The Cursed House of Crow


And he also didn't know that he wasn't the only person in this house who had sex on their mind.

Nadine trailed behind Dom, watching his hot body as they walked, barely able to stop herself from jumping his bones and forcing herself on him. He was just so hot to her. He had the deep, brooding attitude that could drive any girl nuts, and the sense of humor to make anyone like him. He had close cropped brown hair and a bit of stubble that made him look rough and mature. He had deep, dark eyes that pulled you in. And his body was fit and sexy. And his demeanor made him even more sexy. He was surprisingly quiet for such a joker, but when he spoke out and made a joke it made his jokes even funnier. His words carried weight, and his ability to not have to force his humor on people made him even more appealing.

Nadine wanted him bad. She racked her head over what to do to make it clear she was his for the taking. She had flirted and preened around him, but he had never made a move. He always came across like he was above the social games of high school stuff, and even though he had his choice of girls, he never seemed to date any of the girls in school. That was until recently, until he started palling around with that skinny bitch Rachel, who dressed in that stupid, ironic, hipster clothing. She didn't dress the part of a girly girl like Nadine did. Nadine dressed like a woman. Rachel dressed like a member of a lesbian indie band! But somehow Dom preferred her. Somehow, she landed the hottest single guy in school! Nadine was baffled by this. Didn't Dom know he could have her instead! And he could definitely have her in any way he wanted.

"So, this is fun." Nadine said, following Dom, eyes on his cute butt.

"Uh yeah, it's alright." he replied, never turning to face her as he kept walking. They came to a door and Dom pushed it open. He walked inside cautiously, with Nadine right behind. They emerged into a bedroom, with a large bed and a light shining through the dirty window.

Both of them stepped into the room and Dom shone the flashlight through the room. There were a few pieces of furniture, like shelves and desks and a few other odds and ends. The bed looked simple, a wood frame and a thin padding that acted like a mattress.

"That bed looks mighty comfy." Nadine suggested, walking towards it.

"No it doesn't." Dom replied, not giving her an inch in her obvious come-ons and double-entendres.

"It looks big enough for two." Nadine replied, moving in front of him, raising her eyebrows coyly.

"Of course it does. It was for Madeline and her husband." Dom replied.

"Oh, come-on, Dom. Loosen up." she said, stepping up to him, rubbing his shoulder. He backed away quickly.

"Let's keep looking." Dom said, turning away from her. Nadine scrunched her eyebrows in annoyance.

Dom thumbed through the furniture, looking for anything interesting. Nadine racked her brain for anything she could say to Dom. She looked around listlessly and glanced at the window. And when she did...

"AHH!" Nadine squealed, jumping back, backing into Dom.

"What is it?" Dom asked, looking around, unconsciously having grabbed her as she nearly fell back into him.

"I saw... I saw a face! In the window!" Nadine said, legitimately upset.

"What?" Dom asked skeptically.

She wasn't kidding. When she glanced into the window, she saw the reflection of a face, as if someone was behind her. It wasn't Dom's face. It was a woman's face. An older woman, a woman who looked shockingly similar to...

"It was Madeline! Madeline Crow! I swear!" Nadine cried out. She was breathing deep, clearly scared.

"What do you mean? You saw her in the window?" Dom asked.

"She... she... I saw her in the window. Her face. Reflected. It was like she was behind me. When I looked behind me she wasn't. It was only... you." Nadine said, looking up at him. It was only then she realized she was in Dom's strong arms. Dom's firm hands were on her body, around her waist. A shiver ran through her. Her nipples turned hard and her pussy moistened. Before she could think twice, she bent her knees, lowering herself until his hands slid up her sides until they were against the sides of her breasts.

"Okay!" Dom said, leaping away from her. "You know, Nadine, I've tried to be nice. But, seriously, I should have fucking known."

"I'm sorry, Dom, but I seriously did see something." Nadine cried out.

"Bullshit, Nadine. Alright, I will make this very clear. I don't like you. I have a girlfriend. And I like her a lot. Face the facts that me and you will never happen!" Dom said firmly.

"Dom, I..." Nadine began.

"Stop! Just stop!" Dom cut her off. "I don't want to hear it! I am tired of your shameless flirting and your pathetic come-ons."

"You can cum on me anytime." Nadine said quietly.

"Nadine!" Dom said.

"Sorry." she said quietly, tearing up.

"Nadine..." Dom began, his tone softening. "I don't want to make you cry. But, it's just you come on so strong. You are so blatant to the point of being rude. You disrespect me and Rachel by hitting on me. I can't go along with that. That just doesn't work for me. I think you've just got to grow up a bit and face facts. You can't always get what you want."

Nadine looked away, not wanting to make eye contact with him as he dressed her down. And not in the way she wanted him to dress her down.

"Listen, Nadine, in the end, when it all comes down to it, you're just not my type. You'll make someone really happy, but it's not me. I know you like me, but it's just not gonna happen."

"You're wrong." Nadine said quietly.

"I'm not." Dom said. "I don't want to make this awkward, but I hope we can at least be civil."

"I'm not wrong." Nadine said, a tear falling down her cheek as she turned and stomped out of the room down the hall.

Dom sighed and rolled his eyes. He felt bad about making her cry, but she had made him so uncomfortable. She needed a taste of her own medicine. She needed the rough truth.

Nadine needed a rough something else as well.

Even though Dom had shut her down, even though her crush was farther from happening than ever before, she didn't know the truth. She didn't see the future. She didn't know how this day would end. She didn't know how happy she would be at the end of the night.

The occupant of this house had big plans for Nadine.


"This is dumb." Timmy said. He and Tony were checking out the first floor, and they had progressed to the kitchen.

"Yeah, but, I owe it to Sal." Tony said.

"Owe it to her? Only one thing a girl could give me that would want to make me want to come here." Timmy said. Tony looked at him dully. "Sex. I'm talking about sex." Timmy explained. He wasn't the sharpest guy around.

"Dude, shut up." Tony replied.

"You like her or something?" Timmy asked.

"No. It's not like that. She's like a sister." Tony said.

"Yikes. I'm surprised you'd want to do those things to your sister." Timmy said.

"Yo, shut the fuck up." Tony called out, stepping up towards him. Timmy backed away from the larger Tony, hands up.

"Just messing with you man, just messing with you." Timmy said.

"Whatever man." Tony muttered. "Why you even here?"

"Well, unlike you, it's not cause I want to bang Sally." Timmy joked. Tony tensed up and began breathing deep like a bull. "Just playing man. Listen, me and Sal were lab partners, so we worked a bit together. She's a cool girl. I don't blame you for liking her."

"Say one more thing and I'll fucking beat the shit out of you." Tony threatened the smart-ass in front of him.

"I don't like her, but I do want to be friends with her. I want her to be able to invite me over to her house like we did when we were lab partners." Timmy said.

"What? Why?" Tony asked.

"Her mom is the hottest piece of ass I've ever seen." Timmy said with a sly smile.

"What? You want to bang Sally's mom? That's fucked up!" Tony replied.

"Sure is. But it would be fucking worth it. Have you seen her tits? That ass? She's gagging for it." Timmy said.

"Dude, I can't fucking deal with you." Tony said, turning away as Timmy smiled and went back to looking.

Tony wasn't the brightest guy. He'd been nicknamed the Ox by his teammates. He was big and strong but no one had any respect for him intellectually. Sure, he didn't get the best grades, but he didn't feel dumb. That was until he was around people like Sally, and Alex, smart people, which made him feel like he was missing out on things, a whole other world. He just knew things in his spectrum, like football, and gym stuff. But his peers could talk about politics and issues and not sound out of place. It was only then that Tony felt like an idiot. Despite his size, it was those moments that he felt like the smallest guy in the world. He just wanted someone to respect him. Respect what he could do.

He thought he had that in Sally. She treated him different. Like a friend. Tony thought it could be something more, that is until she started dating Alex. Alex was a cool dude, but Tony couldn't help but resent him a little bit for being with the girl he liked. Tony soon realized she would never see him that way and he had no choice but to dive in to his other pursuits. Like football. Or weightlifting.

So there Tony was, the biggest guy in school, respected by no one. Despite his large size, he didn't garner that respect from his peers. He was not a leader, he was a follower. A coach's dream, cause he was the type to be told to do something and be able to do it. He didn't like to think of himself as dumb, but deep down he was afraid he was just a big, dumb ox. No girl would want a dumb ox like him. He just wanted to find someone who appreciated his set of skills. But he hadn't found that. Not yet.

"Dude, there ain't nothing here." Timmy called out, examining the stove.

"Just keep looking." Tony replied, shining his flashlight at the wall.

Timmy rolled his eyes and sauntered away. He looked away and noticed a door. It must have been a pantry or something. He walked over to it and popped open the door. He stepped inside and looked around. The room was windowless, so the only light came from his flashlight and the ambient light from the open door behind him. His flashlight shined through the cobwebs, examining the room. This pantry had no food in it. Any food that was once there was now gone, obviously. There were some shelves, but they were mostly empty. His flashlight did shine on a pair of large, white milk jugs, sitting on a shelf, but there wasn't much else. There were a few blankets and tattered cloth, but for the most part, this small room was mostly empty. Timmy was about to turn back and leave this room when...


The door behind him slammed shut, leaving the room mostly dark, other than the light coming from his flashlight. Timmy jumped at the sound of this and spun around and shone his light at the door. It was then he realized he wasn't alone.

"AAHHH! HOLY FUCK!" Timmy screamed out.

Some knocks came in from the now closed door.

"Timmy, you alright." Tony's muffled voice came from beyond the door.


Tony knocked again, beating at the door with the back of his fist.

"You alright?" Tony called out.

Timmy couldn't reply. He was in shock. Cause standing in front of him was another person. A person who shouldn't be here. But it was no witch.

"Mrs. Samson? What are you doing here?" Timmy asked.

Standing in front of Timmy was Sally's mom, Mrs. Jane Samson. A bodacious blonde if there ever was one. Jane stood in front of Timmy wearing a pair of skin tight, low-waisted jeans and a tiny white tank top. Her flat belly was exposed, showing off her perfect golden tan. Her top clung to her enormous, juicy, bouncy breasts. And by the way her hard nipples showed through the top, she was not wearing a bra. Her perfect blonde hair was done up on her head, and her piercing eyes and puffy lips were made her look like the sex bomb she was.

Timmy didn't understand what he was seeing. She couldn't be here, but she was here. She looked fantastic, but something was off. She seemed to glow with some otherworldly light, highlighting her beauty in this dark atmosphere.

"Mmm, so nice to see you here, Timmy." Jane gasped out, her voice breathy and airy, so unlike the seemingly reserved mature mother she always was around him.

"How... How?" Timmy asked, the arrogant young man backing up in confusion.

"I came hear to check up on Sal. I found out she was coming here, and I wanted to make sure she was okay. If I had known a big, strapping young man like you was here, I wouldn't have worried." Jane said, rubbing her palm along his fit bicep.

"Uh, yeah, Mrs. S. I got this shit under control." Timmy said, his confusion being overwhelmed by his attraction to the mature, hot blonde with the massive tits in front of him. She got in close to him and pushed out her tits, exposing her cleavage to the black young man in front of her.

Timmy couldn't help but stare. As his eyes got lost in the cavern between her massive jugs, he just couldn't look away. He was transfixed by the succulent flesh in front of him. If he could look up he would have seen the evil smile curl across her face. She stepped forward, entering the young man's personal space, and he had no way to stop her.

"Timmy, are you okay, dude?" Tony said, slamming on the door. Tony looked around the room, hoping to find something to jar the door loose. He used all his strength to pull on the knob, but something was holding this door shut. Tony stood up and looked around, gathering his thoughts. He looked around and his eyes settled on the fireplace. Next to it was a cast iron poker that was built to stir up the wood in the fireplace. Tony ran over and grabbed it. He ran back to the door and jammed the poker between the door and the door frame, hoping to pry it open. He used all the strength in his body to try to force this door open and find out what happened to Timmy and to make sure he was alright. He didn't really like the guy, but he didn't want him hurt or anything.

Timmy was not hurt. In fact, he couldn't be happier. He was lying on his back, pants around his knees, as Mrs. Jane Samson furiously rode his thick black cock. Timmy had his hands under her top, filling his hands with her gigantic tanned breasts. He pinched her hard nipples as she rode him.

"Mmm, Timmy, I've wanted this for so long." Jane moaned out.

"Mrs. S! You're incredible!" he gasped out. This woman was incredible. He just knew under her typical professional exterior she was a slut trying to get out. And holy fuck, this bitch could fuck! She was swiveling her hips as she rode him, and her cunt was the tightest fucking hole he had ever experienced, and he had fucked some girls in the ass. But Jane Sampson, this mature slut, had them all beat.

"I'm better than all those teenage sluts, aren't I?" Jane asked.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" Timmy praised, his eyes closing, the pleasure was so great.

"OH! FUCK ME! You fuck me so much better than my husband! I love it! Timmy! Pledge yourself to me, and you will get everything you ever wanted." Mrs. S moaned out. "I'm gonna need this pleasure. I'm gonna need a strong young man satisfying my needs every day."

"Whatever you want, baby. Whatever you want!" Timmy grunted out. He opened his eyes and tried to take in her voluptuous body, but he just couldn't get a good look at her. His vision was fuzzy, but he didn't really care. The pleasure of her tight, squeezing cunt was consuming his world.

Tony was still at it, trying to force the door open. Finally, the wood could take no more, and the doorframe splintered, allowing the door to be opened. He dropped the fire poker and ripped the door open.

He was staring into the darkness, unable to see anything. But he heard something, like some sort animal grunting. He pointed his flashlight within, until he saw movement. He saw what appeared to be something under a layer of dusty black fabric, writhing. Tony thought it was an animal or something. The noises coming from it were savage grunts, almost feral sounding. He moved the light around, and as he did, he saw Timmy on the floor, his pants around his ankles, and a huge smile on his face. The thing under the black fabric was on top of him, on top of his crotch. And then Tony saw the motion of limbs under the cloth, and his flashlight reflected off some long black hair, Tony suddenly realized the truth. A woman was on top of Timmy, wearing a dusty black covering. The savage grunting was coming from her, as she... as she... Holy shit. Tony realized the truth. This woman, whoever she was, was fucking Timmy. Tony didn't know who she was, this wild woman, he couldn't get a good look at her face. But she was just savagely riding Timmy, and he didn't appear to have any complaints.

"Timmy! What are you doing!" Tony called out. Suddenly, the woman stopped writhing, and Tony could suddenly feel her turn her head and look at him. Before he could react, an unseen force shoved him from behind, sending him flying into the pantry, until he roughly hit the far wall face-first. He was knocked loopy, and the last thing he heard was the door slamming shut behind him, rendering the room pitch black. And now, he was trapped in this room, trapped with Timmy and this mystery woman.

Tony was knocked silly and into a daze. He fell to his ass and leaned back against the wall he ran into it. As he began to regain his bearings, he heard footsteps approaching him, till he felt a presence directly in front of him. He didn't know who it was moving around, but he hoped it was Timmy. From within the darkness, a rustle of fabric was heard, and an almost ghostly pale, firm, bare female leg emerged. And it was a long leg... a smooth leg. So smooth... Tony shook his head and looked away, trying to escape the presence in front of him. But that was impossible. He felt the figure kneel in front of him, and he felt the presence move closer. He felt a breath at his ear.

"We've got work to do." A ghostly female voice whispered into his ear.

"AAAHH!" Tony screamed out, knowing he was in the presence of something deeply evil.

He was not wrong.


Unfortunately for the other people there, in the Cursed House of Crow, sound just seemed to die, so the noise made in the pantry was heard by none of the others. They just carried on blissfully unaware of the fact that they were under attack. Someone in the House was awake, and that person was not happy.

Neither was Nadine. She had stomped away from Dom in a huff. She tried to just check out other rooms upstairs, but eventually, she just made her way back downstairs. She had settled into an uncomfortable chair in the living room and put her head in her hands, trying to hold back the tears.

This just felt so wrong! She just knew her and Dom were supposed to be together. Whenever she thought of her and him as a couple, it just felt so right. It felt so meant to be. They would be so cute together! But no, he turned her away, just because she did a bit of light flirting with him. He got so mean with her, when the only crime she committed was liking him. Maybe he was afraid. Afraid of how much he actually did like her. That must be it. He pretends to like his dorky little girlfriend, but he still likes Nadine and wants to be with her. He didn't have to be so mean about it though.

Nadine wiped away the tears. She didn't want anyone to see her like this. She didn't cry much in general. She wasn't that type of girl. She was the type to make other girl's cry, cause she was so much better than them in every way. She wasn't a girly girl, she was a tough chick. And as she wiped away the tears, she had to remind herself that tough chicks don't cry.

As she got back to her feet, she thought about what Dom had said. Was he right? Did she come on too strong? Were him and her not truly meant to happen? No, it couldn't be. Dom just had to like her deep down. She knew it. And he would realize that when he saw her flirting with Timmy. That would make him jealous. She would hang off Timmy and show Dom what he was missing out on.

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