The Dance


I walk into the crowded hotel lounge in San Juan and push my way to the bar. Young people are everywhere. The music is so loud that it is hard to hear what they are saying. Everything is in Spanish and I am obviously not Puerto Rican. Most of the people move aside for me and are politely ignoring me. Finally, I get the bartender's attention and order a Jack and water. The first sip is welcome. Watered down, but mostly a good taste. Cigarette smoke is heavy in the dark room and I look over at the dance floor. There, through the thick smoke, people are jammed together, dancing to the salsa music. Lights blink on and off and it is like going back in time, to an old disco.

I hear Spanish everywhere and laughing and good conversation. People are enjoying themselves everywhere in the bar. On stage is a salsa band that is playing loud and sweating and full of fun energy. My foot taps to the beat and I cannot help but feel the thrill of the crowd. I want to dance.

I look over the crowd of beautiful, overdressed dark-haired women, hoping to find either a familiar face, which is unlikely, or at least someone who looks friendly enough to want to dance with a middle-aged, balding gringo. I can dance well enough, but this is a land of dancers. I am not a beautiful man, not one of the sleek dancers dressed in open silk shirts who can spend hours dancing with one of these lovely women and then whisk her away to make love to her until the sun rises. These beautiful girls can have their pick of the bold, energetic men who would love to dance the night away. I am not even competition.

I turn from the dance floor, deciding that this is probably not the place for me. I am about to finish my drink and wander back out, when I spot a lady across the bar. She is blond, not unusual, but striking. Her face is beautiful with full red lips and dark eyes framed by shoulder-length hair. Her cheeks are soft and full and her ears are rounded and just peek through strands of hair. She wears silvery earrings that sparkle when light from the stage reflects off them.

She looks to be in her late twenties. She is approached several times while I watch, mostly by young men who seem to know her. They ask her to dance. She shrugs them off. She would be a prize to flaunt, but she apparently does not wish to be seen on anyone's arm. When she smiles at each man, her face lights the area around her. Each man is hopeful, but gets the same response. Each man goes off to find a more willing partner.

She looks down, during a brief moment when not being begged to dance and then glances up and across the bar. She spies me looking at her. She smiles. I cannot help but grin back foolishly. Then she looks away again. I decide to stay for one more drink, just to watch her some more. The bartender delivers my order and I glance up at the band again. Then I turn back to the bar and look across. She is gone. Probably finally found the right guy, I think.

I smell jasmine perfume next to me. I turn to find the source. She has moved to my side of the bar.

"I saw you staring at me," she says with a Spanish accent. She smiles. Her eyes are deep blue and lined with rose colored makeup. Tiny silver sparkles are dabbed around them and make her eyes seem huge.

"I am sorry," I stutter, caught by surprise. "You are extremely beautiful and I could not help but look." She smiles shyly. She wears a dark dress that is sheer, but not completely transparent. Her body is slender and she is well proportioned, obviously in excellent shape. The dress covers her from her neck down to below her knees, showing just a hint of lovely calf. The dress is slit conservatively to her knee and is made for dancing. She wears a pair of dance heels that match the dress. The heels are tall enough to bring her to nearly my five foot ten inch height.

She looks back at me, forcing me to look directly into her eyes. The music fades around me and the other raucous voices fade to murmurs. It is as if the room has suddenly emptied.

"You are obviously dressed to dance, so why don't you go out to the floor with one of these handsome men?" I ask.

"I do not care for them," she replies. "They are all young and dangerous and would not dance with me properly."

"What do you consider to be proper?" I ask.

"Proper includes making love when one dances. Salsa is a very sexy dance and I wish to make love with the man who can dance with me." Her voice is deep and her accent thrills me. Her r's roll ever so slightly when she speaks and each word is carefully spoken.

I am unable to reply. I can only smile and quickly take a sip of my drink to cover my nervous smile. I have visions of her exquisite body against mine.

"Why do you say nothing?" she asks. "Do you dance?"

"I do," I say finally. "I love to dance."

"Then take me to the floor and dance with me." She turns and offers her arm to me. I take it and guide her through the crowd to the floor.

The band is ready to start a new number and we find a place at the corner of the floor. Young men everywhere are startled to see her out here with the middle-aged man and smirk. But they are in awe. I can see them wondering what line I must have used. They are also thinking that I must be a relative or a close friend, because they have never been lucky enough to dance with this beauty.

The music is a merengue. She turns and slides into my arms. She looks at me and I lead the first step. My right arm goes around her waist. My left arm is up and holds her right hand. We step together and our movement is fluid. We step and spin and I quickly learn to lead her. She is an excellent dancer and we both smile at the way we have learned the rhythm together. Our bodies move closer together until I feel her thighs pressed against mine. Her head finds its way to my shoulder and we spin, first slowly and then quickly. Fast. A space clears and we move toward the center of the floor. We dance now as one person. She follows every lead and we never miss a single step. I am filled with desire and becoming hard, moved by the scent of jasmine and the closeness of this beautiful woman.

Her hair is soft and as I step back to spin her, it brushes against my face. Each time she turns, she smiles seductively and brushes against me. The dance continues for us alone. We have created our own world. We spin and dance and laugh with joy at each other and at the outside world. My hand rises around her and her back is strong and slender. She is not wearing a bra and as she moves back into my embrace, I feel her hard nipples poking at my chest. She steps back into me, rocking against me with each step. She knows that I am hard and I am certain that she can feel me poking at her waist with each step. I am excited beyond belief and can think of nothing but this partner, who dresses so conservatively on the outside. She is an animal, tamed but just barely. Her teeth bare as she smiles and I can tell that this will be my partner for the evening, if I can keep up.

Next, the band plays a salsa. I no longer lead. We dance. We move to the beat again, stepping in time and moving our hips. We come together and then separate. She moves her hips and steps smoothly from one side to the other. I lead her back and then follow her forward, fast and in time to the music. I can see her hard nipples through the fabric of her dress. She lifts it slightly so that the slit opens higher on her thigh, now. Her legs are soft and smooth. She follows me as we clear an ever larger space on the dance floor until we have lots of room to dance. We begin to sweat, lightly at first, but our energy is apparent. We are given more room. Our dancing tells the story that everyone on the floor wants to be part of. We are beginning to make love and this is the foreplay. The music gives us the speed of our activities and we develop the methods. I must have this woman in every possible way. She has become a part of me, a need and all of my desires.

I begin to understand why she does not wish to dance with the younger men. They could never understand this dance. They could not wait for her. This is the beginning, the foreplay, the start of the mating. It should take a long time, not be over in a brief moment. Bed is the climax. We will find our way there, but only after we have known each other completely. I am ready for her.

We dance for hours. I drink water to replace the liquids I have lost. She does the same. Once every few songs, we move to the bar to rest and to talk. Mostly, I just stare at her, taking in every part of her body. I cannot think of spending the night without her.

Finally, we leave. She tells me that it is time to go in her sweet, seductive voice. We go outside into the warm night and hail a cab. I am exhausted, but awake and ready to finish the night with her. We sit in the back of the old cab and she directs the driver to her apartment in Condado. The ride is short, but she leans against me, her hot, sweaty body pressed against me. My arm is around her shoulder and when she moves, I feel her breast under my hand. It is round and perfect and the nipple is still hard, poking at me. She kisses my ear and then my cheek. It is a tender kiss. Her teeth nibble at me and near my lips, not quite touching them.

We arrive at her apartment. She hands me the key and allows me to open the gate to the patio in front. We cross the patio and again I open the door to her apartment building. I hold the door for her as we enter the foyer and she turns to me. Her arms are around me and she kisses me hard on the lips. Her mouth opens and her tongue shoots out into my mouth. One leg is up around my waist and she pushes at me while gripping me hard. I reach under her and pull her dress up to her waist. She is wet and her panties are extremely moist. The silky lace is soft and I push it inward against her pussy. My other hand pulls at a hard nipple through her dress.

Suddenly an apartment door opens. A face peers out. "Todo esta bien, senora," my lady says. She giggles. We were nearly caught. She grabs my hand and pulls me up the stairs. We run to the third floor and cross a marble hallway. I hold up the keys and she chooses the right one, then stands back to let me open the door. Her arms go around me from the back and she pushes at me again, her teeth nibbling promises around the back of my neck and ears. I am excited beyond belief. We will finish this night the way it started. It would last forever.

As we pushed the door in, I glanced back. Another older woman is peering at us with a disgusted look on her face. My lady turns and sticks her tongue out at the face and the door instantly slams shut.

Finally, we are inside! We close the door and tear at each other's clothes. She pops buttons on my shirt, tearing at it, then claws my belt off and opens my pants. Instantly, she is on her knees, her dress sliding down over her breasts, down her strong thighs and then to the floor. She takes me into her mouth and sucks, at first. Hard and then probes the tip of my penis with her tongue. It is slightly painful, but as her hand massages the backside of my cock, it becomes even harder. She tries to push her tongue inside the tip. What ecstasy! Her hand rubs harder. I reach down and pull at her hard nipples. The areolas are dark against her white skin and her nipples stand away from her. I pull harder and harder at them as she reaches behind me with one wet finger and pushes it hard into my ass. I climax almost instantly, shooting deep into her throat. She swallows me, her eyes bright as they look up at me. My knees are weak, shaking. But I have not finished.

Fortunately, the walk to the bedroom is short. She is holding onto me as we move quickly to that room. Her dress has been forgotten at the door and she wears only panties and her heels. I push the panties down and stand her in front of me as I sit on the bed. I grab her breasts and pull roughly on them as I drag her toward me. My tongue darts out to taste her pussy. Her hair is moist and blond and neatly trimmed short. She pushes at me. Her pussy grinds into my face and my tongue slips underneath to probe her soft lips. The fine hair rubs against me as I push deeper into her. She is wet and scented. The smell fills me and I probe even deeper inside her.

A groan escapes her lips and she grinds harder. She still feels the hard salsa beat and each thrust is a new form of dance. Her heels tap in rhythm on the hard floor as she holds my head, guiding me deeper and deeper inside her. Suddenly, she stops. A louder groan this time, as she tenses. Her body is a hard cord and she pushes at me, cutting off my breath for a second. Her legs squeeze me hard and she begins to shake. The groan turns into a series of loud moans and she comes. Her pussy is now sopping wet and I lick eagerly, tasting her over and over. My hands pull on her hard nipples and continue to massage her breasts. The shaking continues as her head tilts back. Her grinding has stopped but she is hard against me. My tongue works hard to keep her at her peak for as long as possible. Her hands pull my head hard into her, gripping my hair.

Finally, she relaxes slightly. She seems to sag, spent for a moment, but I know that recovery will be quick for her. I am able to look up and her mouth is slightly open. I stand slightly, brush my lips against her hot breasts and then stand further up to kiss her. Our tastes mix. My cock is now hard and stiff, pushing against her pussy. We are exactly the right height.

Hungry for more, now, she kisses me back. The kiss becomes a bite as her teeth come down hard on my tongue. She draws back, her teeth scraping the top and bottom of my tongue, cleaning off the wet juices there. My cock is now pulsing with excitement. Her bite is harder. She draws me toward her. I slip between her legs and my cock splits the lips of her pussy as it pushes at her.

She reaches behind me now and probes my little hole with her fingers. I tense, she pull her hand away and licks a finger. It is wet with saliva. She reaches back down again, her head over my shoulder; legs still wrapped tight around my waist. Her hand drops down to probe my ass again, and this time her finger slips in. Slowly, she massages my hole as I clench around her finger. My cock is throbbing now, aching and slipping deeper inside her. I feel the walls of her pussy and they also clench, grabbing me and pulling me deeper. She settles onto my cock and her back arches. She moans. Deeper I slide until I am completely buried inside her. The juices slide down my cock and wet my balls now. Her finger pushes at me and is also buried deep.

I ache. I moan with her. I lift her up slightly and then drop her back down onto me. Our moans get louder and I do this again. I am buried deep inside her and can feel her pussy pulsing, squeezing, tighter and tighter, forcing me as deep as I can get. I begin to spasm and my balls start to tighten. My moans are louder as she forces her finger into me and pushes me deep inside her. My stomach begins to tighten against hers and our rhythm becomes a shaking spasm. Her head is thrown back and she growls. She is nearing a climax again, starting deep inside her and moving out. The heat increases. Her skin is hot against me.

I lose control and begin to come. Spasms shake me and suddenly, my body stiffens except for my hips, which push hard with each shot into her. My ass is clenched tight around her finger. She has a final shake and then stiffens. Her body is taught and her pussy begins to open and shut on my shooting cock. Her finger pushes deep, uncontrolled and stiff inside me. I shoot more cum deep into, forced into an orgasm that seems to go on forever.

Finally, we slow in our dance. My knees are weak and I slowly let her out of my arms. Her legs unwrap and her heels click against the floor as they touch. She smiles, as do I. We are both glistening with sweat and it is obvious that she enjoyed this as much as I did. Slowly, she withdraws her finger and my cock twitches in response, then begins to sag.

Suddenly, I must sit. Fortunately, the bed is right behind us. I drop and my head sags. She smiles at me and leans down, taking my head in her hands, lifting it to kiss me.

"Now you know why I do not dance with just anyone," she says in her accented, husky voice. "I hope that we can do this again very soon."

I lay back and sleep. She goes to the shower for a few moments and I hear her humming softly as she washes herself. Finally, I rise, shakily, and follow her in. She smiles again and we wash each other. We carefully soap and rinse each other's body, gently, caressing and lovingly.

Finally, we finish, dry each other in soft towels and retire again to the bedroom. We must sleep. The sun will be up soon and I will face the new day with little rest, but it will be peaceful and happy. Fulfilled.

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