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The Cuckold Massage


I've been with my wife Marisa for eight years now; after the first few years, I discovered that I have a bit of a cuckold fetish. When we first started going out, I would get really jealous when she would talk about her past lovers. But as time passed, I discovered that there was a flip side to my jealousy. I obsessively made Marisa tell me the details of her past sexual experiences, and to my surprise, I found that I would get aroused by the stories. I even encouraged her to tell me sexual anecdotes as part of our foreplay, and to embellish the stories to make them as dirty as possible.

Marisa was willing to indulge me with this sort of fantasy talk, but she made it clear that she would never actually have sex with another guy. Over the past few years, I've had to content myself with getting her to talk about sucking other guys' cocks while we were having sex, watching her fuck herself with a big dildo, and acting out various role-playing scenarios. I had pretty much accepted that this would be the limit of my cuckold fetish.

Then about a month ago, Marisa invited me to an office party thrown in her honor, for her birthday. As the star of the show, she dressed a little sexier than usual. She wore a clingy leopard-print dress that really showed off her curves -- her small but shapely breasts, narrow waste, flaring hips, and full, round buttocks. I could tell that all the guys at the party were checking her out, trying not to stare too obviously at her. Once the party got going (that is, once people had enough alcohol to overcome their usual inhibitions in front of their co-workers), someone put on some dance music.

I danced a little with Marisa, but I'm not much of a dancer, especially when it comes to Latin dances like salsa. Marisa, on the other hand, is a really good dancer. Though I used to object to Marisa dancing with other guys, at this point in our relationship I really didn't mind at all. When a hot salsa song came on, a good-looking young black guy from Trinidad started dancing with Marisa, and they made quite a pair. As they danced, he placed his hand on her waste and on the small of her back, and sometimes I saw it drift a little lower, onto her butt. He twirled her around, running his hand across her flat belly as she turned. Once, I thought I saw his hand "accidentally" brush across her breasts as she spun. There was no doubt that the guy was attracted to Marisa, and she seemed to be getting off on the attention and physical contact.

As I watched them dance, with this guy practically man-handling my woman right in front of everyone, I felt the old pangs of jealousy rise up. But at the same time, I realized I was getting really turned on! I had to fold my hands over my lap to hide my obvious erection. When we got home after the party, the moment we walked in the door I peeled Marisa out of her clingy little dress and we had frantic, carnal sex right there on the floor in the hallway! I realized I had discovered a "legitimate" channel for my cuckold tendencies -- watching Marisa dance with other guys.

I wondered if there might be other ways to indulge my fantasy that fell short of Marisa actually having sex with another guy, and then it dawned on me -- massages! I remembered Marisa telling me that years ago while traveling in Italy, she and a friend had gone to a spa and she had gotten a massage from a very good-looking young Italian masseur. I had asked her if she had become aroused at all during the massage, but she had claimed that she "couldn't remember."

A few months later, when we went on our yearly Caribbean vacation, I asked Marisa if she'd like me to book a massage for her. Sure, she replied, that would be nice and relaxing. The first night at the resort, while we were fooling around on the bed, I asked her if she would indulge my cuckold fetish a little by fantasizing about sex during the massage.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well," I said, "while you're being massaged, you should imagine the masseur sensually touching you in intimate areas, imagine that you're becoming aroused, even imagine you're having an orgasm. Then afterwards, I wanted you to tell me all about it, tell me whether it made the massage an erotic experience for you."

Marissa said "Okay, I'll give it a try," and giggled a little. The sex that night was definitely hotter than usual!

I didn't tell Marisa the other half of my plan. The morning of the day she was booked for the massage, I went down to the health spa and asked to see the masseur. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Enrique was young, handsome and in great shape. I took him aside, and speaking conspiratorially, I told him that I wanted him to give Marisa a special "erotic" massage, and to push things as far as she would let him. He grinned knowingly as I pushed a C-note into his hand, and suddenly I felt flushed with embarrassment.

"You must think I'm pretty weird," I said in a slightly disheartened voice.

"Not at all," Enrique countered, "Believe me, you're not the first guy who's asked me to give an "erotic" massage to his wife or girlfriend!"

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure, it happens every month or so," he went on, "some guys even tell me to make sure I give their girl a Happy Ending!"

He could've just been trying to make me feel better; if so, it worked -- I was greatly relieved. Then he added, "In fact, if you want, you can hide in that closet over there and watch the massage." This was perfect! I agreed to arrive about five minutes before Marisa's appointment.

Back at our room, after taking a hot shower Marisa put on some light clothes and got ready to head to the spa. I embraced her and kissed her, reminding her that she should fantasize about getting aroused and even about having sex with the masseur during her massage.

"Don't worry," she said with a naughty little smile, "I'll be fantasizing up a storm!"

I told her I was going to go down and sit by the pool and read, and left the room before she did. I rushed over to the spa and met Enrique, who set me up in the closet on a comfortable stool. He left the door open just a crack, through which I had a full view of the massage table. So far, my little plan was working like a charm.

As I looked out at the dimly lit room, with scented candles burning and new age music playing softly in the background, I suddenly became anxious. It dawned on me that seeing Marisa dancing with another guy, fully clothed in a public place, might be very different from seeing another man actually touching her mostly unclothed body in her intimate areas. I wondered if I would freak out with jealousy instead of getting into it?

Before I had a chance to obsess further over this thought, the door opened and the masseur led Marisa into the room, wearing a fluffy white robe. Enrique handed her a large white towel and told her to take off the robe, wrap herself in the towel, and lie face down on the massage table. Then he left the room by another door to give her some privacy.

I watched Marisa disrobe and caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed bush -- I realized she wasn't wearing any panties! I was stunned by her boldness; apparently, she was really taking my suggestion that she try to have an erotic experience to heart. She wrapped the towel around her body just above her breasts, and climbed onto the table.

I became aware of how warm the room was. Marisa's bare legs and shoulders glowed with a warm, honey-like hue in the flickering candlelight. I could see that her eyes were closed. In a few moments, Enrique came back into the room. He gently un-tucked the towel from beneath her armpits and rearranged it to cover her buttocks and legs, exposing her bare back. I could see the sides of her tits, pressed against the massage table.

Enrique picked up a bottle of massage oil and poured a generous amount into his hand, then spread it across Marisa's back and set to work rubbing her down, kneading her muscles with his knuckles and pressing his thumbs along the sides of her spine. He worked his way up and began squeezing her neck and shoulders. As he rubbed her back and shoulders, I could see Marisa's body begin to relax. Her mouth opened a little and all the tension seemed to drain from her face. Enrique spent some time pressing out the knotted muscles in her neck and massaging the back of her head. Then he moved down toward the other end of the table, repositioning the towel across Marisa's back so that it came down just to the bottom of her behind, leaving her legs exposed.

He poured some more oil into his hands, and began to work on her legs, starting at her feet. Marisa loves having her feet touched and rubbed; it's one of the things I do to get her in the mood for sex. I watched in rapt attention as Enrique expertly massaged each foot, pressing into the arch, gently separating the toes and squeezing the heels. Marisa moaned very softly and purred, "Oh, that's nice!"

Enrique seemed to ignore her and kept massaging her legs, working on her ankles and calf muscles. He gradually worked his way up past her knees, methodically rubbing the back, insides and outsides of her thighs, until he was just below the fold of skin where Marisa's buttocks met her legs. For several moments, he massaged the backs of her upper thighs, with his hands open and thumbs stroking her inner thighs, just inches from her pussy.

Then Enrique stopped for a moment and gingerly slid the towel up to the small of Marisa's back, revealing the firm round globes of her butt cheeks. Once again, I was reminded of what a beautiful ass she has! I thought I saw Marisa almost imperceptibly arch her back a little, lifting her pelvis slightly off the table and raising her butt into the air. With his strong hands, Enrique spread her thighs apart a little so that her legs formed a V-shape. Grabbing big handfuls of ass-flesh, he began to knead her buttocks, spreading the cheeks as he squeezed and rolled the pliant flesh. I was sure he could see Marisa's cunt.

I noticed that Marisa was breathing harder, and at the same time became aware that I too was panting in shallow, raspy breaths. Seeing Enrique's hands on my woman's ass evoked a strange mixture of jealousy and animal lust; I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my cock straining against my pants as it struggled to stand erect. Suddenly, Enrique stopped massaging her ass and told her to roll over onto her back. He held up the towel as she turned so he couldn't see her body, but from my vantage point I got a glimpse of her tits and her pubic patch as she turned. Enrique lay the towel back down, covering her from the top of her breasts to her crotch.

I saw the flickering light of the candles reflect off the inside of Marisa's legs, and realized that her inner thighs were glistening with her pussy juices. At the same time, I realized I could actually smell her pussy -- the musky aroma filled the room. Standing beside the table, Enrique announced, "I'm going to give you a full massage, is that alright?" He emphasized the word "full" in a way that left little doubt as to his meaning.

Marisa nodded slightly and murmured, "Uh huh."

Enrique returned to her feet and again began to work his way up along her legs, which glistened with massage oil. When he got past her knees, he spread her thighs apart a little and climbed up onto the massage table, kneeling between her legs. He pushed the towel up toward Marisa's belly button, exposing her vulva and pubic mound. Then he began to rub Marisa's inner thighs with his thumbs and stroke the areas right next to her outer labia. Marisa spread her legs wider and moaned softly, her eyes tightly shut.

With a look of intense focus on his face, Enrique began to slowly insert one of his thumbs into Marisa's cunt; when she didn't object, he continued to probe her hole. Then he placed his other thumb on her clitoris and started to rub it with a circular motion. Almost instantly, Marisa shuddered with an orgasm, letting out a long, staccato moan.

I practically came in my pants, I was so turned on! Enrique kept his hands motionless for a while, letting Marisa recover from her orgasm. Then he withdrew his thumb from her pussy and climbed down off the table. Marisa panted, catching her breath. Enrique walked up to the head of the table and stood over Marisa's face. He reached out and uncovered her breasts and began to massage them, tweaking the hard nipples. I saw him bend down and it looked like he whispered something into Marisa's ear. I thought I saw a little smile play across her lips for an instant, then her face relaxed again.

(I later learned that Enrique had said, "Your husband is in the closet, watching this. Why don't we give him a little show?")

Enrique moved to the side of the table, so that he was facing me across the massage table. He fondled Marisa's right breast with one hand while playing with her pussy with the other hand. At that point, I saw that he was really pitching a tent! Marisa opened her eyes and noticed it too; unable to stop herself, she reached out and felt the outlines of his cock through the thin fabric of his shorts. Then she grabbed the waistband and pulled his shorts down, revealing Enrique's enormous erection. It must have been a good eight inches long, and was thick as a baseball bat.

Though she tries to deny it, Marisa has a thing for big dicks, and now with that massive tool in her hand, I knew where it would end up. Taking hold of Enrique's cock, she practically dragged him up toward the head of the table, rolled onto her side and started to lick and kiss the head of his cock. Then she swallowed as much as she could of it and began to pump her head back and forth, while fondling his balls with one hand. The towel slid off Marisa's body onto the floor.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Here was the woman who had insisted she would never have sex with another guy, lying naked on the massage table with a stranger's cock in her mouth! But my own cock was rock hard, and I couldn't stop myself from unzipping and stroking it as I watched. Enrique let her suck his cock for a few more moments, but then he withdrew from her mouth and motioned for Marisa to get onto her hands and knees. He walked around the table and climbed back onto it, positioned his cock at the entrance to Marisa's cunt, then plunged it in and began fucking her doggy-style. Marisa let out a gasp as he rammed the full length of his thick cock into her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass. She grunted in time with each stroke of his rod.

I was transfixed by the site of this young stud fucking my beautiful wife with his huge cock. Enrique began to breathe hard as he quickened his pace. "Wait," said Marisa, suddenly taking command of the situation. "I want to see that big thing shoot!"

Enrique withdrew, his cock shining with pussy juice in the candlelight. Marisa lay on her back, propped up on one elbow, and Enrique moved to the side of the table again to let her suck on his monster tool. He reached out and diddled her clit with his fingers as she slurped on his ramrod, stroking the veiny shaft with her hand. In seconds, she convulsed in orgasm, her moan stifled by the big cock in her mouth.

Marisa lay back and started licking the underside of Enrique's cockhead as she jacked his shaft faster and faster. Enrique groaned as his cock started shooting great streams of cum all over Marisa's face and chest. Marisa lay with her eyes closed, squeezing the last drops from Enrique's dripping cock as she held it against her lips, a look of supreme contentment on her face, with one hand still between her legs, cupping her vulva.

The sight of my wife sucking another man's cock and him coming all over her face and tits was an incredible turn-on to me. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning out loud as I came all over myself. After Enrique had recovered for a few moments, he picked up the towel and cleaned Marisa off. He pulled up his pants, bowed slightly toward Marisa, and exited the room, leaving Marisa to put the bathrobe back on and go out into the dressing area.

I wiped myself off as best I could, pulled up my pants, and making sure the room was empty, slipped out of the closet and let myself out the door that Enrique had used. I was relieved that I didn't run into him on my way out of the building. I raced back to the room, hoping to get there before Marisa. Our room was empty when I got there, out of breath. I grabbed my book and flopped down on a couch, trying to look nonchalant. In a few moments, Marisa came in. She was positively glowing, with a radiant smile plastered across her face.

"How was your massage?" I asked, trying to seem innocent.

"It was nice," Marisa replied casually.

"Did you fantasize during it, like I asked?"

"Yeah, I did," she said coyly.

"Well, did you get aroused at all?"

"A little, I guess" she said smiling, clearly toying with me.

"Did anything happen" I asked expectantly, even though I already knew the answer.

"No, not really." Marisa said.

"Nothing at all?"

"Well, he did massage my butt cheeks a little, which felt pretty sexy," she said, watching my reactions.

"That's it?" I asked with a hint of disbelief in my voice.

"Why, what exactly were you expecting to happen?" Marisa asked, smiling slyly. She was clearly enjoying playing with my head. I started to say something, then shut my mouth.

Marisa chuckled a little, then said, "Oh, well, I guess I forgot to mention that near the end of the massage, the masseur got up onto the table and fucked me in the ass!"

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out "No he didn't..."

"AHA!!" Marisa said triumphantly, "I knew you were there watching!"

My face reddened. "How did you know?"

"Well, at one point during the massage, the masseur leaned over and told me you were in the closest watching, and that we should put on a good show for you. At first I thought he was just saying that to loosen me up, but then I realized it sounded like the sort of thing you would do."

There was an awkward silence. Then I said, "Are you pissed off at me for setting you up like that?" Instead of answering, Marisa put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing my dick. Then she took my hand and led me over to the bed. She pushed me back, unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Then she undressed and climbed on top of me, lowering her wet pussy onto my rock-hard erection.

As we fucked, Marisa whispered into my ear, telling me how exciting it was to feel a strange man's hands on her ass and her clit, what a turn-on it was to touch his huge cock and feel it throbbing inside her mouth, plunging into her cunt. She told me how much she loved it when he shot his hot cum all over her face and tits. She kissed me deeply, and I could taste Enrique's semen in her mouth. I was in cuckold heaven!

After we both came, we lay on the bed wrapped in each other's arms, gently caressing each other. At length, I asked, "So, do you think this is something you might want to do again?"

Marisa just smiled and said, "We'll see."

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Very nice

I hope to make this happen for Her. Her desire is to have an erotic massage as I watch, so no closet hiding for me!!!

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