tagIncest/TabooThe Daddy Club

The Daddy Club


Author's Note: This story is entirely a work of fiction involving roleplay and all characters are over 18.

He was hard.

The sofa he'd been guided to was comfortable, deep-seated, allowing him to recline and stretch his legs fully. The robe he had been given fell open on it's own, exposing his meaty erection. Around the room other men were similarly dressed and arranged, some standing, some seated. Hard cocks exposed, waiting. They were all waiting.

The room was lit like a disco floor and a hard, undulating beat emanating from hidden stereo speakers. A deep bass pulse throbbed around the room. The singer's voice was male, thick with sex.

Hard baby hard Suck that beautiful cock Hard baby harder Suck your daddy's cock

The head of his cock ached for a slippery tongue, but he wouldn't touch himself before the party started. He settled for flexing his hips up and down in a slight, almost invisible motion. The lights flickered and went out.

Hard baby harder Suck it suck it suck it Suck your daddy Suck your daddy Baby harder baby Make daddy feel so good

A flash of candle-like light went up and she was there. They all were there. These women they had been promised: youthful, curvy, heavy fleshy breasts, all exposed and kneeling before them. Before him.

She was watching him with dark, serious eyes. Her hands went to his bare knees and ran slowly up his thighs, pushing the robe out of her way. His cock flexed and pulsed, jutting angrily from between his legs, hot and demanding. Her face drew closer and he could feel her hot breath.

"Daddy's so hard," she whispered, not touching him.

From around the room he watched the other men, their thighs and hips stroked and licked, ass cheeks flexing, thrusting forward to open mouths, tongues lapping hard flesh. Deep groans and moans filled out the song.

Suck it suck it suck it Suck your daddy Suck your daddy Hard baby harder

He stared at her, resisting the urge to grab the back of her head and force her down on his shaft and fuck that hot mouth over and over until he exploded.

"I wanna suck it daddy. Can I? Can I suck it?"

He didn't realize he was nodding, watching her mouth move closer, her warm hands still stroking his thighs, moving closer and closer.

Her long pink tongue slipped from between her lips and she pressed it to the underside of the crimson head, holding it there, letting her lips slowly close over the slit, and took a strong but gentle suck.

His fingers clenched the arms of the chairs as his hips thrust spontaneously forward.

Still holding her suction, her tongue fluttered wetly and rapidly around the head. She pulled off with a 'pop.'

"You taste so good daddy."

Both her hands were on him now, stroking, firmly but slowly up and down his shaft. His hips were moving constantly now, thrusting into her hands, following her movement. Her lips were so hot. Her tongue so wet and so good, slipping around him, swirling over the head, teasing pleasure from the tip, over and over and over...

Her face, so small and round, trapped between his muscular thighs, his heavy, throbbing cock suckled in that small, sweet mouth, up and down, in and out, over and over....more, he thought, suck it, suuuuck.

The room was grinding now; a burly, hairy man was holding his girl's head tightly in his hands as he thrust a huge cock in and out of her willing mouth. He was grunting, holding off, exploring, his mouth in a half-sneer as he watched his thick shaft pumping between red lips. His voice was low and demanding.

"You like that baby? You like daddy fucking your little mouth? You like that?"

Wet slurping noises overpowered him, the groans were primal, bestial.

"Suck daddy's cock baby. Suck it like momma told you."

Her mouth drew him in, hands still stroking steady and hard. Her tongue lathed his thickness, up and down, up and down, all over the moist head, leaking now, leaking fast. She lowered herself further and further; he groaned in aching pleasure as the tight, lapping tunnel of her mouth took him in, down, down, into her throat, her pulsing throat, he was inside all the way, her nose pressing into his belly, her hands stroking his balls.

His fingers wove through her hair, holding her down on his cock while his hips made small, rapid thrusts upward.

"Oh fuck. Fuck. Swallow it baby. All the way baby. Swallow daddy's cock. Oh good girl, good girl..."

He released her and her head snapped up, gasping. She plunged back down, hands gripping the base, pumping as she fucked his cock with her mouth, over and over.

Suck it suck it suck it Baby suck it harder Suck it harder baby Suck that cock

He watched as the burly mouth fucker kept pumping and grunting out of his girl's mouth. Her arms were tight around his hips and gripping his ass tighter and tighter, urging him on. His hips rolled from side to side, in a circular motion, treating her throat like a pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah baby, you're gonna make daddy cum."

He saw as another man, shorter, muscular had laid his girl down on her back; straddling her chest, he directed his long, thick member into her mouth. Raising his hips, he thrust down hard then pulled back. Another hard thrust and another, fucking her face. His mouth wide in a silent groan.

"It's so good daddy. I love sucking your cock. It's so hard and thick...it's so hard daddy. It's so hard."

His cock was slick and slippery now, her small hands stroked it easily, steadily. He could barely move as he watched her pump it, pinpricks of pleasure gliding up and down, up and down. Her tongue bathed him again, faster this time, she was working for it. She sucked him in again, still stroking. Harder. Harder.

"Fuck my mouth daddy. Fuck it with your big cock. Fuck my face daddy. Fuck your baby girl's throat."

He stood this time, holding her face in his hands, as she gripped his muscled ass. He let his cock rest on her lips, just using his hips to move it back and forth, over her cheeks, her eyes, her nose, her chin....with one hand he lifted the shaft and pumped it gently, letting his balls hover over her mouth. She opened wide, drawing them down, lapping at them as he stroked himself.

The burly man was straddling his girls' chest now, fucking his cock between her huge tits. Squeezing them tightly around his shaft, he pumped furiously, her tongue held out to lick the head, her hands still gripped to his ass, still urging him. Her voice was high and desperate, a girlish moan.

"Oh daddy, fuck my tits with that big cock. It feel so good daddy. I want you to cum daddy. Cum for me daddy. Cum daddy. Cum for me daddy. Cum, cum, cum..."

Her begging finished him off; the man kept thrusting wildly as ropes of thick cream spurt from his cock, over her chest, her face, her hair. His voice was staccato in time with his thrusts.


His thrusts became slower, but sharper as the pleasure subsided. Lifting his hips forward, he dangled his softening cock to her mouth, letting her lick and suckle him clean.

He was too close now; gripping his girl's hair, he tilted her head back and forced his cock all the way down her throat in one hard thrust. Holding her steady between his hands, he fucked in and out of her throat, pushing further, forcing a tiny gag, but she swallowed and he thrust, his cock a hard torpedo of pleasure. He was close. He was grunting now, brutal.

"Suck it all you little bitch. Suck daddy's cock. Suck it. Fuck....suck it baby...daddy's gonna cum. I'm cumming baby, oooh fuck, suck it, suck...suck....oh fuck baby here I cum...here I cum baby....suck daddy...suck daddy....here I cum..."

Holding her face tightly to his groin, his cock buried deep in her throat, he shot his load straight into her belly, thick spurting spasms, as her lips stroked him, her mouth milking him, sucking down off his shaft until only the head remained in her mouth, still suckling the last drops from him.

Legs weak, he held to her head to steady him as she licked around his soft but still thick cock. He didn't want to move; he held her head close, keeping his now soft member just resting on her lips, on the end of her tongue, pulsing. She lapped at the tip like a kitten.

He could see his fellows writhing in the release of their own orgasms, hard organs buried deep in wet mouths, or spurting on upturned faces and chests. The groans were slower now, and breathing was returning to normal. He looked down at his girl, her big eyes staring up at him, his cock still resting on her lips.

"You taste so good daddy. I love my daddy's cock."

Her hands were stroking him now, slowly again. She rubbed him against her cheek.

"I want some more milk daddy. Baby girl wants more of daddy's creamy milk."

She was stroking him harder, her mouth over his head.

"Can I suck it some more daddy? Can I suck? Let me suck it daddy. I want some more milk..."

He laid backwards in the chair again, exhausted. He couldn't think. Her head fell into his lap, sucking him gently again, sucking him hard, harder, harder...


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