tagGay MaleThe Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 24

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 24


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End of Chapter 23

"Could be that, Yes it could be! I just hope it has also rubbed of on Jesse," The Judge moaned. "I can see the change in him everyday. I can almost see the wheels in his head plotting and scheming. Just like one of us! I cannot wait for him to choose the way of Allah. My only regret is that he will have to loose the foreskin. Well, time will tell."

"Yes it will - but do we have that much time?"

Chapter 24

After Jesse and Phyllis drove off, the Judge said, "Come, Dan, help me place the boat back into the lake and then I'll drive you home. It's been a long day and I want to be rested by the time Jesse gets back home. I also want to stop off at the car rental place and see about buying that car for Jesse."

"That's a very expensive gift for him. Are you sure he is worth it? Can you afford it?"

"Worth it! Just look at what he is doing for me. He has to make a good impression on the public and that girl. As for my being able to afford it, I can afford it. Besides while I can travel around in a jeep, you really can't expect a first class woman like Phyllis to arrive at a classy function in an old working man's car, can you? Besides, Jess does look so right behind the wheel of that car. Perhaps I am spoiling him - but I think he is worth it! Now, help me put the boat in the lake!"

After getting the boat back in the water the Judge drove his cousin home. "Come on in and have a cup of coffee. I think you have lots of time as Jesse may not be back for a few hours. We can talk about the upcoming party convention."

As they walked into the house, the judge noticed an Arabic newspaper that most of his Arab acquaintances had delivered to their homes and, while Dan prepared the coffee, Yethro picked it up and started to read it. His eye just happened to catch an article at the bottom of the first page that interested him. He sat down and read it and by the time Dan returned with the coffee he was smiling broadly.

"What's got you in such a happy state of mind?" Dan asked as he set down the pot and cups.

"Did you have time to read this story about the great state of Oklahoma?"

"No, I haven't had time to look at my copy yet. It came just before I got your call about the meeting. Anything interesting?" Dan asked.

"As a matter of fact there is! You do remember that thing that Oklahoma did in their last election? You remember, the one where they pushed through an amendment to their State Constitution that would have barred the use of Sharia law in state courts under any and all circumstances? At the time you warned me that It looked like what I had been doing in my court was unlawful. You ordered me to watch my rulings and myself."

"Yes, I remember. It passed by over 70% if I remember correctly," his cousin said. "It was a terrible setback for us!"

Well, a U.S. District Judge just ruled that the amendment violated the freedom of religion provisions of the U.S. Constitution."

"No kidding! I don't believe it! What does it mean?"

"It means if this ruling holds up, and I see no reason why it should not, that as long as both parties agree to accept Sharia law as their means of determining their case, then the ruling is legal and binding."

"You are joking!"

"No I'm not! Here read it for yourself! We are on our way at last! We have our foot in the doorway. Jesse was right and barring a U.S. Constitutional Amendment - we can start to pull that door off its frame. With this ruling holding up, my getting the Governorship, and with more Muslims running and being elected to State and Federal offices, it is only a matter of time. Nothing can stop us now. Mark my words - we are well on our way to the creation of the American Caliphate that will replace this so-called Republic."

"Not so fast, what if they want to add that Federal Constitutional Amendment declaring this a Christian country and forbidding the use of Sharia law?" Dan asked.

"That would take a long time to do and it would open the door to many more problems than it would solve. You would have all the nut fringe guys demanding that their amendments be added also. The Christian Nation idiots would be only the first and perhaps the weakest, the anti-gun nuts, the term limits people, the legalizing of all drug people, the gay marriage people and the anti-income tax people to name a few. No, it would never happen. In all the years that the US Constitution has been in place there have been only a few new amendments. It is just too difficult a process. And even if there were to be a Constitutional Convention, the 'in fighting' would kill off the government and then we will pick up what is left and establish our Caliphate. It's going to take a while but, you mark my words, I think both you and I will live to see it, my friend. Some day soon we will have a Muslim President and government here. Who knows, I might be the first Caliph or maybe even Jesse. You'll see these Americans are going to let us take over without a real fight. We will do it by their law and they will help us."

"Well as long as you are going to be the Caliph and as long as you are dreaming - what about me? What position do you have in store for me?" Dan laughed.

"You will have any office you want. I might even see to it that you run the reconstituted slave trade. There are many in this country that think we made a big error when we outlawed that practice and when we take over, that is going to be the first order of business. We will do away with all the prisons. They cost too much to run anyway and why not make them pay for themselves. Yes! We will have to re-establish the slave trade and the markets to get rid of all the criminals as well as the people who will try to overthrow the new order. Instead of sending them away for years and having to pay for their up keep - we can sell them off as cheap labor. You would be perfect for heading up this department. After all, you did come up with that idea about disposing of my son's woman friend. I think the job would suit you very well. If you want, I would even allow you to test each slave first."

"Thank you, my Lord, and, of course, as a result of this I would be only to happy to have all those young men for you and Jesse to sample before we send them off to market. I know both of you would love that! You are an old Bedouin and he is fast becoming a young one. 'Goats, young girls and very young boys' as the saying goes."

"As much as I would have agreed to that a few years back, I'm afraid that I am getting too old and settled in my ways. Jesse is really enough for me. I guess I love him and will only need him. Who knows by the time this all takes place, Allah may will it that Jesse will feel the same way about me," Yethro said. "MMMMM - thinking about that, I should be getting back to the cabin and getting it ready for Jesse when he returns. He told me he missed me and was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed with me. Let me let you in on a big secret - both you and I know he really did not sleep on that damn sofa, but I will allow him to fib about it because it's nice believing that that rogue did sleep with her and is afraid to tell me that he did. It's just one of the small inconsistencies of our love."

"Yes, we all keep things from our lovers. It allows us to have fun and live out our dreams. Be careful my friend. First things first - you have to be nominated and elected to the office before all of this can come about. Go to that car dealership now and purchase that BMW for him. Behave yourself! As far as Jesse goes, just remember that he is only doing all this for you."

The next few weeks before the convention proved to be both exciting and exhausting. Jesse and the Judge toured the state from one end to another in the new car. The Judge's picture along with Jesse and occasionally Phyllis were plastered all over the news media. The Judge's son and his girlfriend became the darlings of the news media. There were all kinds of rumors about their sneaking off to get married. They became an item and the public just loved hearing and seeing them. By the time the convention was called to order, it was almost certain that the Judge would get the nomination and when the vote was taken it was more like a coronation than a nomination. The party's gubernatorial candidate and his nominated Lt. Governor along with their families stood on the platform and waved to their adoring party delegates and made speeches accepting the nomination. No one questioned or thought there was anything unusual about the Judge and his family. As the confetti and balloons fell Yethro, Jesse and Phyllis along with the Governor's family waved to the crowd.

"Now on to the election," screamed Yethro in Jesse's ear as he threw his arms around Jess and Phyllis hugging both of them.

Later that night after they had dropped off Phyllis at her home, both he and Yethro had returned to their town house, the judge suggested that they both needed to relax in the pool. "It went very well tonight, but now we need to relax," the Judge said to Jesse. "And I think a nude dip in the warm indoor pool is just what this doctor would prescribe."

Jesse still exuberant from the excitement of the convention said, "I think the election will be a runaway. We are going to blast our way into the Governor's Mansion. My only worry is that we will not be able to have moments like this once you take over. Do you think they have an indoor pool at the Governor's house? Will we be able to skinny dip like this? For that matter will we be able to even live together there?"

"Don't worry, love, if they don't have an indoor pool - I'll have one put in. I'm not going to give this up for anything," he said as he swam over to Jesse and took him in his arms and kissed him. "As far as our living together, I think it will be even better for us than it is now. Our security forces will keep the press far away. Look at what all the Presidents have been able to get away with. If I had to give up our fun times together, I would resign from the office. I do not think I could endure the strain without you by my side. Besides by the time I'm in charge of the state - it will be a new world. No one will question us about our relationship, not if they want to keep their heads! Did they ever question the Mayor of New York City about his sexuality once he was elected to office? Everyone knew he was never going to marry that Ex-Miss America. And he served three terms!"

"Wow! That's what I wanted to hear. While I don't mind her as a dinner or social affair companion, I was beginning to worry that you were going to have me marry Ms. Goodwin just to keep up the appearances."

"What, are you getting tired of her so soon? Just remember that you will have to keep her until at least after the election. Her father is still a big man in the party and it just would not look good if you dumped her too soon. Is she really that hard to take?"

"She is not hard to take at all. She is fun and nice to be with. Her father is even a very nice guy and easy to get along with. I know all this, but there are times that I just wish that I did not have to lead her on... Do you know what I mean? She is really a nice woman but I think she is falling for me. I just hope that you will not force me to marry her just to keep her father's support."

"Force you!" the Judge laughed. "Jess, you have to be kidding me! Now tell me the truth, since I gave you your freedom and even before that, when have I ever been able to force you to do anything you did not want to do in the first place? I would never do anything like that! We have become partners in all we do. We talk, we discuss, and we act together. If anyone is the unseen power in our relationship - it is you - not I!"

"You did insist that I date her in the first place! It was you who was afraid to let the public know we were living together in a homosexual relationship," Jesse pointed out by poking his finger at him. "And you even picked her out for me!"

"I stand corrected. You are right. You are 100% right on that point. However, my love, at some point, we must think of your future and who comes after you to carry on our heritage. After all, you do bear my family name and the responsibility of carrying it on. As I told you a while back, when the time comes for you to take a woman for the purpose of producing an heir, we will choose a nice Arab Muslim girl for you. One who is young, beautiful, will produce a lot male children and most important of all - one who will keep her damn nose out of "Our" bedroom and her ass out of my bed," Yethro laughed. "Now come here and show me how much you missed me. Do you realize that this is the first time we have had to ourselves since this campaign business started?"

The two of them met at the low end of the pool again and embraced kissing each other. "You don't know how empty I felt and how I longed to hold you and kiss you when you got the nomination. I wanted us to be like Al Gore and his wife at his nomination. It was frustrating, that at the height of our joint victory that I could not show my true feelings for you in public." Jesse said.

"That goes for me as well. It was frustrating to say the least. However, we are alone now," Yethro, said taking Jesse by the hand and leading him up the pool steps and into the sauna where a massage table was set up. After they had dried each other off Yethro told Jesse to lie down, face up, on the padded table and he would help him to relax and relieve his tension.

"In the days of the Ottomans it was called a Turkish bath. Today we use a sauna and full body massage. I'm not sure which is better, but you just relax and let me do my magic." The Judge whispered into Jess's ear as he took the lid off a jar of lotion and placed a large dab of it in the palms of his hands. Then rubbing his hands together he placed them on Jesse's shoulders. He slowly kneaded his skin, working the lotion into the tight neck and shoulder muscles. He worked slowly using his strong fingers to draw away the pain and relieve the tension. He made his way down until he came to Jesse's nipples. At that point he added more lotion as he felt the nubs grow bigger and harder. As the moans came from the young man's throat Yethro could feel the aroused nipples grow hard and begin to stand out against his finger. He rubbed in a circle, tracing each nipple, his fingertips playing in the blond hairs that surrounded each darkened lobe. The lotion made the hairs darker and plastered them down against Jesse's skin.

"Oh babe, fuck yeah," the young man moaned.

"Feels good, does it?" Yethro asked.

For an answer, Jesse just groaned and smiled.

The Judge continued his massage, adding more lotion as he traveled through the brown chest curls that spread along Jesse's body. When he finally arrived at the place where his legs joined, he felt the thick brown bush that grew there as it began to tickle his fingers. He slowly pressed down and rubbed in circles, feeling the wet matted tangles against his own skin.

"Oh, shit, Judge, this feels so fucking awesome," he moaned. "You, my lover, are a master at this!"

The older man watched as the younger man's cock stretched to its limit, the skin tight and veins dark blue, the foreskin retracted to the point where it became almost painful. "I can see how much you enjoy my touch," he said as he continued rubbing the hairy crotch of his willing victim, one hand in the wetted down curls, the other starting at the tip of the hard dripping cock and slowly making its way down to the hairy base. Then he took his hand from the cock forest and slowly made his way down to the full hairy nut sac below. When he found the two heavy balls, he slowly and gently took them between his fingers and carefully rubbed them between his fingers. With the one hand on Jesse's balls, he started stroking his thick cock with the other. He guessed it to be at least seven inches long as he took the hard thick length between his fingers and started slowly to jack the skin. As he stroked Jesse's cock, his other hand left his hairy ball sac and went down in search of the love chute he knew had to be there waiting.

"Oh, my God," Jesse groaned when he felt Yethro slip his lubricated finger deep inside his ass.

The Judge started stroking Jess even harder, and with each jack, he fucked his finger faster and with more force inside his tight hole.

"You're going to make me cum," his young lover warned.

"Shoot your cock," the Judge cried out. "Think of fucking my tight hairy hole and shooting deep inside me."

That did it for Jesse. "Fuck, I'm coming," he screamed.

As Yethro continued finger fucking his hole and stroking his thick dick, he watched as the first rope of creamy hot spunk shot out the tip and landed between Jesse's two hairy nipples. A second rope, followed by a third, a fourth, and then a fifth landed as well and slowly made its way down through the hairy treasure trail on his stomach.

For a time, his energy gone, the young man laid on his back, his eyes shut. When he opened them, he said, "See what I'm talking about? There's something about you, that even a simple jack off by you and I'm knocked unconscious. No woman can do that to me."

"Not too unconscious to be unable to take care of this boner that I have now?" The Judge asked as he took a wet towel and cleaned off the evidence of their lovemaking and leaned over and kissed Jesse.

"You see now I can't wait to get inside you."

"Come here and let me feel that thing inside me," ordered Jesse.

His Honor placed a pillow under the backside of Jesse and got up on the table between the legs of his young lover and placed his cut cock tip against the ass ring and pushed slowly inside.

Jess shivered as he felt the tip of the circumcised cock go inside his wet hole. The Judge pushed, causing his cock to slide all the way inside, invading the love hole and working it's way like a guided missile deep until his black bush was rubbing and tickling the firm white ass cheeks. The older man's dark cock started working in and out of his young lover's rectum, first with gentle fucking motions, and then finally, the need to thrust hit his brain, and he began pounding Jesse's ass, his balls slamming Jesse's ass cheeks, grinding into his fuck hole and rubbing over and over his prostrate.

"Fuck Judge, that feels so good. I love you pounding me like this." Jesse worked harder, his backside working back and forth, up and down, sucking and squeezing his lover's tool working it from head to base, the dark curls brushing against his ass, tickling him, driving him on until suddenly he heard Yethro scream, "I'm going to shoot, I'm going to fill your love hole with my hot cream," he warned. Suddenly the first spurt of thick man juice shot out and sprayed the deeps of his lover's innermost secret place.

Jesse's rectum swallowed each wave of cum and never lost a drop. His ass continued sucking until he had the last bit of cream out of Yethro's cock. He milked it and milked it until he was sure he had sucked it completely dry then he tried to pull away, but Yethro would not let him.

"Kiss me," he told Jesse.

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