tagLoving WivesThe Curse of the Scots Ch. 04

The Curse of the Scots Ch. 04


They're in Cayden's truck, and Angie's mad as a hornet.

The tsunami hit the beach! Angie broke free and crashed against the side cab door, "Let me out of here! I've got to get out!" She slammed back against Caprice. She swung out and hit the whore in the jaw, "I know you. I know who you are! You're here to get him and steal my baby," she started blathering and crying, "I know. I know. I know."

Caprice tasted the blood where Angie hit her, "Angie that's so ridiculous," she wrestled Angie to the seat, "I'm a fucking whore. Cayden bought me a week ago. They were going to kill me and he bought me," she kept Angie down, "Angie why would you believe a man like your father, a man you say kept you locked in a room for three years?"

Angie had wondered about that for a long time; she just never had an alternative to the things he'd said that made sense. Still tightly in Caprice's grip she looked up at Cayden and snarled, "I hate you. You know that."

I stared at her. I'd heard it a hundred times before; it always hurt.

Caprice tried to stay calm, "Let's go back to Cayden's. We'll take a shower. We'll find you something to wear. We'll all get a good night's sleep, she kept a tight hold on the smaller woman, "Tomorrow's Good Friday. There probably aren't any services, but we could go to church. We could pray about all this."

Angie had been brought up and schooled in the church; prayer had always been an outlet, she calmed perceptibly.

I hadn't had the churching Angie had, but I'd begun to see Caprice had also gotten quite a lot of it from somewhere, "I think Caprice is right. I've got some clothes that will fit you Angie."

Angie was starting again, "Why would you have any of my clothes?"

I slipped up, "I bought some stuff once right after I came home."

Both women looked up in mild surprise. Caprice kept a tight hold on Angie. Angie let her.

I restarted the truck, released the emergency brake, and pulled back on the road. Once we got back to my house I went upstairs to where I'd stored all the things having to do with Emily and Angie. I unlocked the bedroom door and went to the bureau. I pulled out all that stuff I'd bought for Angie. I got out the white blouse, slacks, panties, bra, socks and shoes. I laid them neatly on a chair, and then on a whim reopened Mitchell's sea chest. I just wanted to get another look at a couple of those pictures of my little girl.

Just as I was about to put the lid back down I heard some shouting downstairs. I ran down.

Caprice was holding my cell phone. She yelled at me, "That man Bernard went to Angie's mom's looking for Angie. He must have scared the lady to death. She called here looking for Angie. I told her she was here and OK. The lady wants to see you right away."

I was completely caught off guard; forgetting everything else I coughed out, "I left the clothes I got for Angie upstairs. You two can go get them. I'll go over to Mrs. Bradford's right away."

Angie spoke up, "I want to go too."

"No, you better stay here. I won't be more than an hour or so."

Caprice gave Angie a sympathetic look, "It'll be all right. We can clean up and get ready for bed."

I could see Angie wasn't happy, but I was sure it was the best thing. I had an unlikely thought, 'This Caprice; she's a natural at helping people.' I shoved the thought aside, and grabbed my keys, "I'll be right back."

Caprice took Angie's hand, "Come on let's go see what Cayden bought."

Angie and Caprice went upstairs. When they got there they went into the small bedroom. Caprice said, "Look, here are the clothes," she held up the blouse. Trying to be upbeat she said, "This is really pretty."


Angie gets a peek at something she wasn't supposed to see.

I wasn't interested in any old clothes Cayden might have bought me. I saw Uncle Mitchell's old sea chest. I knew Cayden, and I knew how he used that chest. I thought I might snoop around a little. The first thing I saw was this small stack of receipts Cayden must have just placed there. I picked them up, and immediately recognized them as the receipts for my and Emily's Easter Dresses as well as another receipt for my mom's dress. I started to dig deeper.

Caprice saw me, "Hey what are you doing?"

"Come here, look at this."

Caprice walked over. Since she didn't have any glasses all she saw was a bunch of blurry papers, "I don't think we should be looking at any of this."

Angie replied, "No look."

"I can't see. I need glasses."

Angie held up a bunch of papers, then a stack of pictures, "These are pictures of me and Emily, old pictures. And these are receipts. They're receipts for things I thought my mom had bought."

"What do you mean?"

Angie started to pull all the pictures and papers put of the chest. There were hundreds of things, "I thought. All this time I thought."

"Thought what?"

"All the clothes, the dance lessons, the money for her birthday parties; Cayden's been paying for everything."

"I don't get it?"

"No look, ever since Cayden's been back he's been buying everything. I should have known my mom didn't have the money; all my clothes, Emily's clothes, her presents, her Christmas presents. He's been buying it all. There's even a receipt for a pony here; a pony for Emily."

"This is a good thing then."

Angie started to tear up, "No this is terrible. All this time, all this time he's been..."

"He's been looking out for you and your daughter."

"I didn't know. What am I going to do?"

"First let's put this stuff away; then let's go downstairs."

After we repacked the trunk we went downstairs, took a bath, and got ready for bed. Then we went back to the living room to wait for Cayden.

Caprice asked, "Are you going to tell him you found out?"

"No, I know him, he'd only get mad. I've got to work this out my own way."

"This changes things doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I think so."


Cayden gets back home.

I got back to my house after about an hour. I went inside to calm everybody down, "False alarm. Bernard drove by a couple times, but never stopped. I think my brothers put the fear of the Lord into him earlier. He might bitch and moan, but I doubt if anything will come of it.

Angie looked at Caprice, then at Cayden, "We're going to bed."

"You two become friends while I was gone?"

Caprice answered, "You'd be surprised."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Angie smiled, "It's a secret."

Angie and Caprice left Cayden in the living room. Once in the bedroom they got undressed and fell in bed together.

Angie lay beside Caprice in the big bed, "Tell me Caprice who are you. I mean who are you really?"

Caprice replied, "You don't know anything about me do you," she hesitated then went on; "Let me tell you I'm a whore. He bought me and saved my life, but it's not about me, it's about you and him. I've been watching and listening to him. I think he hates himself. He hates himself because of something he's done to you. I don't know what it is. That's between you and him, but I know this. He cares deeply about you. I feel like I've lived a lifetime and it's only been what five days? I can't read them, but those receipts we saw...I mean...they're not normal. No, I mean they're exceptional."

Angie lay there and listened.

"Just a few days ago I was figuring how I could rip him off; now I don't know. You know what he wants to do? He wants to fix my teeth, my vagina, and my ass. He's going to get my eyes checked and buy me glasses. And you know what's scary? I don't think he expects anything for it. He's just doing it. I tell you Angie, if he's willing to do that for a worthless whore he's known for less than a week, what do you think he'd do for the mother of his kid and the woman he married?"

"You think he really cares about me?"

"Jesus Angie all you have to do is look at him. Every time he looks at you he gets all starry eyed. Oh he cares. I think he still loves you. I never had anybody look at me the way he looks at you. I'd give anything for someone like that. Why tonight when Del called; Cayden nearly shit his pants trying to get out the door to you."

"I thought you were here to take him away from me. That's why I went out tonight."

"You're a fool Angie. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling nobody's getting him away from you except maybe you. Only you can kill the way he feels; nobody else can do that-just you."

"What do you think I should do?"

"I'll tell you your mother wanted Cayden to file a complaint so he could get your daughter. He wouldn't hear it. If I were you I'd get my shit together. I haven't heard much, but I think you're flirting with some real trouble. You should get some counseling. Find a job, a good job, and concentrate on being the woman you were when he first fell in love with you. And forget about the Libbys of the world. He doesn't even look at them. Hell I've been trying to get him to screw me all week. He won't even look at me."

Angie rolled over and put her right hand on Caprice's cheek, "You say he might still love me? You see me. I'm flat, I have no ass. My legs are like sticks. I have about as much sex appeal as a slab of bacon."

I moved closer, close enough that her mouth was right next to mine, "I've been around a lot of women; believe me Angie you have sex appeal."

Angie just stared at the other woman; the woman with nice tits, a perfect ass, and shapely legs.

I leaned forward. I gently pushed my lips against Angie's. Angie tried to look down and away, but I took my left hand and held her face so that our lips still touched, "Touch me Angie; touch my breasts."


Lives that intertwine.

Angie tentatively reached out and placed her hand on my left breast.

I pulled her closer. I leaned forward and kissed Angie's right nipple. It was warm and soft; it started to respond to my kisses.

Angie reached up and pulled my head down. I kissed her again, then again, the second time she felt more courageous, she was more insistent. I could tell she'd never been with a woman before. My soft body next to hers was a first. I could tell that Angie felt awkward, she was scared, but her skin felt hot. I can't say for certain, but I have a hunch she's a natural submissive. I intended that tonight I would bring that part of her personality to life, "Kiss me back Angie. Touch my breasts."

I was an expert when it came to a woman's body. I took her hand and helped her feel my breasts while I found her vagina.

Angie shivered when I touched her.

I reached up and inside with two fingers and found that special place just two inches inside the hood of her pussy. Angie felt me as I started to massage the top of her vagina; at first I moved slowly. I brushed the palms of my hands over the soft and wispy strands of her sparsely haired Mons. I pressed down. I manipulated the soft flesh inside her canal with two fingers while I used my thumb to press down on her hood. I steadily increased the pressure. I moved in a slow steady rhythm; always in a slow circular motion with my thumb, over and over her Mound of Venus.

Angie was getting increasingly nervous, she felt so hot. I could tell she'd never been massaged like this before. She was quivering with excitement. I knew her feelings. I'd experienced them myself in the past; they were always indescribable. Tonight was to be Angie's turn.

She responded to my fingers. I pressed down with the heel of my hand even as I curled my fingers up and back inside the smaller woman-child's canal. Angie pushed upward against me with her hips. When I released the tension she relaxed too. We were in true harmony. I was the bestower of sexual joy; she was the recipient.

Angie had been dry, but I knew she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. My fingers excited her; I could tell she felt an incredible sensitivity. I knew in her mind she wanted me to stop; but at the same her body wanted me to press even harder.

I kept holding Angie's head in my other hand. Angie wanted to kiss me, but I wouldn't let her. I let my short hair waft across her face. I knew it was soft; I knew it smelled like jasmine. I knew it excited her.

I pulled my fingers out of her crease and lowered her face down to my vagina. I wanted to give her a taste, just a taste, of my juices. Then I forced her face and head back up.

I slid down to her vagina. She felt my breath on her labia. I started kissing Angie's crease. I pressed in with my mouth and slid my tongue up along and between her slit. She was warm and wet. I knew my tongue and lips caused the most delicious sensations all along the exterior of her sweet wet labia.

I started press in and to suck Angie's the interior walls. I nibbled at her clitoris. I pinched it with my teeth. I took it with my teeth and gently pulled outward and away from her body. Angie was shaking all over; she responded to the pull on her clitoris by arching her back upwards as if she could follow my mouth and teeth. I knew how everything was so sensitive for her. I was confident she'd never felt exactly this way before.

I heard her as she whimpered then cried a little as she reached orgasm. She'd never had anything quite like this happen before, except maybe in a different way with Cayden!

I reflected on what I knew. 'After all I am a whore; getting other people off has been my job. Women can have orgasms three different ways. They can masturbate, but that's the least. They can get off on a man, but a lot of times, because men are such bores, that can be a total a waste. Last they can get off with another woman; with the right woman that's the best, and I'm always the right woman that way.' Yeah I've whored out for women; it's not like I ever had a choice.

She tried to move so she could get down to my vagina, but I was stronger and wouldn't let her. I made Angie feel weak; I made her feel helpless. Angie was becoming like putty in my hands.

I climbed on top of my smaller weaker companion; I took my arms and moved my smaller more delicate companion's arms out and away from her body. I commanded her that she should not move her arms. I was the potter, Angie the clay. I straddled her waist with my legs. I wanted her to feel weak, dependent, submissive. I guess I'm a bitch. I always liked doing this.

I started kissing her all over again. Angie tried to kiss me back, but I forced her head back down on the pillow. I kept her flat on her back. I wouldn't let her move. Angie was my hapless helpless girl-woman. Her small frail weak childlike body was mine to manipulate, caress, and torment.

I kissed my tiny partner's sweet lips and then I caressed her modest little breasts with my mouth. I took each of her nipples in my mouth, I kissed each one. I put one of Angie's whole breasts in my mouth. I made her feel like I was swallowing it. I was gentle but firm. She was mine to do with as I willed. She needed to know I was mistress here; she was my plaything. God I ate this up!

I licked my way back down to her navel, then to her abdomen; I tickled her with my eyelashes. At last I was back at my little girl's tiny vagina. Her whole body felt hot; I could feel her again; it was like this rush of heat and energy that just swept over her. I sensed it; it was like a rippling wave that came up from her thighs over her Mons and her stomach across her breasts to her face. I'm certain not even Cayden had made anything like what I was doing happen.

My sweet small sex toy was so wet. I knew what she was doing. She felt like she was peeing but it was something else, another kind of liquid. My little bauble was ejaculating.

Once again I was at the gateway to Angie's pussy. I nibbled on her, I bit at her clitoris again, and again I licked all along her labia. I pulled all Angie's labia inside my mouth and sucked. I knew what it felt like; it was like I was swallowing her whole body. Again she arched upward to greet my mouth. She felt her juices leave her body and go into my stronger woman's mouth. Angie felt the rush of yet another sweeping orgasm; it clouded over her like a powerful hot wave. Her body was covered in sweat, and still I refused to relent. I was made for this; her heat made me hot.

I knew that Angie was completely out of energy. I knew she felt so completely listless, overwhelmed. I had to continue. I knew it was cruel, but I just had to. She had to experience total and absolute submission.

I wondered if she prayed. I was sure she prayed that I would stop, but I also knew she was terrified that I would stop. She was frightened beyond all reason. She needed me. She craved me! She had to have me dominate and make her feel weak, helpless, and totally submissive. She wanted me to go on and on. She couldn't move. I had paralyzed her will to resist, or even to think of anything beyond her immediate physical yearnings.

For half the night I kept Angie in a state of physical and emotional turmoil. Angie was my toy, my plaything, my possession. Not for a second did I give Cayden's ex-wife any peace. Her submission was my sickness. Only after I felt Angie was utterly and totally exhausted did I lie back beside my smaller, weaker, subservient companion.

I was confident Angie had never felt so utterly and completely possessed. I had used her a hundred different ways. I had her; I owned her. Angie was my slave. Finally I reached around and pulled her against me. I wrapped my arms around the smaller woman, and only then did I tell her it was time to sleep.

I kissed Angie on her forehead; it was like Angie was the baby and I the mother. Angie curled herself into my more mature more powerful woman's body; She rested her head between the folds of my breasts, her knees were up against her chest, her hands under her chin, her fingers almost in her mouth as though she were sucking her thumbs. I knew Angie never felt so complete, so completely and totally happy.

This would be the last thing Angie would remember about the night, but I knew in the morning she would look at me in a new way. From this night onward Angie was mine; her will, her personhood, her ability to think independently was gone. She belonged to me. She was my possession, my toy, my object. From this night on I knew she would defer to me in every decision. I was mistress of her soul. I wrapped my arms around her and went to sleep.


The beginning of a new morning for Angie.

Friday morning Caprice and Angie were up early. Caprice awakened first and aroused Angie with a kiss, "Wake up sleepy head."

I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful person in the world smiling down at me, "Good morning Caprice." It was a new day, a brand new world. I couldn't remember being this happy.

Caprice smiled at me. It was the warmest most beautiful smile I'd ever seen. I never dreamed a smile could make me so happy. She said, "Come on honey, time to fix Cayden some breakfast. While we get breakfast we can have a quiet talk about your future."

"About my future?"

"Yes, your future."


Cayden had slept upstairs.

I'd slept upstairs that night. When I got downstairs I had this disquieting impression something was distinctly different. When I'd gone to bed there'd been two women; one perceptibly hostile to the other. This morning it was like there was this harmony. Sometime between me going to bed and when I awakened something profound had occurred.

I asked, "How are things this morning. It looks like you two made out all right."

Angie briefly looked at me, and then at Caprice, "Caprice and I want to go see Pastor Cook this morning."

I asked, "What are you two getting married?"

Angie didn't say anything; she just kept looking at Caprice. She was smiling at her. I recognized that smile; Angie was in love, no she was addicted.

Caprice momentarily turned her gaze from Angie to me, "Angie wants to start counseling."

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