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The Dance


Edwina lay on the bed in sheer white panties and bra, they were a wonderful contrast to her bronze colored body.

"You're a little later than usual Jimmy" Edwina said to me.

"I had a last minute service call, did I keep you waiting long love?"

"No, I took a short nap. Now finish undressing and dance with me." Edwina said with a smile and signaling me to the bed with her bending finger.

I knelt on the bed, kissing her softly, then holding her forward I unsnapped and removed her bra, after laying her back I slowly slid her panties down, patting her on the hip to raise up. I loved these panties, I could see through them, her tender little slit pouting and desiring to be touched, her salt and pepper bush, more salt than pepper these days, and the gentle protrusion of her mons. Pussies that stuck out a little beyond normal at the mons were always my downfall. Seeing a woman in slacks or jeans that looked like she had a bar of soap on her pussy was an automatic hardon in my younger days.

I tossed her panties on the chair with the rest of her clothes, leaned over, smelled the musky scent in her bush, gave her pussy lips a kiss and lay down beside her. "You're such a good boy Jimmie, you take good care of me."

"My pleasure. What kind of dance would you like today my love?"

"Mmmm, my bones are a little achy today, let's start out with a waltz."

I lay on top, kissed her a few more times, crawled into the saddle and gently slid my cock into her tiny waiting pussy. She took it all in one stroke, as she usually did, raising her hips a bit to help things along. There wasn't much foreplay anymore if we were only interested in an afternoon delight, we both knew why we were there and after sweet talk and some cuddling we generally got right to it. Not to say there was no foreplay anymore. If we were planning an evening interlude we'd tease until each one was ready to pounce on the other. Munching cunt and sucking were nearly always on the menu for evenings or weekends like that.

I slowly sawed in and out of her sweet love tunnel, she wasn't super tight anymore, but then at the age of 61 what married woman is? However, she wasn't sloppy either, far from it, we fit well together. My 6" was wide and plenty for her, her small pussy hugged my cock just fine, it seemed we were made to fit each other.

She sighed, "Jimmie I love your cock, Humphrey was good, but he was never as good as you, you make old Ed feel twenty years younger. Tell me you'll dance with me until I can't dance anymore?"

"Yes Ed, as long as you can take it, I'll give it."

Edwina called love making her dance, she and her late husband had used that terminology around their kids and guests if they wanted to signal to the other that sex was on the menu for that night. I simply adopted her phrase and still use it. A waltz is a nice slow pace, a foxtrot was a bit faster, then the jitterbug, followed by, let's rock and roll. Ed couldn't start with rock and roll much anymore, but she sure as hell jitterbugged with great enthusiasm and we always seemed to end a jitterbug session rocking and rolling. One of the things Ed did that turned me on to no end was talk during sex. It wasn't always "naughty" talk, usually just endearing statements.

"Jimmy, this feels so nice, I'm a lucky lady to have such a good lover at my age. I wish I could do you more than 2 or 3 times a week, but these old bones ache more than they used to. Now that you've gotten my little buttercup loosened up and wet, I think it's time to jitterbug."

I kicked into gear and started pumping faster, going deeper and using the full length of my cock.

"Mm,hmm, all of it Jimmie, Ed needs all of it today. Fill that tiny pussy with your cock baby."

When I made love to her like this Ed would wrap her arms around me and hold on for dear life. Letting out a soft grunt, moan or squeal with nearly every stroke.

"Jimmie, I'm almost there, are you ready baby?"

She knew my body all too well, she could feel my cock thickening and starting to lengthen ever so slightly. "Go ahead Ed, I'm right there with you."

I'd like to say we exploded all over the place, our bodies convulsing, spasming, and our voices howling, but we didn't. Edwina's breathing stopped, body tensed, her hips raised, and her tummy quivered like it always did, combined with moans and sighs. Words like, "oh my, yes, yes, that's so good Jimmie."

I would drive into her as hard and as deep as I could get my pecker, arch my back trying to force it further, have my pelvis as tight to hers as possible and groan from somewhere deep in my loins, shooting everything my body had to offer into her tiny little vagina. Edwina said I sounded like a water buffalo stuck in a quagmire.

This is how we came much of the time, regardless of position, and if we got each other off orally, instead of making love, we'd simply lay in one another's arms and drift off to sleep. Today with my cock still in her and her tiny arms around my neck I rolled onto my back with her on top so we could cuddle, catch our breath, and kiss. She loved to kiss and talk after sex.

As we lay there she whispered in my ear, "Jimmie, I'm not gonna take a bath tonight. I'm going to put my tightest panties on and sleep with your cum in my belly. I'm much too old to get pregnant, but I'd like to pretend I can, with your baby up inside my tummy."

As my cock instantly stood at attention again she smiled and sat up, impaling herself on it.

"Edwina you little slut, you knew you were going to make me hard with talk like that."

Giggling she smirked, "I was counting on it, and just so we're clear, I'm YOUR bedroom slut Jimmie, no one touches between my legs but you. With that settled you need to get moving and put another thick load into this old lady's pussy."

I didn't need any more encouragement, we started out in foxtrot mode and quickly escalated to the jitterbug before we pushed each other over the edge a second time. As we lay recovering I told her how pleased I was to have her laying next to me for the rest of our lives.

"I hope I make you happy all of those days Jimmie."

I lay with Edwina on top of me, stroking her hair and grinning from ear to ear. Making love twice in the same day was unusual at our ages. Certainly not unheard of, but unusual.

So how did Edwina and I get to this point? Glad you asked, allow me to explain.

When Karen and I bought this house 20 plus years ago I knew the day we moved in that older folks lived next door. Karen looked at me and asked how I could possibly know that, we hadn't met them yet.

"Did you read the sign at the end of their drive? It has their house number with their names beneath. Humphrey and Edwina Jenkins. Do you know anyone our age, or even near our age, with the names Humphrey or Edwina? Of course we don't, those are old people names."

Later that week we were on the backyard patio when the bushes moved a bit and through them emerged a tiny little bit of a woman, no more than 5' 2", holding hands with a tall lanky guy.

Karen muttered softly, "talk about Mutt and Jeff." As we both chuckled.

We all sat enjoying some iced tea and talked the evening away. He was a white backwoods hillbilly from Virginia that somehow met and married the tiniest little black woman I'd ever seen. As I said, he was tall, lanky, still had a heavy southern drawl even though he'd been up north for a few decades. There wasn't anything special about him, he was just a nice guy. Edwina was tiny in every way, her figure suited her body, nice breasts but not oversized, slim waist flowed into tiny hips and the cutest damn ass I'd seen in a long time. She was a mixed race child, father was black, mother was Korean. Edwina had gotten the best of both parents, her strong facial features were obviously her dads, and the long straight hair and soft oriental eyes were obviously her mom's. She had dark black hair with just a few strands of silver. It was obvious they loved each other deeply, we found them to be a sweet couple, enjoying many an evening sitting on their patio or ours.

Hump, as he was affectionately known at the hardware/lumber store he owned, was 14 years older than Edwina, commonly known as Ed. She was an English teacher at the local high school. The very first black person to work as a teacher in our town, and only the 5th black person in the entire county. Then again, we didn't have a single traffic light in the entire county either, you begin to get the picture that we were just a little town in the upper Midwest.

They had no children, neither did Karen and I, so doing things on the spur of the moment seemed to be the normal way of doing something adventurous.

Karen worked in the county courthouse as a secretary to the local judge, I am a plumber. I lost Karen to cancer 6 years ago. Edwina had lost Hump to heart disease not quite a year ago.

As for me. I'm 5'9", sandy hair quickly greying. I don't work out, but being in the trades, going up and down ladders all day and hanging pipe in new homes keeps a guy fit. No, I don't run, but who the hell wants to? I've been a master plumber long enough that I don't have to do the nasty grunt work any longer, being assigned almost exclusively to new homes. I like new homes, everything is open, no crawling under houses, no plugged sewage lines, nobody bitching because they thought you took too long to fix what their husband had repaired. My boss liked me doing new homes, he knew I'd get it roughed quickly and pass the inspection.

Chapter Two:

Now that you have the background info, let me tell you how Edwina and I ended up being in bed with each other. As our friendship grew both Hump and I did things for one another. If I was doing a project and needed supply's, he saw to it I got a discount. If he had plumbing issues at home or the store, I took care of them with no charges for my labor. They had wanted a bathroom in their basement, but never wanted to spend the money, so between Hump and I we broke up the cement that needed to be removed for a lateral, poured new cement to cover it, and then built a bathroom together. It was complete with a full shower, Hump sort of took it over, showering and dressing down there. Ed didn't mind, she said it allowed her to have use of the entire bathroom off their bedroom.

After Karen died it was Edwina who brought over a meal or two a week, made sure I knew how to sort the laundry properly, occasionally she'd come over during the day while I was working and tidy up. I'm not a slob, I always take care of the dishes, sweeping, and vacuuming, I hate clutter, but dusting somehow escaped my radar. Ed would take it upon herself to do that. After Karen died I didn't remove my wedding band, I somehow thought I'd no longer remember Karen if I removed it. One evening as Ed and I sat on the patio waiting for Hump to get home she asked, "why have you never taken off your wedding band Jim?"

Fair enough question, "well Ed, I've never met someone worth taking it off for, but I'd take it for a gal like you. Hump better be careful, I just might steal you away from him"

She blushed, giggled and said, "Jimmie, you flirt, you're just putting on an older woman."

Her smile was a mile wide and her little breasts jiggled as she laughed. I thought I noticed a little extra switch in those hips as she went into the kitchen. Little did she know if she weren't married I'd be knocking on her door.

It was on Edwina's 60th birthday that Hump pulled me into the den as Ed was clearing the table.

I was caught off guard and wondered what was up.

Hump had been ill for nearly a year, his heart was failing rapidly and the outcome was eventual death. "Jim, I'm getting sicker by the day, I haven't been given much time. It's likely I'll be dead within three months." Hump was on pure oxygen and had a difficult time catching his breath as he spoke.

"Hump, I appreciate you confiding in me, you know I'll help in any way I can, but I'm not sure where all of this is going."

"Jim, you and Karen were the closest friends we've ever had, God rest her soul. Ed and I trust you with our very lives, for that reason we want to ask a favor of you."

"Go ahead, but if it's both of you, shouldn't Ed be here?"

"She wants to wait to see what you say. Here goes, Edwina and I had a very active sex life until my heart disease forced me to take all these meds. Even being 14 years older wasn't so much an issue when the blue pills worked. I'm no longer able to be physically active even if the pills still worked. My wife is forced to go without physical attention when she so desperately needs it. She would never cheat on me, and this disease will kill me sooner than later."

"What I, what we want to know Jim, is will you make love to my wife? She trusts you implicitly, knows you never cheated on Karen and that you haven't screwed everything in a skirt since her death. She feels as though she could be intimate with you. If the two of you are compatible, it would do my heart good to know you'll marry her as soon as I'm dead."

I was shocked and breathless for a minute, "Holy shit Hump, you can't be serious?

From the doorway I heard that familiar tiny voice, "yes we are Jim, never been more serious."

I sat down, "this is all too sudden, I had no idea. I think the world of Ed, I find her attractive and sexy as hell, but there's no way I'm going to make a cuckold of my oldest and closest friend."

Edwina walked across the room, took my hand and sat next to me on the loveseat.

"We've thought about this extensively Jim. We've looked all this up, and if we're correct, a wife makes a cuckold of her husband by humiliating him, making him watch her have sex with another man. Are we correct?"

I finally un-swallowed my tongue and spoke. "yes, that's my understanding of a cuck. This is all so foreign to my thinking. If you weren't here Hump, I'd be sniffing round the front door every day trying to get into her panties, but you are around, you're still very much alive."

Hump then steered the conversation, "you may think I'm alive, I'm half alive at best, and through you I have an opportunity to help make my wife happy. Take a day or two to consider if necessary, we understand."

Edwina leaned into me slightly and looked up, pursing her lips for a kiss. We kissed softly, then moved apart.

"Thanks Jimmie, I somehow knew you were a good kisser. We realize this is a lot to consider, but I know of no other man I am willing to give myself to. Think on it and get back to us as soon as you know. It's Sunday, please try to get back to us by Wednesday."

I stood and said Happy Birthday to Edwina before leaving. I had tears in my eyes as I walked home, not for me, for them. What agony they must have gone through to reach this decision.

I didn't sleep a wink that night, I sat on the patio drinking a few beers and contemplating. Wondering if I would have been able to do the same if Karen was still alive and I could no longer take care of her Though she had been dead many years, I still found myself wondering what Karen might think if she found out. My mind was an absolute whirlwind, and when the sun started to rise over the back yard I showered, changes clothes and went to work. I was scheduled to do the rough-in plumbing for a new house, since there were no other trades working on that day I had the entire house to myself. It afforded me plenty of time to think, since I started early I called into the shop and told Bob I was going to push through and tackle as much as I could. He didn't care, as long as the work was done, he could care less what time I started and finished.

Chapter Three:

It was almost dusk when I pulled into the drive and saw Edwina mowing the law. I went over, took the mower from her and finished while she sat on the steps watching. When I was done she had a glass of iced lemonade waiting for me.

"Hi Jim, how was your day? I noticed you didn't sleep at all last night."

"How would you know that Ed?"

"Because I was on my patio watching the same darkness and sunrise you did. Have you had a chance to think about what we asked?"

"I've thought about nothing else Edwina. Thanks for the lemonade, if you'll excuse me I've put in a long day with no sleep, I'm going to shower, have a bite to eat and go to bed."

I worked a 14 hour day Tuesday and didn't see Ed until Wednesday morning as I climbed in my service van. Edwina was watering the flowers, I asked if tonight would be a good time to stop in. Somewhere around 7.

"Sure, I'll hold supper."

So many images went through Jim's head as he worked, thoughts of not wanting to hurt his friend of so many years. What to do, his mind was still a whirling dervish by the time he finally got home at 5, deciding to catch a quick nap after showering. He woke with a start, thinking he may have slept through supper, but was pleased to see it was only 6:35.

Jim dressed and walked over to the Jenkins, he could smell something mighty good. Edwina was at the grill, Jim walked over to see what she was making. Pork steak, one of his favorite summer dishes when done on the grill. Standing next to Edwina as she slathered on more sauce Ed closed the lid, looked up at Jim, put her hand at the back of his neck and drew him in for a soft kiss.

Jim asked, "hey, how'd you get so tall all of a sudden?" Ed pointed to her 3" wedge type sandles. Jim caught himself staring at those shapely little legs. Why hadn't he noticed that mid-thigh summer dress she had on as he walked up to her? He wondered, "has it been so long I don't see that stuff anymore?"

Jim enquired about Hump, Ed told him Hump was sleeping. She'd fed him earlier, he wasn't doing well, she thought he'd be awake about the time they finished their supper. They ate in relative silence, a chit chat about this or that, but nothing significant. Neither was a wine drinker, Jim preferred milk with his meals, Edwina had a small glass of water, and followed it with a cup of coffee during dessert. Edwina suggested Jim wait in the den while she went and got Hump.

Hump was in a wheelchair tonight, looking gaunt and exhausted. He smiled and tried to be his normal chipper self as much as was possible.

"Well Jim, said Hump, have you reached a decision?"

"I have, and I haven't. To begin with, I'm honored and flattered that you would think I'm worthy of your wife as my life mate after you're gone, because Hump, that's the only way I will entertain what you're proposing. Secondly, if we're be able to reach an agreement, how do we work out the logistics? Who decides when and where Ed and I are together? Are you going to want to be present and watch? Can we remain to be close friends if I sleep with your wife?"

It was Edwina who basically took over the conversation at this point. "I feel the same as you Jim, if we sleep together, then we're together for life after Hump dies. As for Hump watching, no, it will be you and I, preferably at your house. How often? I think that has too remain open and decisions made once we've been together.

Hump had been silent, listening, not sighing or making noises, not shrugging his shoulders or using his body to indicate favor or disapproval of anything said. He finally spoke up.

"We need to think about this in a broader aspect. Jim, we found out today that my condition has worsened and within the week I will be bed ridden. Ed can't take care of me, I'll be going into hospice care on Friday. I see your look Jim, I said hospice, they've given me less than thirty days to live. I need this bullshit to end here and now, I need an answer in the next 15 minutes. Are you going to look after Edwina or not?"

Edwina sat silently next to Jim, hands folded calmly on her lap, not looking down, looking at her Humphrey with love and admiration.

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