Both of them cum after a few minutes, and the woman sits back on my face, presumably expecting me to clean her out, like a bidet. I comply, sucking out the sweet and salty mess from her pussy, swallowing every last drop before proceeding to lick her clean. She rolls off my face, and walks away without a word.

I'm left alone for a few minutes, bound and leaking copious amounts of cum out of my gaping and aching asshole. The party must be reaching new heights of decadence, as I hear the sounds of numerous people engaged in various pleasurable activities around me. I'm admittedly somewhat jealous, being unable to see or experience any of it, but I suspect this is part of the intent of my punishment.

Before long, a hand grabs the bowl on the table next to my face, and places it around my head. It's set up such that my mouth is lined up with the bottom, and a cushion of sorts is inserted below the bowl and around my neck, sealing any gaps. My eyes dart around, somewhat confused. A hear a number of footsteps surrounding me, and suddenly a woman squats over me.

"Why don't you test the seal on the bowl?" I hear one man ask, as the woman above me giggles.

Suddenly, she spreads her pussy lips and begins to piss onto my forehead, deliberately missing my mouth. I'm briefly humiliated, but suddenly grow more afraid as I realize what's going on. Her piss is filling the bowl. I open my mouth wide, and begin to gulp down as much as I can before the bowl can fill. Fortunately, it's just one person, so this isn't too much to handle. The woman nods, laughs, and steps away once she's done.

Almost immediately, six separate cocks enter my vision, each quite hard and dripping with sweat and pussy juices. Most are twitching already, on the verge of cumming. The men begin to jerk themselves off, and I can do nothing but watch as their hands slide back and forth, and their balls wave above me. Before long, the men grunt, groan, and begin to cum. Semen drips, shoots, and splatters all over the bowl and my face. Before long, I'm drenched, and more cum is sliding down the walls of the bowl onto my face. I have no choice but to swallow as much as I can, acting essentially as the toilet in the restroom of a porno theater.

I gag and gasp as I do my best. Before long, more cocks appear above me, and the same ritual is performed again. Another man enters my ass and begins to have his way with it, making matters even worse for me. My face is just a sticky white mess at this point, and I can barely open my eyes without cum sliding into them as well. I do my best to keep swallowing as much as I can, but I feel like I'm falling behind. I begin to choke on the torrent of cum, and can't really take much more. I close my eyes and simply hope for the best.

After a few more waves of guests, the bowl is slid off my face, and the man fucking my ass cums and pulls out. I heave a sigh of relief as I gulp down one final load. I feel the bindings get removed from my legs, and the queening box slides off my head. Mistress looks down at me once again.

"What did we learn today, slave?" she asks.

"Mistress, I learned to never even consider disobeying or letting you down, and that I am merely an object for your amusement." I reply, obediently, but still covered in cum.

"It's a start," Mistress begins. "However, I'm not sure this lesson has truly sunk in. As a result, I've arranged a bit of a deal with the service staff of the ship."

Before I can ask what she means, a cart arrives, and a few men in suits roll me onto it. They wheel me out of the room, Mistress following behind us, now wearing a beautiful flowing robe. We get into an elevator, and ride 6 floors down into the economy class section of the ship. The cart is wheeled around the corner, and into a public bathroom. The staff remove me, and drag me over to a large stall in the corner.

The inside of the stall appears normal. It has a toilet, some seat covers, and the usual amenities. However, next to the toilet on the floor are two metal clips. The staff members drag me over to them, and apply cuffs to my legs. They then chain the cuffs to the clips on the floor, and leave. Mistress enters the stall, and looks down on me.

"I really want you to fully understand what it means to be an object," she says. "To that end, you'll be spending a little while here, free for the use of anyone who happens to enter this stall."

Without another word, Mistress exits the bathroom, and shuts off the lights, leaving me alone on the cold floor in the dark.

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