tagBDSMThe Dare Ch. 01

The Dare Ch. 01


"Okay, ladies, "Melissa announced, "I'm going to chain you together head to tail for one hour. Think you can handle it?"

The dares had been escalating and Melissa had just been released from almost two hours locked inside a wooden trunk and she was ready for her revenge. She had spent the last hour begging her flat mates to let her out, but she was now standing tall in her best dominant pose; her hands were on her jean covered hips, her long blonde hair flicked back and cascaded down her grey designer top.

"Shouldn't you be dressed in leather?" Emma giggled, "Knee high boots and all that?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you," Melissa replied, "but it might scare Amy."

Amy was sitting quietly on the large wooden trunk in the corner of the room, her short summer dress wrapped modestly around her knees. The expression on her face gave away her apprehension about Melissa's latest dare. Nonetheless, they had locked Melissa in the same trunk that she was now sitting on and it was her turn for revenge.

"Right, strip to your undies ladies," Melissa ordered, "That was the deal, right?"

Emma had already unbuttoned her jeans and they were halfway down her pale legs. She pulled off her tee shirt to leave only her black bra and pants and she freed her long red hair from its ponytail.

"Your new home Amy," Emma giggled as she touched herself between her legs.

Amy stood and modestly smoothed down her dress, "Do I have to have to be tied to such a horny girl?"

Amy was focused on Emma's eyes which showed a little more than just fun. On a couple of occasions those beautiful blue eyes had kissed her after too much wine and Emma's dilated eyes and parted lips betrayed her feelings. Amy trembled at the thought of what those lips might do to her when they were chained together, but she was strangely eager to find out.

Melissa pointed at Amy's picture postcard dress, "It's all fair darling," she smiled, "Emma's new home is somewhere deep and dark inside there. Melissa words were already having an effect in her deep dark place.

Melissa lifted Emma's hair and placed a heavy steel collar around Emma's neck. The collar locked with an integrated padlock that would be impossible to cut. If Emma changed her mind now, she would be wearing the collar for a long time to come. Melissa then wrapped a long steel chain around Emma's waist with the spare end swinging loosely between her legs.

"My first sex kitten is ready."

Emma glanced across at reluctant Amy, "Who wouldn't want to be chained to me?"

"Okay, okay," Amy laughed, jumping to her feet, "Remember anything you do to me, I'll do to you!"

Melissa pointed to Amy's blue flower patterned summer dress, "Lose it sweetheart."

Amy slipped it off and, unlike Emma, picked up her clothes, folded them neatly and placed them on the sofa. She stood a little self-consciously in the middle of the lounge as Melissa locked the second steel collar around her slim neck and wrapped a length of chain around Amy's waist and locked it with a padlock by Amy's belly button.

"Oh this is so fun," Melissa giggled, holding the spare ends of both women's chains, "I could take you girls outside and chain you to a lamppost."

"Do that and we'll put you back in your box," Amy replied.

With Melissa still clutching their chains, Emma and Amy lay down on the white rug, head to toe so that each woman was face to face with the other's crotch. Melissa then threaded the spare end of Amy's waist chain through Emma's collar, back through Amy's legs and padlocked it tightly to the back of Amy's waist chain.

"You now have a crazy redhead's neck attached to your crotch chain."

"Yes, I feel like a pendent on your rather unusual charm bracelet," Emma giggled.

Amy's big brown eyes were wide and animated, "Oh my god, Emma I can feel your breath on my pants!"

"Well Amy I can smell your pants!"

Amy wriggled her hips backwards, but the tight chain meant that Emma's neck followed. Amy reached down and used her hands to form a barrier between her white panties and Emma's lips.

"Emma you touched me!" Amy cried with laughter as she tried to squeeze out of her tight waist chain.

"You'll never wriggle that chain over your hips," Melissa observed, the key in her hand.

The tightly locked chains made it almost impossible for Emma's face not to touch Amy's underwear and Emma's long red hair was now entangled and tickling Amy's thighs. They had only been chained together for a few minutes and yet Emma's soft touch and warm breath was already making Amy's body tingle.

With Amy's eyes already starting to glaze over, Melissa threaded the spare end of Emma's waist chain through Amy's collar and back through Emma's legs. As she pulled it tighter, Amy found herself dragged closer and closer to Emma's black underwear and listened with trepidation as the last padlock clicked shut with her collar now nothing more than a trinket on Emma's crotch chain.

Every time Amy tried to pull away, the chain that ran between Emma's legs tightened and sunk down into her flesh. This stimulated Emma, whose legs were opening, her thighs dangerously close to engulfing Amy's head. Amy's head was spinning. She finally had the redhead's lips under control, but now she was faced with Emma's giggling, thrusting hips against her face.

Both women were exploring their new world; tiny worlds where they couldn't see much more than each other's panties, thighs and butts. Despite their best efforts to stay cool and see out the hour, both women were becoming visibly aroused by the situation and the unavoidable stimulation.

"Oh the power," Melissa smiled as she watched the chained body struggle beneath her, "All of those padlocks and only this one key."

Emma and Amy craned their eyes up to see the key that the blonde held way out of their reach.

"Oh god, don't lose it," Amy panted.

"Do lose it," Emma breathed.

With all eyes still on her, Melissa unbuttoned the top two buttons of her ripped jeans and delicately dropped the key into the front of her blue satin briefs.

"You bitch," Amy breathed.

"Oh did you want me to put you inside my jeans instead?"

"You've as good as put me in Emma's pants!"

"I know and Emma's seems to like you there."

Melissa rebuttoned the denim tightly around her waist and pulled her grey top back down, "Back in an hour," she purred as she turned and left, her blonde hair flicking behind her.


"Stay still Em," Amy begged, her legs crossed, her hands fending off the redhead's mischievous lips.

"Your nose is touching me," Emma replied, "and stop breathing on me!"

"I not into girls," Amy said, mainly for her own benefit as she took deep breathes to suck in Emma's scent.

"Neither am I, but if you keep touching me there I may change!"

Both women lay still, but the proximity of their bodies, the scent, and the chains that bound them together was testing their will power.

Emma ran her nose around Amy's white satin underwear, "Wow, I didn't realise you had such a killer butt."

"We're not going to survive an hour if your lips do that."

"Well don't look then."

Emma reached down and positioned the brunette's head between her thighs, she closed her legs, taking away Amy's sight and smell and placed a kiss on the brunette's underwear.

"Oh fuck," Amy moaned from deep inside, "It feels too nice."

Emma was now peppering kisses between Amy's open legs causing an incredible sensation through the brunette's body. Amy was now desperately trying to escape Emma's legs, but the mean redhead held her tightly for almost a minute before releasing her. By then it was too late, Amy was totally aroused and didn't give a damn whether it was a boy or girl giving her this sensation.

"Oh my god!" Amy cried out, unconsciously thrusting her hips against Emma's face.

Amy was so focused on what was happening between her legs that she hadn't noticed that her lips and nose were buried against Emma's black silk underwear with moisture starting to seep through from the inside.

"We can't do this... can we?" Amy quivered, her lips now deliberately kneading Emma's underwear.

"Oh fuck," Emma whispered.

"You're not helping!"

"'Fuck!" Amy cried as she felt her panties being pulled to the side and Emma's mouth touch the bare lips of her vagina.

"A girl on my pussy!"

But instead of pushing her away, Amy reached behind Emma's head and held her tightly as she ground her hips into Emma's face, pushing her in deeper and deeper. A strike of electricity hit her as Emma's tongue started to penetrate. It was so gentle and so teasing and so gorgeous that Amy was powerless to stop her and just surrendered to her emotions.

"You're in me?" Amy cried.

Emma's response was unintelligible, her tongue too deeply inside.

"Oh fuck yes!" Amy trembled, wrapping her thighs around Emma's head. Emma had definitely passed the point of no return; there was now no escape from Amy's legs.

Emma opened her own legs and hooked one thigh around Amy's head and pulled her tighter into her body. Emma's legs were way to strong to defy and Emma's body just too horny to resist.

With Emma's thighs about to tighten and lock Amy to her body, Amy quickly slipped her hand inside Emma's underwear to free a path for her lips. Now locked into Emma's bare crotch, Amy ran her tongue over the woman's shaved clit. The feeling of her tongue inside a woman was overpowering and Amy orgasmed, her moans of pleasure vibrating through the redhead's body. Emma soon followed and they lay exhausted, breathing hot air against each other.

"Please hold me, the room is spinning," Amy cried as she slid her collar further along Emma's crotch chain so that she could bury her head between Emma's thighs.

"It's okay darling, I've got you," she replied as she wrapped her legs around Amy's head, "I've got you."

She pulled back Amy's soft hair and listened to Amy's quiet muffled moans vibrate against her body. She crossed her legs and bent her knees to tighten her hold on her friend. For a moment Amy's hands caressed her friend's legs, seeing if there was a way out, but then her whole body relaxed and waited.


Amy slowly came down from the natural high to an even more restricted world between Emma's closed thighs where everything was dark, warm and airless. Fuck, what had Emma done to her down there? It had been so erotic and gentle, and all to the sound of the clattering chains that locked them together.

Now dangerously short of air, Amy tapped against the redhead's thigh and mumbled, "Can I come out?"

Emma smiled at the double entendre as she opened her tacky legs.

"Oh my god, what was that!" Amy exclaimed, the chains still very much locking them together.

"Let's not tell Melissa," Emma replied, "Especially the tongues part."

"Oh god!"

Amy tried to sit up as if oral love making with a girl had smashed the chains. It hadn't and they were still inseparable. She laughed and placed a reassuring kiss on Emma's pants. In reply, Emma used her lips to trace around the seams of Amy's underwear.

"I love your lingerie," Emma breathed, her proximity to Amy's butt evidently turning her on again.

"Love yours too Emma, the lace around the edges is so cute."

"What do we do now?"

Amy rolled over on top of Emma, her thighs now straddling the redhead and craned her head to look around the room, "Hey, why don't we try to escape and surprise Mel?"

"You have a spare key?" Emma asked.

Amy shook her head, "Okay let's hide."

"And tease the woman with the key?"

But after five minutes, they had travelled less than two meters and were both panting and tacky from perspiration and were once again kissing each other. Amy could feel the pleasure building once again and relaxed her body down on to the redhead.

"Oh fuck, Emma, if we don't get out of these chains soon..."


"What are you doing down there..." Amy's words drifted into moans.

Both women slipped inside the other's now very used underwear and started to kiss, their lips circling and pushing. Amy had her second orgasm and collapsed, with her head still inside Emma's pants, her lips still in contact.

"You still chained to be?" Amy asked.

"Yep. And you?"

"Fuck, we could make out a thousand times and still be no closer to getting out of this," Amy's said in an exhausted gravelly voice, "Where is Mel?"


It was over an hour later when Melissa walked back into their lounge room to see her two flat mates still chained on the floor.

"You made it."

Emma and Amy were spent and looked up with dazed eyes. Being locked up and having each other's bodies in constant proximity had been too much to resist and now they needed to rest.

But instead of unlocking them, Melissa lay back on the sofa with a glass of red wine in her perfectly manicured hand, her feet resting on the two women still chained in the sixty nine position.

"Please Mel, we've done an hour," Amy begged

Melissa thought back to when they'd locked her in the wooden trunk. Amy and Emma may have unlatched the box after an hour as promised, but they'd sat on the lid for another forty minutes.

She looked down at her prisoners with her piercing big blue eyes and gently stroked both women's hair back neatly behind their shoulders. She touched the front of Amy's damp underwear and then held her hand to her nose.

"You tart," Melissa exclaimed, her eyes wide with surprise.

Neither of her friends replied.

"I guess she was just there?"

She eased Emma's head between Amy's legs and threaded a zip tie through Emma's collar and around both of Amy's thighs. As she closed the zip tie, Amy's thigh's closed like a vice around Emma's neck, forcing Emma's face into the lower part of the redhead's butt.

"I should have done that from the start," Melissa exclaimed.

Emma's eyes looked up from Amy's butt with the look of a scolded child.

"What about you Amy? Do I need to put your tongue out of temptation's way?"

Amy froze at the mention of 'tongues', but Emma's wet pants and her dazed eyes were a giveaway.

"In you go sweetie."

Amy reluctantly slipped her head between Emma's legs, kissing them as she went. She heard the zip tie zip up and Emma's legs close in around her. She didn't even try to fight her way out, but instead buried her face into Emma's butt.

Melissa watched the guilty faces, both now buried in the other's butt, both embarrassed by how turned on they had been and both watching Melissa's intently waiting for her to retrieve the all important key.

"Please Mel?" Amy begged, "I know we shouldn't have sat on your box for so long."

"Hard to get out with your two best friends sitting on top."

Melissa slowly and teasingly unbuttoned her jeans and slipped her fingers into her own underwear. She started a little striptease dance, but stopped as her fingers pushed in deeper. Her expression then changed to alarm as she quickly undid the remaining buttons and pulled her jeans down over her hips.

"Shit," she cried as she pulled down her satin underwear and turned it inside out, "The key's not there!"

Melissa held her hands to her mouth, her face blushing. She pulled the blue satin back up between her legs and removed her boots and jeans and started shaking them.

"Fuck! I'm so sorry, that was the only key to your locks!"

"How do we get out?" Amy cried.

"You don't!"

Emma started to giggle and then Amy joined in.

"Girls, are you crazy?" Melissa cried, "I've really fucked this up!"

She ran out of the room and retraced her steps around the house. Still in only jumper and underwear, she sat on the stairs with her head in her hands. She'd also gone for a run in the woods and that must have been where she had lost the key. It was too dark to search for it now and too late to buy something to break the chains.

Melissa nervously returned to the lounge, shoulders rounded and confidence gone.

"I promise you can put me in the box for a week," Melissa said nervously, biting on her lips. She was amazed that they weren't screaming at her, "Sushi, wine tonight and I promise I'll find the key tomorrow?"

Amy's face had long been submerged in the base of Emma's slightly fuller butt with her mouth and nose all but hidden from view. Her eyes were dreamy and exhausted, "Zip tie?" she mumbled.

Melissa picked up her nail scissors and snipped Amy free from Emma's legs.

"Leave Emma between my legs though," Amy said.

"No!" exclaimed Emma.

"She really needs to be kept away from my clit."

"You bitch!"

"Just kiss my bottom like a good girl," Amy giggled.


Melissa used a straw to let her friends drink wine and then crouched down to feed them sushi.

With Melissa help they slowly wriggled to the bathroom and into the large shower. It was impossible not to pee on each other and so they accepted a face full of warm pee which they washed off under the shower. They returned with their wet underwear to the white rug, and Melissa laid a white sheet over them and left them to sleep.

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