tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 01

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 01



I suppose my starting point was when I googled the word 'Cuckold' that fateful morning. I don't know why I did it and I wasn't sure what it really meant; all I knew was that it was a term used for husbands whose wives were unfaithful to them.

I had never been unfaithful to Mark and had never really considered it seriously. Sure, like most women my age who are married and have young children, it is nice to flirt occasionally. It is good to know that men still find you are attractive even if you are spoken for. I have had a few opportunities to take things further but I had always left them at the 'fantasy' stage. I knew a few friends who had gone down that road and got tangled up in affairs; they had all ended in disasters and broken relationships. Mark may not be a Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt but he is my love; a good husband and father and a friend too. To me a quick thrill was not worth the sacrifice.

I did know however that Mark had a thing about me with other men, which subconsciously is probably why I went looking. I didn't mind, in fact it made sex quite exciting sometimes, laying there and touching each other while talking about me with another man. I liked to lay back and listen to him talking about a man with a much bigger cock taking me. It made for some quite earth shattering orgasms for me as well as Mark.

Although I had to be careful as far as he was concerned; he could cum very quickly with me stroking his cock and talking about sex with another man.

So why did I Google it? I suppose out of curiosity because of the situation with Mark.


I had always had a thing about Jane with another man right from the start of our relationship. She was, and still is, very attractive and had had a few relationships before she met me. I had had only two serious relationships so she was more sexually experienced than me.

Like most guys you like to know about your girlfriend's previous relationships and the inevitable manly pride comes in with the questions "Were they bigger than me?" and "Were they better?" Of course, most girls are careful to spare your feelings and reply "No." Jane was pretty honest as far as size was concerned!

It took a while for her to open up, but I enjoyed hearing about her exploits with previous boyfriends and I think that after a while she used to get quite excited reliving some of those moments. Up to that point it has always been fantasy though; enjoyable as it was, I doubted whether I could actually go through with it and I felt certain that Jane wouldn't.

Yes, I had gone on certain websites and read stories and accounts of cuckolding but I knew that ninety percent of it was pure fantasy. There were lots of guys like me out there who got a kick out thinking about it. I had also seen videos as well of cuckolding acts and exciting as they were; I knew that they were actors and actresses filming in a hotel room. Like the stories they made exciting fantasy.


What surprised me about the whole cuckolding thing was the amount of interest in it. Page after page of website listings filled my laptop screen. I got to about the twentieth page and stopped; there were still thousands of more pages still to view.

Scrolling back to the first page I clicked on a site and ended up in a Cuckold forum. Page after page and member after member either asking questions or giving an account of their experiences. Married men talking about their wives with another man and what it was like for them. Some things actually shocked me; I mean, I would never say that I was prudish but reading about how some men liked to 'clean' their wives up after their lover had cum inside them; and not only that, clean the lover as well!

Moving on from the cuckolds themselves I found a 'Bull's' forum; a 'Bull' being the wife's lover. Bigger and better than the husband, obviously, these were the males that enjoyed humiliating the husband with displays of their superiority in the bedroom. I found myself getting quite excited not just reading their accounts but also their adverts. One advert in particular caught my attention and I found myself emailing a reply.


When Jane told me one night that she wanted to cuckold me I was pretty taken aback. We were lying in bed and she was stroking my cock and talking to me about a guy at work that had been asking her out. It excited me, as such talk always did, but it was when she used the word cuckold and said that she wanted to cuckold me that stopped me in my tracks. Jane had never used such expressions like that before.

It kind of put me off my stride for a few moments but Jane persisted; sweet talking, filthy talk, telling me how she would love to fuck another man in front of me. It didn't take me long to get back into the flow of things and before I knew it I was covering her hand with my free flowing cum.

Afterwards I lay back aware that something had changed; Jane had changed. I lay for a few minutes looking at the thirty-two year old woman lying by my side. My wife of 8 years and mother of my two children somehow seemed different. Looking back on that moment later I would come to realise that it was a defining moment in our lives.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw Alex's email in my inbox a couple of days later. I hadn't really expected a response to my exploratory email. I rifled one back to him and within a few days we were in regular correspondence.

I gave him very little information about myself at first; just telling him that I was married and that my husband had a thing about me with another man. Alex was a divorced male of 42 and he described himself as an experienced 'Bull'. He has helped many wives like me to get into cuckolding, so he said. Although I took what he said with a pinch of salt at first it did excite me that another man wanted to help me cuckold my husband. He told me over and over again that he would love to help me become a Cuckoldress. Within a couple of weeks we were opening up to each other; Alex told me that he had cuckolded many husbands over the years. "There was," he said. "No greater turn on than fucking another man's wife and knowing that he was aware of it." His greatest thrill was spending the night in the marital bed with a woman while her husband slept in the spare room.

His wife had found out about his exploits a few years ago and had sent him packing. Chatting to him gave me a great insight in the mind of a cuckold. He told me that he had seen grown men cry seeing him with their wives and yet it excited them as well. I could not fully understand how a man could love his wife, be very jealous of the whole situation, and yet get enormous sexual release from it. But as Alex said "Why should I try to understand it. Just enjoy the sexual freedom that it allowed."

As time went on Alex became very helpful in 'conditioning' Mark, as he called it. He would tell me to play on it; masturbate Mark as I told him things I would like to do with another man. From that I would be able to gauge just how far I could get Mark to go and how fast I could do it. Alex emphasised the importance of taking things slowly. "Lead him by his cock slowly yet firmly," he would tell me. "Once the noose was around his neck he would be yours!"

I followed his advice and soon became surprised how easy Mark was not only taking to the idea but also confessing things that he would be prepared to do. Alex had also told me how enjoyable it was to have a husband clean up after him after he had finished with his wife. "And if he is prepared to clean me up as well all the better!" He added.

I never got as far as bringing that particular aspect into our fantasy but the thought of seeing Mark with another man's cock in his mouth was very appealing, more so if it was covered in my juices as well!


To be honest I never saw it coming; I should have, I know, but Jane had subtly reeled me in, so subtly that I hadn't realised that I had swallowed hook, line and sinker until I had been landed on the river bank!

Although I had noticed a change in her I had never realised where it was all leading to, I just thought that it was her opening up sexually with age. In hindsight, the change in the bedroom talk; the change in the way she dressed; change of hair colour and the sudden sexier outlook should have flagged itself on my radar a long time ago but it's always easier with hindsight isn't it? The saying that a way to man's heart is through is stomach is a load of rubbish. The way to a man's heart is through his cock!

Jane had taken hold of mine and led me like a lamb to the slaughter. When she had got me into the hotel room on that fateful night I was a cuckold waiting to happen.


It was inevitable that Alex and I would get together eventually. I knew after a few weeks that I wanted to take things further with him and that if I was going to cuckold Mark then he would be the man to do it with. To be fair on Alex he was never pushy even though he was clearly interested. In Alex's favour was the fact that he lived just over an hour away.

From email chats we gradually got round to talking on the telephone. Alex gave me his number with the promise that he would never call me first. The agreement was that I would call him when I wanted to chat and he would call me back. He did not to want to compromise my marriage. When he did ask if we could meet up for a coffee sometime I was quite hesitant at first. Even though we were chatting and emailing each other regularly it was a big step to take and I knew that if we did meet it would change things. One night, during one of our 'fantasy' talks in bed I told Mark that I was going to have a coffee with an admirer from work and then expanded on what I might do with him afterwards. Mark prematurely ejaculated in my hand. I knew then that it was time to make a move.

Two days later Alex and I met up in our local shopping centre for a coffee. I didn't dress up; I just wore jeans and a top. I didn't want to look as though I was on a date. Alex too dressed casually. I knew the moment I set eyes on him that I wanted him. He was no Adonis or muscle bound hunk; he was just your average middle aged male but there was a smile and a sparkle in his eyes, a sparkle that said "I want to bed you!"

After getting the mundane chat out of the way Alex tried to get on topic but it was hopeless because of people milling around us. Alex suggested that we go somewhere where we could have privacy. I knew what he was hinting at; there was only one place and that was my home. He saw my hesitancy and told me "I won't try anything on, I promise. I just want to chat."

Meeting another man to talk sex excited me; more than that, it was making me wet. I thought about his suggestion for a few moments, pretending to be seriously considering his proposition, and then I agreed to it.


When Jane suggested a night in a hotel, alone, without the children, I was somewhat surprised. Apart from a friend's wedding we had never spent a night apart from them. "It would be nice to have some quality time together." She told me. "You can buy me some nice lingerie and we can have a nice meal, some wine and then......." She added.

Jane knew how to play me!

That Saturday morning we dropped the girls off with her Mum and Dad and then went shopping before going to the hotel. As I put the cases down on the large double bed little did I realise just what was in store for me.


Alex came to visit me three days later. I knew that Mark would be out of the area visiting clients and I told him that I need the day off to do some spring cleaning and do some shopping. As wonderful a husband as he is he has no idea about house cleaning. My lie would be undetectable to his naked eye!

I didn't dress up particularly for Alex but I did wear stockings and suspenders. I had no intention of doing anything with him but I like to feel sexy and you do get a special thrill about being among men wearing some sex lingerie.

When he arrived I made us both a coffee and then we went into the lounge to talk. I felt quite nervous sitting next to him on the settee; felt a bit like a schoolgirl on her first date. Alex though seemed so calm and assured. We started talking about Mark and my cuckolding him and he asked me if he could be the one to cuckold him. It had been the first time that he had ever made such a direct request.

Of course, I wanted him to be first. I wanted to cuckold Mark right there and then with Alex. I sat there finding it hard to stay in control of my emotions. All I could say though was "How will we go about it?"

Alex smiled and then went on to suggest a hotel. I listened intently as he explained his plan getting more excited with each passing moment. It was a bold plan but it was a tried and tested one. I hadn't realised it but practically the whole while he talked I was looking down at his crotch. It was only when he asked me if I was sizing him up that I suddenly realised what I was doing. I felt quite embarrassed.

He moved his hands to his sides and told me that I was free to inspect the goods if I wanted to. If someone had suggested that to me a few months before I would have either slapped his face or run a mile but that was then. Don't ask me why but I just found myself reaching over with my hand and touching his bulge.

I had touched men like that before; boyfriends and Mark of course, but none had given the pleasure I felt at that moment as it stiffened beneath my hand. I already knew that is was bigger than Mark's and was bigger than any previous boyfriend's but I just had to inspect further. As I reached for the buckle of his belt Alex raised his bottom; moments later his trousers and boxers were around his knees.

For a few moments I was back in the early days of my sexual awakening; looking at a penis for the first time. I used to like taking my time just looking at them. They might have all looked the same, excluding size, but each was different. Some were circumcised and some were not; some were thick and some were thin; some had large veins showing and some had not, and some were appealing while others were not. Alex's was big, thick, circumcised and with veins at bursting point. It was very appealing and I knew that it would be the next one inside me. It was seemed only natural to lower my head.

Taking a cock in my mouth was not something that I would do immediately; I liked to get to know a guy before I got that intimate with him. Alex was different; it gave me great pleasure in taking him in my eager mouth. Within minutes his groans were filling the room and his hands were holding my head tightly in place. It did not take long before his cum was filling my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his tasty cum and then cleaned him up with my tongue and tissue.

"That was so beautiful." He told me as he kissed me. "I never expected that."

I smiled and told him that I never expected to be doing it.

"Can I do anything for you?" He asked me as his hand alighted on my knee.

I didn't want sex, I wasn't ready for it and I told him so.

"I don't mean penetration." He replied. "I mean reciprocating the favour!" He added as he pushed back the hem of my skirt.

Moments later I found myself slumped back with my skirt up around my waist and Alex on his knees on the floor between my open legs. I was already cumming before his tongue had hardly got passed the white flesh above my stocking tops; by the time it started to probe me through my panties I had lost it.

He could have done anything that he wanted if he had wished. I wouldn't have stopped him if he had pulled my panties down and took me where I lay. I wouldn't even have resisted if he had dragged me up the stairs to the bedroom but Alex kept to his promise. He gave me oral orgasm after orgasm and then put my panties back in place before pulling up his trousers.

I kissed him just before he left and told him that I was looking forward to the pleasure of his cuckolding at the weekend.

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