tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Diet Challenge Ch. 08

The Cuckold Diet Challenge Ch. 08


The Cuckold Diet Challenge Ch.08

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~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Chapter 8: The End of the Story

My final chapter in the continuation of the The Cuckold Diet Challenge by RazorLyt, (2/2/09)

In the last chapter, Rick's journey toward health had taken a detour. He's lost and gets advice from friends and strangers. He decides to try to take back control over his life, in a more proactive fashion.

Rick starts working out again, if not quite so single-mindedly. He begins taking care of business in preparation for getting back to work, and receives advice on his relationship issues from a host of people. He's pressured from all sides to give her one more chance.

He decides to give it another try, and see if they can't work things out.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I woke to Danielle holding me. It felt odd and familiar at the same time. I shifted within her arms, turning to see her gazing at me.

"I won't make you regret this," she said softly.

I gave her a tentative smile. "I missed you."

She snuggled in tight, and I wrapped my arm around her, holding her close. She started kissing my shoulder, and when she shifted to kiss lower, I gave her a squeeze. "Baby steps, Danielle."

She stopped wiggling lower, and cuddled up, her head on my shoulder. "This is a great first step," she whispered.

I peeked over at the clock, and saw we'd slept in. It was almost 9:20. "You're going to miss 9:30 mass," I said.

"I didn't have the heart to wake you. You looked at peace for the first time in a long time. I'm sorry I was the cause of your unhappiness."

"Shh," I said, giving her another squeeze. "No talk about that. We move forward, maybe later, when things are better, we can look back, but not yet, Ok?"

She nodded. "Baby, I..."

I'll never know what she was going to say next. The twin terrors chose that moment to burst into the room, jumping on the bed. For a moment I did a quick personal review and recalled I was wearing boxers. Danielle was wearing her old night-gown, which might have been a bit worse for wear and tear, but it was presentable.

"Surprise! We made breakfast!" Erin exclaimed. "Get up!"

Danielle and I looked at each other in abject fear. We both recalled the last time the kids tried that.

I felt her hand reach for mine, squeezing it nervously. I lifted my head, sniffing and tried to detect any smoke. What I smelled was coffee.

She climbed out of bed on her side, and I did the same, ducking into the closet long enough to grab a t-shirt, before getting dragged by Erin out to the dining area.

I'm sure Danielle was as stunned as I was. The table was set. Pancakes were piled high on a plate, along with a bowl of scrambled eggs, and another of sausage links. Chocolate milk and juice had been set out, and coffee was in front of both our places.

"This...it's amazing," Danielle gushed. "I can't believe what a wonderful breakfast you two prepared!"

"Francine's been helping us. She says everybody should be able to cook at least a few dishes well," Eric explained.

"I did the eggs," Erin boasted.

I sat down and started serving myself. "You guys outdid yourselves. We're going to have to give Francine a raise."

It was better than edible. The eggs weren't runny, the pancakes weren't overcooked. It's hard to mess up heat-and-serve sausages, and they hadn't. Even the few pieces of egg-shell in the scrambled weren't worth noting. The kids kept looking back and forth between us with every bite we took. I made appropriate 'yummy' noises that kept a smile on their faces.

It was good to have my family back. Better than I could have imagined. For a moment I recalled my wife's threat to take them from me, but Eric's laughter banished that thought.

Of course, the kids bailed out as we finished, and Danielle and I were left with the disaster of a kitchen. They had burned pancakes, some of which were laying on the floor, and apparently they had a hard time getting the cracked eggs into a bowl, since several failed attempts were on the counter, hardening. The electric griddle was still on, thankfully turned to low. My wife and I cleaned up patiently, comfortably, commenting on the incredible job they'd done with the food, and admiring the patience Francine must have to get them as far as she did.

By the time we were finished, it was too late for the 11:00 service. "I guess we'll skip church today."

She nodded. "I think it was worth it, don't you?"


She slid over next to me, looking for a hug. I took her in my arms.

"We're going to be Ok, aren't we?" she asked softly.

"I sincerely hope so. You understand there's no room for error. We're going to have to be careful with each other."

She hugged me tightly. "I know. No more mistakes, and we talk everything out before doing anything stupid."

I think she meant it. I know I did.

~ * ~ * ~

Things weren't easy, but we were making progress. Danielle was still working long hours, and I was splitting time between slowly working my way back into the office action, and exercising. The weight lifting was trimmed way back, to only about 40 minutes each day. Jenny made a simple regimen for me, arms and chest Mondays and Thursdays, legs Tuesdays and Fridays, back and shoulders Wednesday and Saturdays. Abs every day. I was running every morning after getting the kids off to school, and spending a couple of hours under her torture every evening.

I'd moved back into the bedroom, and was sleeping with Danielle, but that's all we were doing. Sleeping and a little cuddling.

Monday, I saw the doctor. For all the grief I'd given Danielle about using a condom and getting tested, I'd been as bad as her. I trusted the girls, neither had been in any relationship, but hell, I'd had sex with Shelly. That was like sticking your dick in a Petri dish. By Thursday, I had the all clear. I didn't flaunt the results in front of Danielle, but I put it in a bedside drawer, in case it ever came up.

Word got out that things were better. It was still quiet for a few days, but by the end of the week, Danielle was on the phone for hours at a time, filling in her friends. She caught me watching her one time, and abruptly cut off whoever she was talking to. She came over and sat by me. "I'm an idiot," she said. "Do you mind that I'm talking about us being on the mend?"

"Is that all you're talking about?"

She nodded. "Nothing but good, I swear. If it bothers you, I won't."

I sighed. "I guess I'm still gun shy, afraid of hearing you talk about what we went through."

She scooted closer, leaning against me. "Never. Not a word. Not to anybody. I'm just talking about how things are now."

"Nothing to nobody? Not even Shelly or Anna?"

She blushed. "Anna's been grilling me. She and Angela are the worst. Shelly's backed way off. I think she knows she almost killed our friendship, as badly as she messed up our marriage. I'm not blaming her, but she didn't help. Anna and Angela sometimes want to talk about what happened, to make sure nothing like it happens again. I just tell 'em I don't want to talk about anything that happened in the last few months."

"Anna," I said.

"Anna what?"

"You can talk to her about anything. I don't mind."


"Yeah. You need someone to open up to. I understand that. If Anna's not enough, I guess Angela and even Shelly would be Ok. They already know pretty much everything. I'd prefer Anna."

"Then it will be only Anna," she said. She leaned up and kissed my cheek. "I love you, Rick."

I grabbed her chin, tilted her head up and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I love you too, baby."

~ * ~ * ~

Friday I was surprised when Danielle got home early for once. Not actually early but by 6:30. Early for her. She came down the stairs where the twins and I were working out with Jenny.

She smiled as she took in the view. I was trudging away on an 8% incline, 20 minutes into my run, while Jenny had the kids lifting 10 lb dumbbells, correcting their form.

Jenny left the kids with directions to do 3 sets of 10 reps, alternating with each other, and intercepted Danielle only a couple of steps in front of me. She looked over at me nervously. "I'm only training him," she said softly.

Danielle nodded, smiling. "I know, he's all out of chips, and there's no way in hell he's earning any more."

Jenny blushed a deep red.

"You've done a great job with him. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that having you and Francine both here haven't helped a lot." I saw her take Jenny by the hand, and walk to the other side of the basement away from curious ears. They talked for a couple of minutes, hugged, and ambled back, both of them smiling. I returned their smile.

Jenny glared at me. "If you're having it that easy, why don't we crank up that treadmill another half. You've really been slacking."

Danielle smirked. "When everyone's finished, I thought we could hit Rosie's New York Diner." She moved close to me, her voice dropping. "I know you love cheesecake, and the only one you're going to be getting comes on a plate. I figure you've earned a treat."

She was joking, teasing. I guess I could have taken offense, but I grinned back. "I have missed dessert."

Danielle stared into my eyes, searching for something. "God, Rick. I've missed dessert so badly."

Jenny was slow to catch on. "No dessert for you, big guy, until your weigh-in tomorrow. And even then, I expect you to limit yourself to a little piece."

Danielle turned on my slow trainer. "You deal with the workout, and Francine will handle the nutrition. Leave the dessert to me."

I think Jennifer finally caught on. She blushed again, then smiled. "My mistake. I think it's only fair that we all contribute our fair share to straightening him out. You are officially in charge of all dessert."

Danielle nodded slowly. "You bet your firm little 20 something ass I am." She turned and winked at me. "And don't you forget it."

I'll admit it. Some unworthy bitter thoughts came to mind, but I stifled them, as I saw her teasing look turn to one of worry, when I was slow to respond.

"I might want more than a small piece," I finally said.

She visibly perked up, and leaned over the arm of the treadmill. "As big a piece as you want, baby. The unlimited dessert bar is open for business. One customer only."

~ * ~ * ~

The cheesecake was wonderful as always. The dessert, although slow to get started and tentative, was everything I remembered. I had a tough moment, but forced the stray thoughts from my mind, as Danielle and I came together for the first time in over two months.

Afterward she was clinging to me, and I held her as the tears leaked out.

"Relax, baby. It was good. We needed this," I reassured her.

She nodded. "I was afraid I'd never get to do that with you again. I was so scared, Rick. Scared to death I'd fucked everything up."

"You need to stop crying, beautiful."

"I can't help it," she sniffed.

"No more crying, I said." I gave her a squeeze. "'Cause I need some more dessert."

I leaned back as she scurried down the bed, wiping her eyes, before going down on me. I encouraged her with words and a few soft touches. She looked up at me after a while. "Do you think you have two more left in you?"

I laughed. "I have a hell of a lot more than two left, although I think that may be the limit for tonight."

"Good. I want to finish this one. I want to taste you."

I felt a short pang of jealousy, but I let it go. "I'd like that."

It took her a while, but she was patient, and very, very good. I groaned loudly as I approached completion. That seemed to inspire her, and only a few seconds later I gasped as I filled her sexy mouth. She didn't leave me alone until I was completely clean. She moved up the bed, her hands roaming over my body. "You look so much better, Rick. I can't get over it."

"Shh. Sore subject, Ok?"

She nodded, cuddling me. "Do you want to talk about anything?" she asked.

"No. I want to love my wife, hold her, and live in the now, not the past."

I reacquainted myself with her breasts, at length, turned her over and gave her a back rub, which led to a butt-rub, culminating in an extended session with me taking her from behind, on her hands and knees. My hands floated across her back, down her sides, caressing her butt. For the first time I noticed that there was a little more to rub than there had been. No tennis, and eating Francine's best, along with the never-ending business lunches had added a few pounds.

I recalled the three grand she'd spent on clothing, while I squeezed her full ass cheeks, pumping into her. Maybe she did need a new wardrobe.

There was no way I was going to bring up a discussion of weight or dieting. Not after the last fiasco. Besides, I kind of liked her fuller butt cheeks. I gave one a slap, making her squeal cutely, and watched her flesh ripple. It would be good for her to feel a little bit of what I had gone through. Grinning, I smacked her other cheek sharply, enjoyed the sharp intake of breath.

~ * ~ * ~

Little by little, day by day, things got better. Memories of what had happened, images from those videos, would pop up now and then. When they did, I made a mental effort to think about the kids, the breakfast they made for us, the laughter in the house, sitting around a Monopoly board, wheeling and dealing for properties. It worked, at least most of the time.

It was several days before our nightly cuddling led to another love-making session. Again, she seemed almost eager to suck me. It bothered me.

"You don't have to do that. You don't have to make up anything to me," I told her, after our first lovemaking session, when she moved down between my legs.

"I want to, Rick. I love you, and I want to bring you pleasure. If you don't want me to, I won't, but if you'll let me, I'd like this to be a regular part of our bedroom activity."

I chuckled, and pushed her head back down onto my cock, gently. "I love when you do that. I just don't want you thinking you have to."

She certainly acted like she wanted to do it. It was anything but mechanical, sometimes loving and tender, other times wanton and demanding. Whatever she did, I enjoyed it. And almost never thought about how she'd come to enjoy doing it, on another man's cock. A bigger cock. Much bigger.

Once she had me raring to go, she got on her hands and knees before me. I had a bad moment remembering her comment about only being able to stand me from behind. It wasn't enough to stop me from enjoying her. Once I was plowing away, the bad thoughts disappeared. I was feeling good, squeezing her butt cheeks. She reached back and spread them for me, her shoulders resting on the bed.

"They're both yours, baby. Any time you want. Cleaned and pre-lubed if you're in the mood."

It was an ugly moment. She'd never offered it to me before. The one time she'd allowed me in the backdoor had been at my insistence on my 'reward' night. Her big-dick lovers had used it hard and often.

"Make it yours again, Baby," she pleaded, waiting anxiously.

What the hell, I figured I deserved at least as much as those bastards got. I pulled out of her warm pussy and pressed against her crinkled entrance. It was harder than I thought it would be, especially after the last things in there. She whimpered cutely as I finally penetrated her.

"Gently," she pleaded.

Bullshit. She'd never told them to take it easy. I grabbed her hips, and started working my way in, steadily getting deeper.

"Fuuuck," she groaned.

I laughed and started plowing her with long steady strokes. "Whose ass is this?"

"Yours, baby. Nobody but yours ever again. Fuck my tight ass, Rick."

She groaned when I started pounding her. "It's my ass now."

"Always yours," she moaned. "Whenever you want."

I slapped her butt cheeks, and took what was mine. After only a few more minutes, I pushed in as deep as I could, and unloaded.

I laid on my back, satisfied. She got up and returned moments later with a warm washcloth, cleaning me up. "You like my ass, don't you baby?"

"I love your ass, Angel."

"You don't even have to ask. It's yours now, like all the rest of me, whenever you want."

Saturday's weigh-in was a big one. The week before, I'd lost 6 pounds and was down to 206. I gave full credit to Jenny's return. I had hoped for another similar number. I fell one pound short, with a weight of 201. Two pounds, really. My goal was under 200 before returning back to work. I had no doubt I'd get there, with one week to go.

After the weigh-in, I ate a very light breakfast. I was saving my cheat-meal for the afternoon. For the first time in 3 months, we were having company over. A family barbecue, maybe a dozen couples, with their kids. Francine was taking care of the meal, and I was astounded by the amount of effort she put into it. She'd had a beef brisket cooking all night, a smoked ham she was babying like a newborn, and trays of burgers and hot dogs for the kids. She had two assistants with her, who were excellent at staying under the radar but keeping everything moving smoothly.

Danielle was nervous, and changed her outfit twice. I settled her down, reminding her that almost everyone there was close friends, with a few work associates thrown in. I had some news I needed to clear up before the party. I'd been trying to figure out a way to approach it for a few days, and now I'd run out of time.

"You know I've been back to the office, talking to Tom, Mike, and the other partners."

She nodded, standing in front of the mirror, adjusting her blouse. She usually wore things skin tight, but this one was looser, and she was adjusting where it was tucked in.

"I'm going to be returning to work for them again. Dale's the Managing partner, and Mike's back in the role they'd offered me. He's still looking to retire, to at least part-time. There's a good chance, if things fall my way, and nothing ugly happens, that I'll be Senior Partner again."

She turned and looked toward me, then I was in her arms. "How soon? Really? We didn't totally mess things up?"

"One week," I said. "I've been seeing them for a couple of weeks, laying the groundwork, getting in touch with what's going on. They've made it pretty clear that our personal business needs to be kept quiet. There's no place in the firm for willing cuckolds, or even the appearance of one. I might be able to be a partner, but any type of senior position would be out of the question."

She stepped back and adjusted my shirt. "We need to take you shopping. You need some clothing that fits."

I pulled her close for a hug. "We'll talk this week about what it means to us, to the household, our work schedules, all that. I just wanted you to know. I've spoken to Teri and she's agreed to watch the kids after school each day, until we pick them up, if you're willing."

Her squeeze echoed mine. "It's all gonna be Ok, isn't it? We're gonna make it. It'll be as good as before, maybe even better. Tell me we're gonna be fine, Rick."

I kissed the top of her head, "It's gonna be better than fine, Angel. As long as we've both learned our lessons."

"I love you, Rick. I guess this is a day for celebration in more ways than one!"

She gave me a quick kiss. "I know it's your cheat meal, but I hope you'll save room for dessert."

The guests started showing up early, Tom and Angela were the first to arrive, with a huge cooler stuffed with beer. Shelly was almost on their heels. She gave me a big hug, and a friendly kiss on the cheek. I hadn't seen her since the run, but I knew she was back to being Danielle's #1 confidant.

"No sneaking off with any of the guests," I teased.

She poked me in the ribs. "Not even as a joke, Rick. Please. I still feel like shit over everything I did. I appreciate you allowing me to come over."

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