tagFetishThe Dance Ch. 03

The Dance Ch. 03


I was stood at the end of the bar purposefully talking to Frank, I wanted Jenny to see who I was talking to when she walked in. I was really hoping she would turn up, the dom sex session last week was absolutely out of this world, I have never experienced anything that intense before.

If she did turn up I was pretty sure she would be wearing a butt plug as per my instructions, I wondered if this would effect her dancing, I grinned inwardly.

I was savouring a bottle of beer, making it last, while listening to Frank tell a tale about a student that had been working at his depot and what they had got the lad doing in the store room. It was amazing how naïve some kids were straight out of school.

I think Frank was hoping I would tell him what happened after the dance last week but I was keeping that to myself, for now.

I saw her blond hair first and then that amazing chest bouncing as she walked in, I carried on talking to Frank, trying to play it cool but my heart started racing. She saw me at the bar and made a bee line straight for me, her stride faltered a little as she noticed who I was talking to but she carried on.

"Hi Neil," she smiled.

"Hi Jenny, glad you could make it," I bent down, put my arm around her and kissed her on the cheek, she beamed, "do you remember Frank?"

"Y..yes," she stammered blushing, I grinned.

"I certainly remember you gorgeous," said Frank with a glint in his eye, he winked, she turned a deeper shade of red. Frank offered to buy Jenny a drink, while that was happening I slid my hand down and massaged the small of her back.

I leaned down again, kissed her on the mouth while moving my hand under her short skirt and caressing her beautiful bum cheeks, I could feel the end of a silicon butt plug, my cock jumped in my pants.

"Good girl," I whispered in her ear as I stood up, keeping my hand on her hot bum.

"Thank you," Jenny said as Frank passed her a coke.

We were at the end of the bar with just the wall behind us, but to be honest I don't think it would have mattered if we were in the middle of the dance floor. I suddenly gripped the end of the plug and pulled it back tight against her sphincter, she let out a funny sounding squeak and nearly dropped the drink.

"Are you OK?" Frank looked concerned.

"Yes, yes fine, just a frog in my throat," Jenny said as she coughed, I released the pressure but started twirling it round in her ass, I was grinning now, this was turning into a great night and it hadn't even started yet.

I stopped playing with Jenny's new ass toy and led her out onto the dance floor, dropping her bag and our coats on a chair on the way. I looked deep into her eyes with a loving smile, she reciprocated, with a confident flick of my wrist we started dancing as the music kicked in.

It was only her third time at the dance but she was starting to remember the easier moves and even a couple of the harder ones. Without being big-headed it obviously helped having an experienced man to lead her but she was starting to add some personal flair to each move which was nice to see.

We enjoyed a few dances and left the floor with big smiles on our faces, both wanting a quick rest. Also I didn't care for the formal waltz style song that had come on, I was much more into pop style music and freestyle type dancing.

I leaned down for a quick kiss, "I'm so glad you came," she smiled, "and what a good girl to wear a butt plug for me," she cheekily stuck her tongue out at me, I laughed.

"Now go and take that bra off," she gave me a questioning look before reaching down for her handbag, "no handbag, just bring it back to me like a good girl," I slapped her ass playfully as she walked off. I was definitely enjoying this and starting to get hard too.

She came out of the toilet with her bra scrunched up in her hand, it was quite a big bra, it had to be to hold those massive melons, so it was quite obvious what it was, plus her tits were bouncing around like crazy. My cock twitched again.

She had a tight green satin top with thin straps, a short black skirt, black stockings with some of the lacy top showing and some black strappy high heels, very sexy and very slutty.

Her gorgeous boobs were bouncing as she walked towards me, I could see her nipples slowly hardening as she got closer and closer, wow what a fucking turn on. Lots of other people were noticing too, especially the men, she was definitely turning heads.

She looked me directly in the eye as she handed me the bra, I slowly stuffed it in my pants pocket, it was big and made a bulge but I didn't care. I quickly led her back onto the floor, I was looking forward to seeing those tits and nipples bouncing in time with the music.

We danced like Tasmanian devils, I was throwing her around in time to the fastest beat in the music, she seemed to really like it and was actively encouraging the tit swinging energy.

There was definitely a change in her attitude from last week, she was more confident and enjoying the exhibitionism.

After three fast dances we were both knackered, we retired to the bar for cold drinks as the sweat glistened on our arms and heads. While breathing hard, we drank the icy cokes, I made eye contact with Frank, I didn't need to make any kind of gesture he knew what I meant by it.

As soon as we had finished our drinks I grabbed Jenny's hand, "lets get some fresh air," I said with a grin on my face. As I marched her out of the venue I noticed Frank, out of the corner of my eye, finish his drink quickly and start to follow.

It was considerably cooler outside, which felt nice but also made us both shiver slightly as the sweat chilled, I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close as we walked.

I casually checked the ornamental garden we were walking towards, I couldn't see anyone but it was gloomy so who knows.

I walked us to exactly the same spot as last time, I turned in front of Jenny, gave her a big smile and then leaned in for a tongue lashing passionate kiss.

I grabbed both of her ass cheeks aggressively, kneading and groping them roughly as we kissed, she had her arms around me but was fairly passive letting me have my way with her.

I brought my left hand slowly up the side of her body until I held her left tit through the silky top, I reminded myself to be a bit careful otherwise Jenny would be dancing with a ripped top.

I massaged, pinched, slapped, wobbled and gripped her massive boob while twirling the butt plug with my other hand, she was moaning into my mouth, I was getting very hard.

I pinched her nipple and pulled it away from her body, she gasped as I continued to kiss her, at this point I let go of her ass and released my straining hard on through my fly.

I stopped the kiss, looked Jenny in the eye and said, "Suck it slut." She obediently crouched down, rested her hands on my thighs and started to bob her head on my shaft, swirling her tongue on my bell-end with each stroke.

I rested my hands gently on her bobbing head, closed my eyes and concentrated on the amazing sensations. I couldn't believe my luck finding this super sexy submissive slut who didn't seem to have any limits.

I reached down and pulled my foreskin back, I preferred extra pressure on the sensitive end, "faster slut," I hissed. She obliged forcing herself faster up and down my length, she had plenty of spittle in her mouth now which felt wonderful, nothing like a sloppy deep-throat blow-job.

I looked up and saw Frank, he was closer than last time, only about ten foot away, he was wanking himself quite slowly, he smiled and gave me a thumbs up, I grinned wickedly.

I grabbed hold of Jenny's hair tightly, thrusting my cock, roughly mouth fucking her while yanking her head, I was in blow-job heaven.

Jenny was breathing very heavily and noisily through her nose, drool was escaping around my shaft as my balls were banging against her chin, my bell-end hitting her throat with every stroke. I was amazed she still had her hands resting calmly on my thighs as I roughly used her mouth.

The sucking and slurping sounds were a huge turn on, I was getting a bit too close to orgasm now so I slowed down. I pulled back, my cock popped out of her wet mouth with a plop and I started slapping her in the face with it as she sucked in all the excess drool with a loud slurp, fuck what a turn on.

"Stand up," I demanded brusquely, "turn around and bend over," she grabbed onto a nearby branch with one hand and rested the other on her thigh. I kicked her legs apart until they were nicely spread, I lifted her skirt up around her waist obscenely displaying her bright red wet pussy and the butt plug up her ass.

I quickly rubbed my bell-end up and down her wet slit a few times before thrusting in to the hilt, she gave a satisfied sigh. The hot wetness felt fantastic on my well sucked cock, I reached forward and grabbed hold of her hair pulling hard so she had to look up.

"Look at Frank, slut, while I fuck you," she gasped, Frank was wanking himself stupid now with a furious pace. He was so close we could both see the ecstasy on his face, he smiled, stuck out his tongue and waggled it cheekily.

I started with a slow steady pace, long purposeful fucking strokes, she was sighing and pushing back trying to get me to speed up but I didn't want her to cum.

I grabbed hold of the butt plug, fucking it in and out of her ass, pulling it tight against her sphincter on each stroke until it suddenly popped out, she sighed again.

I quickly pushed it back in, she grunted as it pushed past her tight sphincter, I was fucking her with the butt plug up her ass and my cock in her pussy, what a hot sight.

Leaving the plug in her ass for a second I suddenly crashed a spank down on her ass cheek, CRACK, it was very loud in the gloomy garden, she lifted her hand to her mouth and stifled a scream.

The spank was much louder than I was expecting and I looked around nervously, no one seemed to notice apart from Frank obviously who was still wanking himself furiously.

"Do you want me to fuck you up the ass, slut?" I hissed.

"Yes," she squeaked as her hand dropped back down to her thigh.

"Say it properly," I demanded sternly.

"Please fuck me up the ass sir," my cock twitched and pulsated as it kept on fucking her pussy, what a wonderful submissive slut.

I quickly pulled the butt plug back out of her ass, reached around and stuffed it into her mouth, "keep it in your mouth you nasty slut," she grunted in reply around the silicon plug.

I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy, pressed down on her back until she bent down to the right height for an ass fucking and lined up my cock with her tight rosebud.

My mind was so turned on it was ridiculous, here I was outside a dance hall with hundreds of people inside about to fuck a gorgeous slut up the ass while Frank watched and she had begged me to do it, God I was so fucking hard.

I pressed my bulbous end up against her sphincter and slowly pushed forward while pulling back on her hair, my cock pressed deeply into her ass, forcing her tight rosebud backwards. It seemed like it would never fit until all of a sudden it popped inside and her sphincter closed tightly around my shaft, she grunted very loudly around the plug.

I gave her a minute to recover before pushing a little way in, then back out, then in, then out, going slightly further with each slow thrust, she was panting quite heavily and I could hear some drool dripping from around the plug.

It took a few minutes but I was finally in balls deep, I held still, her tight bum hole sending shivers of ecstasy down my hard shaft, fucking hell I was loving this. I pulled my shaft all the way back until my bell-end was causing her tight sphincter to extend away from her body, I held it momentarily before slamming back in to the hilt, she grunted very loudly again.

This was way too intense and fantastic to maintain control, I started pounding her bum as hard as I could, slamming in balls deep and pulling back until it nearly popped out, my orgasm was building nicely.

I still had hold of her hair, she was groaning, moaning and spilling drool from her mouth around her butt plug, I reached around with my free hand and grabbed hold of a massive tit.

I looked up and saw Frank was very close to cumming, "Look at Frank, he's nearly there, your going to make him cum you nasty anal slut," he could hear me and that pushed him over the edge.

He pulled back his foreskin all the way, his body went rigid and he started shooting spunk, it went a foot up in the air and at least four foot forwards. He carried on wanking as his spunk spurted out, his legs going all wobbly as he fought to stay upright, it looked like an amazingly good cum, he was smiling wickedly.

He stayed and watched as I kept on slamming Jenny's bum hole, my balls were bouncing off her pussy, I was pulling her hair hard, kneading her massive tit, I was really close to cumming.

"Oh my God, Jenny, you dirty bitch, taking a hard ass fucking right outside the dance hall while Frank watches, nasty slut, oh fuck yeah, oh God I'm going to cum, oh fuck yeah." My bell-end expanded, it felt huge, I thrust forward as far as I could, pushing deep into her anal canal and then I erupted spewing spunk up her ass.

I wanted to roar with the release but managed to keep it down to a loud groan, I was still pulling hard on her hair and tit as I spurted several times into her bum hole. My legs felt like jelly, I slowly released her hair and tit, I reached around extracting the plug from her mouth.

I slowly pulled my semi-hard cock out of her bum hole, leaving it gaping open, I quickly pushed the plug in, it went in without touching the sides, I kept it pressed in until her sphincter slowly recovered and gripped it again.

I turned Jenny round, her face was a mess with spittle, "Lick it clean slut," she obediently crouched down and took my super sensitive rod into her mouth.

She licked and sucked it like a good girl while I danced from foot to foot, gosh it felt good but the end was very sensitive, I lasted less than a minute before pulling back out of her mouth.

I zipped up, helped Jenny to stand and walked us back towards the dance hall, Frank joined us, "so Jenny, did you enjoy Frank watching us as I fucked you up the ass?" She blushed, "well did you?" I demanded.

"Y..yes," she stammered looking at the floor.

"Look at Frank and thank him for watching."

She looked up sheepishly, "Thank you Frank for watching," he chuckled and shook his head, I don't think he could quite believe how submissive this slut was.

As we walked into the hall I immediately dragged Jenny onto the dance floor, thankfully it was quite a slow song, I was knackered, physically and mentally after that unbelievable anal experience. Jenny was quite a mess, lipstick all over the place, hair all tangled, spittle plastered on her chin and her nipples were amazingly hard.

I kept her on the floor for three songs, getting more energetic as I recovered, finally stepping over to the side as we both panted for breath. I had noticed the same old boy I shocked last week sat at the side so had purposefully stood in front of him.

I leaned down to talk to Jenny while making eye contact with the old guy, "I love how slutty you are, the just fucked up the ass look really suits you," she blushed furiously, what a fucking turn on.

While I said this I grinned at the old boy, he grinned back, I lifted Jenny's skirt at the back to expose her gorgeous bum and the butt plug.

I caressed her bum cheeks for a minute, "oh my gosh I just can't get enough of your ass," I gripped the butt plug and pulled it out roughly, she grunted. The old boys eyes were on stalks, so big and wide as he watched my spunk flow out of her bum hole and down the back of her thighs, I laughed.

I roughly pushed the plug back in, grabbed her hand and strode back onto the dance floor, I couldn't resist another dance while my spunk dried on her stockings, what a turn on. After that dance I shooed her off to the toilet to freshen up as I went to get us a drink.

I kissed her very passionately, "You are absolutely amazing, that was probably the wildest sex I have ever had, fucking unbelievable," she blushed in a nice way and smiled coyly, my cock thought about twitching but it was still too knackered!

The next two hours flew by, dancing, chatting, drinking, Frank even danced with Jenny, he was a perfect gentleman and didn't try to cop a feel either. I did see him bend down and whisper something which made Jenny blush again, but that's not hard to do.

As the lights came up at the end of the dance, we hugged each other on the floor, as usual the last song had been a slow one and we had been dancing very close.

I led her off the floor with a hand on her lower back, we picked up the coats, her handbag and headed out of the door, my hand slid down to feel her ass again, I couldn't resist.

I unlocked my sporty hatchback and we both climbed in, the windows steamed up very quickly, we were both sweaty. I started the car and joined the queue to leave the car park, I leaned over and tongue kissed her passionately.

"Spread you legs slut," I smiled, she eagerly pulled her skirt up, spread her legs as far as possible and started frigging herself, "STOP, did I say you could touch yourself," she stopped with a whimper.

"Take off your top," she gave me a questioning look, scanned the windows to see if anyone could see then pulled the silky green top over her head, "good girl, now play roughly with those wonderful tits."

She started massaging, pinching, kneading her tits and nipples, groaning as she did, her legs still spread obscenely wide.

"Slap your left tit," she gave it a gentle tap, "no do it properly like this," I reached over and slapped it really hard, she stifled a scream, "go on then."

She slapped it a bit harder, "Come on harder than that," she slapped it harder and harder, her left tit was going bright red now.

What a massive turn on watching Jenny slap her own tit, "good girl, now do the right one," she didn't need any further instruction and just slapped it really hard straight from the off, groaning and grunting very loudly.

We had made it onto the road now, "OK slut you can frig yourself now, go on get it really wet," she complied with a satisfied sigh, "but make sure you don't cum."

I looked over, both her tits were bright red, they looked lovely, every time the car stopped at a junction or traffic lights I pinched one of her nipples hard, she gasped each time but didn't stop fingering herself.

By the time we turned into her street I could hear wet smacking noises coming from her juicy pussy, her fingers were a blur banging in and out really fast. Both her massive tits were bright red with some slap marks, her nipples were rock hard and they looked a bit sore too.

I parked up outside her house and turned the engine off, she stopped frigging her pussy and licked her fingers clean, I chuckled. She reached for her top and started to put it on, "give it to me," she obeyed, I stuffed it in the car door pocket.

I got out, walked round to her side and held the door open, I helped her out watching her tits bounce around as she stood up. I looked at the leather passenger seat, there was a big puddle of cum, even more than last week.

"Lick it clean you dirty slut," she obediently bent at the waist and started licking her own cum of my car seat, her big tits dangling down, her skirt rode up exposing her sexy cum stained stocking tops, her wet pussy and butt plugged ass.

I crashed a spank down hard on her ass, it jolted her forward, she grunted but carried on licking, her tits swung madly, what an awesome sight.

Same as last week I was very disappointed there was no one around to see the show, I carried on spanking my slut while wondering how I could make the rest of the night different from last week.

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