tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Curious High Elf Ch. 01: Shamed

The Curious High Elf Ch. 01: Shamed


Star-Gazer Temple: By far the highest and most unattainable Temple in Craglorn. Very few people ever got to see it, let alone live in it. Yet, there were four priestesses that had made their way, protected it, and everything it stood for all their lives. Each of them had a rank that dignified what their purposes and burden was. The High priestess protected all of Mundus, the other three stood for Nirn, and each of the two moons respectively.

They were all healers of a sort, but each of them mastered in different pools of magic; storm, healing, fire, and ice. One day, Astrid, the High priestess ventured out of the temple, and into the wild. Little did she know, that when nightfall would come, her fate would change forever.

Astrid was an Altmer, or what lesser races called High Elf. She did not mind what others called her, for she knew who she truly was, or did she..? Time passed as the beautiful, tall, blond-gold haired, blue eyed Elf cared for the plants, gathered ingredients, water, and fished for several hours. When she finally looked up, both moons were full, and darkness covered the land. Packing up the fish and everything that caught her eye during the day, she heard howls in the distance. Her movements flowed like water, the High priestess' footsteps took a silent haste, and made her white dress laced with gold move with the wind as she made her way back to Sky-Gazer Temple.

The silent bristling gave away Astrid's position, soon enough her backpack dropped, tumbling down the hill, and a colourful battle took place between herself and a pack of werewolves. The thundering sound of the magic from her staff mixing with the angry roars of the beasts, and then one last roar from what she could only assume was the Alpha of the pack made the ground shake as he launched himself at her in a final attempt to avenge his fallen betas. Her dagger pierced the beast's heart, but too late, she had been bitten.

The High priestess healed herself as much as she could, retrieved her fallen items, and stumbled her way back to the Temple. The doors would not open for her, she had forgotten why, and so she banged on the high doors pleading to come in. The three other priestesses looked at her with what seemed like pity mixed with something else, and only shook their heads as the barrier would not open for Astrid. They turned their backs on her closing the doors behind them; she was now an outcast.

Realizing in horror what had just happened, the beautiful High Elf fell to her knees, her back against the wall of the temple, shivering from the cold of the night, and the cruel new reality. Her dress was a bit torn up, her backpack barely had anything left, and she had nowhere to go. Astrid wandered down into the wilderness again; trying to find a way to shelter herself, and keep others from finding her in this condition.

The High Elf finally came upon a lake she believed might be Shada's Tear judging from the shape, and the memory of her map. Watching a small waterfall feeding the lake, her sorrow was briefly lifted away, and her eyes gazed upon an abandoned mine: "That will have to do for the night" Speaking to herself. The mine was blocked from the inside, and none of her magic worked to open it.

Sitting down on top of the hill next to the mine, her mind grew hazy, but she spied what seemed like an abandoned small camp to the west. Astrid crossed the stream, and carefully went down the hill to get a closer look: "Thank the Gods..." She sighed heavily and made the rest of her way to the tent and abandoned fire-pit which she lit with a spell. She looked inside the tent; a few wine bottles laid about, one was still full and untouched. Sitting down on the rudimentary bedding, the High Elf opened it and drank it all. She fell backwards on the furs, drawn in a drunk, exhausted journey of dreams; where she haunted a troll in a dense forest on four paws, tearing it apart, howling with others, sharing the meal, and the daedric lord Hircine's voice resounded in her head: "Once a pup, now wolf. Once a prey, now a hunter. The blood of a true hunter, and the pack, is now yours. They are your only family, your only allegiance. Hunt well." Astrid jerked awake; she was still in the tent, with the taste of blood in her mouth, and the bite's wound had disappeared. This could only mean one thing; this wasn't a dream. She had been bitten by an Alpha werewolf, cast away from her temple, and in her sorrow the blood of the beast within her had pledged allegiance to the spirit of the hunt.

The High Elf was disgusted with herself, but she had no choice but to keep on living, surviving with her new burden, for she knew the fate of werewolves upon death: Eternal hunt in Hircine's domain. Astrid promised herself to keep on going until she found a cure, but for the time being, she needed to find something to drink to wash off the taste of blood in her mouth.

Her senses enhanced as time passed by, and she found another wine bottle in another abandoned site. She proceeded to drink it all, letting her mind go numb, she was warm, so she hadn't noticed that her dress had disappeared, and she had been naked all this time. When she did notice, the High Elf didn't even care, she found another bottle, drank the whole thing, and ate some raw fish before falling asleep in the grassy patch.

Across the lake; a Khajiit was casually fishing, whistling joyfully what sounded like a bard's song he must have heard in an inn, and Astrid grew annoyed at the sound. She struggled up to her elbows barely holding her off the ground, squinting her eyes at the sun, and looked in his direction: She saw an unusually tall male Khajiit, looked very much like a tiger standing on hind legs, dressed in an elegant black suit, embroidered with red and gold material. His head had a short faux hawk adornment as hair, and she thought to herself "Handsome, for a cat" before dropping on her back again.

The Khajiit beamed with a triumphant laugh mixed with a roar; Astrid propped herself up again, and saw that he had caught quite a large fish. She smiled slightly and let herself fall back again. The tiger looking, two legged walking, whistling cat, started cooking his big catch over the fire she had lit with a spell two nights prior, and the smell of his food caught her attention. She propped herself up again, her stomach grumbling, and wished she would have done the same with the fish she had eaten before she fell asleep again. Astrid sighed heavily, assessing her situation; her hair, usually in a perfect long cut with braids on the side tied to the back of it, was now a golden mess, she had no clothes, and she couldn't find her backpack.

The striped, dark orange, Khajiit had covered his meal and was packing it in another compartment of his own backpack. To her surprise, he jumped in the water, and swam her way. "Whatever happened to cats hating water?" she thought to herself as she tried her best to cover her naked body.

"Smart cat" The High Elf silently commented, she saw he had tied his suit to his shield, which he had on his back, nothing but his fur got wet, and to add to her surprise, he casually walked out of the lake towards her, with only his Khajiit adjusted boxer briefs, and proceeded to untie his things, unpacking others just about a meter from her. Astrid held her legs against her body to cover herself as much as she could, to add to her surprise; the 'cat' unpacked a blanket, and silently covered her with it. He looked around, seeing all the empty wine bottles around her, she felt herself blushing in shame, and he said:

"Rough night?"

The Khajiit continued unpacking his things along with the food he had made, and presented her with a portion of it.

"I'm Vasya, take it, its for you, it will help with the hangover."

Taken aback, the High elvish woman looked at him, puzzled, and said:

"I thought all of your kind spoke in the third person" a comment to which he replied

"And I thought all High Elves remained perfect and never got dirty"

A playful smile formed on his tiger like face. Astrid narrowed her eyes towards him, but she had nothing to say to his comment. She wrapped the blanket around her, and took her share of food, thanking him. The Khajiit smiled, and sat next to her, having his own share of the meal.

He sat straight, looking at the waterfall while eating, he just seemed so... Different? She wasn't sure different was the appropriate word for him, but she was thankful for the fish, it was really helping her gain back her wits about her. She examined him while he was distracted; strong muscles showed even though he was covered in fur, his arms, his shoulders, his neck, his back, his torso, his abdomen, and the whole of his legs were very clearly muscular. Given that she had noticed his shield, he was certainly unconventional for a Khajiit, since she had read that they usually prefer stealthy approach with daggers, he on the other hand, was all muscle and power for sure. She wondered how, and where he was raised. All Khajiits speak in the third person, but that one did not, he now was a mystery to be solved to her.

Vasya let his gaze go towards Astrid, looking at her as he sat back, supporting himself with his elbows, and asked what she dreaded:

"So... What drove an Altmer to go in the middle of Craglorn, naked, and drunk..? What happened to you?"

She liked the fact that he referred to her as Altmer, but not so much the question, she had to think of something to say... The Khajiit looked into her eyes, patiently waiting for an answer, and his gaze unsettled her. She felt a warm tingle between her legs, she tried to hide that she was feeling it at all, and answered with something close to the truth:

"I... I was outcasted...The other night, I was attacked, and then my sisters wouldn't let me in. They turned their back to me and shut the door in my face. I was too proud to beg, and now well... Just one look and you know how I dealt with it... I... I am Astrid, by the way. It was really nice of you to give me food just like that, and to keep me company. Also thank you for the blanket."

She smiled a little, and looked into his eyes, since he seemed to be the sort to look one in the eyes when speaking to them. She liked that about him, and so she asked:

"What makes you how you are? I noticed you prefer hand to hand combat, you speak in the first person, and you dress well." She looked at his almost naked body, and added: "Well when you have your suit on, I saw it on you earlier, across the lake."

Vasya smiled and thanked Astrid for her compliment. He seemed to think long and hard about his answer to her question, and finally he answered:

"I was just a young cub when I left Elsweyr, the Khajiit native land, I wanted to be a warrior, I wanted to become a blacksmith, a clothier, a woodworker, I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about anything across Tamriel, and so I did. I travelled everywhere, mastered in each crafts, even alchemy and enchanting, and you can probably tell that I have mastered provisioning; cooking and brewing. Speaking of which..." He paused and dug into his backpack for a flagon and two cups then continued: "Here is another hangover remedy, and it goes well with the fish we just had. I present to you 'Ozorga's remorse', a tea, brewed with various ingredients found on Orcish lands. I learned to make it from the one who invented it herself."

He smiled proudly as he poured the tea of an interesting smell. Astrid must have made an odd face because he reassured her that it tastes a lot better than it smells. The High elf shrugged, thanked him with a nod as she took her first sip, and it was actually quite tasty, she was relieved of most of her headache instantly.

"This is amazing! Thank you so much!"

She flashed him a genuine smile as she continued drinking her tea while he sipped his own. Vasya smiled back at her, and turned over. Still propped on his elbows, she just realized he had been sunbathing/drying this whole time, and a cute smile crept on her face which Astrid couldn't hide from him either.

"I will have to stop in Belkarth and make you proper clothing" He said more seriously. "What is your idea of proper clothing Vasya?" She asked quizzically.

"What suits a person's true being. So you will have to help me with that." He answered simply.

"I am not sure if you have noticed, but I have nothing but your blanket, I am not going in a town like this." She insisted.

"Oh, I don't expect you to, Astrid, but we will have to talk about the real reason you are here, and who you are deep inside while I still have to dry" He said just plain and simple; he knew she had left a few things out of her story, and she buried her face in her hands.

She usually valued people who were insightful, but this time, her new found friend was a little too insightful. On the other hand, he did feed her, hydrated her, and covered her naked body. Maybe he did deserve to know the truth, the worse that could happen would be that he hunts werewolves... Maybe... She sighed heavily and started telling him the truth, everything that had happened from being the high priestess to being bitten, becoming an outcast, a werewolf, and drowning her pain in cheap wine she found on ground.

The whole time he listened to her, really listened, she could tell, and finally he let himself fall on his left side and held his right arm up, wile the other rested on the ground towards her. He was offering a hug? Maybe? She crawled closer to him, clutching the blanket he had given her, and sure enough, when her body was close enough to his, he took her in his arms, holding her in the most comforting, warm hug she had ever felt, and tears she did not want to show started trickling down her cheeks until she buried herself in his chest, clutching his fur, and he let her do so until she had no more tears to cry. He did not judge, nor shunned her, he just held her until she decided she was done crying, and longer, while she just wished to stay comforted in his arms. She listened to the steady beat of his heart as she lay in his arms, a soothing sound that she welcomed just as much as the embrace he offered.

"Stay a while longer?" She heard herself ask, almost pleading.

"Of course, don't worry, I am here so long as you want me here." He replied. His voice was deep and soothing, just like his heartbeat. He started gently rubbing her back, slowly, as though he knew he had to do it at the rate of his heart to comfort her, and it worked.

"Thank you... For everything..." Astrid closed her eyes, and buried herself deeper in his arms, putting her ear right up against his heart, still beating at a steady and soothing pace.

"Now I know what to make for you." Vasya said simply while he gently stroked her back.

"And what would that be?" She asked, intrigued.

"You will see later, when I am done, and I come back. Don't worry, I am not leaving until you are ready to wait for me." He answered, and reassured. As if he knew what she was going to think before he was done saying what he had to say. 'He really an insightful one.' She thought to herself. After a while, she slowly pulled away from his comforting arms, and said:

"I am ready, I will go wait in the tent once you leave." Astrid looked at him slowly getting up, gathering his things, and tying everything securely on his back. "You are not going to dre..." She was interrupted by his sudden run to the edge of the island they were on, and jump to dry land on the east side of the lake. He smiled at her, put his suit on, secured his shield, and sheathed his blade over his right thigh. They waved a silent goodbye for now to each other, and she swam across the lake making sure that the blanket stayed dry by holding it over her head in a bunch.

She sat on the bedding inside the tent next to the fire, with the blanket around her. She was slowly drying, but nice and warm. She caught herself smelling the blanket, taking a deep breath, hoping it would smell like him a little, and it did... Vasya. She smiled, thinking about the kind, handsome Khajiit. Astrid felt that warm tingle again, remembering his body as she took in his scent from the blanket, maybe it was wrong, but no one was around, and it felt right... She laid back inside the tent, covering her propped up and parted legs with the blanket. The High Elf wet her fingers in her mouth, placed them on her clit, and masturbated vigorously to the scent and thought of the Khajiit's muscular body, she came hard, flooding the bedding, and fell asleep uttering his name: Vasya...

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by Veles_Svarog_Rod05/20/18

Thanks, I appreciate it.
A Khajiit is some sort of cat/like humanoid species. Some look more like lions, or tigers, or house cats, features are different for all of them. In the Elderscolls lore, Khajiitsmore...

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Really, Really Good Work

Well! This was a surprise! You have true talent, Veles_Svarog_Rod. There was a feel of reality to this story that I don't often get. I don't know a Khajiit is, and there may be others that will say thatmore...

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Many thanks!

Thank you very much, your comments mean a lot.

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Wonderful theme, wonderful writer and really great start!

I really loved the first installation of what looks like it will be a truly wonderful series. As soon as I realised the theme I was buzzing to get stuck into this story, my excitement only grew when Imore...

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Very well written and enjoyable beginning - I look forward to reading the subsequent chapters.

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