tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 07

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 07



There is a case to make that far from cuckolding being a threat to marriage, cuckolding actually enhances a marriage. Yes, giving your wife sexual freedom can be quite risky. There is always the chance that she will fall in love with her lover and want to leave the marital home and be with him. It does happen and will continue to happen but the majority of marital relationships last.

What helps strengthen the relationship is the fact that from the man's point of view, there is no room for taking your wife for granted. It had been a long since I had last bought Jane some flowers and chocolates but I made a special point of doing it that Sunday. I may not have been the man that Alex was sexually but I could make up for it in other ways.

I also made a point of doing my fair share of the Sunday lunch preparation and the clearing up afterwards. Normally I left it to Jane, preferring to read the papers instead. Jane noticed the change immediately. "I will have to have Alex over more often." She joked.

After dinner and with the girls settled Jane and I sat down and talked about our new lifestyle. Lack of communication can be a killer in relationships. Jane and I used to talk a lot about our plans and aspirations years ago but we had got out of the habit. We sat cuddled up together on the settee and talked the events of this last week.

We both agreed that we had ventured into something that neither of us wanted to stop. Jane told me frankly that sex had become boring with me. "It's not you personally," she told me. "It's sex with the same person all the time. You get used to the same positions, the same body. I have found things exciting with Alex." She added. "It's not just size and performance it's the excitement of a strange touch; a different body smell and new lust."

I knew what she meant. Her words hurt but I had taken her body for granted, now another man was getting the excitement that I used to get seeing her body. Another man was experiencing the charms that I had been experiencing over the years.

I asked her if she had been serious about taking a few lovers over the next while before settling down with a couple of regulars and perhaps having a baby with one of them. "Yes." She told me.

She stroked my hair as she said, "I am going to be doing lots of things over this next while that you may not like me doing and probably find hard to understand but always remember that I love you and need to do them."

We kissed, perhaps with more passion that we had done in years. I wanted to make love to her even if it meant using a condom but Jane said no. "Not until Wednesday, I'm afraid." She told me. "Alex's orders."

Alex's influence in our marriage was becoming well and truly established now.


I mentioned in my introduction that I sometimes flirted; I liked to flirt, a woman needs to flirt as well. I had flirted with a few of Mark's friends over the years and a few men associated with our business. Nothing too overt but their again you don't need to be with a male. Just a smile can sometimes get a man thinking that you are interested in him. I have girlfriends who openly admit that if they want something from a man, even the man himself, they are not adverse to undoing an extra button of their blouse and or even flashing a thigh. I had never done anything like that in the past but I had suddenly got the confidence to that now.

I had already started to wear skirts more often than trousers or jeans now and I had discarded my tights for stockings. I was learning that it felt good to feel sexy and it also boosted your confidence. A confident, sexy woman can be quite an attraction for men!

I had told Mark that I intended sleeping around. It wasn't said with any deliberate intention of hurting him. I loved him and didn't want to deliberately hurt or humiliate him but there was a streak in me that found a vein of pleasure in doing so. I also knew that Mark got enjoyment out of idea as well. A glance down at his crotch gave me all the indication I needed!

Why I wanted to sleep around was an easy question to answer and that was because I could. Women have always had a higher sex drive than men but they have always had to rein it in; hold it back. A man can sleep around with ease. They don't get called derogatory names; in fact they get plaudits for it from other men. Women on the other hand get called horrible names and get looked down on. Convention says that a man can go out and a bed a different woman every night and nothing gets said about it but a woman can't.

I loved sex and wanted to experience more. Convention may say that I can't but my husband had released me from the bonds of marital fidelity and I intended taking advantage of it.


Mick called by the office on Tuesday morning. Jane had sat with me the morning before and told me to ring him about making her new bedroom en-suite. That morning she wore a pair of tight fitting leggings with a camisole top under a long cream silk blouse. The tail of the blouse covered her bottom but it was see-though and its effect was limited.

Mick's eyes were all over her when she came into the office. We talked about what we wanted for a few minutes and then Jane took him off to the house so that he could measure up and give us a quotation. His eyes were fixed on her bottom as he followed her out of the offices.

It was funny in a way with Mick. He was trying to have a conversation with me in the office and his eyes were either on my chest or crotch. He left his pick-up truck at the office and I drove him to the house. He was quite chatty and of course the compliments flowed from him; telling me that I had lost some weight since he had last seen me and that I was looking well. He also asked me if I ever went out on my own at all. I told him no.

I knew that as he followed me up the stairs his eyes were fixed on my bottom. I didn't mind; I had chosen the outfit deliberately, I wanted a good price for the job! I took him into 'my' bedroom first and told him what I wanted. On the bed was a nightie and panty set that I had bought the day before. Alex was coming over on Thursday evening and staying for a couple of nights and I wanted something nice to wear for him. I had just folded them up and laid them on top the pillow. I hadn't put them there deliberately but they did grab Mick's attention.

I took him into our bedroom to show him the design that I was looking for and then offered him a coffee. I left him for ten minutes while I made him a cup and when I went back upstairs he was back in my room with his notepad out and pencil in hand. I noticed immediately that the panties had been moved; only slightly but I knew that he had picked them up. I didn't say anything. I knew that they would give him an erection; get him excited; get him focused on me.

He spent about twenty minutes doing some sketches and then looked around outside before coming back into the kitchen to sit down and go over things. The technical details went over my head but I sat attentively while he explained what needed doing. He mentioned costs and I told him to put everything in writing and sort that out with Mark. My main concern was how long it would it and I did say to him "I hope you are not one of those who start a job and don't finish!"

He smiled at me and replied. "Don't worry I do a thorough job and finish on time!"

Full of innuendo, I know, but it was nice bantering with him. As I drove him back to the office I told him that I wanted a lock put on the door. He looked a little puzzled. "Nothing too elaborate," I told him. "Just one that I can turn the key from the inside and have some privacy!"


Jane teased me mercilessly about Mick that evening. I told her that I didn't like the idea of her and him together she sat next to me on the settee and ran her finger over the outside of my bulge. "I bet he would like to see me in those panties and the nightdress." She told me.

One half of me hated the thought and yet I got excited at the mental picture of her slipping into bed beside him wearing them. She noticed the effect it was having on me. "It excites you doesn't it?" She asked me.

I was honest and explained to her how I felt. She unzipped my pants and released my erection from its confines. "I was looking at his bulge earlier and I would imagine that he has quite a big one; probably on the scale of Alex's." She told me.
I said nothing for a few moments as she started to stroke me.

"Are you going to fuck him?" I asked her.

"Hmmmm I'm still undecided." She replied. "If I did it would only be to please you."

"It wouldn't please me!" I told her.

Her stroking became more vigorous. "I know you want him to fuck me Mark." She said. "I know that you want me to spread my legs for him don't you?"

Her filthy talk drove me wild. "W.......when will you do it?" I found myself asking her.

She leaned over and ran her tongue over the tip of my cock which was now leaking lots of precum. "Hmmmm not sure." She replied.

I closed my eyes as the mental pictures of Jane climbing into bed besides Mick took hold and then I came in her hand.


It was true that I hadn't fully decided on fucking Mick, I knew that the time would come in the next few weeks when he would make a move on me and I would make my mind up then. What excited me more than anything was the fact that I could. I was a married woman and yet I had the freedom of a single one.

Another thing that excited me was my new sex life with Mark. It really did excite me to give my husband sexual relief based around my sex life with other men. I knew from holding him; knew from the throbbing of his cock, just how intense his orgasms were. I knew that there was very little he would stop me doing, which was fortunate really, because Alex had asked me if I would spend the following weekend with him at his home.

Alex and I had also discussed Mark during our telephone conversation that night. He had reminded me that as well as Alex being my lover he was also my teacher. Alex was teaching me to be a Cuckoldress, not just any Cuckoldress, as he put it but a good woman. "Any married women in a cuckold relationship could go off and do whatever she wanted but I want you to take your husband with you!" He had told me. "Unless you carry him along with you he might just turn around one day and say 'that's it'. You have to get him involved and keep him involved; make your sex life, his sex life." He added.

I liked his selfless attitude. I could see the truth in his logic. I didn't tell Mark about my proposed weekend with Alex right away, I kept it to myself for a few days as I wanted to Alex to be there when I asked, or should I say, told him.


It was the next evening when Jane told me that Alex would be coming over on Thursday night and staying two nights. I was a little apprehensive because it was for two nights; one night stay was now turning into two nights, but I also felt sexually excited.

Wednesday night was also to be 'my' night; my night for sex with Jane. Alex had told her that I had to wait until Wednesday before I could fuck her. I had been looking forward to it especially as she had been teasing me during the day with some her purchases from the lingerie shop. She had bought herself some new bra and panty sets and another new Basque; she had also bought herself a new blouse and a red silk skirt.

"I think Alex will like these." She had told me. "Bet Mick would as well." She added, which was quite poignant as I was reading his quotation for the work when she walked in with her shopping.
Jane looked through it. "Hmmm start the job next Wednesday and finished in a week!"

Her words sent a chill through me. I could almost see them sharing that shower as soon as it had been built!

Jane had also done some other shopping that morning as well; she had bought some new bedding for her bed. Not just any old bedding but some black silk sheets and pillow cases. I got that sinking feeling as I imagined her and Alex curled up together in that bed. It was made worse later when it came to bed time. Jane asked me to help her make the bed up with the new sheets and pillow cases and then told me that she wanted to try the bed for herself that night. For a moment I got excited with the idea of sharing the bed with her but then I realised that she wanted to sleep in the bed alone.

A few moments after I climbed into bed alone Jane came in wearing just the nightie part of the set to give me a goodnight kiss. As she leaned over the bed I couldn't resist slipping my hand between her naked thighs and touching her. "It is supposed to be my night for sex." I told her.

She kissed me again. "I know but I thought that maybe you would prefer to leave it so that I will be fresh and horny for Alex."

I stroked her pussy again feeling extreme disappointment. "You will need a shave tomorrow." I told her, feeling bristles between her pussy lips.

"I know. I will also need a bath and your help in dressing me as well." She said after a final kiss.

I watched her walk away; watched the movements of her naked bottom cheeks. "Alex will be creaming himself when he sees her like that tomorrow." I thought to myself.


It was nice slipping naked into bed alone that night. I had only put the nightie on to tease Mark. It was Alex's idea. "Increase the teasing and taunting and get him used to the idea of sleeping alone." He had told me.

The feel of the silk against my flesh made me feel good. I found myself sliding my fingers between my pussy lips and masturbating myself. I thought of Alex; thought about what we would be doing in this bed tomorrow. I thought about his nice thick cock bringing me to orgasm and I also thought about Mark. Alex had spoken about increasing my domination over him the night before on the telephone; Alex had given me some suggestions and I was excited about it.

I fell asleep a little while later. My inner thighs were quite wet, in fact I couldn't remember ever being as wet as this from my own fingers. When Mark woke me next morning with a cup of tea I was still horny. I reached for him as he leant over me in his boxers and kissed me. "Five minutes please." I said.

Mark thought for a moment that I wanted him to have penetrative sex with me and started to push his boxers down but I gripped the back of his head and guided his head downwards as I moved the covers off me. I could see the disappointment on his face but like a good cuckold he set aside his own needs and gave me satisfaction with his tongue.

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