tagLoving WivesThe Curse of the Scots Ch. 06

The Curse of the Scots Ch. 06


The Curse of the Scots, Part Six

Three people; all in love. It's a mess!

The next morning when I awakened Cayden was already up and gone. He left me a note saying he had some work to do, but he'd be back in time for lunch. He thanked me for wonderful evening.

I yawned and stretched; I think did a good imitation of Vivian Leigh after the night Clark Gable carried her up the stairs in 'Gone with the Wind'. Last night had been wonderful. It had hurt like hell, but it was worth it. Cayden hadn't said much, but I saw the look on his face. I know he's in love. He loves me.

That's when it occurred to me again, for what seemed like the thousandth time; I was still dealing with a stupid backward farmer, and an ethnic Scot to boot. He loved me sure, but he was still who he was. It would take more than last night to get what I wanted.

I reflected on what I knew and I had heard about the Scottish. They were reputed to be stingy, but history disproved that. They were, as a point in fact, a very generous people. Cayden had certainly showed his generosity toward me. They were a practical but also an incredibly sentimental people. Most were reputed to be good humored, self-deprecating, and above all loyal.

The big downside was the long Protestant tradition; the Calvinist thing. How did I know all this? I couldn't say, but the Calvin thing was Cayden's big drawback. I could see it in everything he did. He had many blessings, but it was like for every good thing he got he was waiting for someone or something to come and take it away or at least muck it up.

What was that old adage; 'the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.' I thought of another one; 'You can but you can't, you will but you won't, you'll be damned if you do, you'll be damned if you don't.' Where did I get this stuff? I couldn't figure it out, but I knew one thing; somewhere Cayden was out driving around happy about what we discovered about each other last night, but I bet now he was also waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I had to face my fears. I knew I wasn't good enough, I'd never be good enough, not for him, but I was going to make my play. I would get him. I'd make him mine, but I realized I needed to do something more. I needed to push him over the edge. My bet was in the next day or two the something I'd need would show up on its own. I'd just have to wait.


Angie has her demons too.

Matt really tried to put it to me last night; I guess what the guys would call the old full court press. He told me how much he cared about me. He told me he thought I was pretty; I know that was a little over the top. Cayden's the only man who told me he thought I was pretty who I ever sincerely believed.

Matt talked to me about Emily and how sweet she is. He gently reminded me about all the things we'd done together. Honestly, he went right to the edge; he almost suggested all our dates and time together had been his down payment on my body. He came close to the classic; 'look at all I've done for you, now how about some payback.' I could have gone either way; he was within a hair of getting inside my panties, he was also within a hair of getting the boot.

For sure, I'm not ready to give it up, not to him, not yet. I might be close, but not yet. Matt's going to have to say and do a whole lot more before he gets a piece of me. Bernard might have gotten some, but those were punishment fucks aimed at Cayden, the only other one was Cayden...Cayden...my Cayden, the boy I remembered.


Cayden pays a man a visit.

I got out of my car and walked up the ramp that led to the outside door of Matt Devereau's library office. I didn't want to bother him inside; I thought maybe the outer door would be better. There were several people walking around outside. Yeah, it's a Saturday, bad day for this kind of thing, too many people around. I knocked anyway.

Devereau opened the seldom used outside door to his office. I was waiting for him. Matt stepped outside, "Yes Mr. McLeish?"

I asked, "Got a minute?"

He replied, "What for?"

I told him, "I wanted to ask how Angie's doing."

Matt didn't offer to let me inside; he stood at the door and answered, "She's doing fine Mr. McLeish. Her work record is good. She's acclimated herself quite well to the overall environment."

I realized I needed to clarify what I meant, "That's not exactly what I was here about Matt."

He asked, "What else could it be?"

I started, "You know she's my ex-wife. I wondered..."

Devereau butted in, "Mr. McLeish who she was or what she did before I hired her is immaterial. She's my employee, and I find her work satisfactory."

I stepped a little closer, "You've been dating her. Is that library policy?"

He answered but didn't back away, "Yes I have taken her out a few times, but frankly Mr. McLeish I don't think that's any of your business."

I leaned further forward. I didn't mean to touch him; it was a complete accident, but as we talked I inadvertently tapped my index finger against his chest. It was an honest mistake. I didn't mean anything by it.

When I thumped him on his chest he must have acted on instinct. I'd never dealt with anyone who knew Karate. He snapped my finger back, popped his thumb against my Adam 's apple, stuck out a foot, and with an arm landed me on my back. Once I was down I guess he had no choice but to warn me.

He pointed his finger at me, "Mr. McLeish you shouldn't strike at people you don't know. I'm sorry. I should have warned you. I'm somewhat familiar with the martial arts."

Holy shit, he had me on my back before I could've said oops or something. He reached down and offered me his hand. I accepted it, "I'm sorry Matt I wasn't trying anything. It was a mistake. I'm just worried about my ex-wife."

He bristled at me, "Angie's a grown woman. She's here by virtue of a Federal grant. Though I report on her activities I'm not her supervisor in the normal sense so our off duty contacts aren't technically in violation of any rules. As for your assault, I'll overlook it this time, but don't try anything like that again."

Assault? I was humiliated. What I'd done was hardly an assault! Worse at least a dozen people saw a scrawny librarian put me on my ass. Damn, couldn't I take anybody? I tried to recover, "Look Mr. Devereau I have a right to ask you about my ex-wife..."

He sort of spat back, "Maybe you do, but I'm not obliged to tell you anything. She's a grown woman. I imagine when I tell her how you were meddling in her life this morning she'll want to take some action. If she does I'll support her. Mr. McLeish you're a rich man. You have influence in this town, but be careful; don't go too far."

I'll bet there were twenty people crowding around when he said that. I felt like shit, "Sorry Mr. Devereau. I just worry about my ex-wife sometimes. I'll be going now." I got out of there as fast as I could.


Later that afternoon shortly after I got back home Caprice sort of shuffled over, she took my left wrist, and sat me down. I knew it. She'd already heard, "Cayden you made a mistake today."

What could I say? I sort of mumbled, "Bad news sure travels fast."

"Angie called. She's real upset. She's upset with Matt because he might have hurt you. But she's especially upset with you because she's not sure how she feels about Mr. Devereau. Cayden she's talked to me. I think she's serious about the librarian."

I didn't know what to say so I said something totally stupid, "I've got to go check the horses." I grabbed my hat and left.


The Firemen's Dance had been Friday night. Cayden got slapped around by Matt on Saturday. Sunday he and Caprice were back in church.

As soon as we walked in the church I knew something was up. Barry Campbell, Oren Camel, Bert McCabe, even Bernard Keith; half the men in town were there. We sat down in what had become our customary place, and in no time we were braced by a dozen of the biggest toughest guys in the area. Caprice was dressed in a pretty plum colored sundress. With her hair up in pigtails and with her new tortoise shell glasses she looked prettier than the sunshine streaming through the stained glass windows. She acted like nothing was going on, but I knew I'd be in for it after church.

Pastor Cook looked extra pleased; he'd not had so many young men in church in a long time. I'm sure he knew, considering where they were all sitting, why they were there. We went through the usual litany, the call to worship, opening hymns, reading the Biblical passages, the children's message, the sermon, the offering, a closing hymn, and the benediction. Caprice's voice was like the sound of a beautiful lark. It sent shivers up and down my spine. I loved being with her.

Church over I got up and started to help Caprice out of her seat; that's when all hell broke loose. One by one every one of those no goods had to stop over say something and try to hold Caprice's hand. She enjoyed it, or she acted like she did. Me, I was Kawlija again; just like the old wooden Indian I stood by and didn't say anything.

We made our way outside; she and I were standing in the grass. I was talking to Mrs. Stump and Alice Pressley when Campbell sidled up.

He walked over and just like he'd known her all his life. He took Caprice's hand, "The Sharptown Carnival's this week. They have the best fried oyster sandwiches on the Shore. I was thinking maybe I could take you over and buy you one."

I thought, 'Hell in a hand basket, I was going to take her to Sharptown. I just figured...'

Before I could get a word in Caprice flashed Campbell one of her big smiles and said, "Sure, what night did you have in mind?"

'Night? Whoa!' I thought...

Campbell said, "How about tomorrow night?"

I almost shit my pants! I was cut off at the pass by the sneakiest fox this side of the henhouse. I started to say something, "I..."

Caprice turned and smiled at me, "You don't mind do you Cayden?"

Was she kidding? Of course I minded! What was Friday night all about? Didn't our night of love mean anything? Two nights ago I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, and now? I dumbly answered, "No, I guess not."

Campbell shook her hand, he smiled, "Seven o'clock?"

She smiled back, "See you then." Then she put her hand on my arm, she looked up at me and said just loud enough for everyone to hear, "Thanks daddy."

What? I was her father, her god damn chaperone? I didn't say anything. I helped her to the car. We drove home in silence. I went inside just long enough to change from my Sunday clothes to a pair of overalls. I had to get out of there!


Caprice thought about Barry Campbell's timing.

That man, Barry Campbell? He came along at exactly the right time. Cayden's so backward and shy; if I waited for him I'd be an old maid before he got around to really doing anything. Whore or not; I've turned the page. My new life is about to begin. This could be just the kick in the pants Cayden needs. Sure I'll let Campbell take me out. Who am I to turn down a free oyster sandwich, but Campbell isn't going anywhere. My heart is set; worthy or not, if Angie is all for Matt Devereau, then Cayden will be mine!


It's Monday night! Cayden grits his teeth.

Well that no good Campbell came. Man she couldn't wait to jump in his car. I never knew Campbell had a Toyota. He was well dressed, but damn it, so was she. In a way I wished I hadn't given her a credit card. She'd taken my Lexus, gone to the mall, and bought herself a brand new outfit. She looked good too; the dark slacks and white blouse suited her. I noticed she had on another pair of shoes, higher heels than she normally wears. I guess she figured since Campbell was so much taller than me she could wear a higher heel. She had her hair done different too, not a pony tail, she had it feathered or something. Yeah it's grown out a lot since she first had it cut. I should've said something yesterday when we were at church. Damn! I mean God damn!


Barry and I went to the Sharptown Carnival on Monday. When he got me home he asked if I'd like to join him Thursday. He said we could go to the seashore, have a nice meal, and maybe take a walk on the boardwalk. I said sure. Barry's not a bad guy. I expected he'd be more concerned with my boobs than me, but he turned out to be a good date.


That damn Campbell! He really pissed me off. I found out Caprice is going out with him again. He's taking her to the beach. She got a call while we were eating. Then Oren Camel asked her out. He's taking her someplace this Saturday. I hope he doesn't keep her out so late she decides to skip church. What am I going to do?


Caprice really enjoys herself.

I can't believe how great things have been lately. I've been out like two or three times a week for the past three weeks. Barry's been my main escort, but Oren's taken me places, and Lacy and Curtis have had me out to eat. The phone won't stop ringing. Cayden hasn't said anything. In fact we hardly talk at all. He sleeps in the bedroom across the hall. All he does is work. I think he's sulking. In fact I'm sure that's what he's doing.

I wished he'd step up to the plate. The boys have all been gentlemen, but I know men, they talk, and Barry's been getting a little possessive. The other night he and I were at the Wagon Wheel. I don't like the place much, but Barry likes to stop off every now and then just to see who's there. We went in, and when Lacy came over Barry sort of nudged him away.

Cayden's been avoiding me, and all the other guys have more or less bowed out to Barry. I like him, but I'm just not interested. I mean he's been good to date, and I thought it would stir Cayden to action. It hasn't happened; Cayden behaves like I'm punishing him. Frankly he's punishing himself. I wished he grow a set.

I let Barry kiss me for the first time last night. He tried to feel me outside my dress. I put a quick stop to that. He didn't argue. I let him kiss me goodnight when he helped me out of his car. I think Cayden saw it. I hope he did anyway.


Angie's off tonight so I backed out on a date with Barry. I'm glad I did. I haven't had a chance to talk to Angie in a while. I want to see how she's getting along with Matt. Besides Barry's been getting pushy lately. He keeps placing his hand on my thigh when we're at the restaurant. We spend entirely too much time at the Wagon Wheel to suit me. The place is a dive, and when we're there Barry keeps trying to touch me. He tried to rest his hand on my ass in front of the other men a night ago. I'm not stupid; I've been around and I know when I'm on display.

I think he's talking. I know men, they lie. I bet he's telling the others things are happening that aren't. I need to touch base with a friend. That's Angie.


Angie surprised the hell out of me, "You know Caprice, Barry is bragging. He's telling everybody he got in your pants."

I was and wasn't surprised, "You're kidding. You don't believe it do you?"

"It's not what I believe Caprice. It's dunderhead across the hall that worries me," she pointed to Cayden's bedroom. "If he hears something he'll either crawl under a rock someplace or run out to the Wagon Wheel and get beat up again."

Angie was right. Cayden was a big fool. I know I'd have to do something. I told Angie as much, "I'll have to put a stop to Barry. We can't have Cayden getting another black eye."

Then Angie hit me with her problem, "I'll be honest with you. Matt's not much better. We seldom go anywhere anymore. He takes me to his apartment and we watch television and wrestle all night. He's no muscle man, but he's still a lot stronger than me. I don't mind giving up a little boob," Angie laughed at that. She has small breasts, "but if he wants in my drawers, he'll have to marry me."

I asked, "You think he'll ask you?"

She shrugged and answered, "No, not really. I don't love him anyway. Cayden's a dolt, but I think he ruined me for any other man."

"You'd marry Cayden if he asked you."

"Yeah, I know I would. I can't pretend to hate him forever. I think I'm over that. He's just so damn aggravating." Angie leaned over and stroked one of my breasts, "Yeah, if he ever asked me, I'd marry him, but hey, I think he wants you."

Angie had just ruined my evening and maybe my life. I'd been holding out for Cayden for weeks, but he's been so childish. Now Angie says she wants back in his life. I'd made up my mind before; Angie would always come first. I reached across the bed for her, "Come here."

Angie crawled across the bed toward me. I sat up on my knees, "I'm going to tie you up tonight."

Angie lay down on her back. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. I liked the soft silky feel of her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. I took her tiny breasts in my hands and started kneading them. Her nipples popped right out. I knew they would. I pulled down her panties and her mini. She was freshly shaved. She knew me. I tied her hands to the headboard and slowly kissed my way down her body till I got to her pussy. She was already soaking wet.

I loved Angie; not like I loved Cayden; but I still loved her just the same. I was mad at her tonight. She was going to find her way back into Cayden's life. I decided I'd find an excuse to spank her tonight. She liked it anyway, and I needed to punish her.


Cayden is immersed in self-pity.

I laid there in my lonesome bed feeling sorry for myself. I listened to the two women I cared about more than my life as they made love across the hall. Caprice was giving Angie a spanking. I could hear the sharp smacks through the door. Caprice must be mad about something, or Angie must have done something wrong. I'm no pervert, but I wished I was in there with them. I don't know what I'm going to do about Campbell. The Fire Hall is having its oyster and ham social next Sunday a week. I better ask Caprice first thing tomorrow before anybody else gets to her.

Cayden quietly got out of bed and crept into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. As he passed by Caprice and Angie's room he overheard some of their conversation.

"Caprice why won't you let me touch you?"

"Oh Angie since my surgeries there's only been one person who's touched me. I don't know; it's not that I don't love you because I do, it's that...well now I think I want to keep my special places more to myself. Please don't think of me as being selfish. I just..."

"You let Barry Campbell..."

Cayden couldn't bear to hear any more. He rushed back into his bedroom before he heard another word. He climbed back into bed, and wrapped his head in his pillow. His mind and heart were a shambles. Had Caprice let Campbell have her? No she couldn't have. She said only one person had touched her since...but what if she meant one person other than me? No that couldn't be right! It was possible though. She and Campbell were so close. They were always on top of each other; she might not have considered the love she shared with me that one night as being as important as I thought it was.


Across the hall Caprice held her tongue; better to let Angie think it was Campbell than to admit it was Cayden. To her way of thinking Angie came first with Cayden; she couldn't interfere with that.

She told Angie, "Roll back over on your back. I'm through spanking you."

Angie rolled back over. Caprice lowered herself to the smaller woman's vagina. She started to suck on Angie's slit.

Angie, hands tied tightly above her head, began to squirm helplessly, "Oh Caprice."

Caprice poured her anger and frustration out on Angie's clitoris and vaginal walls; she'd overwhelm her, she'd torture her with her lips and tongue until she was delirious with pleasure.

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