tagRomanceThe Dance

The Dance


"Would you care to dance?" came a deep and dark voice from behind me.

When I turned to see who was asking, I found myself staring into a pair of dark eyes and a face that would make the Gods jealous. His body was thick, solid, and dark as if he spent many hours working under the hot sun. His hair was a dark shade of brown, that hinted a glint of red.

As I took his hand, I felt enchanted by his eyes and I was floating in his arms. His hands were hot through the fabric of my bodice, and his scent was sweet and dark. I couldn't help but be seduced in his arms.

We danced and we danced, and I got lost in his eyes. The next thing I knew, we were in the master bedroom. The candle light made his skin even darker and his appearance even more erotic.

He moved to me and we began undressing each other. While my hands fumbled with his clothing, his hands worked swiftly and skillfully with the buttons on my dress. When I couldn't work fast enough with the buttons on his shirt, he tore it off with one quick move and moved me in close to him.

His body was hard against mine, and I could feel his cock swelling through the fabric of his pants. He kissed me with such force and passion that I immediately lost my breath.

His hands moved down my body, caressing my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples in between them, and then he moved them down to my awaiting hidden treasure. First he just gently massaged my pussy with his hand, and then he slowly slid a finger inside me, all the while kissing me and licking my neck.

He removed his finger and sucked on my juices, as he led me to the bed. I removed his pants, to find him naked beneath. His cock was massive and a deep purple, his veins intertwined it like vines on a tree. As soon as I saw it I wanted to taste it. I pushed him onto the bed and began my task of tasting his manhood.

I devoured the precum that had escaped with my tongue, and then began licking his hard cock. I ran my tongue up and down his 7 inch shaft, encircling his head. I felt his heat in my mouth, and his pulse on my tongue. I could feel my juices begin to run down my inner thighs.

Moans escaped his lips as I placed my lips around his cock and began to devour him. I sucked lightly and nibbled gently, extending my throat so I could get all of him.

His moans became more frequent, and more erotic, I could hardly contain myself. I needed to feel him inside me.

I moved my position, so I could sit on his cock. It slid in easily because of my saliva and my juices. He felt so hard inside me, I almost came at that moment. Then I began moving on him, his hands on my hips guiding me along his shaft. When our rhythms developed he began to squeeze and massage my breasts. He used them to pull me harder and harder down onto him. I could hardly contain my screams of pleasure.

In one quick movement our positions were reversed, and he was above me. I could feel his passions rising and mine were as well. He pushed harder and harder, deeper and deeper into me. Our bodies burned with desire and passion, My body swelled to accept him, and all at once I was filled with a fire. I could feel my orgasm coming upon me, and at the moment that my explosion came, so did his. I could feel his hot cum enter my pussy and fill me to extremes.

He then went down to my pussy and devoured what cum had escaped. I could feel him part my lips and lick up what was there. Then his kisses became gentle, and moved slowly around until they found my clit. Then with a flicking of his tongue and the sucking of his mouth, another explosion befell me.

This is the last thing I remember of that night. I awoke the next morning to find myself alone, with a solitary rose next to my pillow. I never saw him again.

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