tagNonHumanThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 16

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 16


The key reason I've not released the rest of this story from this point is because it began as erotic horror, and I've since moved on from the genre, and the rest of the story is nonhuman more than anything else. If you want more, just say so, and I'll publish the rest.





Jezebel froze. She shook her head; why did I stop? She moved to bite Michelle again.

"No, Jezebel. Stop. Oh, and freeze, too."

Jezebel felt her muscles seize; her coils undulated, muscles running, under her scales. They ran along Michelle's skin; she sighed.

"Sorry, my dear," Michelle drawled, running her fingertips along the coils, still wrapped around her waist. "Hate to ruin your fun."

The snakewoman fought her muscles, and spat at Michelle."A-Ann-Anyo-one cann-an ddo th-tha-at!"

Michelle nodded, waving her hand nonchalantly . "Let me go. Yes, a relatively simple compulsion. Not difficult to do to humans; harder to do against the supernatural, but still doable. But it's what you don't know that can hurt you, here."

She stepped out of the unravelling coils, and watched them undulating, as Jezebel fought her for control, hissing and spitting. Her face was elongated forwards, and her eyes broke into vertical slits, opening and darting everywhere. Her teeth grew in length, bringing themselves as close as they could to Michelle. Michelle watched as the scales broke the skin of the lamia's arm; they caught the light, iridescent.

"Yes, there's a whole host of things we can do to humans, aren't there? We can absorb their energy, their desire; we can drain their life forces. We can move faster, we are physically stronger. We think much faster. But,"Michelle stopped, putting up her hand.

"But, when it comes to others like us, we are as humans are; at the mercy of each individual's personal strengths. For example, you know you are no match for Mark, or Cassie. Gabrielle, however, is just a spirit awakened; she has none of the powers a Grigori might, and would be thus easier prey. However, a spirit awakened is not dissimilar to a succubus, in that her mind carries the weight of every life she has lived; a possessing spirit has similar strength, as it has lived that long."

She looked levelly at the snake; one could hardly call it a woman, in the state it was in.

"So, you may ask, what makes me different? Why am I so unique? You thought you could overpower me easily, no? And why, if I could do this from the beginning, did I let you do as you would? Well," she stretched, and gave the lamia a catlike smile.

"I wanted some fun; I haven't really relaxed for a while. And I'm a bit put out, with you and your group. You know our history, with your friends. Speak, if you would. If you can."

The snake hissed, spouting incoherence, the mouth frothing, the fangs getting in the way.

"This won't do at all," Michelle murmured.

The transformation, from the lamia form to the man sized snake had taken five minutes; the scales spreading from the centre of her, up through her tail. Her face was, by now, fully elongated, her mouth widened, and her head flat, a diamond.

The change back took less than a second.

Jezebel almost fell over, just getting her feet underneath her. Her glorious eyes looked upwards at Michelle, furious.

"How did that just happen? Not even... no-one can do that, suspend the change! No-one!"

Michelle nodded. "It shouldn't be possible; too many variables. I'm not sure you even fully understand the procedure yourself. Unless..."

Her eyes flashed; not the deep, blood red of Marks, nor the deep blue of Gabrielles, but a pure, shining white. "Unless I have tapped into that which binds you here, binds us all here. Unless I have access to your soul."

Jezebel's eyes widened. "How... how is it possible? I know the Gatekeeper. I have been to her hall. She told me that no-one can hold a soul to ransom, not even Lucifer or the Almighty."

Michelle's smile widened, almost to unnatural proportions; she looked feral, predatory.

"Exactly. They are spirits; they have souls. I can hold, within my hands, their connection to existence. I can bend them to my will. I can shift them, bind them; hold them into any shape. I can remake anything in existence. There is nothing I cannot touch. So, then; how much is your existence worth to you?"

Gabrielle drew her breath in tight; this was the moment. This would make or break the session; if she called Michelle on her bluff, Michelle would have two choices, and neither of them resulted in them getting any information from the snake.

Mark looked on, amused.

The snakewoman slumped. "What do you want?"

Michelle shook her head. "No, that's not how this works at all. First, I'm going to get some satisfaction. Come on, lamia," she said, the word a curse, but a soft one. "Show me pleasure such as I have never known."

The lamia changed back, towards the snake slowly; her coils travelled up her skin as her legs drew together. But this time, they did not join together; they kept their distinctly human shape, but were covered in smooth mottled green. She was panting, mewing with need; her eyes shot fire, but muted, the cold lust of a serpent.

Her tail still protruded from her lower back; it wrapped around Michelle's waist, as the lamia pressed her breasts against Michelle's; her hands cupped Michelle's face gently, as she kissed her softly.

Michelle moaned into her mouth; it had been too long. Mark would not lie with her; he was mainly with Cassie, because with her he need not worry about damaging her. She healed, if his passion was too much to withhold; his powers were simply too great for anyone other than something naturally supernatural.

Michelle deepened the kiss; the snakewoman's hands trailed over her body, before it dipped lower; her fingertips traced Michelle's groin, pressing harder than absolutely necessary.

Michelle smiled into the kiss; she pulled her harder, and slung the snakewoman down, around her; the snakewoman pulled her down on top, her tail flexing. The coils loosened, before running between her legs, the tip of her running between Michelle's thighs.

Michelle groaned as she eased her legs open, and the tail ran its length along her outside, parting her lips, its touch soft as gossamer.

Michelle placed her hand against the lamia's stomach, and exerted her influence.

"Oh! Oh wow!" the snake gasped; her lower body burnt, the heat welling inside her. The sensation was akin to orgasm; however, for the lamia, the sensation was even more. It was the same way she felt when she absorbed a soul, when she devoured a man. It was the way He made her feel, before he sent her away.

Her coils slipped inside Michelle, and ran within her, deeply.

Michelle shrieked. The tip of the tail moved in concentric circles, whirling too fast for thought to follow. The movements were far too mobile for reality, and yet it was so smooth; so deep inside her, so slippery.

The coils snaked out slowly, and ran upwards, between the two of them. The kiss between them broke, and Jezebel ran her coils upwards, between Michelle's lips.

Jezebel moaned, feeling Michelle's mouth close, and suckle her. It was beyond erotic; she had taken women before, willing and not, but Michelle was something else. Her touch was amazing, decadent, the feeling of divinity; and she knew what the touch of divinity was like.

Michelle got up, and turned around. She took the tail into her hands, and moved it, running the slickness of it along the slit between Jezebel's legs. She moved it inside; the lamia moaned.

She placed her mouth over the lamia's pussy, and devoured her, using her mind to control the motions of the tail within the snake. It moved slowly, inexorably; deeper and deeper, each surface it touched erupting into flames. She felt the snake tighten around the coils, and breathed power onto the nub at the peak of the slit.

Jezebel convulsed, screaming at the top of her voice, bucking her hips into Michelle's mouth. Michelle, for her part, held her head in place, using her tongue furiously, running its length between the clit and her slit, peaking inside.

The snake eventually calmed, and Michelle turned around, staring at Jezebel's face, challenging.

"Is that all you have, snake? What happened to all the boasting about the allure of snakes? All I've seen here is human pleasure, human abilities."

Jezebel hissed, and dove into Michelle's pussy; she was less than subtle, stabbing into Michelle, the movement violent. It was so sudden; Michelle gasped at being so unbelievably full, the tip of her tail wrapping around the rest, doubling the thickness. She began to move, each successive thrust going deeper and deeper within her.

She spared a look up, and turned Michelle in her arms. She sat up, and crossed her legs; the tail came up between them, Michelle's legs over her shoulders. Jezebel's hands went to Michelle's lower back, and held her there. She looked hard up at Michelle, and backed away enough to smile viciously, her fangs glinting.

She bit down, her teeth coming down either side of Michelle's pussy; the two fangs at the top penetrating the skin either side of her clitoris, the two at the bottom either side of Michelle's slit. She stared remorselessly at Michelle, as the venom began to pump within Michelle, draining away the pain.

Michelle throbbed; the pain as the fangs entered was sharp, but it welled, and intensified, becoming sheer sensation; Michelle wasn't sure whether it was pleasurable or not, but it was strong, and it moved through her being.

She was so, so close to losing control; she felt the snake move within her, over and over, each movement burning with unbelievable heat. It was not entirely pleasurable, nor was it wholly good. It was pleasure, but it was too much; it was not so much as a spring within her, but an unbelievable flood that broke at every dam, bending her over and making her buck. She melted into the snake woman's mouth, into her tail, yelping from the force of her contractions; she was not sure if she was winning, or if she was even there, there seemed to be nothing but the pleasure, nothing but hers.

Michelle gasped, and shared her pleasure around, with all in the area.

Cassie shrieked, holding herself, her arms wrapped around her midsection.

Gabrielle's mouth opened, her insides writhing with sensations she had never felt before.

Mark smiled grimly, and struggled to hold himself inside. He looked at Cassie briefly, and allowed himself a moment to think of how he would take her, now, if he did.

His grin grew wider.

Michelle gasped; she channelled her will through her body, and funnelled it though her abilities to the snake woman.

Jezebel hissed loudly, her face leaving Michelle's pussy, and gasping, writhing hard. She bucked so viciously as to dislodge Michelle, dropping her from her shoulders and unceremoniously onto her lap; the movement caused the phallus within her to drive even deeper.

Michelle screamed; the sensation was as out of control as it was unconscious. Mark, Cassie, Gabrielle; all of them reacted to the emotion welling within Michelle.

Jezebel pounced back upon Michelle, her mouth pressing. The venom within her held no risk, as her body rejected the dangerous components of it; it simply made her pleasure more intense, made her burn all the hotter.

Michelle had no means by which to stop, no ability to make herself not feel the thrills running through her. She then thought, how do I restrict the feeling?

She brought her palms to rest against the snake's throat, and began to speak; her voice vibrated through the two of them, lower than either of them could really hear. They both felt it, though; the sensation caused the two of them to move against each other, their bodies growing frantic.

She- they- needed release.

She connected their minds, making the snakewoman feel everything she did; just in time, as the explosion of pleasure overcame her, relieving her of thought.


The lamia convulsed, as Michelle drew away, panting.

"That was better than I had hoped."

The lamia lay there, spent; Michelle knelt down, and kissed her softly, tenderly, on the lips.

Jezebel moaned, as the kiss forced energy; invigorating, beautiful energy, down her throat. It swirled within her, pooling in her belly, and expanding outwards. She fluttered, shuddered; her form coalesced, and became wholly human again, lying with her shoulder blades to the floor. She was covered in sweat, as she panted. Michelle looked on coldly.

They all felt that which came next.

Each of their reactions were different; Gabrielle was exultant, brimming. Cassie was scared, almost fearful; Mark was not shaken, threatened at all. Michelle looked confused; for the others, the sensation was broad, nonspecific, intangible. For her, she could almost taste the difference in the air, the richness and the fullness. Something new had happened.

"He's free; they're all free," Jezebel whispered.

"What are you talking about?"

"All of them are free. You have no idea what you are in for."

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