tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Dare Ch. 01

The Dare Ch. 01


This is a story of erotic fiction. It is based on real events but placed into this context to heighten the eroticism. This story is written for adults about explicit sexual situations. It is meant to entertain.

It also has multiple chapters...should you want them...

Please... I welcome criticism, however, if you are going to be negative, be constructive. I will delete those critics who choose to rant, be vindictive or complain about the context of my writing. If you don't like what I write, or want to rant...write your own story...

Carole walked slowly into the dark club. She looked around for a table near the dance floor were she could see and especially be seen. It was Friday, and though it was still early she wasn't able to find the table she wanted. She opted for a stool at the bar.

Carole's husband Tom was parking the car. He would take exactly ten minutes to do this. This would allow the impression that Carole was on her own.

Carole and Tom liked to bet on games. When one of them lost, they would forfeit a dare. They had been doing this for over a year now and the dares had been getting bolder and bolder.

Carole thought back to when the dares had started. At first, the dares had been playful, making them hungry for more. He had dared her to flash a stranger; she had him to go skinny-dipping in the lake beside a popular restaurant. Then they had discovered the club.

It was a place that neither of them had been to before, either as singles or as a couple. It was tailor made for some more serious flirting dares...

Those dares had started with Carole going to the club and letting herself be hit on for some dancing while Tom watched discretely. It was easy really. Carole, despite being 38 years old, was a hottie and she knew it. With her 38C 24 36 figure, soft brown eyes and hair, she exuded sexuality. She never walked when she could strut. Men came to her like moths to a flame.

Her dares had progressed from dancing to touching and being touched to dirty dancing and dirty dancing with a vengeance!

When it was Tom's turn, Carole had watched as he had made some pretty outrages moves on many a willing filly. His antics had turned her on immensely. She wondered if she could watch him take one of these women home and fuck her brains out...

The action would stimulate their passions and she and Tom would go home and fuck up a storm for the remainder of the week recounting the adventures of that night!

At some point Tom had included a fantasy of bringing a stud home so the two of them could work her over. The stories never failed to make Carole hot and she came all the harder when Tom mentioned them. Especially when she included Tom taking one of his horny conquests home to their stories.

The last time they had made a bet, Carole had wound up in a dark corner of the club kissing her partner hard, rubbing her body up against him and rubbing her hand over his crotch. He had wanted to take her home, but she slipped out the back into her husband's waiting arms and they escaped into the night. That night the stories had worked her up so much that she had come a dozen times before Tom had even cum once!

Last Sunday, Carole had lost a bet on Tom's favourite hockey team. Her team had lost 7-3. The score wasn't the point...the point was she had lost the bet and now owed the forfeit. This time Tom had told her that he wanted to see her do more...that he wanted to watch her turn a man on to the point that she would make him cum in his pants!

"Is that a dare?" she had asked.

His reply was a lewd smile...

"And what if I fail to make him cum in his pants?" she had asked.

"Well then," he replied, "You will have to take it out of his pants and make him cum..."

"You can't be serious?" she said.

The lewd grin was still there...

For the rest of the week they had incredible sex together, going over scenarios of what might happen and what she might or might not do. They constantly touched each other every time the passed in the hallway or going through a doorway.

Thursday night Tom had entered her and stroked her hard and strong, but had not let himself or her cum. She kept trying to get him to do more to her, to lick her or finger her or press himself against her, but each time he would stop himself before either of them could orgasm. He told her it was because he wanted them both primed for tomorrow...he told her that, as part of the dare, she would not be permitted to bring herself off either...until the deed was completed.

Tom had chosen her outfit, which included a shiny semi-sheer white backless halter-top that left little of her upper anatomy to the imagination! She had rouged her nipples so that they would be seen from under the cloth in the club's black lights.

Tom had included a bright white mini-dress that, though longer than some women wore at the club, was the shortest thing she had ever worn out of the house before! Tom told her it was just long enough to protect her virtue from anything but a deliberate attempt to place a hand up there!

She had slipped on a tiny white g-string and 4"stilleto heels. Some jewellery for accessories and a small clutch and her outfit was finished.

As she stood looking in the full-length mirror beside the front door, she looked into her husband's eyes and asked him "Are you sure?"

"Trying to back out of the dare?" he had asked.

"No, but what happens if I am unable to make someone cum?" she replied. "I mean, what if he is too nervous to let himself cum there at the club, even if I am doing my best to do make him?"

"Then you will have to take him out back and make him cum!" he laughed.

Carole was excited. They had discussed all kinds of scenarios about this night over the past week, but this was real. This was the moment when they moved from talk to action.

"And what happens if I can't make him cum out back? What happens if the two of us get so excited that we have to have each other, that masturbating him won't be enough for either of us?" She asked.

The lewd grin was back on his face. His eyes moved over to look at, then travel up the stairway...when he looked back at her, her eyes where wide in shock and surprise.

"If we do this, things will change." She said. "Our special evenings out will never be the same. Neither will our marriage."

She watched him closely as she spoke. He smiled and nodded. Nothing more was said as he took her hand and they walked to the car.

The barmaid dropping off her drink broke her thoughts. In the bar's mirror, she watched Tom enter the bar as she took a sip...they did not acknowledge each other as he walked slowly past her. She knew from experience that he would go to a booth not far behind her, where he could watch the dance floor and her antics. The booth was lit at the front and dark in the back. He could sit there all night and not be disturbed while enjoying the action on the dance floor.

It didn't take long for some of her regulars to come over to chat with her, but she brushed them off. She was looking for something else tonight and none of these really 'fit' the bill. She had made up her mind to complete the dare, and decided that she would find the best candidate possible for herself...and for Tom. Besides, she wanted to choose a dare for her husband in turn when she won.

Part of the dare sequence was that the winner of the dare would demand something of the looser in turn. The plans she had for her husband made her smile and squirm in her seat!

She saw them before they saw her. Four men, maybe late 20's early 30's, all in good shape, ruggedly handsome, but two of them really caught her eye. They were seated not to far from her and when one of the two made eye contact with her she let her eyes linger on his and eventually returned his smile. A few minutes later, the barmaid appeared with the inevitable first drink. She lifted it in salute to her benefactor and he strolled over for conversation.

Tom watched the approach and saw the man introduce himself to Carole. He saw her smile and invite him to sit and chat. They were there perhaps 5 min before he held his hand out to hers and they moved onto the dance floor. More people had arrived now and the place was beginning to get crowded but he had no problems keeping track of them.

Carole was happy with James. He was a good conversationalist and a good dancer. They danced hard and faced together, bumping into each other and grinding there hips and legs against each other. She was starting to get turned on and noted a bulge in his pants that said the same of him.

A slow song came on and the two of them came together. She felt the bulge immediately and pressed hard against him, letting him enjoy the feel of her body as she rubbed herself subtly against him.

Tom watched as the two of them moved in each other's arms. He saw her hands move around behind his neck, saw her pull him down. There bodies pressed together all the harder as the stranger bent into their first kissed. Tom's cock began to throb. He wondered how far his wife would go, whether she would win the dare or not. He noticed as the man's hands moved down his wife's back, gently stroking her bare flesh. Eventually they settled on the top of her ass.

James pulled her into him, allowing his cock to press harder into her groin. He felt more then heard the moan of pleasure she released. James wasn't an overly hung man, but he stayed rock hard all night once he got it up. He could cum three or four times a night and he could control somewhat how long it took him to cum. That often led to problems as there were few women that could keep up with him, but he wasn't worried about that...for now.

He liked the feel of Carole's body against his. It sent chills up and down his spine. More importantly, it sent chills up and down his cock. He was at full attention, and she seemed to be happy to have him that way...

The song ended and another slow song started. James was moving Carole to a darker part of the dance floor. Carole was all for that. She knew that she had to do something with him if she was to win the bet.

Again he bent down to kiss her. She liked his kisses. They were deep yet not pushy, gentle but strong enough to thrill her. His tongue moved everywhere throughout her mouth. She moaned as she thought of that tongue on her crotch moving like it did in her mouth!

She felt his hands caressing her ass and bare back. He was pulling her tight to him and she willingly complied, grinding her hips, her sex against his. She was really getting turned on by all of this.

She slid her hands down from his neck and around his back. One of her hands moved down front to cup his cock. She had been with plenty of men but she had never felt a man so hard before! She worried that he might go off too soon, thus spoiling her fun somewhat.

This is going to be easy! She thought...I'll have to be very careful teasing him, so I can make it last...

The song ended and he pulled her back to the bar. She jumped up on the stool and pulled him around in front of her. He stepped into her embrace. She opened her legs and felt his manhood rubbing against her. They chatted softly together while he bumped into her slowly. His hands strayed to her hair, stroking it softly. Touching her face, her neck, her shoulders.

They conversed about inane things, but it was just for show. They weren't really interested in the words...but more about the actions between them.

Her hand moved down to his crotch, stroking him as gently as she could without being too obvious.

Eventually, the inevitable call of nature got to her, interrupting her playtime, and she excused herself to attend her needs. As she passed down the hallway to the bathrooms she was intercepted by her husband.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Oh yes!" was her cheerful reply.

"Do you think you are up to jacking him off on the dance floor?" he queried.

"I'm horny enough to do it," she countered, "but I'm not sure if I will have the opportunity to do it here."

"Well you can always take him out back if you need to." He said with a smile.

"Tom, what if I can't make him cum? What if I have to take him home? How do we go about doing that so that I can include you in the mix?" she asked.

"If it should get that far, tell him the truth. Tell him you have a horny husband who likes to watch you and sometimes join in. Let him know that he can't come to our house unless he is ready to accept that. I bet he won't pass up the opportunity!" He said with a twinkle in his eye.

"All right." She said. "But just remember that it was your decision to do this, and your dare that brought me to this. I want no repercussions later!"

He leaned in and gave her a long, hard kiss. She could feel the intensity of his mood in that kiss. She returned it in kind. He winked at her and smiled as they once again parted company.

James waited patiently for her to return. Instead of taking her seat, she grabbed his hand and moved them back out onto the dance floor. Their dancing was energetic and playful on the fast songs, sensual and erotic on the slow ones. Finally they got to the point that they knew things had to progress a little further. She invited him outside for a breath of fresh air. He took her hand and they moved out into the warm evening air.

The soft breeze caressed her hair as they moved into the parking lot. The gentle wind wicked the sweat from her bare arms and back. A bright moon hung overhead. She asked him were his car was. He pointed to a darker part of the lot. She gave him an impish grin. He understood the meaning and pulled her towards his ride. His pickup was parked at the rear of the lot, the tail pointing to the brick wall of another building. He pulled her around the back and dropped the tailgate.

The vehicle was new, and smelled like it. The plastic bed liner was comfortable. She hopped up on the tailgate and dragged him to her, giving him a very deep kiss. She had grown comfortable with the way he kissed and allowed herself to be lost in the experience.

Her hand moved down and rubbed his cock through his jeans. She found the tab to the zipper and pulled it down. It took a bit to fish around inside for his flesh, but soon enough she pulled it out into the soft moonlight.

She relished the experience of holding a new cock in her hand for the first time since her wedding some eighteen years ago now. He felt like an iron bar wrapped in a leather glove. She couldn't remember ever holding a man who was so hard before!

She stroked him gently at first, but then began to be more determined. She watched as the head of his prick appeared and disappeared from within the folds of his foreskin. She saw the moisture forming along the hole at the top of his crown, dripping slowly down and around her fingers. It made him a little bit more slippery, much to her delight.

He reached over and rubbed the side of her breast, teasing her with his light touch. As she stroked him, he gently slid his fingers into her halter and rubbed her rigged nipple. She sighed as his fingers worked her breast.

His other hand slid up her leg and under her skirt. She remembered Tom's words of her skirt being long enough to protect her virtue from anything but a deliberate attempt to get a hand up there. Well this attempt was deliberate and quite successful as James discovered quite abruptly that she had removed her panties in the bathroom!

She felt his hand rub against her, stirring her pussy! His fingers slid gently along the edge of her lips, and then slid between them to stroke her damp and overheated cunt! He brought his lips down to hers once more and gave her a kiss that curled her toes.

Primed by her husband's refusal to let her cum the night before, by the actions of james' fingers on her nipple and pussy, and by his dam nice kissing, she felt herself moving towards an explosion she wasn't sure she wanted to have!

She stroked him harder and faster. He was making her fingers wetter on every stroke, but she could sense that he wasn't yet near ready to cum, while she was just sitting on the verge. Before she could think to do anything else she suddenly felt something building inside of her. A few more deft strokes of his fingers and she went over the edge.

An explosion of colour burst inside her head as her orgasm rumbled through her. Her body went rigged and she squeezed her thighs against his hand, trapping his fingers inside her. She grunted into his mouth, sucking air in through her nose in a most unladylike manner. She pushed her breast hard against the hand that was rubbing it. Her orgasm was short-lived, but incredibly intense!

As she began to sag, he slipped his arm around her holding her up. She sighed and released her thighs freeing his hand. He brought his fingers up under his nose and sniffed at them. She watched as he stuck his tongue out and licked at them, then inserted them into his mouth and sucked them clean. She got another twinge in cunt as she watched it all.

"Mmmmmm." He murmured, "I want to taste you for real!" he said.

"Not here." She replied. "My place. But you should understand that I am married."

"I saw the rings," he replied.

"And my husband is there." She continued.

He arched his eyebrows. "Should I be worried that he is there?" he asked.

"No," she told him with a smile.

"He's not bi or anything like that is he?" he asked.

"I don't think so," she told him, "but we've never gone this far before, so I really can't say." She told him with an impish grin.

"Well, I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it." He returned with a grin.

To be continued...if the readers want me too...

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