tagHumor & SatireThe Cyclops and the Drow

The Cyclops and the Drow


The ocean waves slopped endlessly against the sandy beach of the island. The great Cyclops eyed the distant horizon with his one green-irised eye, peering around along the far off line where sky met water.

He was about fifteen feet tall, hairless except for a flopping ponytail on the top of his almost cone shaped head. His skin was yellow, and his mouth a long thick-lipped slit, always in a menacing frown. He had three fat fingers on each hand, and only four fat toes on each foot. And he was utterly rotund, the ground shaking as he took each step along his island's beach.

Out in the distance, he thought he saw something.

Was that a ship?

It was!

He jumped for joy and nearby trees lost their fruit as the island trembled.

"A ship! A ship!" the Cyclops roared.

For a few minutes, as the ship sailed slowly by, he paced back and forth, a silly grin on his face. Then, as the realization that the ship was not coming to his island dawned on him, the Cyclops' frown turned into a deadly grimace.

"Stupid ship. Never comes here. No one comes here."

Angry now, the Cyclops picked up a large boulder nearby. He dropped his hand behind his shoulder slightly, then with a mighty push of his palm, he heaved the boulder into the air. The ship cracked and sunk slowly to the bottom of the ocean, carried down by the weight of the massive boulder.

The Cyclops watched. He had nothing better to do. Slowly, the sun began to set where the ship had once been. The waves sloshed their foam over his toes, and still he stood, watching to make sure the ship had truly sunk.

Suddenly, something gently nudged his toes. He looked down with his one eye, and saw a form in the water.

A small figure was washing against his feet in the waves. She had torn robes, blue skin and snowy white hair. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open, spitting water. She was unconscious.

Intrigued, the Cyclops reached down and picked the girl up in one hand.

Was it a mermaid?

He used a thumb and forefinger to tear off the rest of her clothing. When he jiggled her in his hand, her head flopped back and her tiny round breasts moved like jelly. With a fat finger he pried apart her two legs, poking at her tiny sex.

No, she wasn't a mermaid. Too bad, he thought.

For a moment, he considered tossing her aside. But he hadn't had company in so long; she might make good company.

He lifted her to his mouth, roughly licking her body, tasting the salty seawater on the girl's naked body.

She might make for very good company.

The Cyclops carried the unconscious girl all the way to his small cave, small to his standards but enormous to any normal sized humanoid. He dropped the girl to the bedding he had made from palm fronds and bark, and sat down next to her. Then, he reached into his breeches.

Ah, he sighed, touching his fat penis.

He stroked himself, head tilting back slightly, and a drop of drool playing at the corner of his mouth. He pulled his cock out of his breeches, squeezing his fist around it.

Next to him, the girl stirred in her semi-comatose state, making a soft kitten-like whimpering noise.

It was enough to get the Cyclops' attention.

For a moment, he just looked at her lying there with nothing on, legs splayed in her unconscious state. Then he picked her up. Maneuvering her limp body carefully, he put her next to his shaft.

The Cyclops' cock was almost the length of the girl's torso, but it was much wider.

Curious as to how the girl would feel, the yellow Cyclops began to press the girl's naked body against his quickly hardening flesh. She was soft against him, her breasts firm as they were spread apart by the force of his hand.

"Mmm," moaned the Cyclops.

He was getting excited.

Suddenly, the girl woke up. She looked around with frantic eyes, trying to take in everything at once. And then she began to scold the Cyclops in some foreign bird-song tongue, her words unintelligible but her tone scathing and harsh.

"Let me go, you pervert!" she screamed, beating on the musky penis next to her with her tiny fists.

But the Cyclops didn't understand. He rubbed her more, grinning. Then he held his cock by the base and moved the girl's belly over the tip. One of her fists accidentally went inside the thin slit on the top of his bulbous cock head, and he groaned, forcing her down more.

"Stop stop stop!" cried the girl.

At last, the Cyclops stopped rubbing her squirming body all over his giant and throbbing penis. A new idea had come to him.

Holding the girl in his giant fist, he grinned and left his cave. He went to the beach, and began to swim out into the ocean. While swimming, each stroke of his one hand had the girl either under the water or sputtering and going through the air above him in an arc, with barely enough chance to catch a breath before she was again under the waves.

When the Cyclops reached his destination, he shook himself dry. Then he shook the girl dry, her white hair flying around like the hair of a witch. She choked and coughed and sputtered, but she was still alive. Smiling, the Cyclops squeezed her and walked around the new island he had swum to.

"Greetings!" he said loudly to a small elf standing on the shore.

"What do you want now," sighed the elf, pulling his colorful robes around himself.

He was exasperated at having to deal with the Cyclops, whom he despised but wisely feared, until his eyes took in the sight of the girl choking and coughing in the Cyclops' meaty fist.

"This I find. She pretty, eh?"

The Cyclops grinned, seeing the elf's sudden interest. He dangled the girl by an arm infront of the oracular elf on the shore, enjoying the look in the smaller man's eyes.

"What are you going to do with her?" said the oracle.

"Well, you magickal. You gots something I can have? I wanna play with her, but be like her. Like this."

The Cyclops put his hand just about the height of the pale elf's head.

"Ah, you want to be her size, do you?"

The pale blue eyes of the elf had not yet left the naked body of the darker elf in the Cyclops hand.

"Yes! That's what I wanting! You make it so, you make it so!"

Suddenly the Cyclops was jumping up and down. All the land was shaking and trembling, and the elf fell to his feet, unable to stay standing.

"Fine, fine! Alright! Just stop jumping!!"

The Cyclops stopped jumping, and smiled brightly down at the elf.

"Here," said the pale elf, pulling something from his robes.

"This is a magickal ring. Put it against your fingertip, and it will magickally fit onto your finger. Then you will be the same size as her, as I am, as most normal people."

Excited, the Cyclops reached for the ring.

"Ah ah ah! But, you have to make a deal with me."

The elf held the ring away from the Cyclops' reaching fingers.

"What you want?"

"When you're done with the girl, don't eat her. Let me have her...I...haven't had company in a long time, myself."

The elf smoothed his robes, then lifted his eyes, putting out the ring again.

"Agreed?" The Cyclops thought for a moment of all the wonderful things he would do with the girl. Then he shrugged. The elf wasn't saying he wanted the girl right away, only when the Cyclops was done. And he hadn't said for sure that she had to be alive, only that the Cyclops couldn't eat her.

She might perish in other ways. But that wasn't the Cyclops' problem.

"Okey. Gimme ring now!"

And the elf did.

"Bastard," snarled the dark skinned elf, glaring at the paler man more her size.

She knew exactly what kind of deal had been passed, and she swore inwardly that she'd rather die than be bartered like a piece of meat.

But the choice of her death wasn't to be in her hands.

The swim back to the Cyclops' island wasn't as long as the swim away. And he managed to wait until he was in the cave with the girl, sitting on his bed, before putting on the ring.

The effect was instantaneous.

The dark elf had hoped that the Cyclops' would be exactly her size. She was old enough and strong enough, a true adult Drow, skilled in the ways of death and assassination. She hoped to fight her way free, once the yellow one-eyed freak was her size.

But much to her dismay, the Cyclops' was more the size of a very large barbarian. And he retained every bit of his strength.

"Ahh!" he cried, squealing in glee.

And then he attacked her.

His cock was no longer the size of the girl's torso, but it was huge, poking through his shrunken clothing. With his two fat hands, he wrestled the girl to the bedding, clasping her hands above her head.

"I gonna fuck you now!" the Cyclops declared.

He forced the girl's thighs apart, ignoring her screams of rage. Then he undid his pants with one hand, ripping them in the process.

His cock was in his hand, hard, thick, and bigger than anything the Drow had ever seen before. She screamed in genuine horror as he maneuvered it closer, closer. And then he was inside her, tearing her privacy, breaking into her tight cunt.

"Unf! Ung!"

The Cyclops moaned, and began to piston in and out of the dark elf. Soon, before she managed to faint from the pain, he was cumming inside her, filling her with his wicked seed.

Momentarily satisfied, the Cyclops rolled off of the girl, keeping her wrists in his one hand while he lay smiling at the far away ceiling of his cave.

The girl turned her head, and retched, vomiting.

He had filled her with her seed. And though the innate magick of her body made it difficult for her to conceive children easily, she could imagine how the gods would conspire against her for being so foolish as to become this monster's sex slave. If she carried his mutant child in her belly...she'd rather die.

The Cyclops looked at the vomiting girl and grinned. He reached out a beefy hand, spanking her rounded buttocks. Then his fingers got interesting ideas, and he began to probe her cheeks, forcing them apart.

Too late the girl realized what the beast intended, and when she tried to squirm away, he easily grabbed her by both hips.

Getting up on his knees now, the Cyclops forced the girl's head down onto the mattress, making her bottom round out perfectly. She squealed and kicked back at him, but failed to make him stop.

He moved his cock between her ass cheeks, loving how the size of him dented her flesh. Then he was forcing her anus open with the bulbous head of his slickened cock, pushing past the rim of tensed muscles. And then, he was inside her, fucking her ass.

His motions were slow, agonizingly slow to his victim. But he languished in the rape of her behind, pumping slowly in and out of her flesh. He could see her tearing, drops of blood oozing around his cock. It only spurred the Cyclops to greater passion, and as he began to move faster, he came again.

Cum oozed from around where his cock was buried in the girl's unyielding ass, until at last he stopped thrusting and forcing himself in.

Half limp now, he withdrew, and turned the girl over. He gripped her by a shoulder until she was sitting up.

The Cyclops looked down into the dark elf's slack face and smacked her once across the cheek to make her wake up.

"You suck now! You clean me!"

He held his cock against her lips, batting at her mouth and chin with the thick cock head.

"Now! You suck now!"

The dark elf moaned, her eyes fluttering. She knew what he wanted. And it occurred to her that maybe if she could just please him, get the ordeal over with, he would return her alive to the other elf. At least then she might be able to bargain for her freedom, rather than try to make a deal with this unintelligent and senseless fuck beast.

She opened her mouth, and he gripped her hair in both hands, forcing his half hard cock to the back of her throat.

"Oh, you know how this goes. You good at this," he crooned, bucking his hips now.

The feel of the girl's tongue working over him stimulated him to a new fever. The Cyclops ran his fingers through the girl's drying hair, curling the white locks tightly around his fingers. He could feel her mouth clenching around him, sucking him tightly. And he began to throb once more.

"Yes, you keep going. Come on, I wanna cum again!"

The Cyclops was having the time of his life! In all his years, he had only managed to relieve his sexual tension on the larger animals he managed to hunt down. And sex with animals was bad, he knew, very bad.

But here, finally, was this soft, female being. And her mouth was wrapped tightly around his dick, her fingers teasing at his balls.

He was in heaven.

As he stroked her hair, he began to cum. He could feel her choking and trying to pull off. But he kept his eyes closed, lost in his ecstasy, and kept her hair tightly over his shaft and head. He could feel himself gushing, his cum pouring into her stomach, no matter how much she gagged.

"Ahhh," he purred, stroking her hair firmly.

A strand of hair got stuck in the ring. As he pulled his hand off, the ring slipped from his finger.

And he was his natural size once more.

The Cyclops looked down, eye wide.

All that was left of the girl was a splatter of red and white smeared around the head of his cock, and a few bone fragments.

He almost cried!

Running to the shore, he threw the ring as far as he could, watching as it landed on the island far away.

"You take your stupid ring! Its no good anymore!" he yelled.

And all the residents of the islands lost in that part of the ocean trembled in fear.

So did the larger animals, who lowered their tails warily over their bottoms.

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