tagIncest/TabooThe Curiosity of Jessica

The Curiosity of Jessica



This was Johnny's reaction at first, but he will soon change his mind.

"Yes," his father Anthony continued "my boss, as you well know, is a very eccentric guy, and as the business is going particularly well, he would like to celebrate in a rather, as it were, original way."

Johnny and his sister Jessica were shocked, while her mother Anna listened carefully, probably already aware of it, and resigned.

"As he knows that we have a land of our property very large and unused now, he insisted on using it for his party; in any case, we already have for example the caravans for the bathrooms and the barbecue, we have to just add tables with some chairs and in less than no time everything will be ready. We are also in the middle of Summer, it will be comfortable and even liberating I would dare to say."

"Ok but, all of us naked?" Johnny answered.

"Yes, I don't want to be naked in front of you and him," Jessica said, alluding to her brother "and to the others obviously".

"Well guys, your father's boss was always very kind and helpful to us: I understand the absurdity of the thing, but it will only be for one day, and you should not be ashamed of your body. Look at the two of us, for example: what should we say to stay naked in front of all those people now that we're two elders?" Anna said, smiling at Anthony.

Johnny was obviously in disagreement with his mother: for her 40 years, she was a very beautiful woman, but despite he already had occasion to tell her, she never believed. Instead Jessica's friends have always talked about his father in a flattering way, and actually she could not blame they, because with a few years more than her mother was an handsome man.

"Oh God, it will be so embarrassing." "I hope there will not be anyone who knows me there." the brothers thought.

"Why don't you go alone and we stay here?" Johnny asked hopefully, making Jessica's eyes shine.

"Absolutely not, I want my boss to know you and that you also participate in family activities, it will certainly be better than staying all day on the Playstation or Smartphone. Over the initial embarrassment will be all easy, and then you're not crippled, what do you have to be ashamed of?" replied their father a little annoyed.

And so the two brothers were forced to participate at the party, and help in his organization, until the fateful day.

After the family arrived on the ground, Johnny and Anthony finished their last preparations.

"Ok, put the drinks in there, PERFECT" Anthony said very excited "We have to make a good impression, have you fixed the rest of the supplies we have recovered?"

"Yes, of course, but mom are taking the latest things from the Caravan." said Johnny boredly.

"Well, it's time!" Anthony continued.

"Alright, ok." Johnny answered even more boringly. Anthony was a good-hearted father, but he didn't have to contradict him too much. So Johnny resigned himself to undressing, trying to overcome his youth insecurities.

Remaining naked, Johnny saw that probably his father Anthony was almost more in shape than him: despite some signs of old age, he had a well-defined musculature, unlike Johnny, who despite having a good physique, he had still to work on it.

Shortly after, Jessica arrived, wrapped in a long blanket.

"Jessica, baby, please." Anthony begged.

"What's wrong? I'm naked but wrapped in a blanket, it's as if I wore an extravagant dress: people will not care, but maybe they'll think I'm cold."

"Come on baby, you've become a beautiful young lady, your mother and I made you, and your brother, well, I think he's already had experience with the other sex." Anthony said, smiling at Johnny.

"Of course, of course." Jessica said, trying to provoke Johnny. Although she had 18 years, his little sister was still a child, and he didn't give her much weight.

"Jessica, stop, please, and take off that blanket. And you, Johnny, go to see if your mother needs help in the caravan."

Even Jessica resigned herself to the authority of her father, and remaining naked, the brother understood that she had really grown up. The breasts had been defined and swollen, but it was not huge. Her ass was very firm, not too big, and her pussy was shaved.

"You're really pretty." Johnny said quietly.

"HERE, I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THAT." Jessica shouted almost in tears, misunderstanding Johnny.

The young boy shrugged, and so, after Jessica locked herself in the second empty caravan, he went into the first caravan to find his mother.

After entering the Caravan and closing the door, Johnny had the urge to run away because of what was in front of his eyes. His mother Anna was bent at 90°, completely naked, trying to get the last necessary for the party from the box at the bottom of the Roulotte. Fortunately for Anthony, she didn't notice the arrival and the consequent mischievous look of her son.

"Er-um, mom, do you need help?" Johnny asked almost breathlessly. He understood that his mother was good, but Christ.

The vision of her mother's asshole and pussy had upset him, because he was appreciating them a little too much. They seemed a little more open than normal; evidently, his father had a lot of fun with her, but how could he blame him?

"Oh, you're here, well, yes, I'll give you the last supplies, and for now put them on the table. Then we'll put them on the tables outside." she said turning to her son and then returning to the box.

"Ok." Johnny had also glimpsed the naked mother from the front, realizing that she was totally shaved like her daughter over there, and that both tits and ass were shapely, but showed signs of aging. They had a certain charm though. At least, so Johnny thought.

"With these we should have finished, oh, I almost forgot." doing so, Anna folded back down to get the last packet of chips, involuntarily beating her butt on her son's penis.

Anna clearly ignored everything that was going on, but unfortunately Johnny and his penis didn't. It was already starting to grow up because of some sexy lady in the Caravan, but that contact was the last straw.

In a panic, Johnny tried to think of something else, and instinctively lifted the curtain and looked out the window over the table of the Roulotte. There he saw his father who had already begun to let the guests enter and serve them.

He also saw the divorced boss of his father, who had remarried with a woman much younger than him and Johnny's parents. Her breasts were clearly redone: it was nothing compared to her mother's, but it was not so bad. Two boobs are still two boobs.

"You look like you're enjoying a little too much your sight" she said his mother, almost laughing, who was holding the last bag of potato chips, staring at her son's protruding erection. This finally made Johnny awaken from the dream world.

"Fuck mom, I'm sorry, I ..." Johnny began trying to cover himself.

"Hey, hey, what's all this sudden shame on your mother? A young man with crazy hormones like yours? It seems obvious to me. Who's been causing it? It must have been that girl who's talking to Jessica."

His mother was referring to a young woman probably the same age as Jessica (she must have overcome the embarrassment and be out of the other caravan), not understanding that AT MOST, had been the boss's wife milf with breast redone to have tease him. But perhaps it was good that Anna didn't suspect the son's ambiguous tastes.

Johnny's mother heard her husband call, and so, after leaving the curtain and opening the door, she leaned over and said

"Did you look for me love?"

"Yes, Anna. My boss wants to see you and Johnny too. Bring the last things and come together, but hurry up!

"We are coming." Anna answered him, closing the door "Heard honey? Let's go."

"Give me 5 minutes and I'll be there ok?"

"Oooook, I'm going, but bring the rest of the stuff" ended the mother, a little suspicious. She took some of the supplies and went out.

Johnny prepared napkins, and began to masturbate to the best of his ability, in the grip of lust. He tried to concentrate on the sexy wife of Anthony's boss, and even Jessica's friend, but he could not finish it.

Panicked again, his thoughts wandered, until they stopped at Anna. He thought of his mother, and her soft, sexy flesh, and began to really feel something.

He had to hurry, and think of his Milf mom seemed to help, so much so that suddenly exploded by dirtying the table and some provisions with the sperm.

"Fuck..." he said and cleaned up quickly and finally came out.

"Ah, here's Johnny." said jovial Anthony.

"Good morning." Johnny said putting the last things on the table.

And so the party proceeded normally. After the evening came, and all the guests were gone, the family lit a fire and gathered around it to relax before returning home.

"Nice party isn't it?" Anthony asked, happy but sleepy.

"Not bad," said Johnny, who was also a little tired.

Both mother and daughter were silent, apparently thoughtful. Jessica could not stop thinking about her father. He was really fit as her friends said, despite his age, although she didn't have much experience with the boys.

Anna, however, could not stop thinking about the initial embarrassment of her children to stay naked.

"You know, this party made me think a lot." Anna began "We should be open minded and talk more to each other."

The others seemed perplexed.

"I refer to your initial embarrassment guys." alluding to Jessica and Johnny "you shouldn't have anything to worry about exposing yourself."

Johnny remained passive, but Jessica began to actively participate in the discussion.

"What exactly do you mean mom?"

"I mean that if you have so many problems exposing you, it's because you're very young, and you have so much to learn and discover. It's probably all connected to your body and things that you may not have clear, so if you have any questions you should not hesitate to ask."

Johnny continued to stare at the fire, hypnotized, tired from the party like his father, but Jessica instead answered

"There are so many things I don't understand, and I don't know where to start, especially about the male body."

"Tell me dear, parents also serve this."

"It's a little awkward."

"I have already said that we'll be more open minded, love. Come on, what is so complicated?"

"The fact is that I studied anatomy, but the boys are not like dad, especially...down there." Jessica pointed to her father's cock.

Anthony woke up from the trance.

"Anna, it doesn't seem to me a subject you can..."

"Anthony, please, your daughter just wants to ask a few questions. What do you mean, Jessica?"

"Well, the males are not so big down there." and indeed, Anthony's penis, although soft, was rather generous.

"It seems obvious to me that there are penises of every kind and size, as well as tits."

"Oh yeah?"

"Sure girl, and if it seems so big, imagine if it was circumcised."


"Yes, it's when you take the skin off from the tip of a man's penis, and it looks even bigger like that."

"It's all so complicated."

"It looks like, but it's not. Let's do like this."

After saying this, Anna knelt next to her husband, and picked up his cock.

"Anna, what the Hell..."

"Calm down a moment, honey, I'm just trying to teach something to our children unlike you." Anna said a little irritated "Come here darling." she invited her daughter.

Jessica knelt next to her father's other leg.

"See Jessica? The penis opens revealing the inside: so it must be when..."

"When do you have sex?" her daughter asked innocently.

"Yes, exactly, dear. Circumcision consists in removing the part of skin that covers the tip, understood?" Anna answered, opening and closing the cock several times to making her see how it worked, finally letting it go.

"Wait, it works like this?" Jessica answered after suddenly taking Anthony's penis by moving it up and down.

"JESSICA, YOUG LADY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" his father blurted out.

"Anthony, please don't attack her so, poor, she's just curious about the human body."

"She's my daughter, she should not touch me that way."

"It is obvious that she will learn better by interacting with a real person than staring at pictures on books. Stop being a child and relax."

Anthony didn't really agree with his wife, but he was too tired to object.

Meanwhile, Jessica didn't seem to care what her parents were discussing. She thought about how her friends would have envied her by seeing her interact so much with her father, and insisted to opening and closing his penis with a little more force than necessary.

Anna stopped her by asking

"Now did you understand, honey?"

"Yes mom but...Ooooh WOW" Jessica exclaimed with too much emphasis, but fortunately she was not noticed. His father's penis had begun uncontrollably to grow to such an extent that she no longer needed a hand to take it all, but four.

"I guess you know what an erection is, right Jessica?" Anna asked jokingly.

"Well, it's time to go." Anthony said, embarrassed and nervous, trying to get up.

"Wait a moment, love!" said his wife stopping him "Jessica, you seemed surprised that it happened, it's obvious that it does not matter if it's me or you to touch it, but any stimulus can awaken the genital apparatus of the men." Jessica's mother explained, trying to sound professional, almost a doctor.

"I only opened it and closed it like you did mom." the daughter said, really surprised.

"Often men's penises have their own heads." Anna answered, glancing at her son.

Johnny had begun to follow the strange situation, and he remembered the sudden problem he had that day, caused by his mother by the way (though she ignored him).

"I cannot believe such a thing, should...well...get inside girls..." asked Jessica, a little too interested.

Anthony glanced a shocked look at his wife, but she didn't notice him and answered

"You don't have the right experience yet and you don't understand, young woman, but it's all natural and it's nothing to be ashamed of talking about." Anna continued laughing and caressing her husband's penis.

Anthony was very tired of the party, and this allowed him not to alter too much despite the bizarre situation he was subjected to. Instead, he found his wife's caresses very pleasant. He could have fallen asleep so long as Jessica didn't start talking again.

"But mom, it doesn't hurt?"

"The first few times maybe yes honey, but you get used to it. Nature made us perfect, in fact a real penis can never really be replaced by stupid toys."

"I heard at school that some use them, and they seem happy to do it. "

"As I said, young girls don't have the right experience: the human penis has a particular consistency, especially when it's erect, it seems hard but soft at the same time." Anna spoke trying to be as clear as possible.

"Mmmmh, I don't think I understood."

"It's nothing so hard to understand, sweetheart, look here." in doing so, Anna put Jessica's hand on Anthony's very hard penis, squeezing and pushing her up and down.

"Anna for the love of God." Anthony tried to oppose her with all his strength.

"Do you want to let me end up explaining Anthony? I don't want to be too conservative, so as not to allow our children to know what actually awaits them in life."

Although his wife's speech was twisted, Anthony was partly in agreement with her, but he could not allow similar contact with his daughter.

Anna had left Jessica's hand, and she, after being addressed by her mother, began to move her hand up and down on her father's penis with increasing decision, even though she should only have felt its consistency.

As much as her friends would like to have been in her place at that moment, Jessica wondered how she could ever tell such a thing. She did not even know why she was actually continuing to do all of this, but it was something that had been unleashed inside her, and that she could not stop in any way.

"Damn mommy, you're right, it's amazing!"


"You are so expert, and I have so much to learn, I will never be like you."

"Stop talking like that Jessica. In time everything will come naturally, and you'll know how to treat a man."

"But how can I take care of something like that?" Jessica said, entranced by her father's member.

"It also depends on the understanding you have with your partner, there are so many things you can do. Look."

Anna, to show that she was right, and to educate her daughter to the fullest, began to masturbate Anthony. She stroked his penis firmly, cupping the scrotum several times.

The precum began to form on Anthony's penis, preparing to run.

"Oh my God, dad came?" Jessica asked, feigning a naivety that was not so true.

"No, no darling, it's called precum, it's more like an anticipation of orgasm."

Out of habit, Anna licked and sucked off the tip of her husband's penis, making every trace of semen disappear.

"Mom, what..." the daughter said, surprised.

"It's a little trick sweetheart." the mother said proudly, almost bragging about her abilities.

"Why do not you teach me mom?"

Anthony didn't know what to do anymore. Anna had started to do oral sex with him, and he loved having sex with his wife. She knew well how to make her husband enjoy, and he, taken aback, could not formulate the words to say at that moment to stop her, wanting to remind her that her two sons were with them.

Jessica looked at it with admiration and a touch of jealousy, while Johnny had an erection that was nothing compared to that obtained hours ago, due to the absurd and exciting situation, but fortunately no one was paying attention to him.

"To please a man is a serious thing Jessica, but it's nothing that can not be learned." the mother said, taking a breath of air after an intense suck.

"Do you think it's okay like this mom..."

Anthony had looked away from them because of the incredible mixture of embarrassment and excitement, coupled with the incredible accumulated fatigue.

After looking down, though, he realized that the pleasure derived from the blowjob he was receiving, it was giving by his daughter.


"Do you want to stop talking, Anthony? Finally my children listen to me and are really learning something." Johnny thought he was not involved in the situation at all, but he didn't have the courage to speak.

"Are you serious about that mum?"

"Sure honey, why do not you try to imitate me? So you'll really learn how to please your future boyfriend." his mother proposed with innocence. As far as one could be innocent at a time like this.

Anna and Jessica alternated to worship that huge cock.

Anna started sucking on Anthony's cock, getting more and more into her mouth, twirling her tongue like a tornado.

Jessica tried to imitate her mother, but ended up coughing several times, failing to take too much meat in her mouth in one fell swoop.

Johnny had begun to masturbate feverishly.

"Anna you cannot do this to me..." Anthony said in despair.

"Jessica has growing up fast Anthony, and if we do not teach her these things, she will never find a boy." tried to explain his wife by hiding a bit of strange excitement that was forming.

Jessica became more and more confident with Anthony's penis. Over time, she began to suck his cock with increasing vulgarity, causing numerous noises similar to porn actresses, also due to the large amounts of saliva and precum accumulated.

"Mom is it true that even more women together can suck a single dick?" Jessica asked without too many words.

"Obviously, try to suck the cock along this side while I do it on the other side."

Mother and daughter were using Anthony as a toy for their "lessons".

Johnny could not believe how far they had come, despite Jessica just wanted to ask some questions about the human body. She was perhaps not the child everyone believed.

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