tagLoving WivesThe Cruise Ship

The Cruise Ship


She loved him. No matter what they said or thought she loved him. But, no sex for.....whatever, it seemed like forever. And now this. A reconciliation, a re-connect 3-day booze cruise to try to make it work and the s.o.b. was sea sick on the first hour out from shore!

She went up deck to the 24 hr. buffet to get a snack before she sat out the cruise with him moaning in bed.

Maybe it was the frustration, maybe the moon phase, but she seemed to glow from within. A warm sexual glow that made her seem hazy and golden as if she was walking in a cloud of estrogen laden pheromones.

There were various groups of younger men, drinking, bored and looking for fun in the buffet lounge.

She was like fresh meat in a den of horny lions. Daniella in the lions den and, if her secret self had its way, she really didn't need or want any Biblical intervention, except the chance to say over and over again, Oh! My God!

Tall, attractive, cute, and full of himself, one of the always sexually successful since high school, self confident jocks hit her up.

She couldn't help herself and automatically flirted back.

He took her tray, to help her, and led her back to his table where his buddy's were hanging out.

The ship was 2 hours out from shore. It was 10PM. It was warm, tropical and the moon was full.

Her husband, the one who had taken the sleeping pills to try to sleep off the sea sickness just as she left for the buffet, somehow didn't intrude on her thoughts.

It was just so nice to be the center of sexual attraction again.

Lots of laughter, lots of flirting and sexual innuendo, and lots and lots of alcohol later, it was suddenly mid-nite.

Time to go dancing. She was led along, the queen with her court of 5 or was it 6, all young, tall, sweet, young men, all as horny as she was to the ships after-hours disco.

More drinks, quick slip-outs to quite corners of the deck for hurried puffs of cigarettes and grass, stolen kisses, gropes and grabs and more dancing and laughter later, it was suddenly 2 am and she needed help in standing.

The self confident one who first hit on her and who had been dominating most of her time and whom she had let not only kiss her, but feel her up, but, just a little and only her tits, propped her up on one side while his cabin mate buddy held her up on the other side.

They staggered a bit as they made their way to bed. In her blurred mind she thought they were taking her to her cabin and she was struggling with the thought of having her husband see her like this with them.

She was almost relieved when she realized that they were not going to her cabin but theirs. The sudden realization tingled her nipples, or was it because one/both of them had their hands on her breasts.

She was just a little too drunk, too horny and too excited to really care.

Her growing arousal, tingling breasts and her awareness of her sexual moistening focused her attention on the two guys on either side of her as they opened the door to their suite and half carried her in and onto the bed.

Their hungry mouths on hers, on her suddenly bare breasts, on her stripped naked cunt, open, fingered, kissed, licked, Oh! My God!

They were in a hurry to get past the point of no return. To be in her, fucking her so that it would forever always be too late to say Nooooo!

Mr. Self-confident took her first; deep, full, powerful, dominating her with his weight and strength and literally pounded her into the mattress until she fell her orgasm rising to met his in the beginning of what was to be a long delicious night.

Spent, exhausted, she heard him say as he rolled off of her,

"She was fantastic, you're next. But, I want more of her. The others will have to wait until tomorrow."

And then the room-mate was on and then in her and the swift climb to more orgasms began again.

As she opened her mouth to moan, a semi-hard, love coated cock was slipped into it and she heard him say,

"Suck it baby so that I can get hard and fuck you again".

And she did, and he did and then she did the room-mate's cock in her mouth and then he also did her again.

It did sober her up enough to get back to her cabin before her husband awoke from his sleeping pill induced coma and to shower, order room service and slip back into bed with him before it came.

No video, it never happened.

But, she thought, this is only day one, done.

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