The Dancer


Her long, dark hair sways in time to her movements as the jewels at the corners of her green eyes wink in the light and other gems shimmer, showing hidden designs woven into her hair. Silks flow from her shoulders, the sleeves drifting around her arms as the bracelets on her wrists create a melody all their own.

Bells jingle from the sash tied around her waist and the gown wavers in such a way that it seems almost nonexistent in the soft lighting of the room. More bells caress her ankles as her feet move, carying her across the floor.

She sways and moves to the music, lost in its melody, her eyes closed and her jaw slack, as though she's unaware she's even moving at all. Her head tilts back, revealing soft white skin at the nape of her neck as the song changes rhythm, to a more seductive tune.

Her hips sway more, back and forth as she slowly traverses her way from one end of the room around to the other and back across. This pattern repeats, over and over, softly swaying, gliding to the melodies that present themselves to her supple form.

Her arms come up now, as though she is dancing with someone, her back curving in like she is being held close. The dance continues and you see her nipples harden and almost pierce the fabric as her head tilts to the side more. One could swear they could see the formation of teeth marks on her neck.

She moans and her knees bend slightly, yet the dancing does not stop. Her back arches and now she's gliding across the floor on her toes. it doesn't seem possible but her nipples harden even more as teeth marks appear on the underside of each breast. The garment catches between her thighs, sticking to them with a wetness that causes the fabric to darken and stay in place, hindering her movements.

Lifting the silks up and over her head, she lets them trail out of her hands behind her. She heads to the bed, the music changing to a soft steady melody, sultry and sensual. Sitting on the edge, legs splayed, she tilts her head back, her hair cascading in a river behind her to pool on the bed.

She feels this invisible intruder slide between her legs, his teeth marking her thighs, biting each one before moving to her center, his teeth scraping her clit before his tongue deftly dances across it, sending her into uncontrollable shivers and moans. His fingers work their way inside her to play with that special spot that sends her over the edge too quickly for her to realize that he's done it.

After ensuring she is ready for him, he stands up and bends over her, his teeth marking her neck again as he thrusts inside her swiftly and deeply. Her breathing quickens, causing her breasts to lift and fall rapidly. She collapses onto the bed, her hands moving down her sides to her thighs, spreading her legs even farther apart than they already were.

The music changes again, becoming more primal. Barely any movent in the beginning, her writhing becomes more obvious, her sighs turning into moans. He continues thrusting, taking her, his cock penetrating the very core of her being, causing her to cry out over and over.

He retreats just far enough that he can flip her over and re-enters her from behind, winding her long hair around his hand and pulling her steadfast against him, he thrusts quick and furious, taking his pleasure from her, making her his, showing her that she belongs to him.

He reaches under her and his hand almost seems to vibrate against her clit, causing her to buck against him, plunging him even deeper into her depths, again and again and again.

By the time she has drenched him, her wetness running down his thighs and he has decided it is time. He pulls out of her, moves her to the middle of the bed and angles himself between her thighs again, this time entering her softly and slowly, building it up between them again, higher this time than she has ever felt. When she feels as if she can stand no more and begs him for release, he grants it to her.

He plunges his fangs into her neck at the same time that his cock drives into her, sending her flying, no longer aware of anything but him, but his cock taking her. Then he too is flying, coming inside of her, claiming what is his.

She awakens the next morning, alone in her bed as she usually is, but this day feels different. She lies there a few minutes more, wondering if everything she remembered happening the night before was just a dream. Shaking her head, she gets up and heads to the bathroom for her shower.

Looking into the mirror, she sees the marks on her neck, breast and thighs. "No, sweetheart, that was no dream," she hears whispered into her ear.

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