tagMatureThe Cruise Ship

The Cruise Ship


I'd never been on a cruise before, it had just been a last minute decision whilst trying to decide on a holiday looking in the travel agent's window at the cancellations. But I must admit that it had definitely been one of my better decisions. Here I was now cruising round the Caribbean for a fortnight for probably the same price it would have cost to go to Torremelinos.

I'd always envisaged cruises to be the domain of the retired, although this was still correct to a certain extent, there was still plenty of other extremely attractive ladies to look at to pass away the time on deck when cruising between ports. And here was me, young single guy, treating himself to a holiday having just split up with his girlfriend and with the world at his feet once more.

So there I was laying on my sun lounger up on the sun deck contemplating what a tough life this Caribbean cruising was! The sun on my skin felt wonderful, and I could feel it turning my lean muscular body a lovely golden brown colour. I'd seen this lady wander past a couple of times for drinks, she must have thought I was asleep behind my sunglasses, but I could see her looking and really eyeing me each time she passed. She wasn't half bad herself. Anyway, I must have dozed off in the sun and woke a short time later needing a drink. I made my way to the poolside bar and was sitting chatting idly with Andrew the barman, who was having a very slow day, whilst he mixed my cocktail. Just as he put it in front of me someone sat down next to me and said to him "That looks good, can I have the same." I turned to see it was the same lady that had been watching me on the sun lounger.

"Can you get the lady the same and put it on my bill Andrew" I said. "Why thank you, that's very kind of you" she replied. "You're very welcome." Andrew mixed and poured her drink, smiled knowingly at me and went off to wash glasses at the other end of the bar. "Are you enjoying your holiday?" I asked. "How could I not be?" she replied rhetorically, "Sun, sea and cocktails. What more could a woman want?" she said with a glint in her eye and a hint of flirtatiousness in her voice. "What more indeed?" was my response in the same manner as hers. When I saw her close up I changed my earlier opinion. She was better than half bad, she was lovely. She must have been mid to late 40's with a lovely golden tan, a very well kept figure and a complexion that would have made a woman 10 years her junior proud. "Who are you here with?" I asked. "No one" she said, "I'm celebrating my divorce and am treating myself to this holiday with some of my settlement. It's the best thing I've done in years and I'm loving my new found freedom."

"Good for you, get out there and enjoy yourself" I said. "I intend to." she said looking me in the eye. "Anyway that's enough about me for now, what about you, who are you here with?"

"I'm on my own too, just split up from my girlfriend so I thought I'd treat myself as well. And you're right, getting away does work wonders." Her ears pricked up when she found out I was on my own too, maybe this cruising wasn't going to turn out to be such a bad idea after all. We had a couple more cocktails and chatted for a while, putting down our ex-es and discussing what we both now planned to do with our futures. We both found it nice to be able to talk to someone in a similar situation. It was late afternoon now and a chill breeze was beginning to get up on the sun deck. "I'm getting a little chilly now," she said, her loose wraparound silk shirt and swimsuit offering little protection against the breeze, "would you like to come back to my cabin for another drink and we can talk some more?"

"Yes, that would be great, I'll just get my things." I gathered my belongings from the sun lounger and we made our way down to her cabin, chatting and laughing on the way.

Once inside she poured us another drink and we sat down on a couple of chairs. We continued talking, the drinks and the sun had made me feel very sexy. She looked the same way too. As I went to pour another drink we touched briefly and looked into each others eyes. Putting down my glass I leant across and began to kiss her knowing full well that was what she wanted me to do. She returned the kiss eagerly and we stood up to face each other, still kissing as we did so. She clasped me tightly around the back and pulled me closer to her, my fingertips trailed slowly down her back, over her shirt and clasped her lovely bottom. Still our kissing continued, more passionate now but still as eager, our tongues meeting and snaking their way around the inside of each other's mouths. Pushing back her silk shirt over her shoulders it fell to the floor, she ran her hands up the inside of my t-shirt over my tight stomach and then pulled it up and off over my head. Running her hands back down over my chest and over my the front of my shorts she said "I've been wanting to do this all day."

"I've been wanting you to do it all day too" I replied. "I was slightly worried that you might not feel the same way."

"No way, I think you're gorgeous, it's just I'm a little shy." As she smiled to herself at my reply I took her by the hand and led her towards the bed. Running my hands up her arms they slid round to the back of her neck and undid the clasp on her swimsuit. I kissed her lightly on the neck as I pulled the swimsuit down over her breasts and proceeded to cup them and fondle them gently, she sighed as I did so. I bent my head and kissed them alternately, running the nipple of one between my fingers as I licked the other.

I pushed her gently back and she fell onto the bed. Slowly I pulled down her swimsuit over her hips and dropped it by the bed. "So this is what they mean when they say let me see your white bits!" She really did look gorgeous lying there giggling and gloriously naked on the bed. I lay beside her and turned her over onto her front. Massaging her back and shoulders I could feel the tenseness flow from her as she relaxed and sank further into the bed. "Mmm, that feels wonderful" she said appreciatively. Turning her over once more I kissed her and began tracing my way down her body with my tongue, slowly down her neck, over each breast and down her stomach. I paused at the triangle of pubic hair and let her feel my hot breath between her legs. She gasped inwardly in anticipation, but I wasn't going to be that predictable. Continuing on I kissed my way down both legs stopping at her feet. Beginning to work my way back up kissing and licking the insides of her legs my hands slowly ran up the outside. My tongue made little circles around the inside of each thigh and again she began to gasp in anticipation, this time I wouldn't disappoint her.

She moaned long and quietly as my tongue touched her outer lips and began to gently work its way inside. Her warm, musky wetness tasted of sex I ran a finger up and down the inside of her lips as I began to circle her clitoris with my tongue. Licking at either side of it as my finger probed its way inside sent her into raptures. She ran her hands through my hair as I continued and she began to grind her hips into my face. After a few minutes this motion began to gather speed and I could sense she wasn't far from coming. Two of my fingers now slid in and out of her, rubbing at her G spot with each downward stroke as her gasps became louder. I continued to lick away as she wrapped her legs around the back of my neck and clamped my head between her thighs. Pushing her over the edge she cried out and her body shuddered involuntarily, unable to control the orgasm that tore through her. As it subsided she loosened her grip on my head and I kissed my way back up her body and our tongues met once again. "I've never came like that before in 20 years of marriage," she said "my husband wouldn't even do that to me."

"Well at least now you see what you've been missing."

"And I wouldn't have missed it for the world, if only I'd known 20 years ago."

As we continued kissing her hands rubbed at my body and made their way down to my shorts. Popping the buttons on the front I helped her pull them off and lay back on the bed. "Jesus now I wish I really had known more 20 years ago" she said taking my erection in her hand. "He was the only other person I've ever slept with, and I never would have married him if I'd known there were more out there this size." I felt quite flush with myself. Lowering her head she took me into her mouth and made gentle moaning sounds as her head bobbed up and down. This sent little vibrations right through me and I groaned in delight. She continued with this, occasionally taking me from her mouth and gently pulling me off before returning to sucking me once more.

Finally I had to pull away. Rolling her over onto her back I just had to have her there and then. "Please be gentle" she whispered "It's been such a long time." Complying with her wishes I eased my way inside her gently, going a little further with each stroke. She gasped each time it went in further but her soft wetness soon encased me and allowed me to go further. Soon I was right in to the hilt and slowly I began to slide in and out of her. She relaxed once more and soon we began to pick up a little speed. We screwed with a constant rhythm of strong movements, her confidence increasing with each stroke as she began to grind her hips back to me in unison with the inward strokes. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pressed deeper still into her, she cried out at first but soon began to moan loudly at the new heights of pleasure she was reaching. Pulling out I turned her over onto her front and entered her from behind. I lifted her hair and kissed the base of her neck, fondling her right breast with my free hand. "Please, don't stop" she gasped out in between heavy breaths. I didn't intend to, well not for a while yet anyway. I grasped her hips, pulling her back onto me with each stroke, groaning loudly myself by now. The passengers in the cabins either side of us couldn't fail to be hearing us and they would either be disgusted or as jealous as hell. But we were too far gone to care.

I turned her over onto her back again and entered her once more. We soon picked up speed again, sweat glistening on both our bodies in the late afternoon sun as we bucked against each other, furiously now with all initial gentleness and apprehension long since gone. Our kissing now was also with animal passion both aware of our impending climaxes. "Fuck me" she gasped. She looked almost startled at what she had just said, as if believing it couldn't have been her it had come from. I smiled and ploughed into her harder still. I could feel the sensation building up inside me and held back as long as I could. Again she started to cry out, "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm ...." And with that I couldn't hold back any longer. As I shot wave after wave of my load into her we both collapsed into a sweating heap, breathing heavily into each other ears and kissing at each other again.

We fell asleep in each others arms, the warmth of the afternoon sun keeping us warm while we slept. We woke just in time for the Captains party. "Will you take me to the party?" she asked, "Yeah, I might even dance with you" I said flirting with her. I went and showered, changed into my evening suit while she got ready and came back for her a short while later. She opened the door dressed in a long black evening dress looking drop dead gorgeous. "About this party..." I said as I stepped inside kissing her and turning her round to unzip her dress.

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