tagLesbian SexThe Cruise: Jami

The Cruise: Jami


Jamie had been looking forward to the cruise for months. Last year had been horrible, starting with her getting sick and hospitalized for two weeks, then later in the year having her fiancé, Rob, stabbed to death by a hopped-up meth addict as she watched. Her parents gave her the cruise for her birthday, telling her she needed to get away for a while. Two weeks in the warm Caribbean should get her mind off her troubles and the cold weather at home.

She is going with her best friend Brandy. Jamie is 23, 5'6" and slender with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a firm ass and nicely sized breasts. Brandy is also 23, and she is what you would have to call "a little cutie." Barely 5 feet tall, about 95 pounds, small breasts and a round firm ass that she loves to show off in tight pants and short miniskirts. Long brown hair and big green eyes complete the package.

The two of them have been friends since junior high school, or "since before they had boobs" as Jamie puts it. The two girls share everything with each other, including the details of their sex lives with the various boy friends they have had. Jamie hasn't dated anyone since Rob was killed, and Brandy has just dumped her latest boy friend because he was always too busy partying with his friends to see her.

The two of them have looked forward to the cruise, shopping for the tiniest bikinis and sexiest dancing dresses. The cruise is being advertised as a "twenty-something" special, so the girls are each hoping to find someone to at least play with on board. They have brought several bottles of booze with them, and plan on buying more when they land in port.

The big day finally arrived, and they boarded the ship. The steward who showed them to their cabin was very cute, with a tight butt. Walking behind him in the hallway, Jamie pantomimed reaching out and grabbing it, and both girls cracked up. The steward, of course, had no clue why they were laughing so much.

As they were stowing their clothes in the small cabin, Jamie said, "Well, Brandy, what should be our plan for today?"

"I say we get our suits on and head up on deck. I want to get going on my suntan, plus check out the hotties!"

"Sounds like a plan to me..."

They changed into their bikinis. The two of them had seen each other nude lots of times, so there was no modesty between them. Brandy was wearing a tiny string bikini, it looked like three little triangles of white fabric with strings holding them on. A string between Brandy's ass cheeks displayed them completely. Jamie kept her pubic hair trimmed to a small patch, but she was surprised to see that her friend was completely shaved "down there".

Jamie wolf whistled at Brandy. "God, girl, you are showing it all off. You really must want to find a guy!"

"You know I do... I've been so horny since I broke up with Tim, if I don't get laid on this trip I think I'm gonna die!"

It's been months since Jamie has been with a guy. She and Rob had a very satisfying sex life, and she misses having his big cock deep inside her. She masturbates regularly, but it just isn't the same.

"I know exactly what you mean, girl... It's been wayyyyy too long for me, too, even longer than you, I'm guessing."

"What are we waiting for, then? The guys aren't going to come knocking on our door!"

Jamie's bikini is a little more conservative than Brandy's but not much. Her larger breasts are mostly exposed, but the bottom covers most of her ass. Her hard nipples are visible through the top, and the red color looks sexy against her tan skin. Both Jamie and Brandy have been going to the tanning booth for weeks to get ready for the cruise, the last thing they need is to get "fried" the first day and have to spend the whole time covered up against the sun. Both girls are tan already as they put on cover-ups and headed up to the sun deck.

When they arrived on deck, they found two lounges next to each other. There were cute guys and girls all around them, basking in the warm sun and obviously checking each other out. Brandy stretched out then asked Jamie if she would put some lotion on her back.

"Put it on yourself, do you want all these guys to think we are lesbians or something?" was Jamie's answer. She saw Brandy's face and knew she had said the wrong thing. The two of them had always been very close, but had never done anything beyond kissing one night at a party in high school when they had both been really drunk. The rumors had followed that they were gay, but as they each went through one guy after another, those rumors died down. Jamie had never done anything with another girl besides Brandy, but she knew that her best friend was bisexual and had been with several girls.

"I'm sorry, Brandy, you know I didn't mean that..." Jamie said, "Let me oil you up."

"That's my girl..." purred Brandy. She reached back and untied her top so that Jamie could put lotion on her entire bare back. As Jamie's fingers moved across Brandy's soft skin, rubbing the slippery lotion in, Brandy could feel herself getting a little aroused. She loves the feeling of a woman's soft hands on her body.

"Mmmmmmm... that feels nice, Jamie" she cooed.

Jamie was enjoying the feeling, too. She had never thought of herself as attracted to women, but feeling of Brandy's soft skin under her hands was getting her turned on, there was no other way to describe it. Her hands moved down the shorter girl's body, rubbing the lotion into her back, then down her legs, leaving Brandy's tight ass for last.

Jamie reached for the lotion and squirted some onto Brandy's crack. Her hands moved all over Brandy's ass cheeks, rubbing in the lotion. Brandy cooed and settled into the lounge, opening her legs a little. Jamie took that as an invitation to oil the inside of Brandy's thighs, and was getting very turned on by how soft her skin felt. She could see a wet spot between Brandy's legs, and smell Brandy's pussy, and knew that Brandy was getting turned on by Jamie's hands, too. When she was done, Jamie lay back on her lounge and started rubbing lotion on her chest and stomach and the front of her legs.

"Why did you stop? That felt sooooo nice." Brandy said.

"Well, I was done, and I didn't want you screaming and thrashing all over the place in full view of everyone." Jamie teased. She knew that Brandy tended to get loud when she got turned on, the two of them had been with their boy friends in cars at the same time on more than one occasion.

"You tease, Jamie! I guess I'm just going to have to get you back later..."

Soon two cute guys came up and started talking to them. The bulges in their swim trunks said they liked the view, especially of Brandy. She was laying on her stomach, her top still untied, arching her back up. The string had disappeared into her ass crack, and her breasts were almost bare. Brandy and Jeff seemed to hit it off, but the other guy seemed like a jerk to Jamie. After a while, she tuned the other three out and dozed. Soon, she felt her arm being pulled and heard Brandy's voice.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty... We are going to go have cocktails, do you want to join us?"

"Nahhh, I think I will hang here a while longer then head back to the room and clean up for dinner. But you go, have fun!"

Brandy laughed and said, "I plan to! See you back at the room in a while."

The three of them headed off, Brandy had each guy by one arm. Jamie knew that her friend was looking for action, but she didn't think that she would have found two guys (two!) that fast.

Jamie sat in the sun a little while longer, but she couldn't get the thought of how good Brandy's body felt as she put the lotion on her. She felt herself getting wet, surprised at how strong the feelings were. After a while, she stood and headed back to their room.

She stripped off her bikini and stepped into the shower. As Jamie soaped herself, she started imagining it was Brandy's hands. Cupping her breasts, tweaking the nipples, getting them hard between her fingers. Lifting a breast to her own mouth, taking the nipple between her lips and sucking. Her other hand moved between her thighs, feeling how wet she was. Her finger slid across her clit, and down along her slit.

"Yesssss, Brandy, yesssss... Love how you touch me!" Jamie was moaning softly, imagining her friend's hands teasing her, arousing her. Jamie's finger slid inside her wet pussy, and she moaned again. She began a steady in and out motion, rubbing her clit then sliding her finger back inside. Jamie opened her legs wide and slipped a second finger into her pussy. Jamming them in and out, fucking herself vigorously, moaning and sucking her nipple.

She had this picture in her mind of Brandy kneeling between her thighs, licking Jamie's clit and finger fucking her. Jamie's hips arched forward against her fingers, then Jamie's body stiffened.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." she moaned louder, then "Yes, Brandy, yesssss" as she felt her pussy convulsing around her fingers. Her knees were wobbly, and she kept stroking herself until she felt the spasms subside. The little bathroom was filled with steam, and as Jamie came down from her orgasm she heard noises outside in the room.

She wrapped herself in a towel and looked out. Brandy was sitting on the bed, nude, with a big smile on her face. She was flushed, and her nipples were erect.

"Well, well... Looks like someone got laid already!" teased Jamie.

"Two someones, if you ask me. Or was that you making all that noise by yourself in the shower?" Brandy shot back.

Jamie turned bright red, she never imagined that Brandy had heard her.

"It's okay, Jamie. If you would rather masturbate than find a real cock to fuck, that's your right."

"Well, thanks, baby, I appreciate that. I just don't know if I am ready to be with a guy or not."

"So who's Andy? It sounded like you were having a hot time there all by yourself." Brandy smiled.

"Uhhhhh, just a guy I met a long time ago. We kissed and fooled around a little but never went all the way." Jamie was not ready to tell her friend that she had been fantasizing about her. Not yet, anyway...

"Well, I have to say that Jeff has a VERY nice cock, and he knows how to use it. Joe Bobette says 'check it out'!"

"You are so bad, Brandy... But tell me you didn't fuck him already!"

"Well, only just a little... He ate me so good, made me cum at least three times, I had to let him fuck me!"

Brandy smiled at Jamie. "Well, babe, we need to get ready for dinner. Did you leave me any hot water?"

After Brandy was done in the shower, they got dressed and headed out. Jamie was wearing a little black dress that fit her snugly. Her body was well displayed and she had on heels that made her tower over Brandy. The shorter girl was in a gown that looked painted on. Her nipples were visible through the fabric, and anyone who looked could tell that if she had any panties on at all (which she didn't) it could only be a thong. The dress was tight, showing her firm ass and shapely legs.

They had an elegant dinner, but it seemed as if most of their table partners were already coupled up. There was one single guy, Dave, and one single girl, Kris. Dave was tall and obviously muscular, very good looking. Kris was very pretty, long curly brown hair, and what looked to Jamie like a slender body. Brandy and Dave were sitting next to each other, and Kris was seated next to Jamie. In no time at all, Brandy and Dave were talking like best friends.

Jamie turned to Kris, "We're gonna be sharing a table for two weeks, shall we get to know each other?"

"Sure, I'd like that." said Kris, "I already wonder why I came on this cruise by myself. It seems like most of the people on this ship are here to fuck like bunnies for the whole two weeks." She shot a glance at Brandy and Dave, who were practically drooling over each other, giving each other little touches, strokes. Looking at Brandy, Jamie could tell that she was turned on and she guessed that Dave would be her second guy on this trip, and they were less than one day into it!

"I know what you mean, some people can't seem to control their hormones!" Jamie laughed.

"Yeah, but there are times when I wish I could be a little more like that. Some times I wait too long, and nothing ever happens..." said Kris.

"Oh, yeah, I'm kinda the same way, but then again we don't have to ever worry about remembering the names of all they guys we've slept with!"

Kris laughed and said, "Totally... I know I can remember all of mine!"

As they chatted, Jamie and Kris got along very well. They liked a lot of the same music, they both loved to play tennis, they were both in college for Business degrees. Jamie learned that Kris had just broken up with her boy friend (after they had paid for the cruise) and she couldn't find anyone to come along on such short notice.

After dinner was over, Jamie asked Kris if she was going to go dancing. "I hadn't planned on it, but sure! I think it could be fun."

They stood and said goodbye to the group. Kris was about the same height as Jamie, but wearing flat shoes, so Jamie towered over her in her heels. Dave and Brandy barely noticed them leaving, they were staring deep into each other's eyes.

As Jamie and Kris walked to the ballroom, Jamie said, "I can guess what Brandy will be doing tonight. I only hope that when I go back to the room that her bracelet isn't around the door knob, that's our sign that we have someone in the room and don't want to be disturbed..."

Kris laughed and said, "You must know her pretty well. Is she always like this?"

"Pretty much, but she said she was especially horny because she broke up with her boy friend and she hasn't had anyone to take care of her for a while."

"I can relate to that. My asshole ex cheated on me so I dumped him about a month ago, and I haven't found anyone to take his place yet."

"Well, I'm sure you will find someone soon, Kris. You are a really nice girl, not to mention very sexy."

"Well, thanks, Jamie. Although it sounds a little strange, being called 'sexy' by a girl. But I think I like it. And you are sexy, too!"

"Thanks, Kris! I've got an idea, shall we be each other's date? That way we don't have to worry about all the guys pressuring us to have sex with them."

"Sure, I'll be your date, I would like that!" and with that, Kris leaned over and kissed Jamie on the cheek.

"But don't think you are going to get any more than a kiss good night, I'm not that kind of girl!" Jamie said with a laugh.

"Damn, maybe I'll just have to get you drunk and take advantage of you, then!" laughed Kris. The two girls were laughing loudly, walking into the ballroom with their arms around each other.

They found a table and ordered drinks. The two of them were soon deluged with guys asking them to dance. They danced some, sat some out, always returning to their table to compare notes. Kris was mad at the last guy she had danced with, it was a slow song and he had grabbed her ass and pulled her close to him, up against his obvious erection. Jamie had the same thing happen, so the two girls sat out a few songs.

"I need some air, you wanna go outside for a few?" asked Jamie.

"Yeah, it's stuffy in here plus I am still a little ticked off at that last guy."

They took their drinks and walked out on deck. They climbed a set of stairs and found that the sundeck was deserted, so they sat on a lounge next to each other. Kris slid close to Jamie and put her head on Jamie's shoulder.

"I'm glad we met, this cruise could be so depressing without a friend."

"Me, too, Kris. Unlike Brandy, I am not going to fuck every guy I meet on this ship. I need to know a guy before I can do that..."

"Me, too... But it seems like we are a little different from most of the women on this cruise."

Jamie was struck by Kris' words. She was suddenly aware that Kris was very close to her, aware that her perfume smelled nice, aware that Kris' soft body was next to hers and VERY aware that she had fantasized about being with a woman only this afternoon. Jamie's hand started to stroke Kris' soft shoulders.

Kris turned her head to Jamie's, and whispered, "Jamie, this feels so nice, being here with you..."

Jamie leaned forward and her lips brushed Kris's. Kris moaned softly and slipped her arm around Jamie's neck, turning Jamie's face to hers. Their lips met again, and Jamie opened her mouth slightly. She felt Kris's tongue sliding forward, and her own tongue moving out to meet it. The two girls kissed passionately, tongues dancing together. They were moaning, and Jamie pulled Kris closer to her.

Kris looked at Jamie, and smiled. She then leaned back in and kissed her again. Jamie's hand was on Kris' waist, then she slid it up her side so that she was cupping the other girl's breast. Kris moaned and arched her back, pressing herself into Jamie's hand.

"God, Jamie, this is incredible... I've never kissed a girl before, but I have wondered about it for a long time. It's even better than I thought it would be!"

"I've only kissed one other girl, and that was Brandy, a lonnnnng time ago. We were still in high school, and really drunk. I have always wondered what it would have been like if we had gone further..."

"Well, then... I don't want to stop now, shall we go back to my cabin?" Kris asked, "I don't really want to stay up here where someone might find us."

"Sure, I would like that!"

The two girls stood, and walked toward Kris' cabin hand in hand. Jamie took her shoes off so they were the same height. Kris put her head on Jamie's shoulder as they walked. When they got on the elevator, Kris pushed Jamie's hair out of the way and started whispering nasty things into it and running her tongue around the inside. There were several other people on the elevator, but only one woman noticed when Jamie slid her hand down and cupped Kris' ass. She smiled at Jamie and ran her tongue around her lips, and mouthed "Nice!" Jamie couldn't help but smile at the woman.

As it turned out, Kris's cabin was on the same deck as Jamie's. They walked down the hall, past Jamie's. Sure enough, there was a bracelet on the door knob. Jamie pointed at it, and both girls started laughing.

They got to Kris' cabin, and as she opened the door she said, "Almost makes me wish I was sharing, so I could leave a bracelet on it. None of my friends would believe this..."

"Mine, either... They all think I am going to become a nun or something after Rob died."

Kris stepped through the door and turned back to look at Jamie. She crooked her finger, beckoning her inside. Jamie smiled and stepped in, reaching for Kris as she did. Kris slipped her arms around Jamie's neck and pressed her body close to Jamie's.

Kris smiled and said, "Now, where were we? OH, yes, now I remember..." as she leaned in to kiss Jamie. Their mouths met and their tongues were soon swirling together wildly. Jamie had one hand cupping Kris' ass and the other was teasing a breast. Kris did not have a bra on under her dress, so Jamie could feel the erect nipple as she pinched and twisted it through the fabric.

Kris was moaning and arching her hips into Jamie. This kiss was totally erotic, Jamie could feel her panties getting wet. Kris slid her hand down to Jamie's breast, and when she pinched Jamie's hard nipple, Jamie moaned.

Kris broke the kiss and asked, "You sure you want to keep going? If we don't stop now, I don't think I will want to stop."

Jamie's response was to moan softly then lean forward and kiss the other girl again.

Kris led them to the small bed, and pressed her body into Jamie's so they fell back onto it. Kris climbed on top of Jamie, and straddled her thigh. Jamie could feel that Kris' panties were soaking wet, and pressed her thigh upward into Kris' mound.

Jamie's hands started exploring Kris, sliding her dress up, stroking her thighs, then her hips, her ass, her smooth back. Kris broke the kiss long enough to put her arms over her head, and Jamie slid her dress off. Kris was lying on top of Jamie, wearing only a very wet thong.

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