tagFetishThe Cuckold Chronicles Ch. 02

The Cuckold Chronicles Ch. 02


Dramatic music blasted through the speakers as the credits rolled. The movie had ended, and the lights lit up. My arms were intertwined with Nick's as we watched the latest blockbuster on its opening weekend. My legs stretched out, and I moaned.

"How'd you like it?" He asked me, as we were getting up out of our seats.

"Amazing would be an understatement," I responded, throwing away the excess candy.

"Agreed. I came this close to screaming because of the ending," he replied, showing his fingers just barely not touching. We laughed as we exited the theater. I laced my fingers in with his as we walked.

"So what do you wanna do for dinner?" I asked him. It was Sunday evening; our weekly date night.

"I don't know. I chose last week. It's your turn, missy," he said with a smile that made my heart turn.

"Ugh, I have no clue what I'm hungry for... but I am hungry," I said, thinking out loud. "What about takeout? And we can go home and watch tv or something."

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Nick replied.

"Nick? Is that you?" A guy's voice said. I looked up to see some man approaching us. He was tall. That had been my first impression. The second was that he had fantastic hair. He stopped in front of us and smiled.

"Gavin? I thought you were living in Indiana now?" Nick said with a wide grin on his face. The two guys embraced in a hug.

"I'm back! For the time being anyway," Gavin responded, and then, his eyes fell on me.

"This is Joanna, my girlfriend," Nick introduced, and he immediately went for a hug. I was caught off guard for obvious reasons, but hugged him back. I noticed his biceps as they bulged against me.

"Joanna, this is Gavin. We were friends way back in middle school," Nick explained for me.

"Nice to meet you," I said with a smile. Something about the guy seemed off to me. It wasn't that he was weird or crazy or anything like that. He just seemed a little too friendly. Maybe it was just me.

I usually check out guys pretty discreetly when I'm out and about. I'm even more careful when I'm with Nick. This Gavin guy though was a hunk. He was just my type. Then, my stomach did a flip. Was he the one who came over? If he was ripped under all that clothing, he'd fit the picture. Thoughts were spinning in my head as they spoke. I caught a slight smirk thrown my way too. Was his voice familiar or was I just hearing things. I swallowed hard and kept up a fake smile.

"Ya know, babe. I'm really hungry," I said, interrupting their conversation. In that moment, all I wanted was for it to be over.

"I'll let you guys go then! We should hang out and catch up sometime, man," Gavin said as we began parting ways.

"For sure!" Nick responded.

"What're your thoughts on Chinese?" I asked him after a few moments, letting myself calm down. I'll admit, for the past few days, I'd been able to bury my feelings of guilt about what happened. Something about today though was bringing out the paranoia.

"Lo mein and egg rolls do sound delicious," he replied, and we made it to the car. His hand rested on my thigh as he pulled out of the parking lot. He threw a smile my way, and I melted. He was so good to me.


We had gotten our food and ended up on the living room couch in front of the tv. Our show was on. It was this stupid sitcom that we started the first time we hung out. Ever since then, we watched it together. It was a good thing there were 8 seasons available.

I cuddled up to Nick under a blanket as we laughed. I used chopsticks to eat, and Nick used a fork. I tried teaching him once, but he failed miserably. I stared at the tv intently as the show did its thing. Suddenly, I felt something bump into my mouth. I broke focus to see Nick holding a shrimp in front of me. I grinned and ate it.

"You're too cute when you're all serious and watching this show," he commented.

"You should be watching it too. Instead of me, ya know," I replied.

"I can't help it. You're better," he said with a shrug.

*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

Nick and I exchanged looks. We weren't expecting anyone to visit tonight. He tossed the blanket aside and went to the door. I stretched my neck back to see who it was.

"Shawn! What are you doing here?" I heard Nick say from the hall. Shawn was Nick's little brother. I rarely saw him, even at holiday stuff.

"Oh, I was just passing through town and figured I'd stop by to say hey to my big bro," I heard him respond.

"Come in. We were just watching tv," Nick invited. I heard their footsteps coming down the hall. I waved at Shawn as he came in.

"Hey, Joanna. How're you?" He asked me.

"Pretty good. And yourself?" I asked.

"Good too. Hope you don't mind me crashing your evening in," he commented.

"Oh no, it's fine," I said.

Shawn was shorter than I remember. He was still taller than me, but for some reason I thought that he was taller than Nick. Oh well.

"Wait. I love this show," Shawn said, realizing what was on the screen.

"Feel free to join us," Nick said happily. The two of them both took their seats. Shawn sat on the right side of the couch and Nick, the left. Shawn kicked his shoes off to make himself more comfortable as he settled in.

"I'm glad you stopped by actually. We need to figure out what we're gonna do for mom's birthday," Nick told him.

"We can figure that out later. It's not for a while anyway," Shawn said, blowing him off.

"I thought we could drive down to see her. She'd love to see you guys," I said, inputting my thoughts on the matter.

"Yeah. That's a good idea. We can carpool too? I hate that drive," Shawn said, looking to us.

"It's only three hours," Nick said, as if it were no big deal.

"Only? That's insane," Shawn said.

The commercial break ended, and so did that conversation. The three of us gave full attention to the screen. We'd gotten lucky that night; it turned out to be a marathon. We all shared several laughs together even though it was the same joke I'd heard a dozen times. Nick and I were even to the point where we could quote the actors as they went. A few episodes in, I got up to go to the bathroom.

I was washing my hands when my phone buzzed. I checked to see what was up, and the mystery man had messaged me again.

Stranger: Hey, wanna fuck again?

Me: I can't. My boyfriend and his brother are here

Stranger: I know;)

Before I even had the chance to ask him what he meant by that, a picture popped up. My eyes widened as I took in the sight. It was a picture of me, laying butt naked in bed with Shawn's dick filling my mouth! My stomach felt like it did three flips, and my heart skipped a beat. Shit! Shawn had a devilish grin in the picture he sent me. Another one popped up of him fucking me as well. It was suddenly burning up in the bathroom.

Me: Shit. I didn't know that was you

Stranger: I didn't know it was you either, until I got to your apartment building. At first I thought, no it couldn't be Nick's girl. Talk about a coincidence, huh?

Me: This can't be happening.

Stranger: Oh it is, and Nick has no idea

Me: We can't do that again

Stranger: You sure? If I recall correctly, you said "You're superior in every way" to me

Me: I know I did...

Stranger: I want you, Joanna. And I know you want me too. Let's do it

I didn't respond to him. I looked at the pictures one more time. That had been the hottest sex I'd ever had. I was conflicted, but I went back out there with a brave face on. Things could blow up easily tonight.

When I got back, Nick was slumped over on the armrest, dozing off. We were on an episode we had seen several times so it wasn't keeping anyone's attention. I sat back down and covered myself up with the blanket. I felt Shawn stir from where he was.

I sat there as stiff as a board, not daring to take my eyes off the screen. Nick started to lightly snore, and Shawn let out a small chuckle. Then, I saw Shawn's hand move under the blanket that was draped over me. I didn't move as his hand touched my leg and slide to my inner thigh. My whole body shuddered at the touch.

I let him do his thing. I didn't encourage him, but I also didn't discourage him either. I watched Nick sleeping soundly next to me when I felt Shawn's hand go to the buttons on my jeans. I felt him undo each one until my pants were open. My heart was pounding so hard that I felt it in my stomach.

Before I knew it, Shawn's fingers had crept under my panties, and he was gently rubbing my clit. I gasped as he did. Even being gentle, he still had complete control.

"Relax," Shawn said under his breath. I took a deep breath and did. I let my legs open a little more so he'd have a better angle.

Shawn's middle finger strained to reach further down and touched just the right spot. I felt myself getting turned on so I didn't stop him. My eyes closed, and my head fell back. Suddenly, Shawn's middle finger entered me. I gasped again. He had a way of making me do that, I guess. I looked over at him, and he had a big grin on his face. He knew. He knew that he had all the power. I looked the other way to find that Nick was still fast asleep.

As his digit slid in and out of me, I felt it getting wetter with each stroke. I bit my lip and saw Shawn readjust his own crotch. His other hand reached over and gently grabbed my wrist. He guided it ever so slowly to his lap. He placed my hand down on the thick outline of his raging cock. The fabric of his shorts did very little to hide it.

I didn't take quite as long to slide my hand into his underwear as he did with me. I was filled with lust. I reached into them and felt his huge cock for the second time. It pulsated in my grip, and I started to stroke him the best I could at the angle I was at.

It felt like it took forever for my hand to slide from the base to the head. My index finger glided over his slit, and I felt a good amount of precum. I quickly guarded it as I removed my hand from his underwear. I looked Shawn dead in the eye and licked the juice right off of my finger. He grinned, and he bit his lip as he pushed a second finger into my hole. He watched me intently as I shivered.

My finger left my mouth and went directly to his abs. I slid my hand down them until I was back at his dick. I stroked him some more before taking a gentle hold on his balls. I felt the weight of them in my hand and let them fall. All the while, Shawn was working his two fingers deeper into me, twisting and squirming.

Nick stirred awake. His fingers left me empty so fast. My hand also snapped back to myself. We both stared at the tv as if the informercial playing was the most interesting thing in the world. I pulled the blanket up to cover the fact that my pants were still undone.

Nick's eyes fluttered open as he sat back up. He looked around and stretched with an audible moan. His arm fell around me, and he pecked me on the cheek.

"What time is it?" He managed to get out.

"10:37," Shawn answered.

"I better go take a shower and get ready for bed," Nick said, more to himself than anyone else. He stood up and stretched once more.

"I should probably head out too," Shawn said, but remained in his seat.

"It was good seeing you, Shawn. Hopefully I'll see you soon," Nick said, half awake, as he headed down the hallway. We listened as the bathroom door closed and the shower turned on.

I looked over at Shawn. It was just the two of us now. I watched as he checked me out with pure, unadulterated lust. He grabbed onto his tool through his shorts. He wanted me bad, and I wanted him bad too. I sighed.

"We have to make this quick," I said, quietly.

Without taking even a second to think, Shawn left the couch and went to the floor right between my legs. He tossed the blanket aside and pulled my jeans off of me in one swift movement. It was actually kind of impressive. He then carefully removed my panties, moving as if he were performing a surgery. Once they were gone, he took a good look at my still-wet pussy. He dove right in.

Flick. Lick. Kiss. I felt his tongue and lips doing so much work on me. Every move he made was a sensation that sent me into ecstasy. It was exciting to get to watch him go at this time too. I saw his face go red, his jaw clench, and his hand go down to stroke himself. His shorts were gone. I didn't even know he took them off. I was in heaven as he ate me out.

Since I was so fucking wet, his hand reached up and wiped some of that liquid onto his palm. He immediately went back to eating me out as he stroked his member with it. The slurping sounds drowned out the tv, so I turned up the volume a hair.

I dropped the remote as I felt Shawn's tongue fuck me. My hands travelled up my shirt to squeeze my tits. The sound of him eating me while Nick was showering was music to my ears. I heard the water falling off of Nick's naked body as his baby brother gave me what I needed. The fantasy was starting to grow on me.

A few more blissful moments passed before Shawn stood up in front of me. His third leg hanging in the air, ready to go to work. I looked up at him and wondered how he managed to be so goddamn hot.

"Kiss it before it goes in you, babygirl," he said, watching me expectantly. First, I slipped my shirt off and tossed it to my jeans. My plan was to grab the pile of clothes and go to my room afterwards. That way, I could claim I was just changing clothes.

I placed both my hands on Shawn's hips as leaned forward. I puckered my lips and kissed his head right on the tip. As I pulled away, a string of spit connected us.

"You might want to hold onto something," Shawn warned as he grabbed his shorts. He pulled out a condom and put it on. I spread my legs far apart and got a tight grip on the couch cushions.

Shawn lowered his body closer to mine, and I felt his body heat. We maintained intense eye contact as he placed the tip of himself against my pussy. He found his balance and began to push.

At first, it wouldn't go into me. Therefore, Shawn put more of his weight into it. The pressure built up against me until he finally popped in. He went in fast too. At least 4 inches to start with. I almost screamed, but I knew that I couldn't. I clenched my jaw, and my face turned red suppressing my scream. My hands held the cushions tighter as he didn't even let me adjust.

Shawn started pumping himself in and out of me like I was a sex toy. He chest lowered until his pecs were pressed against my boobs. He breathed heavily into my ear as he picked up the pace. I felt the large cock of his penetrating me over and over again. It was like losing my virginity for the first time.

The water stopped. The curtain opened. Nick was done with his shower.

"Shit. He's done," I panicked.

"You better keep quiet then," Shawn replied. As I processed what he just said, he went to town.

Shawn pulled all the way out of me and then slammed right back in. I let out a small squeak as he did. His pelvis almost began to vibrate against me, fucking me like I've never been fucked before. My whole body was shaking as he went into jack rabbit mode. I squeezed the couch cushions tighter just to keep quiet. I heard them rip, but I couldn't have cared less.

Shawn pushed his dick all the way into me, and I felt his balls press against my skin as he unleashed a load. The condom began filling up with his hot cum. Shawn paused inside of me as he finished his climax.

Shawn let himself slide back out of me, and I caught my breath. I had been holding so much tension, but wow was that sexy. Nick couldn't even do half that speed. I was on the edge. Shawn stood upright, and I saw just how much cum was in that condom. Shawn's hand fell and started to rub me again. It didn't take long for my orgasm to come. When it did come, I arched my back and whined lightly.

"Oh fuck, Shawn," I said quietly.

"I gotta go. Message me and let's do this again, Joanna," Shawn said, putting his clothes on. I turned the tv off and walked him to the door. I waved to Shawn as he walked down the hallway.

I heard the bathroom door open and realized that I was still butt naked. I sprinted to the couch and grabbed my clothes. Then, I dashed to our room and threw them to the side. Just as I got to the dresser where my pajamas were, Nick walked in.

"Oh, hey there, sexy," Nick commented as he stood in the doorway. I turned around, out of breath and smiled. He was wearing nothing but a towel.

"Hey, Nick," I said, pulling out something to wear.

"You know, that shower really woke me up, and you're looking really good," Nick said. He stepped towards me and put his hands on my sides. They travelled down to my ass and squeezed.

"Is that right?" I said, almost awkwardly. Nick kissed me and one of his hands reached up and took hold of my tit.

"You're so hot," Nick said under his breath, kissing my neck. He dropped his towel to the ground, revealing a boner. He pressed his hips into me, rubbing his dick on me. It felt like nothing though, compared to what I had just had.

"I can't. Not tonight, Nick. I'm not in the mood," I finally said, pushing him away a bit.

He looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. As he dropped his hands to his side, I put on some clothes. In the time it took me to put on my shirt, Nick's dick had deflated. He stood there naked as I crawled into bed.

"Okay. Another time then," he said, and he got dressed to. He climbed into bed and spooned me. I turned the lights off, and we called it a night.

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