tagRomanceThe Crush

The Crush


It was a sunny spring afternoon just before Memorial Day weekend and Savannah was thinking about her crush. She had met Steve several weeks prior while at a local bar she frequented after work. She instantly noticed his handsome rugged features, piercing dark blue eyes, brown shaggy hair and a scruffy short beard. She casually chatted with her favorite bartender and noticed him watching her in her peripheral. Savannah ordered 2 shots and asked him to send one over to the cute guy watching her. Dan, the bartender, eager to help, instantly poured the drinks and walked one over to him and pointed down to Savannah. They raised their glasses in an air cheers and sipped the bitter brown liquor before returning their empty glasses down to the bar.

He was at her side in a second, thanking her for the drink and introducing himself. Steve and Savannah ended up talking all night. He was charming and funny and worked right near by in the financial district. When Dan called last call, they both exclaimed how fast the night went by and exchanged information to meet again. Before parting ways, he wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her in for deep, slow, kiss. When they pulled away, Savannah's breath had quickened and she couldn't find her words for a moment. He whispered something inaudible in her ear and the feeling of his warm breath on her neck sent chills down her spine.

As Steve stepped out into the early morning haze, he couldn't believe he went out for one drink and ended up spending all night with this gorgeous woman he had just met. Checking his watch, he had to be at work in an hour and had just enough time to shower and grab a coffee before hitting the office. If it wasn't for this recent promotion he would've just called out, but he had to show face.

He couldn't stop thinking about Savannah. Light green eyes and dark, blonde streaked hair, a smile that made his knees weak and an ass that made him stand at attention. He still felt the curves of her hips on his fingertips as he walked along the street back to his apartment. He couldn't wait to see her again.

Several weeks had passed and they were texting and talking everyday and had hung out as often as they could. The conversation was thrilling and the sex was exhilarating. They had plans to meet at his office then go out for dinner before Memorial Day weekend.

Savannah didn't want to wait all night to taste him again. In a bold move, she dressed in a short grey pencil skirt that hugged her body just right, tucked in a white button down and unbuttoned the top few buttons, allowing her perky breasts to peek out the top. Hair pinned back and small glasses on she grabbed her high red pumps and headed out the door.

Steve was desperately trying to finish up so he could get ready for their date. He wanted Savannah so badly it was hard to concentrate, she was going to be there in 10 minutes.

When Savannah arrived at the office his secretary pointed her in the right direction and told her the door was open. She found her way back and Steve was on the phone facing the window. She slipped into the office and quietly shut the door behind her. Steve turned around in his chair and dropped his jaw and his pen. She was a vision, hair flowing over her shoulders, tits spilling out of her unbuttoned shirt, skirt fitted over her amazing hips and ass and short enough to see a bit of lace from garter belt strap perhaps?? She moved towards him and he searched for the words to end his phone call as she positioned herself between his legs and leaned down to invade his mouth with her tongue just as he hung up. She sat on the edge of his desk and hiked up her skirt as he feverishly kissed her back. Her hands combing through his hair and his hands moving up her tanned thighs. He pulled back a second to admire her and exclaimed, "my god," as she slowly popped more of her buttons and gave him her best bedroom eyes as her cheeks flushed. He asked if this was her way of getting out of their dinner date and she laughed and told him it was just an appetizer.

He stood up while forcefully kissing her and she could feel he was aroused. He moved his hands down her neck and ripped open her shirt. Tracing that path with open mouthed kisses and licks his hands could not stop grabbing and squeezing and pulling at her. He slipped one hand between her legs and rubbed his palm over her lips, he could feel how wet she was and easy slid 2 fingers under the thin lace of her lingerie and inside her making her moan with pleasure. She was stroking his package through his pants getting more excited as he grew at her touch. He dropped to his knees, dying to taste her. Pulling her panties to the side he began licking her sweet pussy. She tangled her fingers through his hair and held his head in place as he tongued her down. Sliding 2 fingers back inside her and sucking on her clit she began thrusting her hips into his face. Savannah was so close to cumming for him, he started pumping his fingers in and out of her and she exploded, shaking and moaning, he looked up at her with a devilish grin and her cum shining on his chin.

She pushed him back into his chair and unzip his pants and slid them down in one motion. Running her hands back up his legs to his inner thighs and right under his briefs and up his shaft. He wanted her. She reached back out and pulled them down around his ankles allowing his erection to playfully pop back up, then licked all the way back up his leg. She spit into her hand and began massaging his thick hard cock and kissing and nibbling his thigh. She quickly moved her mouth up and began gently licking his balls before heading in to take a mouthful of him. With her hands gripping his chest she expertly moved her tongue all the way up his dick and swirled it around as she let her mouth descend down. Taking him all the way in and back up she brought her hands back so they could firmly grip and turn around and around as she moved her head up and down on Steve's massive cock. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and began fucking her face, she curled her lips under her teeth and enjoyed him filling her mouth. Her pussy was soaking wet and throbbing for him to be inside her.

Sensing she wanted it, he quickly pulled out, flipped her around and bent her over his desk and entered her from behind. She was so tight he wanted to bust right then but fought through it knowing how good it would feel later. He was pounding into her and slapping her ass as she screamed for more. She was insatiable and he loved it. He flipped her around again and threw her legs over his shoulders and started squeezing her tits as he thrusted deeper inside her with every pump. She came for him, her cunt squeezing him as the waves of orgasm passed over her. He pulled her up and pressed her against the window, Savannah instinctively pushed her ass out and he kneeled behind her so he could taste her pussy knowing it was going to make her explode again. He quickly stood up and slammed into her so he could feel her clenching around his huge cock once more. He wrapped one arm around her waist and placed the other hand around her throat and fucked her so hard the window was shaking as he blew his whole load right inside her.

They both collapsed into his desk chair in a sweated, hot, sex fueled daze.

He calmly ran his fingertips down her arm and she slowly ran hers down his thigh. "Dinner?" Steve asked after several minutes. And after a moment, Savannah looked up at him, "how bout just dessert?" With a raised eyebrow and sly grin.

Steve smiled and kissed her deeply and slowly, just like that first night. They were falling hard for each other.

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