tagNovels and NovellasThe Crusader: Brotherly Love

The Crusader: Brotherly Love


The spell that Cayden de Witte weaved on everyone who crossed her path did not ignore her family. To her father, his only daughter could do no wrong. She was his precious princess. Hayden de Witte also failed to be immune to his twin sister's charms. At eighteen, Cayden wasn't yet aware of the way she affected people. She didn't realize how beautiful she was or the power of her sexual appeal. She wasn't yet the seductress that would make the Baroness Sophie von Streit weak. Otto von Streit was aware of Cayden, though. Training under the watchful eyes of Travor de Witte, Otto found it difficult to concentrate when Cayden would join the young men in their exercises. He rambled endlessly to Hayden about his desire for the girl.

Hayden pretended that the reason Otto's words angered him was in defense of his sister's honor. He would not admit to his friend that his wrath came because he wanted to be the one to steal his sister's virtue. He couldn't think about her without feeling his balls tighten and his manhood stiffen. His thoughts about Cayden angered him, but his anger only increased his body's temperature.

He had started taking out his frustration on Ava, the young woman who worked in the kitchen. She had large breasts with dark nipples, a perfect round bottom, and a thick thatch of blond curls between her legs. She had red lips and a talented tongue and she had not hesitated to take his swollen shaft into her mouth. She came to his bed almost every night. When thoughts of Cayden led him to distraction, he could count on Ava to be available for relief. At times, he could even pretend that his lust was for Ava and not for his twin sister.

However, when Ava was out of sight, he could not fool himself. Cheering Cayden in battle against Otto on the exercise field made him want to parry and thrust with her. Locking swords with her tested his will. He was the only solider in their father's camp that could defeat the woman. Their battles would go on for eternities, both pushing the other to limits. Often, their private war would only stop because their father insisted that it end. Hayden usually found himself in a great deal of pain by the time they sheathed their swords. He would have to walk away from the lesson to find Ava to save him from embarrassment.

"This is a dangerous game you play, my lord," she announced one day when he came to her, his trousers stretched with his throbbing member.

He did not want to hear the warning. He did not want to talk. He wanted her to drive Cayden from his mind. He had her bodice pushed off her shoulders and was roughly handling her breasts before he answered. "What game is that, wench?"

She reached down and gripped his erection through his pants. "I know this isn't for me. It should not be for your sister, either."

In fury, he lifted his hand and slapped her across the face. Her head snapped back with the force of his blow and her mouth hung open in astonishment. He didn't hesitate nor allow himself to feel remorse. Instead, he grabbed her and threw her face first across the low wooden table. He lifted her long, straight skirt to her waist and caressed his hand over her pale buttocks. "It's not your concern. Your only concern should be that you are grateful I bring it to you." He ripped open the laces on his trousers and forced himself between her cheeks, driving his rod inside her with one powerful thrust. He grabbed her long, blond hair, pulling it back as he drove into her repeatedly. Ava screamed and cried as he split her and hurt her, but the young man always brought her pleasure, even if he was pretending it was his sister.

Had Hayden known that Cayden lurked near the doorway watching, he probably would have taken her. He had lost control of his mind and was ruled by his body. If he had seen Cayden peeking into the room where he ravaged the kitchen maid, he wouldn't have been able to stop himself from ripping her clothes away and plunging into her virgin canal. Luckily, Cayden kept quiet and her presence remained undetected as Hayden emptied himself into the quivering woman.

Cayden had followed her brother to the kitchen wanting to talk with him. Their sword fight had ended in a draw, but he had stormed away with such a fierce look of anger that she had been determined to talk to him. She adored her brother, and sometimes when they fought, she felt a warm sensation deep in the pit of her stomach. That sensation intensified and spread as she watched her twin drive into Ava. The sensitive area between her legs began to tingle as she imagined Hayden taking her in the same manner. She felt an intense hatred of the kitchen maid as the woman cried out and her brother stepped away. Cayden turned and ran away from the manor, fleeing her jealousy and her desire.

Hayden knew that Ava was right. His lust for his twin sister was dangerous. It could ruin them both if they ever acted on their feelings. Yet that knowledge did not stop him when he stumbled upon Cayden swimming one evening. He crouched behind the trees and watched the water beading on her small breasts. His eyes were drawn to the triangle of dark curls between his sister's legs. He felt his body respond instantly to Cayden's beauty as she emerged from beneath the water, her hair flowing behind her. Her lithe body walked to the shore and his eyes followed every step, memorizing the curves and muscles hidden by her clothing. She slipped on a thin shift without drying her body and the muslin material clung to her breasts and stomach and thighs.

He thought he silenced his groan, but her head snapped his direction. "Who's there?" she demanded. "Otto, if that's you, I'm going to tell Hayden you were watching me." Hayden started to back away from her, but he couldn't tear himself away from looking at her figure. She took a step toward him, still talking. "Otto," she teased. "I know you are there. Confess and I'll not tell on you."

Hayden stood, his face barely visible in the waning sunlight. "It's me, Cayden. It's not Otto." He took a step toward her, tilting his head to the right, his brows drawn together in sudden anger. "Has Otto been watching you?" Otto was his friend and would one day be his brother, but he felt hot jealously toward the future Baron.

"No," she answered, suddenly as flustered as her brother. She tried to look everywhere but in his face. They could hide little from one another. She knelt down in the sand and began combing her fingers through her long, wet hair as Hayden emerged from the bushes. She heard his movement but did not look up as he came closer. "What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"I was walking," he answered, his voice suddenly too close.

She looked up to answer and found her eyes even with his stretched trousers. He was only a few inches away from her and she could not avoid looking at him. Her eyes went to his face, then back to his extended member. "Why does it do that?" she asked softly, wetting her suddenly dry lips.

He knelt beside her, freeing her from the hypnotic spell. "It's the way a man's body responds to a beautiful woman," he answered, his heart thundering. He took her wrist and guided her small hand to cover him through his leather britches. "I'm sure Otto responds the same way to you," he continued, trying to convince himself that he was educating his sister so that she would be a good wife to his friend. His breathing quickened as her delicate fingers moved over the hard shaft in curiosity.

"Can I see it?" she whispered. He could hear that she was also short of breath as he reached down to untie the laces and free his throbbing manhood. Her fingers moved over the length of the pole and explored the swollen, purple head. He watched as her hand curled around the thick rod, then closed his eyes with a groan. Her eyes leapt to his face. "Am I hurting you?" she demanded, though her closed hand was already starting to stroke up and down his hardness.

He knew he should lie. If he told her that he was hurting, she would stop. He also knew that if she stopped, he would hurt even more later. He needed to feel his sister's body pleasing his, so he shook his head no and began thrusting his hips, moving in and out of the circle of her hand. Caught by his excitement, she began using both hands. One hand stroked his throbbing manhood and the other scooped down to squeeze his heavy sac. Her innocence pushed him even higher. She had no idea the power she held over him or the unbelievable effect her curious hands had on his body. He was grunting as his hips jogged against her palm, muttering incoherently, unable to hear Ava's warning any longer. He exploded with a cry of rage, shooting thick streams onto her shift and arms and hands. She cried out in surprise and pulled her hands away, her eyes wide as she watched the fountain spurt from the tip of his sword.

They were both trembling when Hayden finally peeled his eyes open. He was struggling for breath and embarrassed. He looked away from Cayden, trying not to see the sweat on her brow or the way her shift clutched her breasts and stomach and dipped into the valley between her legs. He knew the image would stay with him for a long time. No amount of time spent in Ava's bed would drive the picture of his sister's body away from the portrait in his brain. "Sometimes, I feel a great emptiness when I see you," she whispered.

"Don't, Cayden," he growled roughly. "Please, don't."

"I saw you with Ava in the kitchen yesterday." He looked away from her, feelings of anger mixed with shame. She continued speaking in a soft whisper. "I wanted it to be me."

"This is wrong, Cayden. You are my sister," he hissed through clenched teeth, the sound of his voice filled with agony. He didn't know if he was trying to scold her or convince himself.

"If this is wrong, why does God allow me to feel this way?" she demanded. "He would not allow this desire if it was truly unholy."

Hayden shook his head, trying to piece together an argument that would persuade them both to resist the urges that threatened to spill over their walls of resistance. "Cayden," he growled, his resolve weakening. He put his hands on her shoulders, feeling her smooth skin beneath his palms. He glided his fingers down her arms, feeling the muscles that most women did not possess. He thought about the way they rippled when she fought against him. It was not hard for him to imagine how her powerful body would feel pinned beneath him and how those muscles would move as she responded to the pleasure he could bring her. Suddenly, he had to feel it. He had to see her body flushed in passion. He had to be the one to satisfy his sister.

He looked into her upturned face, her lips slightly parted as she watched his personal struggle. Her dark eyes penetrated him. She didn't allow him to keep any secrets. They had never kept secrets from one another and now their bond was leading down a road they should not travel. He pulled her against him, grinding his mouth against hers. There was no gentleness in the kiss. There was no passion. There was only raw hunger and uncontrolled anger as his teeth scraped her lips and his tongue invaded the warm depths.

She balled her fists and pressed against his chest, her mouth pushing into the kiss as her body attempted to pull away from him. Her tongue met his and she felt his manhood pressing against her stomach. The desire burning between her legs radiated into the rest of her body until she trembled against his strong frame. Her heart pounded inside her chest; her breasts felt full and her nipples tight. She moaned softly.

The sound penetrated the haze in Hayden's mind. He broke the violent assault on his sister's mouth and pushed her away from him. She stumbled back but kept her balance. She brought her fingers to her lips, her eyes wide in surprise, shock, and betrayal. Her eyes glistened as she looked at the stranger in front of her. The wildness dancing in her brother's eyes made him unrecognizable to Cayden. She took a step forward, her hand extended in an effort to comfort him. He pulled away as if he expected her touch to scald him. "We can't, Cayden."

Despite the desperate resolve in his voice, he could not make himself walk away from her. The few feet separating them in the cool night air seemed an insurmountable distance. They both were trembling. Hayden could see his sister's nipples pushing against the thin, damp material of her shift. He lifted one shaking hand and cupped her breast gently, sweeping his thumb over the hard pebble. Cayden's breath caught in her throat as a ripple of pleasure radiated from the contact. His thumb massaged around the sensitive button. Cayden bit her lip to keep from moaning her pleasure. She was afraid he would stop again.

Every spot where his hand touched her felt like lightening. It sparked from the tips of his fingers, through the pliant flesh of her breast, into the pit of her stomach, and ended at a thousand points between her legs. She could feel every nerve ending tingling in desire as her sensitive muscles throbbed urgently. She didn't know what she needed to ease the ache pulsing inside her. She didn't know how to ask him to take it away.

She didn't have to ask him. They had always shared that intimate connection of twins. They often communicated without speaking. He knew what she needed. It was what he needed, too. His free hand slipped between her legs and glided up the inside of her bare thigh toward the sensitive spot hungering most for his touch. "Make me stop," he whispered in her ear as his palm rested against the hot, damp apex of her thighs.

"I can't," she answered, her breath hot against his cheek a moment before his mouth pressed against hers. This time, the tongue intruding her mouth was gentle, exploring and tasting as the hand on her breast continued squeezing and stroking rhythmically. The fingers between her legs combed against the curls before gliding along the slick outer lips. As one, they sank to the forest floor, his body pressing her into a bed of pine needles. The tiny needles pricked her skin, but she was only aware of Hayden parting her thighs with his big hands.

He pushed her shift to her waist and covered her breast with his mouth, his tongue rubbing her tender nipple through the soft material. He slipped two fingers into her slick recesses. He sawed them back and forth and when he touched the sensitive button deep inside her, she opened her mouth and released a scream of primal pleasure. She arched her back, lifting her body off the ground as an incredible wave drowned her. He did not relent, stroking her until the stars in the sky exploded before her eyes. He continued until she thought the world would go dark. When he pulled his fingers away, she collapsed and sobbed softly.

Hayden was not finished. He had started the one thing he wanted more than anything in the world. He wasn't going to stop until he had buried himself deep inside of his sister. His manhood throbbed so painfully that he thought the blood would burst from his skin. He pushed her thighs apart, stroking her softly and whispering gentle words of encouragement as he completely freed the rock hard member. He glided the swollen head up and down her slick lips, teasing her sensitive skin until she opened more. "Please," she begged, though she didn't know what she was pleading for.

With that gentle word, he positioned his thick shaft at her opening and drove slowly into her. Her body was wet, so he slid easily until he reached a barrier. He paused but could not stop. He tore through the barrier with a hard thrust and she opened her mouth to scream as the excruciating pain ripped through her. He lay there while she adjusted to the foreign intrusion inside her. He had his hands on either side of her head and used his fingertips to wipe away her tears.

Soon, she forgot the momentary pain and became aware of feeling full. His member was thick, hard, and pulsing inside her. Instinctively, she lifted her hips, pushing him even deeper. He read her signal and began moving his hips slightly. At first, he only moved millimeters, teasing her until she wanted more. Each stroke became longer until he almost left the warm cavern. He drove forcefully into her then, his hips slapping against hers. She moaned sweetly and he grunted, moving quicker as she voiced her pleasure.

His shaft brushed against her tender nub with every stroke, sending Cayden into a mindless state of arousal and pleasure. He took her to peak after peak, never quite reaching the top as he played her body. Just when she thought she would plunge into the abyss, he changed pace and took her to a new level. They were both sobbing and panting by the time Hayden released control of his body. His thrusts were violent, deep, and long and the world exploded into starbursts as he groaned loudly into her ear and unraveled inside of her.

If either had thought giving in to their desires once would eliminate those yearnings, they quickly discovered they were wrong. They couldn't stay away from each other. Their lust proved to be insatiable. They made a game at night to see who could stay in their own room the longest before the other would come crawling. The loser always had to use their mouth on the other. Cayden spent her share of nights on her knees in front of her bother, her lips wrapped around his massive member. He pushed deeper and deeper until she could take all of it in her throat without problem. Hayden was talented with his tongue, too. He never hesitated to spread her wet lips apart and thrust it into her tight channel. She learned to please her lover from her brother.

Soon, they weren't content with nights. Perhaps it was taboo that created excitement, the fear of being caught that charged their arousal, but they started looking for opportunities to be alone in the middle of the day. He took her on the floor of the stable, on her hands and knees in the hayloft, and bent over the cistern. They teased each other with looks and touches during meals until they would have to excuse themselves. They knew they were out of control but could not find the willpower to stop it.

When Otto asked for Cayden's hand in marriage, Cayden begged her father to say no. Otto was her friend, but she couldn't bare the thought of him touching her the way that Hayden did. She couldn't stand the possibility of being away from her brother. The possibility also bothered Hayden. In one exercise with swords, he almost killed the young Baron. Travor de Witte told Otto no.

The twins continued to work each other in the exercise yard, their battles with swords the only outlet for their sexual frustration. Unconsciously, they strove to kill the other. If the other was dead, they could give up their addiction and move on with their life, but they knew each other too well. They could anticipate each other's moves so that neither ever completely had the upper hand. Their battles became so intense that their father quit allowing them to pair up in exercises. He forbade Cayden to come to workouts, urging her to spend more time with her mother in preparation for marriage.

Then they got caught. Hayden had her pinned against the stone wall in the wine cellar, her dress in the floor, his hands on her breasts as he pumped inside of her. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, her head thrown back in pleasure as he slammed her against the wall over and over and over.

Travor de Witte was the one to find them. He came down to the cellar to select a bottle for the evening meal and followed the sounds of panting to the dark corner. At first, he didn't realize whom his son had pinned. She was hidden by his big body, but could see over his shoulder. She gasped in surprise. Her father, who had been about to turn away and leave his son to a nameless strumpet, stopped when he recognized the sound of her voice.

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