tagNovels and NovellasThe Curator Ch. 12

The Curator Ch. 12


Chapter 12: Trust in the Gods

Cindy and Bill had gone a long time ago. She might have fainted once or twice since then, feeling weak as a plague victim. They had shut off the lights and left her in the dark with no true awareness of time. Strangely, she was completely devoid of fear. The old building didn't even have a working red exit light. So, when the lights suddenly started to warm up it was like a supernova had exploded in the room. Strangely, she did not have any hopeful feelings of rescue. The sense of detachment she was experiencing was still all consuming. She was just an observer of her own situation and would reserve her emotional response for now. She was not free yet.

Charlie and Martin entered the annex and walked straight over. They seemed rather matter-of-fact like they weren't surprised at all in finding her trapped in the iron sex maiden. They didn't seem to know just how difficult her fight was behind that iron mask. She had no doubts that she was lucky to be alive.

With what seemed like familiarity, they pulled the levers and the thrusting stopped. After a lot of clattering, the two halves of the maiden started to open. Martin quickly grabbed her falling glasses.

The relief was incredible as the gag pulled away from her face. Finally, she could swallow normally after a bit of coughing. Though her arms were still numb from the awkward restriction, at last she could take a deep, normal breath. Her breasts erupted with pain as they popped free of the rubber suction sleeves they had been trapped inside; circulation was returning, the infernal ticking finally stopped. It was euphoric. Her clit was aching severely with the prolonged lack of release. She reached down to give herself a few rubs as unselfconsciously as if she were scratching an itch. Instantly she was consumed with a full, unrestricted, amazing, orgasm. It took every last bit of strength she had left.

She started to fall forward in collapse, but Charlie and Martin grabbed her and helped her out from between the two halves of the maiden's bell shape. She wasn't completely with it as they half-walked, half-carried her towards the left and front of the annex. It only occurred to her after a few steps that she was completely naked. At this point, she decided it was the least of her worries. The cold air of the annex was a bigger concern, but she was OK for now. She didn't know where they were taking her and they seemed to have a plan. Hopefully it would include fetching her clothes and purse. More importantly, she needed something to drink and a warm place to sleep. Her legs were very wobbly from the extended kneeling in the maiden. The walking was a strain and she started to feel faint again. Charlie and Martin were ready and kept her from falling as she collapsed again.


Consciousness returning, Sue realized her freedom had been short-lived. She awoke restrained in a different apparatus. Her neck and wrists were trapped in wooden stocks, technically a pillory. The fit was tight. She pulled at her wrists and clearly they were not going to come loose even if she was willing to lose some skin. Her body was bent at the waist and held parallel to the floor. With her neck trapped in the wooden frame, she felt like some kind of farm animal waiting in the barn to be milked or bred.

She tried to look up, but she could not lift her head up very far. Her best view was of the floor. Turning her head sideways wasn't much better, though she could see a few recognizable objects in her blurry vision. Martin still had her glasses. Nevertheless, she knew exactly where she was now. She had seen plenty of this device from her time in the sex maiden. She was now positioned to the left from her former prison, a ways closer to the door.

As suspected, when she tried to move her hips, she felt a wooden beam crosswise under her body, in the crook between her hips and the top of her thighs. It prevented her from bending at the knees and forced her hips up. Also expected, her ankles were locked far apart in their own wooden stocks near the floor. She became completely conscious of the lewd way she was presented. Nothing left to the imagination. From the rear, her fully engorged labia and perhaps her firmly budded clitoris were fully on display. To add to the embarrassment, she was completely conscious of the glistening wetness which would be visible. The shaved-bald fleshy roundness of her vulva was clearly exposed between her legs saying "take me."

Was that what Martin and Charlie had in mind? One of them could be right behind her now ready to thrust into her. The whole thing didn't seem in character for them. What are they up to? Why had they restrained her?

Her body was still happy to be out of the maiden. The stretched position felt achingly good. In the next moment, the pleasures were forgotten. The distraction of her thirst, hunger and exhaustion quickly took the forefront of her attention, even over the cold air. Her body wanted to collapse on a soft bed to get some sleep.

The natural and largely irresistible reaction to free oneself kicked in. She struggled every which way, testing each bond. At first she was scientific and methodical--each wrist, each ankle, push, pull, twist. Anger and frustration started to build. The slightly rough wood promised pain and skin damage if she forced the issue. She took some deep breaths and forced herself to calm down, trying to relax as much as possible so as not to go into a frenzied strugglefest.

From her right, she heard footsteps. A feeling of panic shot through her and she almost launched into that strugglefest after all, but then she heard Martin's voice.

"I guess I won't need these smelling salts. You weren't out long. Don't worry, this will be done quickly then you can get something to eat and drink then some sleep."

"What the hell is this all about? I thought I could trust you!" Sue said just short of yelling. She did not expect that reaction to come from herself. It just popped out before she even knew that the madwoman within her had awoke too. "I could have died in that thing and you both act like you just got back from the movies."

"I know how it appears. It's unfortunate. Sorry."

Martin paused. Sue waited, slowly calming a little.

"Let me just ask you one question. Why did you lock yourself in that apparatus?"

The question snapped Sue out of it for a minute. She didn't want to answer while somehow knowing she wasn't going anywhere until she did. Thinking about it, she realized how bad it might look. They might think she had a death wish or something.

"I became obsessed. It was all I could think about. I got unbelievably horny and it seemed like one of the only things that would satisfy me. It was like I couldn't help myself. I didn't plan to lock myself in. It was an accident. I really don't know what got into me. It was so unprofessional."

"You didn't think about the danger for a minute?"

Martin was undeterred. He just wanted to know the answer, no judgement, no implications. He continued in the same even-toned voice, "If Bill and Cindy hadn't happened along, you probably would have died."

"I knew it was possible, but that added to the thrill," Sue admitted, still not sure why she did. It was like someone had shot her full of truth serum. "For some reason, I never really felt like anything dangerous could happen."

She heard another set of footsteps approach from straight ahead.

"Charlie, you were right. Her normal inhibitions are affected. She is a danger to herself, same as what happened with Maggie."

Charlie didn't reply immediately.

"I was afraid of that. A positive sign nonetheless, she is clearly under Nuymean influence. Does she show the other symptom?"

"Let's find out." Martin asked, "Sue, are you a virgin?...been with a man?"

The question shocked Sue--way too private of a question. She was embarrassed to be a virgin at her age, but she had taken many years of college very seriously, probably too seriously. Boyfriends had not been part of the plan.She had never had the real thing inside her. She knew she should be outraged, but it also seemed to be a perfectly natural question for some reason. The answer seemed to be burning on her tongue. Saying it suddenly seemed the only way to quench its heat.

"Yes," she squeaked. She could not see Charlie or Martin to gauge their reaction.

Martin simply asked another question, "Does being restrained arouse you?"

Again, Sue felt that initial shock. Another inappropriate question that should have incited her to anger, but didn't. She answered without even thinking, "Yes, it made me lustful more than anything else I've ever experienced." She couldn't believe she told them that.

Charlie continued, "I think we need to follow through with our plan."

"Absolutely," Martin confirmed. "She seems more advanced than Maggie was at this point. Maggie didn't reach this level until after she had been training for a few months."

Charlie said, "I'll find one if you want to get her purse and clothes. You better stay with her. You have that measuring tape?"

Martin measured around her waist.

"29 and half inches."

Sue wanted to ask what he was doing when Martin interjected first. Either way, she knew they were going to put her into something, but what?

"Unfortunately, this is all necessary. I hope you understand. Don't worry, it won't take long. I'll get your stuff, be back in a couple minutes. Charlie isn't far either."

Sue was more than a little disturbed by her own behavior. Why had she answered them like that? They were right that something was up with her. She didn't have full control. Somehow she was being influenced. Looking at it now, the very idea of putting herself between the two halves of the sex maiden seemed like a really dumb move, but she had not been afraid at the time. Somehow nothing actually scared her right now. Clearly, her sense of detachment wasn't coming just from her own state of mind. She still couldn't convince herself that any of this was all that important in the long run. She simply trusted that it would work in the end.

Her scientific mind was having a hard time finding a rational explanation for her own behavior. She didn't believe for a second that she was being brainwashed or going crazy. She knew she wasn't the slut Bill thought she was. In fact, Bill didn't seem to be acting right either.

She couldn't see how she was under the influence of any substances. The explanation had to be in common with the other unsolved occurrences she had experienced. This was no different a problem than how the wooden crate and been placed back under her feet or how she got the glyph tattoo--something extra was going on outside the evidence available. She needed to find more clues to have a chance of figuring it out. The best way to get more information was to keep going, to continue with the Nuymean rituals and training.

A few minutes later, Martin returned. He was out-of-sight to her right somewhere.

"I has wondering why your purse was so heavy. Nothing like 3 or 4 kilograms of lusterite."

He must be talking about the Nuymean phallus. She didn't know how to respond. He didn't seem to care if she responded anyway. She felt more violated by him going through her purse than being naked and exposed. Between the interposed boards of the stocks and her inability to turn her neck, she could only guess what he was doing.

"This other device is interesting...and used recently. It looks very high tech with the remote control and all. The shape reminds me of an octopus or squid. I bet this explains a lot of your odd behavior lately."

Sue held her breath. Martin could easily reinsert the squid. She was on the verge of panic, but didn't want to give him any ideas.

"Would you like me to reinsert this stimulator?" Martin asked, immediately playing to her fears, while also completely naive to what he was really asking. "Perhaps this is why your training has been so successful."

Despite the horrific dread, Sue almost answered "yes" immediately. The idea was still very tempting to her suddenly raging libido, but she didn't think she could handle being subjected to the evil little thing again. Through shear force of will, finally, she was able to force out the words, "No, absolutely not, please don't."

"I want you to tell me all about this squid device or I will insert it back into you and figure it out for myself," he said in a commanding tone.

On some kind of autopilot, she was telling him about Steph, the instruction manual, the lock down mode--everything--before she could stop. Why? She had no idea. Still, it was compulsive. She could not stop. When she did it was almost like physical pain. For some reason the secret wasn't important enough to resist the imagined consequences. It seemed really important that he know. When she was done, it was a great sense of relief, like finally confessing a crime.

Martin paused as if considering.

"This squid device must really be something for you to still be worried about it. The traditional techniques should be sufficient without chancing something like this. I'm not sure the Nuymeans had this type of technology in mind anyways."

Martin paused and walked around her like he was checking her condition, or, perhaps her restraints.

"You could have died in that sex maiden, but look now at how you are already dripping with lust and ready for more. Your body is definitely responding to the training...and rapidly. I suppose that's good."

She didn't want to tell Martin that she had masturbated at least once a day since her early teens. Her responses were not all that different than they had been for years--from nothing to "ready to fuck a hairbrush" in 5 minutes flat.

She heard the unmistakable sound of the pump on her bottle of lube. As she opened her mouth to ask, she got her answer from the other direction. The cold lusterite head of the phallus was pressing between her swollen nether lips. With firm and deliberate pressure, it was soon penetrating her slowly and completely. She could not move away from it in the slightest. Despite the cold metal, it still felt amazing and comfortable after the rubber phallus of the sex maiden; she let out an involuntary gasp.

"It fits rather well. Probably didn't need the lube," observed Martin. "You of all people might appreciate your circumstances more with a little history lesson. These are the stocks of Rochfort the Bastardmaker, circa late 1300s perhaps early 1400s. They have been on loan from a forgotten castle museum in France since the annex display was created. Seems like they don't want them back at this point--a part of their past they would rather the tourists didn't see. Rochfort used his nobility to assert the right of driot du seigneur perhaps more than any other man in history. Modern historians like to deny how much the practice actually went on. Evidence such as these stocks has been quietly hidden away to create a "lack of evidence." Hard to tell how many young brides lost their virginity on their wedding night restrained in this device, at least a hundred, probably more."

Martin was doing something to the supports of the stocks. She felt her head and wrist restraints being lowered. Her ass was still held in position by the wooden crossbar so the end effect was to push her ass up in the air as she was bent lower. With the new angle, the Nuymean phallus slipped deeper into her vagina from its own weight.

"Aside from bastardizing the first born males to ruin their land claims, Rochfort also liked to actually get the young women pregnant. The lower-angled position created a downhill slope to help his seed to find its mark, at least that was the intent. After he deflowered a young woman, he would leave her in these stocks overnight while gravity did its work. He usually visited them several more times during the night for added measure."

Sue was outraged at how these women were treated--an appalling new level of degradation she was unfamiliar with. She was now getting her own first-hand taste. Her own legs spread open in re-enactment. Her own untested passage exposed and threatened, easily available, wet and aroused, calling to Charlie or Martin should they choose. The most infuriating part of all was not what she expected: her level of sexual frustration was increasing and she could do nothing to bring herself off. A young woman of the past would have been helpless, exposed and displayed, waiting to be penetrated for the first time by some petty feudal lord instead of her newlywed husband. The effect was making her so horny that all her other bodily aches and problems were largely forgotten.

The heavier-than-lead lusterite phallus--9.1 pounds of it--was the focus of her thoughts, a unique torment as her sex was forced to hold it inside. She could feel her muscles tensing against the weight and the slightly challenging size. Women weren't built to bear such weight in their pussies she thought, not at this angle. Her body was starting to remember just how exhausted and tortured it was. She tried rocking back and forth to work the phallus, but the pleasant friction needed was not happening. She needed some in and out motion but could not move in that direction.


Sue heard Charlie's heavy work shoes echoing closer before he spoke.

"I'm having a hard time finding something that should be a good fit. With a collection that size, I thought it would be easier. Can this crossbar slide forward?"

Sue couldn't take it any longer and asked, "What are you going to do?" No response.

Martin did something underneath and Sue felt the bar slide forward under her stomach in short order. The new position was not an improvement. With her neck trapped in the stocks, she could not slide forward or backward. She could bend her legs and lower her waist some now, but the added range of motion made little real difference. Worse was the pressure of the crossbar directly into her stomach. She would not want to be forced hard into the bar from this position.

"We've decided to put you in a chastity belt," Charlie said.

He paused letting his words register. Sue's thoughts ran off in different directions immediately. She didn't know how she felt about it herself so didn't know how to react. She didn't want her sex locked up--or did she? Before she could think about what to say to them, she felt cold metal circle her waist. Despite some pulling and straining, the circle did not close tightly enough.

"If your sex is inaccessible, then you should be able to resist doing something foolish. We don't need a repeat of something as dangerous as the sex maiden. Also, your virginity must remain intact. In your current state, you just might do something regretful."

Sue could see some kind of logic in it, but that didn't make it right. What did they think was going on with her that they decided she needed to be locked up? She knew how she felt now about the chastity belt now. No!

"Is this really necessary? What do you mean about protecting my virginity?" she asked tentatively.

Charlie continued to pull and push different metal belts at her waist. He was trying various pieces of hardware one right after another. When he pressed one cold metal device against her shaved mound, she suddenly felt the severity of what they were going. If she was horny before, she was completely red hot now.

"Maggie thought that the reason she failed the final trial was that she was not a virgin. Maybe, maybe not, but we can't take that chance. You clearly have no inhibitions left."

Charlie didn't seem to be having any luck with the fit.

"I don't think this is going to work Marty. There are bigger belts, but they are a lot bigger. I'm think anything with a larger waist band might just slide down her hips. She's a bit too...full figured."

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