tagBDSMThe Cuck and The Cage

The Cuck and The Cage


Nick was looking forwards to this play session. It had been a long time coming and all the build-up had made this such an interesting scenario to play out. Nick had met Ellie on a kink website they both frequented. She had enjoyed his stories and asked if he would ever write one about her - he'd said of course but what sort of story would it be. That was when she revealed that she loved cuckolding her husband (he only had a small dick and never fulfilled her but they had established this cuckolding play so that she could get what she needed).

She was medium height around five foot seven with gorgeous big tits and a dirty kinky mind that Nick had immediately warmed to. She had told him the story that she wanted him to write and then asked if acting it out would help him write it more accurately. His instant reply was yes and so they had begun planning. Her husband would be in the large dog cage she had recently bought. He would be blindfolded and helpless as Nick came into their bedroom and used her however he wanted. Her husband would be allowed to listen and then clean her up afterwards.

After some careful discussion about hard limits and a few slightly naughty social meets before in very public places they day had come when Nick was going to pay a visit and use her like a filthy little fucktoy. He drove carefully to her house - the very hard cock in his pants was distracting as he drove but he arrived without an accident (of any kind).

He stepped out of the car and walked slowly up to the house, six foot, dressed in his suit and tie as the lady had requested he knocked firmly on the door and waited. It opened revealing her stood there in just a dressing gown open at the front. She looked stunning and her gorgeous pussy was obviously wet and had already had her fingers teasing it. He stepped inside and she locked the door behind him. She turned to say hello and as the words left her mouth he gripped her by the throat and pushed her against the wall kissing her hard as his fingers slid down over her skin to caress her clit gently. She moaned into his mouth, a sound filled with lust and need as she felt his cock pressing against her leg through his pants.

He broke the kiss. "Hello slut. It's a pleasure to meet you..."

She smiled back - it was the smile of a satisfaction - "Hi Nick... I can't believe it took this long to make this come true."

"Shall we go upstairs? Lead the way Ellie."

She turned and led him quickly through the house and up the stairs. As she walked up the stairs in front of him he reached between her legs and pushed his thumb up inside her, the edge of his finger rubbing her clit. She moaned softly and staggered slightly but he was there to keep her upright. She grinned again and then led him through to the main bedroom.

Nick took a minute to admire the scene in the room, there was a large king-sized bed, and one side of the bed was obviously hers as the bedside table held a number of vibrators and toys, fresh sheets, wardrobe with mirrors that took in the bed and daylight streaming in from the large window. Beside the bed in a large cage was a blindfolded, naked man. Her husband. He had a chastity device fastened around his cock. The cage came up to Nick's waist the so the man was huddled on all fours with only a thin blanket underneath him.

Nick didn't speak to him - he focused his attention on Ellie. "Get on your knees for me slut." She eagerly sank to her knees in front of him and watched with anticipation as he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard thick cock. It throbbed in front of her and he grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her lips to it. "Do you like having that nice, big thick cock in your mouth Ellie?" He watched as the husband twitched at his words and Ellie's loud moans of pleasure around his length.

He slowly began to strip out of his clothes, lying them on a nearby dresser as she continues sucking his length. He pulled her off. Stripping her out of the dressing gown he shoved her back onto the bed and on her back. Stepping out of his shoes and the rest of his clothes he crawled onto the bed with her and leaned down to take one of her large nipples into his mouth. With great enjoyment he licked, sucked and then bit it listening to her gasp. He pinched the other one, twisting it tightly making her whimper.

He kept on like this for a few minutes until her breasts showed the obvious marks of his attention, pinching, bite marks and the indications that she would have some pretty bruises when he had left. He knelt up between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her slit.

"Tell me what you want Ellie..."

"I want you inside me Nick."

"Do it properly slut, so your tiny-dicked husband can hear..."

"Please Sir... I need your thick hard cock to fuck me properly like a good slut as my husband can't."

Nick slowly began to force his length inside her, listening to her whimper, her eyes widened as he filled and stretched her under used little hole. He groaned as he felt her tightness engulf him. He thrust hard to bury the final inch inside her making her almost squeak as he filled her completely. He leaned down and fastened his teeth on the side of her neck biting gently as he rocked his cock slowly back and forth inside her gently to start with. He raised himself over her looking down at her, her eyes wide, biting her lip as he ground his cock deep inside her. The marks of his attention covered her tits and neck now and with a slightly self-satisfied smirk he withdrew his cock before plunging back in. He set up a slow rhythmical fucking of her tight little cunt. He loved seeing all the different noises he could force out of her with different thrusts and different angles. He experimented for a while finding out what seemed to work well and then grabbing a pillow from her husband's side of the bed and shoved it under her ass.

He lifted her legs up so her ankles were on his shoulder and then grabbed her by the throat as started hammering his cock in and out of her. He stood slightly on bent legs so he was drilling his cock down into her hard and fast. She shrieked out her first orgasm as he pounded her relentlessly. His thick cock drove in and out of her as he gripped her throat tightly. Her eyes were wide and locked on him as she gasped for breath. He loosened his grip slightly as he slammed his cock into her over and over.

"Do you want me to fill your cunt with my cum Ellie?"

"Yes... Yes Sir..." She gasped as he drove her closer and closer to her second orgasm. Nick grabbed her right nipple with one hand and twisted, squeezing her throat tightly as he slammed his cock deep inside her and released a torrent of cum. She practically exploded underneath him, her back arching up of the bed as she came hard for him - a mix of pleasure, pain and the feeling of his pulsing cock deep inside her sending her over the edge into her second intense orgasm.

He relaxed his grip slowly and leaned down to kiss her gasping lips. She had her eyes half closed as she lay under him, her body still trembling slightly as he rocked back and forth slightly. As sometimes happened during a very hot session he had stayed pretty much hard and the feeling of rocking back and forth inside her and feeling his cock moving his cum inside her was making him grow quickly back to full hardness.

He slid out of her, listening to her soft moan as he slipped from inside and quickly slipped off the bed and grabbed her, pulling her to the edge of the bed. She looked at him in confusion as she pulled her upright and then bent her face down over the top of the cage above her husband.

"Nick..." She looked slightly shocked but incredibly horny as she lay face down on the mesh above her husband. The cum leaking out of her well fucked pussy was dripping down onto him. Nick walked around in front of her and gripped her hair, raising her head then guided his juice covered cock straight to her lips and thrust in hard. She gagged almost instantly at the unexpected intrusion. Her eyes were wide as she panicked and tried to breath around the large cock filling her mouth. He pulled back letting her breath then stared down at her with one eye brow raised in question. She didn't offer any reply other than to force her own head down onto his cock.

With a grin he gripped her hair and started to fuck her face. He was hard, brutal and merciless. Slamming his cock into her mouth and to the back of her throat. Her choking and gagging turned him on immensely and his cock was harder than ever as he fucked her face. The tears rolled down her cheeks and the saliva and precum dripped from her mouth, great strings of it dripping down through the cage bars onto her husband below them. He could feel himself getting ready to explode again but wasn't finished yet so he pulled out of her mouth, dropping her head down to rest on the cage. He could see the flesh of her tits pressing through the mesh and couldn't wait to see the marks when she was allowed up again.

As she lay there gasping and looking down at the mess on her husband, Nick walked over to her bedside table and picked up the small tube before walking around behind her. He squirted some onto his hand and rubbed the lube up and down the length of his cock. Squirting some more onto her ass he worked it into her tight puckered little asshole. She almost tried to protest but then when she felt the head of his cock there she just relaxed. He slowly began to force his cock into that tight back passage. She groaned - a mix of pain and pleasure as the head of his thick cock slowly stretched her ring until with a little shriek from her his cock was inside her.

He leaned over to kiss the backs of her shoulders. "Tell your husband what's happening Ellie. Let him know all the details.'

Nick slowly began to push more of his cock inside her, loving hearing her tell all the dirty things to her husband as he slowly filled her ass.

"Hubby - fuck - he's forcing his thick cock into my ass. I know you always wanted to try my ass but after this there won't be a point. I'd barely even feel anything after this...

Oh god it's so big - it feels like it's tearing me in half. Oh fuck I wish you could see this. Maybe next time I'll have you licking his cum out of me as he fucks my ass.

He is going to be coming back to do this again. Oh fuck he's all the way inside - I don't know how he managed to get all that in.

Fuck my ass Sir... use all my holes for your pleasure."

Nick could barely hold back his explosion now as he started to fuck her tight little ass. It had been virgin but as per his instructions she had been using plugs on it to get herself ready as there was no way she could have taken him like this otherwise. The lube was vital as he slammed in and out of her ass, stretching her tight little hole with his cock. After fucking her face, then fucking her ass and filth she had just said to her husband he knew he was close, when she exploded in her own orgasm from his cock in her ass he knew he was seconds from exploding.

He pulled out of her ass and with three quick steps was in front of her with his hand wrapped around his cock. She obediently looked up, raising herself up and opening her mouth. He came. Hard. Thick streams of cum blasted out of his cock, the first couple covered her face from chin to hair and then after that he filled her mouth with them cum. She swallowed some but then dribbled the rest down onto her husband in the cage under her.

Nick stepped away slowly. He took out his phone from the suit pocket and snapped a couple of photos of her lying used and exhausted on top of her caged husband and sent them to her.

"I want to see photos of the marks on your tits tomorrow Ellie. I'll be back same time next week for round two."

He dressed as she smiled lazily at him, her eyes sated and happy as she lay there unwilling to move just yet. He slipped out of the house to plot their next encounter.

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