tagMind ControlThe Daniel Chronicles Ch. 01

The Daniel Chronicles Ch. 01


Just a touch, that's all He needed. His smallest finger had more power in it then anyone who has ever lived. He wasn't the owner of land; nor the ruler of a nation. As he would say; 'I have no ambition for such burdens'.

He may have looked to lead an ordinary life, but he certainly didn't live one.

His name was Daniel, and this is one of his stories.


Daniel was at his friends home at the time, Christopher's and Heather's to be precise. After arriving Daniel let himself in and proceeded downstairs where they were waiting. He was moving a little too fast and he caught the door frame with his shoulder. He tumbled down the stairs hard.

He pulled himself up, fighting the pain in his abdomen. His 'friends' were laughing and pointing.

"Hell of entrance!" Smirked Chris

"Encore!" Hollered Heather

"Nope, no body help I'm fine." Daniel said

Chris grabbed an awaiting beer and smoothly popped the cap off before handing it to Daniel.

"For your stupid, nothing cures it better." He said

"I'll cheers to that." Daniel responded, clinking their bottles together

He found his spot on the couch and tried to relax. The television in front of him crackled to life. They were watching one of new the super hero movies. A guy with twin swords and pistols, he made wisecracks while brutally killing bad guys.

"I love these movies." Said Daniel

"You're a guy, of course you do." Heather said, rolling her eyes

Daniel looked over at her and snuck a quick glance. Heather was a very beautiful woman; Lean and Busty, Blonde and Smart, Faithful and Flirty. She was the whole package.

"Heyyyyyyy..." said Chris, leaning forward blocking Daniel's view.

"You caught me." Daniel responded, holding his hands up in mock surrender

Christopher wasn't the traditional match to a woman like Heather. He was a cross between nerdy and jock. Stocky and short, but you wouldn't to pick a fight with him. Chris ran marathons and challenge courses seven -- eight times a year.. Daniel suspected it was how he kept up with his wife. When Chris got drunk he would try to show-off his martial arts hold and grabs to anyone unlucky enough to be close to him. Daniel learned that the hard way. He still couldn't sleep on his right side yet.

Settling back in to watch the movie the three of them kept drinking, switching from movie to movie. They laughed and laughed at the silliest of things. On the third movie, they were watching some hokey movie about space monsters. The three of them still laughing and carrying on. Amidst the fun, Daniel heard Chris yawn several times. The moment was coming when Chris would just leave the room and head for bed. Their little group would call it 'Batmaning' after one of their favourite comic book characters.

"Goina tap out chief?" Daniel asked

"Nah I'm good." Chris lied, even as he felt his eyes close.

Daniel knew him too well. He got up and headed back upstairs pretending to grab another round. He knew Chris would soon follow, noticing the break in the group he would leave quietly and head for bed. Daniel was waiting upstairs, hiding around the stairway, waiting and listening for Chris to trudge up the stairs.

When Chris reached the top, Daniel grabbed his arm. He held him tight and felt his power seep into him.

"Any time I touch someone, even for a moment. I can persuade them to do almost anything I want." He said

"It takes focus, and can drain me if the person is... resistant."

It had taken some doing, much effort and planning. The hardest part was getting Christopher out of the way. Not because his mind was strong and his will unnerving. The man simply hated to be touched, even by his own wife if he wasn't prepared for it. He continued to press his power into Chris, waiting for the break.

Chris was still and unblinking, but inside he was fighting. Hard.

"I am sorry for this Chris, I truly am." He whispered

Chris' resistance was showing chinks in its armour against the onslaught.

"You have my word; no harm will come to you or your wife. You won't even remember this, I promise." He whispered again

He felt Chris relax, his pulse slow and breathing steady. Chris was open to him now...

Daniel smiled and attempted to steady his voice.

"Now listen carefully... you will head upstairs as you planned. And you will go straight to sleep. It will be a deep restful sleep. You will dream of many women, doing anything you desire. You will wake tomorrow, and make love to your beautiful wife. You will remember why you married her and why you cherish her. You will be loving and attentive. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Chris answered, his voice low and toneless

"Good, now any time you hear Daniel say the phrase; 'Time for a good nap'. You will remember these directions and follow them. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Chris repeated

Daniel let go and watched Chris head upstairs. He waited a few minutes trying to let go of his excitement and fear, it didn't work.

"As they say 'now on to the main event'." Daniel said to no one

He headed downstairs and saw Heather texting on her phone; she looked up when Daniel turned the corner of the stairs.

"What no more acrobatics? I'm sad." Heather said, pouting at him.

Chris grabbed his shoulder and rolled it his hand.

"Nope, need a few days to recover."

"I'll let the Olympics know." She said

They laughed and he sat down on the couch. Heather had flipped over to a video compilation of bad drivers, many very funny scenes of drivers completely unaccustomed on how to drive properly.

He waited for a moment when she was laughing, it was hard though. He couldn't stare at her, he had to watch the videos and laugh too or she would become suspicious and head for bed as well.

He noticed she had a blanket on her lap, something Chris had bought to help keep her warm in the cold basement. He reached and started to tug on it, he was screwing with her of course. She wouldn't let him steal her warmth from her.

She absently tried to pull her blanket back. It put her hand in reach, Daniel seized it. She froze, all her muscles locked up at once.

"What...ahhh... wha-..." she stammered

Once touched no one had ever spoken before, Heather was the first. His surprise only heightened his resolve.

He felt her hand try to pull away; he gripped her harder and pushed his power into her.

"Chr-... Chri-... Chr-..." she said, barely above a whisper

"Shhhh... Heather it's ok." He said

"I won't hurt you, I would never hurt you. You are and always will be my friend."

Daniel looked at her, no longer having to hide his desire he drank of her body.

Her long golden hair flowed down well past her shoulders. She had it tied off in the middle by a small black band. She wore a black top covering a generous bust. A pair of skin tight blue jeans hugged her athletic legs leading down to her painted toes.

"You are a very beautiful woman, I have wanted you since the moment I saw you."

He felt her try to pull back again. He placed his other hand on her shoulder and kept it there. He felt the strap of her bra at the edge of his fingers.

He shuffled closer to her, he could smell her rich perfume, mixed with the smell of her hair. It was intoxicating. He absently let go of her hand and started trailing his fingers up her bare forearm.

"Your skin is so soft, I hope the rest of you is equally so."

"Stop... plea-..." she pleaded

"Not a chance."

He pushed his power into her hard, probably harder then he should have. Her whole body jumped at the sudden force. Her face scrunched up in effort, using everything she had to push him away. Sweat could be seen forming on the side of her face. Her eyes narrowed with focus, a slight twitch as a sign of her effort.

Slowly her resistance waned, her mental walls falling like dominoes. One by one her muscles relaxed as she slowly fell back into the couch. Her eyes fluttered and finally closed. Her body relaxed and her mind calm. She was ready.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes." she replied in a gruff voice

"Good, now listen carefully."


"Do you understand what I have told you?"


"You will forget all that has transpired after Christopher went upstairs?"


"Good." He sighed, exhaustion starting to overtake him

Slowly and very delicately he moved her back into her relaxed position, her legs up on the footrest. With his free hand her moved the blanket back on top of her and move her hair out of her face.

"So pretty." He remarked

He sat there staring at her; she looked like she was sleeping. He knew better.

"Moment of truth." He said and lifted his hand away from her.

He turned back to face the television, still playing its host of accident videos. He heard her rouse; she made small groans as she stretched. He saw her take her hands and wipe the faux sleep from her eyes.

"Did I fall asleep?" She asked

"You did, no more than fifteen minutes. No snoring this time."

She made a face at him. "I never snore."

"My mistake."

Heather grabbed her phone, sparking the screen to life. It illuminated on just after midnight. "Time for bed methinks."

She got up, pushing the blanket to her side. He had a great view of her butt, for a moment he considered giving her a good pinch.

"Hold up a sec." the anticipation was hammering in his chest

She turned to face him, their eyes caught and he finally said it.

"Wake up Jessica."

She lost her balance, her legs buckled underneath her. Her arm frantically reached to steady herself. She caught the arm of the coach with her right arm, saving her from a fall.

"Uh... oh... Oooo." She moaned.

Her eyes were snapped shut, her eyelashes fluttering against her face. She showed no signs of pain, her face was expressionless. In her loss of balance her top had pulled itself up several inches, revealing her pale midsection. Daniel saw the glint of metal near her belly button.

Moments passed at a crawl, Daniel waited with growing anticipation. Any moment her other half, one he had created, would awake. She would instantly know who she was, what she was, and her undeniable reason of being. It had taken him far longer than he thought it would to create her. He had broached new territory, creating a separate entity within someone else would be no easy feat. There was worry that he would break her irreparably, shattering her mind into that of a drooling idiot.

She opened her eyes and found his face, she smiled down at him.

"Hello lover." She cooed

She moved toward him, lifted her right leg over him and straddled his legs. Her hands found the sides of his neck. Her hands were cold against his skin. He hardly noticed. She leaned forward into him, a naughty smile playing at her lips.

"It's good to meet you." She whispered at him

She closed the final distance and met his lips with her own. Daniel kissed her back earnestly, months of pent up lust finally allowed release. He reveled in the feeling of her on top of him, the weight of her, the scent, and especially her prominent breasts pressing into him.

With mock annoyance she drew her hands from his neck and grasped the wrists of his hands, guiding them to her waist. The invitation open, he let his hands drop down to her shapely rear. He gave one cheek a light slap and she giggled into his mouth.

To his chagrin, she pulled back from him. Trying to keep her close he leaned forward, trying to recapture her. She pushed back against him and smiled. She brought her hands down to her stomach and quickly pulled her shirt over her head. Her hair spilled out and flicked against his face. He watched as she expertly reached behind herself with one arm and unsnapped her bra. Her other arm catching it before it fell, shielding her breasts from his eyes. Keeping herself covered she pulled the bra out and tossed it away. She cupped both of her large breasts in one hand, keeping her breasts from his view. She licked her lips, her hands still blocking his view.

His mouth dry he finally spoke. "Hi..."

She giggled at him again. "Hi back."

His head was spinning; he had taken women many times before. This was different; he had never taken a married woman before. He had never taken someone he cared about before. He had her now, all of her was his to take and yet he sat there like a child unsure of how to play with a new toy. Somehow she had all the power, and he loved it.

"I... I am glad that it worked." He stuttered

She continued to roll her breasts in her hands, taunting him.

"Me too! It would have been terribly inconvenient if Christopher had to kill you."

He nervously chuckled at that. "A shame that would be."

His manhood was poking painfully into the denim of his jeans, a reminder of the promise to come. His hands, still at her waist, had found their will and added a small force to their grip; her supple skin bended to them, pliable and lush.

Jessica leaned in toward him; her hot breath licked his neck. She would draw him in for another kiss. Her tongue touched the bottom of her lips as she smiled at him.

"Your hands." Authority boomed from his voice.

She understood his demand. She took her hands from her breasts, revealing them, and placed them on the sides of his neck. Her hands warmed from their prolonged stay on her chest. His hands free of doubt moved up her flat stomach, he stopped at her bellybutton; he flicked the metal stud between his fingers. Continuing their ascent he made his way up to the underside of her generous chest. Each hand found an orb, a beautiful perfect mass. His hands unable to completely encompass them, he was methodical, each gesture found a new area of formed breast for him to explore. His methods having the result he intended on his new pet.

The moment his hands touched her, her head began to fall back. Her eyes closed as she breathed in unison with his touches. She slowly gyrated into him. The feeling sublime, like they were being touched for the very first time. In a way they were, she was fabricated within Heather. She had access to all her memories, thoughts, and feelings. Even with all of her knowledge, it did not prepare her for the cascade of feelings she was having. She was made to obey this man under her, to love him, and trust him beyond all else. Despite all that, she felt something else, something she could not explain. It scared her and excited her. Her thoughts broke as a small pain hit her.

He loved flicking and twisting nipples, more accurately how it made women react. Her head snapped down at the sudden violation. A look of mock surprise plastered her face.

Daniel believed that women should be breast-orgasmic. As such he mentally tried to change them as much as he could. Most women just didn't have them 'plugged in', he sought to change that.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to see these, they are beyond perfect, if such a thing even exists."

"Thank you lover... you should see the pair on Carol. Heather has enjoyed them over the last few years."

"Really? She's bisexual? I would never have guessed." Daniel said

"Almost too much, Heather and Chris have... an arrangement, one that favours her more than him."

Daniel was intrigued; he knew Heather was often the outspoken dominant in their relationship. She ran the life of the couple and he assumed Chris ran the 'behind closed doors' part of their life. Perhaps the alpha outward exterior was an act? Daniel continued to knead Jessica's generous breasts. He noticed a small mole under her right nipple, a cute addition to her genetic marvels.

"How big are these anyway? You clearly passed DD's long ago."

She paused for a moment, cycling through her own memories to find the correct answer "38E, and the answer to your other questions; they are real, they are almost perfectly proportional, and we prefer lace over leather." She replied

"I know very little on bras, I imagine Heather has a challenge in finding cups in her size."

"She orders custom online, store brands fall apart faster than you would think. Buying online saves her the hassle of spellbound store associates and their lack of knowledge. They cost more, but the packaging only makes the goods more desirable."

Daniel couldn't argue with that, he made a note to make sure she wore some lace lingerie for their next meeting.

"So, are you goina have me straddle you all night while you feel me up? Not a bad way to go, but I might start to leave stains on your jeans." She pouted at him; she wanted it just as much as he.

"Stand up,"

She reluctantly pushed off of him, the wave of cold hitting them both from the air conditioned basement. She stood in front of him, about a metre away. She stood topless before him, both of her arms under her breasts, pushing them together. Her nipples stood atop each of them, perked up in defiance. His eyes followed down to her belly button, the stud standing out proudly. In the light he noticed it had a light blue sheen to it he didn't notice earlier. Further still his eyes rounded to the V that was raised slightly above her very tight designer jeans. Her feet bare, showed a deep red paint on her small toenails. He spied what looked like the edges of a tattoo on her right ankle.

He had something he wanted to do. Heather would've said No, but Jessica would happily oblige.

He lifted himself off the couch and stood up on shaky legs, the weight of his companion long ago draining the blood to more sensitive areas. He stood several inches taller than her, her azure eyes burned into him with need. He moved forward, places his hands on her waist. He kissed her again, her soft lips met his. Her tongue invaded his mouth as the two of them wrestled, both building their lust for what was to come.

He broke the kiss quickly moving behind her, he nuzzled his head into her neck kissing it. His hands again found her breasts and rolled them between his fingers. He felt his manhood, still praying for release, press into her backside. She reached around to grab his butt and pull him closer to her, she grinded back into him in a slow rhythm. As he kneaded her, she kneaded him. Each reveled in the closeness of the other.

He stopped and grabbed hold of her hands in his own. She groaned at the loss of contact, but she met his hands with equal eagerness, intertwining hers with his. He turned her around to face him; she pushed forward and tried to pull him in for another kiss. He pulled back and shook his head slightly, she pouted at him for being denied.

He brought his hand to her chest, still joined with his, slowing tracing their hands down from chest down to the bottom of her stomach. He brought her free hands to his lips and kissed each knuckle on the back of her. Her wedding ring caught the light, almost throwing off his nerve; she expertly flipped the diamond to the underside of finger, shielding it from sight.

"If Chris could see you now." He said amused

She focused on him and look of sheer determination met his eyes. "Stop. Talking."

She wouldn't need to tell him twice.

He masterfully brought himself down to his knees. Now face to face with the top of her jeans, he freed his hands from her grasp and trailed his fingers along the brim of them. Her skin very warm, he smelled a scent of vanilla in the air. He unbuttoned her jeans, and very very slowly pulled down the zipper to its base. He grabbed the free fabric above her knees and pulled down her jeans, Jessica wiggled her butt to assist him. He chuckled at that.

Their efforts revealed a satin blue panty, a small bow was tied near the top, very appropriate when unwrapping a present. Jessica stepped out of her tiny jeans and with one foot flicked them away forgotten. She stared down at him watching him, waiting. In Heather's memories she saw this being done to her many times before. Each time had been a fun experience, but never bringing her to climax. She felt her arousal down there and was on the verge of begging him to hurry up. He must have heard her; he looked up again and gave her a crooked smile.

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