tagLesbian SexThe Cure for a Broken Heart

The Cure for a Broken Heart


Ginger parked her car on the quiet, tree-lined street. She glanced at the address on the back of the business card, peered through the dark at the bronze house numbers that stood out in relief on the white stucco wall, and thought, Spanish tile roof, yeah, this has to be the right house. She checked her make-up in the rear view -- she'd tried to keep it subtle tonight -- and finger combed her auburn hair nervously. Jeez, she thought, not like it's our first date or anything...well, sort of...

Unless she counted their first date as: Ginger shoplifting to get herself caught on purpose by the sexy security guard she'd been lusting after for weeks; being dragged upstairs to the store office by said security guard, handcuffed, threatened with arrest, dominated, and spanked for being such a bad, bad girl; then being cuddled and finger-fucked and having her pussy eaten until she was nothing but a helpless, quivering, puddle of girlie ecstasy. She shivered deliciously at the memory, thinking, well, okay, I guess *that* probably counted as our first date.

After trying on twenty different outfits, she'd finally settled on an emerald green silk blouse and stylishly faded blue jeans, hoping she'd dressed appropriately for the evening. She'd even given up her combat boots for demure flat sandals. It was unseasonably warm for February, but a breeze made her shiver and hug her arms around herself; maybe she should have brought a jacket.

An arched opening in the wall in front led to a neat little courtyard with a brick patio. There was a small fountain with beautiful mosaic tile work and a few comfortable-looking chairs -- one containing a sleeping Siamese cat who suddenly yowled, jumped down from the chair, and stalked off into the bushes. Just as Ginger raised her hand to knock, the front door opened.

Dana grinned at her, leaning against the door frame. "Hey baby, have any trouble finding the place?"

Ginger looked startled. "How did you...?"

Dana said, "Oh yeah, Urusai always lets me know when someone's here. I should have named him 'Doorbell'."

Ginger raised her eyebrows. "Urusai?"

"Yeah," Dana replied. "It means 'Noisy'. Or 'Shut Up'." They both laughed. It was strange but really nice to finally see Dana out of uniform. She wore a Bob Marley t-shirt, black jeans, and she was barefoot. Her dark curly hair hung down her back and over her shoulders, and she just looked so...huggable...Ginger impulsively threw her arms around Dana's neck and squeezed her tight.

"Wow! Well, Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!" Dana pulled her close and kissed her on the tip of the nose. And her cheek. And her lips...Dana pulled Ginger inside the doorway by her belt loops and maneuvered her up against the wall, placing a hand on either side of Ginger's shoulders, and she leaned in for another kiss, and another, and...

"Well, hey, Dana, aren't you going to introduce your friend?"

Ginger's eyes flew open and she blushed furiously; Dana didn't seem all that surprised at the interruption, however, and just rolled her eyes. "Alrighty -- Kendra, this is my friend, Ginger. Ginger, this is my nosy neighbor Kendra who was just leaving, right Kendra?" she said, good-naturedly, but pointedly.

Kendra had a beautiful smile, gleaming white teeth in contrast to her deep cocoa colored skin. She was tall and slim, with hair in neat, elegant braids. "Very nice to meet you Ginger...Dana's told me SO much about you."

"Oh god, I hope not!" Ginger blurted, replaying in her head the embarrassing details of the night Dana caught her shoplifting. There was an awkward moment of silence. "Alternative Girlfriend" by the Barenaked Ladies was playing on the stereo, and they all heard the singer's next line, "I have a job in a shop, I'm an undercover cop, make sure the customers aren't thieves..."

Kendra burst out laughing, a rich, musical sound. Ginger looked genuinely distressed, and Dana tried hard to hide her smile as she apologized, "Oh Ginger, honey, I swear, that wasn't intentional..."

Kendra patted Ginger's arm and said, "Don't you worry, sugar, I think you had a very creative way of getting Miss Dana's attention -- and from the things she's said, she's had her eye on you for quite some time...I've heard about some of your real cute outfits..." Dana shot Kendra her best "you can shut up anytime now" look, but Kendra continued cheerfully, "And if Dana's cooking dinner for you, you must be something special..."

Dana interrupted loudly, "Well, it was nice seeing you Kendra, sorry you have to be going now."

Kendra put up her hands in mock protest, "Oh, no, I can stay..." and grinned at Dana's exasperated expression. "Okay, okay, I can take a hint, I'll leave you two alone. Dana, don't forget -- my party is next Saturday night."

"Yeah, yeah," Dana said, ushering her out the door. "If I have a date."

Kendra winked over her shoulder. "Oh I think you might be able to find someone."

Dana rolled her eyes again. "Maybe, we'll see. G'night Kendra," and she shut the door. Dana pulled Ginger close again and kissed the top of her head. "Don't mind Kendra, we've been neighbors for years. She's a really good friend." She ran her hands over Ginger's shoulders and down her back to cup her ass.

Ginger felt herself melt into Dana's embrace, her nipples peaked into hard little points, and she felt goose bumps rise up on her arms. How does she do this to me? Ginger wondered. It just feels so right, so fucking good...

Dana brushed Ginger's hair from the side of her neck, and nuzzled her ear. "Mmmm, you smell so good...I could just eat you up." Ginger squeaked a little when Dana nipped lightly at her earlobe, then slid her lips down to the sweetly ticklish spot where her neck and shoulder met, and began lifting at the bottom of her shirt, sliding the smooth silk up over her bare tummy, her ribs and...


"Damn interruptions!" Dana kissed Ginger once more quickly, reluctantly pushed away, and headed toward the kitchen. "Gotta check dinner...living room's down the hall, watch your step, I'll be there in a minute. Want something to drink?"

Ginger, feeling a little light-headed and dizzy, managed, "Sure, okay...that sounds good." Even though she hadn't been asked, she slipped off her own sandals and left them in the tiled hallway. A graceful arched opening led into the living room, and as Ginger stepped down she was glad she had taken off her shoes, wiggling her toes on the soft, plush carpet. There was a solid L-shaped sectional sofa, a sizeable flat screen TV, an impressive stereo, and an inviting fireplace. All around the room, built-in shelves were set into the walls. There was an open door off to the side that revealed an impressive home gym. Made sense; Dana was curvy but obviously fit and strong, and looked like she worked at it.

She scanned the CD rack -- everything from Bach, to Billie Holliday, to Tool -- eclectic tastes, she thought, filing that tidbit away in a corner of her brain.

She moved on to the bookshelves, which were filled with true crime non-fiction, and rows of mysteries and detective novels, many with a paranormal slant. Ginger smiled to herself; thinking, what else would you expect from an ex-cop?

Some shelves looked like museum displays, with one or two foreign and exotic objects displayed -- a basket, a piece of pottery, a primitive figurine, colorful stones. Behind them were various framed photographs. Some were of beautiful and unfamiliar landscapes; others featured Dana, alone or with a group of friends. Dana, in khaki shorts, climbing the steps of a Mayan pyramid; Dana, under gray skies, with a group of people at Stonehenge; Dana haggling with a merchant in a bazaar -- maybe in Egypt?

"That one was actually taken in Morocco," Dana said behind her, handing Ginger a wineglass.

"Thanks," said Ginger, "You read my mind, I was just wondering about that. You've traveled a lot."

"Yeah, when I can," Dana replied. "I traveled a lot right after I retired from the force."

Ginger sipped her drink -- cold, light, and sweet, but not cloying, with chunks of fresh fruit. "Wow, this is great, what is it?"

Dana grinned. "White sangria -- white wine, peaches, grapes, apples -- glad you like it."

Ginger nodded, still scanning the shelves. "Aren't you a little young to have retired?" Something caught her eye on a lower shelf, close to the floor and she crouched down to get a better look. There was a small framed case, containing awards for valor, ensuring public safety, life-saving, and a Purple Heart for injury in the line of duty. "What are these?" Ginger glanced up at Dana, who frowned a little.

"Oh, that, yeah." Her brow furrowed for a moment, then she shrugged, reaching down a hand to help Ginger stand up. "Well, I got injured in the line of duty. There was a settlement, an insurance payment, so I put money down on this place, and traveled a bit. But then I had to work for a living again, so I took a job doing security for my friend Jade at her store. Better than getting shot at, huh?" She gave Ginger a quick kiss on the cheek, and the kitchen timer beeped in the background again. "Dinner is served."

After the best enchiladas Ginger had ever tasted, they settled down on the living room sofa with more icy sangria. Dana placed a small silver covered tray on the coffee table. "For dessert, a little surprise for later," she said with a wink.

"So..." Ginger tucked her feet up under her and took another sip of wine. "How did you get hurt? What happened?"

Dana blew out her breath and rubbed a hand over her face. "Uh, I don't really talk about it much."

"Oh, I'm sorry...you don't have to..."

"No, no, it's okay." Dana downed half her glass of wine. "Probably something you should know about me anyway."

Ginger nodded, and waited quietly.

"Well," Dana began, "we were called out on a robbery. My partner, Beth, and me. It was at a grocery store, with a pharmacy in the back, couple of desperate addicts. It turned ugly, hostage situation." Dana sighed. "Got all of the civilians out, the customers and the employees, but Beth and I both got shot. I was the lucky one, but Beth didn't make it." Dana stared at the floor.

"I am so sorry, Dana..." Ginger said, feeling anything she could say would be inadequate.

"Yeah, me too. Beth was my partner, and my best friend. I really loved her."

"Were you -- were you and she --"

"Was she my girlfriend?" Dana smiled ruefully. "I wish. I wish I'd had the nerve to tell her I loved her. I knew she'd been married real young for a short time, and divorced, and wasn't with anyone. But I didn't know if she was gay, or straight, or bi, or what. And I never could make myself bring it up. I didn't want to risk screwing up our working relationship. Or our friendship. But it's one of my biggest regrets."

Ginger's eyes teared up, and she sniffed. Handing her a couple of tissues, Dana said, "Aw, jeez, didn't mean to make you cry."

"No, I'm always like this. Sometimes even commercials make me cry, it's really stupid." Ginger wiped her eyes and nose with the crumpled wad of tissue.

"It's not stupid," Dana said, slipping her arm around Ginger's shoulder and giving her a squeeze. "I think it's kind of sweet that you are so soft-hearted." She kissed Ginger's forehead.

Ginger looked up at Dana, gently stroking the side of her face. "Where did you get shot?"

"Oh, didn't you see my scar before?" Dana asked. "Maybe not, we were a little...preoccupied." She grinned, and Ginger smiled back, feeling herself blush. "Here," Dana said. She lifted off her t-shirt in one smooth movement, and shook out her dark hair.

Now that she was looking for it, Ginger saw a long, vertical, pale pink line that ran between Dana's full breasts. Gently, tentatively, she ran her index finger down the scar. "Does it hurt?"

"No, not anymore," Dana smiled lazily, pulling Ginger on to her lap. "They patched up my heart, and I'm good as new. Well, mostly." She cupped Ginger's face in her hands, and kissed her...softly at first, then more insistently. Ginger's lips parted as Dana's tongue slid into her mouth, cold and tasting of wine.

"Ah, almost forgot dessert," Dana said, shifting Ginger gently off to the side. Ginger's interest perked up.

"Well, I thought I was full after that incredible dinner," she said, "but I think I have a little room left for dessert..."

"A little room? Where, here?" Dana teased, poking Ginger in the ribs.

Ginger squirmed, ticklish. "Yeah, just a teeny little space." She squinted for emphasis, indicating a measurement less than an inch between her index finger and thumb.

"Oh, I know all about your teeny little space," Dana said, pouncing on her, "I've had my tongue in your teeny little space!" The redhead squealed and collapsed in helpless giggles as Dana tickled her mercilessly.

"Please, no, help, stop, mercy...UNCLE!" she gasped. Dana relented instantly, her brown eyes sparkling with amusement.

"We're going to have to come up with a safe word for you, honey."

"Safe word?" Ginger looked puzzled.

"Yeah, so I know when you really want me to stop, in case things get too...intense for you. Sometimes I like intense." Dana glanced sideways to catch Ginger's reaction, and watched emotions flicker over the girl's face as realization of what "intense" meant dawned on her. Dana cupped Ginger's chin, gazing deliberately into her green eyes. "You know what I mean, don't you, naughty girl?"

Ginger, squirmed and blushed, looked away, then peeked up through her lashes. "Yes, ma'am, I do."

Dana laughed, "God, you little slut, you know how to play it up, don't you." She tweaked Ginger's nipple through her blouse, making the girl gasp. "Your safe word is 'pumpkin' -- don't forget that."

Ginger looked puzzled again. "Why 'pumpkin'?"

"Because it's not something you'll say accidentally, or in a moment of passion. If you say it, you'll really mean it and we'll stop. But we'll talk more about that later, you won't need it tonight. For now," she leaned forward to whisk the silver cover off the tray. "Voila -- dessert is served."

"Oh, god, what gorgeous strawberries!" Ginger exclaimed. There was a huge bowl brimming with perfectly ripe strawberries, and a smaller bowl of whipped cream. Ginger savored a huge red berry, the sweet-tart taste bursting on her tongue, and rolled her eyes in ecstasy. "I am in heaven!"

"Yeah, we're both about to be," said Dana, kissing Ginger's berry stained lips and slowly unbuttoning the girl's blouse, easing the smooth silk off of her pale shoulders. Dana cupped the younger woman's small round breasts through her lacy bra and trailed kisses over the light sprinkling of freckles in her cleavage. "Baby girl," she murmured, nuzzling Ginger's neck, "you make me want to play connect-the-dots with my tongue."

"You like my freckles?" Ginger asked, reaching her arms around Dana to unhook her bra. Dana nodded, still nuzzling her neck. "I used to hate them when I was a kid, but I've kind of made my peace with them now." She slipped off Dana's bra, and slid her hands around to cup Dana's full breasts. "Wow, your skin is so soft," she whispered, "and so beautiful -- like coffee with lots of cream." Ginger dipped her head to kiss Dana's collarbone. She ran her fingers lightly over the brunette's dark caramel-colored nipples, which stiffened in response. Dana stroked the back of Ginger's neck, then tightened her fingers in the redhead's hair as the younger woman suckled first one, then the other nipple. She rolled her hips and groaned in pleasure as Ginger gently grazed the hardened points with her teeth.

Dana unhooked Ginger's bra, and tossed the scrap of lacy nothingness on the floor. "What perfect little teacup tits," Dana said, fascinated. She pinched and rolled Ginger's pale pink nipples until they were achingly erect. Dana laid the girl back on the couch, and bit into a particularly juicy berry. "Did you know," she mused, "that fashionable ladies hundreds of years ago used to rouge their nipples so they would show through their gowns?" She smiled wickedly and painted the bitten fruit over the rosy tips of Ginger's breasts. Then for good measure, she scooped up a generous dollop of whipped cream on her finger, and topped off each peak. She cocked her head to survey her handiwork, and smiled, well pleased. "Now it's my turn for dessert." She bent her head and licked and sucked every bit of cream and juice from Ginger's nipples. She insinuated her fingers between Ginger's thighs, rubbing her heat through the denim fabric. Ginger whimpered in need, and lifted her hips as Dana unfastened her jeans, hurriedly peeling them off, along with her panties. Then Dana impatiently tugged down her own jeans and underwear, kicking them off on the floor.

All of their bothersome clothing now out of the way, Dana sat back on the sofa, pulling the younger woman astride her lap. Ginger rose up on her knees on either side of Dana's thighs, gripping the back of the couch for support. Dana twined her fingers in Ginger's hair, pulling the redhead's mouth down hard on her own, sliding her tongue between the younger woman's lips. She slipped her hand between their nude bodies, and her fingers stroked the girl's pussy, wet and hot and eager. With no other warning, she slid two fingers deep inside, mimicking the movement of her tongue Ginger's mouth. Ginger gasped and ground down against Dana's questing fingers. Dana pulled back from the kiss, looking into Ginger's eyes, half-lidded with passion. "I'm gonna fuck you, baby, I want to make you come hard on my hand." The girl nodded, moaning and rocking her hips.

Dana pushed another finger inside Ginger's wetness; the girl's eyes flew open wide and she squeaked in surprise. Dana murmured encouragement, "Good girl, you can take it, feels good doesn't it baby, having your pussy so full?" Ginger dug her fingers into the back of the sofa and her eyes closed, her head falling back. Dana wrapped one strong arm around the girl's waist, and continued sliding her fingers rhythmically in and out of Ginger's tight, wet, hole, rubbing the sweet spot deep inside, rubbing against her swollen clit with every stroke. Ginger shuddered, panting, clutching Dana's shoulders now, kissing her hungrily. "Yes baby, yesss," Dana whispered against her lips, "that's it...come for me, c'mon honey, let go now..."

Ginger moaned loudly, arching her back, as she climaxed, tightening and throbbing on Dana's fingers, her wetness drenching Dana's hand. Dana continued thrusting her fingers into the younger woman's pussy, but gentler now, the urgency gone. Ginger felt melted, boneless, and collapsed against her lover's chest. Dana withdrew her hand, brought her fingers to her mouth, licked them clean, and kissed Ginger deeply so she could taste the sweetness of her own orgasm.

At some point, the CD had changed, and a Beatles song was playing in the background. "Oh please, say to me, you'll let me be your man..."

The two women looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. They snuggled closer on the couch, naked limbs tangled, and Dana dipped another berry into the whipped cream and offered it to Ginger. "Baby girl," she said, stroking Ginger's auburn hair, "I think you are the very best cure for my broken heart. Happy Valentine's Day."

Ginger smiled, the satisfied smile of the cat who got the cream, and asked, "So...are you taking me to Kendra's party next Saturday?"

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