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The Cupid Effect


My name is Poindexter Snodgrass, Dexter for short and I am what most people would call a nerd. I am unfortunately a stereotype in a sea of stereotypes as I sit in the cafeteria this morning people watching. There's the weird girl in the corner bundled up in a series of clothing that no doubt comprises the entirety of her strange little wardrobe, her pasty face and excessive eye makeup identifying her as some type of EMO or GOTH. To my right are the mid-level nondescript guys who make up the majority of my high school peers and inadvertently help decide the pecking order in the cut throat world of middle American high school here in the good ole USA.

As you might guess, I occupy the lower echelon while my extreme opposite would be what most of you would call the "Beautiful People" ...you know the jocks, the cheerleaders and the rest of their ilk in ever increasing volumes that I frankly find rather disturbing. Although given my aversion to the knuckle dragging set, there is one of their kind I would love to get close to...Kelsey Taylor!! I've had a crush on this slender and stacked blonde since the eighth grade and it has only got worse with time as she has truly blossomed into one of the hottest women on the planet at only eighteen years of age.

"Think fast snot boy!!" My inner monologue was interrupted by the impact of a milk carton smashing rather painfully into my bird chest and before I could even register the culprit, I was struck by several other assorted beverages from a nearby table holding most of the football team and the aforementioned Ms. Kelsey Taylor. I was drenched in fluids as most of the student body in the cafeteria began laughing hysterically at my predicament. But for my utter humiliation, my gaze found only one person of interest and that was my blonde crush looking like a young Goldie Hawn with the breasts of Christie Canyon and a tight round ass that my eyes were perpetually drawn to whenever she walked past me. It had gotten so bad that I had begun drawing doodles of her on my notebooks.

"Caught you looking...Ass clown!!" Before I could move Kelsey had flung an entire slushy at me hitting me dead in the face and knocking me clean over. Not to be outdone her BFF Tiffany St. Claire (Equally Hot-Redhead) emptied her smoothie on me as she stepped over my prone drenched body giving me an excellent view of her panty covered crotch. I looked up finding Kelsey's boyfriend Tad Remington staring down into my face stoically.

"Bro, she's hot as fuck and we all know that; but you gotta quit the non-stop perving on my girl." And with that helpful bit of advice he stepped on my chest as he exited the cafeteria with his cohorts and left me trying to figure out the best way to get out of the cafeteria without looking anyone directly in the eye. Well I have to admit that I took that little bit of advice to heart as I made no less than three attempts to stand before being successful and pushing way through the laughing crowd and scores of debris being tossed my way.

My humiliation had been standard M.O. for Kelsey Taylor who had a habit of chiding her muscle head boyfriend into beating up an almost endless number of my peers around campus under the pretense that in one way or another they'd somehow besmirched her honor. Well that was all bullshit and even though she was the hottest girl I'd ever seen I decided to cut science class because she would be there with Tad.

What was I thinking when it came to Kelsey? She had never acknowledged my presence when we were in middle school and there had been that one brief week during our freshman year where she'd struck up a minor acquaintance with me because she was nervous during the first days of high school. We'd nervously exchanged pleasantries and numbers right before she joined the cheerleading squad. After she'd found her niche, I was history but never was fully able to say goodbye until now. I looked like someone had tie dyed my entire torso as I did the best to clean myself up all things considered and settled in one of the rest room stalls scrolling through a few web sites on my phone. I was disturbed minutes into my web surfing by the loud knock of the school's security guard on the stall door with his mag-light.

"I should have known you were the culprit behind my capture." My good friend and colleague Agnes Newton was waiting on the other side of the double doors that led to the boy's bathroom with my backpack.

"Guilty as charged Dexter; you know I'm not going to let you cut class especially when so much is at stake." She was referring to the upcoming science fair and the students were being paired up today for projects that would account for half of our overall grade. Agnes and I had been partners in crime for as long as I'd known Kelsey with her being my next door neighbor. She was a short brunette with a decidedly chunky build which she kept hidden under layers of clothing which obscured any hint of her actual figure. Our parents always thought that we'd end up as a couple and tried on several occasions to push us together but I just didn't see Agnes in that light.

Her face was cute enough hidden behind an overly large pair of dorky librarian glasses and framed by her mane of curly brown hair but except for a minor incident when we were sophomores we seemed destined to be just friends. We'd been studying together at her house and ended up spooning when I'd made the mistake of trying to cop a feel on her tits. I'd found my hands snagged before I could get them under her three sweaters and was soundly ejected from her home. We didn't speak for weeks afterward until she awkwardly approached me in the cafeteria asking if she could see some notes for class. We made up and decided to be "only friends" after that and Agnes had been my BFF since then.

"Stop it Dexter; you know I can hear you thinking about her." Of course she was referring to Kelsey and I cracked a wry smile at her furrowed brow and slight scowl.

"Jealous much Agnes?"

"Get real Dexter; she despises you or perhaps you're a closet submissive." She poked her finger in my thin chest drawing attention to my stained rainbow hued shirt. We both laughed and headed off to the science lab. I shuddered inwardly knowing Kelsey and her entourage would be there. I sat behind her and cherished the fact that whenever she stood up I was always treated to a view of her tight curvy ass usually covered (barely) in homemade daisy dukes. The bottoms of her cheeks always seemed to be exposed and this had given me many masturbatory fantasies when I was alone at home.

I'd fucked up and been caught trying to take a quick up skirt pic when she'd caught me and proceeded to throttle me until a concerned student had intervened looking at me in disgust when my indiscretion had been revealed.

That was yesterday.

Today I'd come to school and everything seemed fine until I went to lunch where I'd been soundly humiliated and outed in public as a pervert. I probably would have cut class for the rest of the day if it hadn't been for Agnes.

"You're probably still working on that stupid pheromone experiment huh?"

"You just wish you'd thought of it first." I was one of the school's academic celebrities along with Agnes and a few others and we'd been afforded our own section of the lab where we were allowed to pursue scientific interests. Our little enclave had yielded science awards from all parts of the country and the principal was more than happy to foster our efforts. I'd been working on isolating what I felt was the chemical essence, that illusive intangible that fuels attraction between the sexes. Androstenone-X was sitting in a few small beakers at my station and I intended to conduct a few tests after class with some mice.

"I have better things to do with my time and so do you; if you can get your nose out of Kelsey Taylor's ass."

"I wish." That remark earned me a wicked smirk from Agnes and for a moment it felt like legitimate jealousy. She was unavailable in a current webcam relationship with some guy in France and talked of meeting him right after graduation. I always joked that she was going to end up like those "Hostel" torture porn movies.

"Today I'm going to have to apologize to some of my students for disappointing them and probably ruining quite a few plans." Mr. Finkle was my favorite teacher and we had a lot in common, so much so that some of the students teased me asking if he was my dad. People always laughed at his checked slacks and ill-colored shirts along with his perpetual preference for wearing lab coats. But we had a friendly association and he was my mentor of sorts.

"I'm going to be pairing students together using a random yet simplistic method so that means that some of you won't be paired up with your friends." This earned Mr. Finkle some groans and loud student chatter of protest from the class. He followed this up by having everybody in the class gather their belongings and line the walls of the classroom.

"It's set in stone and that's the gist of it class! Now I want you to come up here one by one and pick a name out of this hat." Funny as we lined the walls I noticed that most of the students had lined up according to their peer groups and I remembered the utter humiliation I'd endured as I watched Kelsey standing there hand in hand with Tad Remington so visibly put out and entitled looking at something inside me just bristled. Agnes had gathered her things standing next to me and I felt her finger rub against my hand as one of the students read the first name out loud.

"Tad Remington!" Joey one of my peers on the undercard of high school society had the misfortune of calling his bully as his lab partner for the rest of the year and was forced to take a seat at the two person desk at the front of the classroom next to the visibly annoyed jock. There was doubt in the room that Joey was gonna be doing all of the work and earning his "lab partner" a diploma.

"Agnes Newton." She looked just as shocked as Tad when her name was called by some guy I had gym class with. She shot me a worried look as she slowly gathered her things and took her seat next to Mr. No-Name who had a smirk on his face. For the next twenty minutes we were paired off randomly and I found myself wondering if me name was even inside Mr. Finkle's ratty looking hat. I noticed some of the worried looks on the faces of the other students reminded that word had got around about my unfortunate attempt at perving. Right now being seen with me could seriously bring down someone's social stock. It was weird and karmic in a strange once a while in the universe type deal but it came down to four students me, Tiffany St. Claire, some downer guy named Wes and of all people ...Kelsey Taylor!

You could hear a pin drop in the science lab as Tiffany slowly walked to the front of the room after bumping fists with her BFF. Neither of the girls wanted anything to do with me or the other guy. The best they could hope for was Tiffany pulling Kelsey's name from Mr. Finkle's hat. The tall stacked redhead looked into the dark recess of the hat for longer than she should prompting a response from the teacher.

"We don't have all day Ms. St. Claire; pick a name and grab a seat." Everyone in the class seemed to lean forward their gaze following her thin hand into the hat and emerging with the folded piece of paper.

"I'm so sorry Kelsey." Her apologetic tone told everybody in the room that I was her lab partner.

"FUCK NO, I'M NOT SITTING NEXT TO THIS FUCKING GEEK FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!" The rest of the class burst into uproarious laughter at her outburst as she completely freaked out.

"You will Taylor or you will repeat your senior year." His tone was nearly robotic and direct with promise of threat. Once again there was a palpable, pregnant silence in the air as Kelsey made her way over to the last available seat shooting a glare at her friend along the way. She didn't sit just standing there looking at her proposed seat like a death sentence. I was just as embarrassed and busied myself with my project which was kept in a beaker at my personal station. I could see my reflection in the beaker of liquid extract. It had a slight golden hue to it that caught the eye when you looked at it just right.

"Sit down Kelsey!!" she looked over at her boyfriend for support but Tad shrugged his shoulders finding the scene somewhat amusing.

"This is your entire fucking fault!!" I nervously looked over my shoulder finding her bright green eyes glaring at me. If looks could kill ...well, you know the rest.

"Look Kelsey, I'm really sorry..." I tried to apologize but the beautiful blonde was having none of it as she closed the distance between us with purpose.

"Save the sorry for yourself...ASSHOLE!!" Kelsey snatched the beaker of Androstenone-X from my hand and doused me full in the face and chest with it. My face was covered with the oily substance which had a metallic taste and smell to it. It felt like all of the pores on my face opened up at exactly the same time as I doubled over grabbing my face.

"DEXTER!!" Agnes and a few other students ran to my aid as Kelsey looked shocked at her own actions. Mr. Finkle helped me over to a wash station and cleaned my eyes. There was this kind of humidity that wafted through my body as I protested telling everyone that I was okay and shrugged off the weird feeling that was coming over me. Mr. Finkle escorted Kelsey to the principal's office and I'm told she was summarily expelled from the school. I ended up with no partner at all and in a strange way karma had come full circle. Agnes went with me to the hospital and waited even after my Uncle Joe had arrived.

"That cunt should be sitting in a jail cell for assaulting you Dexter." Agnes seemed overly agitated even though I tried my best to assure her that I was okay.

"Relax it's no big deal Agnes; just chill out okay?" The room seemed excessively humid and there was some sweat running down my brow. The doctor had decided to keep me overnight for observation.

"But she ruined your project Dexter and we don't know what effect the Androstenone-X could have on you!! " That kind of got my attention but I didn't want her to know just how anxious she'd I was.

"Look I'm really tired, why don't you just go home and I'll call you tomorrow." She still looked worried but nodded in agreement. She gave me a light kiss on the lips which kind of surprised me before silently leaving. I noticed that she lingered at the door a little longer than I had anticipated before leaving. Other than a mild fever I hadn't felt any different after being doused and I soon drifted off to sleep finding myself dreaming of Kelsey Taylor and those fabulous daisy dukes of hers. The sight of that apple-bottom even in my dreams had me aroused and her denim shorts were so tight that they eventually burst causing me to burst as well. In my dream a veritable geyser of ejaculate erupted from the head of my cock completely drenching her ass with my biological glaze.

"Can you go again stud?" Dream-Kelsey taunted as she pulled the spaghetti straps of her striped top aside drawing out her tits and causing another explosion of cum to drench her chest and neck.

"Go Again baby!" I responded with a thick jet of cum right to her lovely face and turned her into a creamy glazed masterpiece. We'd repeat this cycle several more times before I noticed it beginning to turn sinister.

"GO-AGAIN DEXTER!!" Her voice sounded demonic and she reached out with a talon like claw grabbed a hold of my cock and ripping it free of my body.

"AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!" I was jolted screaming out of my sleep and the night nurse came running to see what all of the commotion was about.

"Hey hey hey, you're gonna wake up all the patients on the floor." Her name tag said her name was Rosalie and she seemed sympathetic to my plight. She was this tan colored black lady with light brown curly hair drawn back into a ponytail.

"Jus-Just a nightmare ma'am; I sorry about screaming and all that."

"It's okay darling, just try to get some sleep." I had this weird wet feeling under my bedding and my crotch was wet and sticky. I'd had plenty of wet dreams before but nothing like this. There was a visible wet stain on the top of my covers and Rosalie immediately noticed.

"Wet the bed huh?"

"Uh no, it was an accident ma'am. I uh-well yeah I HAD AN ACCIDENT ALL RIGHT!!" I was about to cop to having a wet dream and panicked when Rosalie suddenly yanked the covers down exposing my crotch area.

"Good Gaaawd boy!" My entire crotch was a mess with a huge stain on my hospital gown. My right hand was still placed flat against my cock which was rock hard and pulsing. I lifted my palm up slightly and noticed a web of cum extending from my palm to my crotch before slapping it back down again with a loud audible wet sound. Once again I found myself utterly humiliated especially at the wide eyed expression on Rosalie's face.

"Relax kid; these things happen when you're young. Don't worry about a thing and we can keep this between us okay?" She gave me a reassuring look and I relaxed and tried to pull the covers up but she stopped me.

"You can't go back to sleep like that; let me get you cleaned up kid." She pulled the blankets off the bed and tossed them onto a nearby chair before retrieving some alternate bedding from an in-room cabinet. I couldn't help but notice her huge sloping tits even though she was a little on the chunky side. My cock noticed too and I felt uncomfortable watching her make the bed especially when she held the bed sheet up marveling at the huge stain left by my cum. It had to be the circumference of a basketball at least. I was puzzled by this as one of my avid pastimes involved excessive masturbation. My collection of internet porn was truly epic but lately I'd been getting off on Kelsey's ass like it was going out of style.

"Just about finished kid." She motioned for me to lie down on the bed while she had my top blanket under her arm.

"What about my hospital gown?"

"Well we've got to get you cleaned up before you can get some new clothing." Her meaning was clear and I was speechless as I watched her fill a small plastic bowl with some water in the bathroom sink. Things were getting a little weird but she kept me calm with her rather earthy smile.

"Come on kid lay on the bed so that I can get you cleaned up." I sheepishly laid on the bed as Rosalie sat the bowl on my adjoining bedside table and pulled up a seat. I noticed that she had a pretty youthful looking tan roundish kind of face but her voice betrayed her age with its inherently husky tone. I suppose it was the motherly tone that got to me as her chubby fingers gingerly rolled the bottom of my gown up revealing just how excessive I'd cum. I was caked up with copious webs of semen from the middle of my thighs to my abs.

"Damn, that's a lot of cum...how many times you jerk off tonight?"

"None, I-uh mean that I had like sort of a wet dream ma'am." She didn't look like she believed me as she dipped a sponge into the warm water in the bowl and started cleaning me rather thoroughly.

"You don't have to lie kid, nobody cums this much from a wet dream."

"I'm not lying ma'am; I woke up like this when you came in just now." I was irritated and still felt a little strange from earlier. Rosalie was washing down my stomach and had reached my groin. She strangely seemed to be kneading it with the sponge and I noticed her fingers grazing my balls ever so lightly. She seemed to think I didn't notice but the slightest touch sent jolts through my body causing me to shiver ever so slightly.

"Are you cold?" She asked without looking directly at my face. Three of her fingers were brushing against my glans and I could feel my stomach tighten up in response.

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