The Dare Group


The party was winding down. Morgan had expected different from her best friend. Amber stood by the door ushering people out into the cool night air. As she was closing the door a chilly summer breeze blow back here long auburn hair and she felt the nipples on her 34c breasts harden slightly.

"Well that's everyone that doesn't matter." She said as she swatted a happy birthday balloon out of her way. It was about 11 at night as the guest had started to disperse. Amber had just turned 18 and decided to celebrate by throwing a party while both her folks were out of town on business. All of the guest had expected to party and drink until the morning and were surprised to find no alcohol and then being kicked out at 11. Morgan was one of those people. She was small about 5 foot 2, very petite, with long black curly hair, and a cup breasts. She at first glance appeared to be cute and innocent, but to the contrary she was a party animal that knew how to have fun and had a couple of run-ins with the cops to prove it.

"Well what now? Its 11 and we have nothing to do?" Brooke asked the group. Brooke was a couple of inches taller than Morgan and had b cups and shoulder length straight red hair. "Do you got any ideas Lily?"

"I don't let's ask the guys?" replied the tall wavy haired busty blonde.

Marcus and Kevin had been sitting quietly on the couch sipping soda until this point. Morgan noticed as they quickly glanced at each other than back at the rest of the room. Morgan had an idea about what might of passed between the two. It wasn't hard to figure out what two 18 year old boys wanted to do with 4 of the hottest chicks in school. Now the group of six had been close since their freshman year and always hung out but they had never crossed into anything sexual. It would be a lie to say Morgan hadn't thought about it. Kevin with his long black hair and rocker style or Marcus the muscular jock was the schools starting running back.

"Well do you have any beer or are we going to drink coke all night?" Marcus asked.

"No, my parents locked the liquor cabinet, my sister wouldn't swing by the store and pick some up, and Lily got her fake id confiscated." Amber replied with a twinge of annoyance.

"So that's why this party was so dull." Morgan said with more annoyance.

"Well I didn't really want a big party, I kinda wanted to do something just the six of us." Amber said with excitement growing in her voice.

"What did you have in mind Amber?" Brooke asked.

"Well I was hoping to play a game of truth or dare." She squeaked out blushing and turning away.

The two guys jaws practically dropped to the floor while Brooke and Lily looked a little shocked and Morgan was the first one to jump onboard. It took no time to convince the rest because after the initial shock wore off they were all excited.

"Alright guys were going to play straight truth or dare nothing is off limits," Amber said with much more confidence that her idea had gone over so well. "I'll go first, Lily truth or dare?"


"Tell us about how you lost your virginity?"

"Well it was two years ago after we won that big game against Eastside and I went to the after party at Jen's house and I was getting pretty wasted when I went up to Troy to congratulate him on his big win and one thing lead to another and all of a sudden we were doing it doggie style in Jen's bed."

"Wait you lost your virginity to Jen's future boyfriend in Jen's Bed?! Damn girl!" Replied Brooke.

"Yeah never thought of it that way before. Anyway my turn right? Ok Morgan truth or dare?"

"Uhh truth?"

"Did you sleep with Shane Bradley at Shelly's party last week?"

"Yeah, we did it in the back seat of his car but not much he couldn't get it hard and then came and blamed me for getting a stain on his back seat." Morgan answered honestly and turned her thoughts to who she should question. The game went much like this for several minutes with everyone telling stories about losing the virginity and who slept with whom.

"Hey you guys want to change the game from truth or dare to just dare? I mean I love a good sex story as much as the next girl but this is boring." Amber suggested. A murmur of tense agreement swept the group as Morgan who had been asked the last question thought of who to dare. Her eyes fell on Brooke the stunning red head who from her previous truths seemed to have a taste for public nudity.

"Brooke I dare you to run buck ass naked around the house twice with all the outside flood lights on."

"You want me to streak around Amber's house?"

"Yeah, you strip out on the back porch, run around the house once and come back in the front door. With all the yard lights on."

"Alright let's do this."

Amber turned on the flood lights around her house. Morgan and Amber lead Brooke to the back porch while everyone else went out to the front porch to watch the show.

"Alright strip and we'll hold your clothes." Morgan said as she crossed her arms smiling for the first time all night.

Brooke without saying a word smiled and pulled here tank top off and throw it at Morgan.

"Somebody's feisty tonight huh?" Amber commented as Brooke kicked off her shoes and slide her jeans down. She turned around with her back to her friends. The nipples on her breast hardened as she unclasped her bra and dropped it behind her as she hooked her thumbs in the strings of her g-string.

"Come on Brooke were all dying to know whether the drapes match the carpet." Morgan taunted.

"Bite me Morgan."

"Turn around and I will."

Brooke immodestly dropped her panties and turned around. Her nipples were hard in the cold night air. Her red pubic hair was in a small tight triangle right above her pussy. She turned and ran down the stairs and around the side of the house and around the front porch to numerous catcalls from Lily and the two guys. She ran around to the back porch again and to wolf whistles from Morgan and Amber. Brooke ran back to the front and this time gave a cartwheel as she came into view. Half way through she lost her balance and fell flat on her ass with her legs wide open. Just then a car started to come around into view.

"Oh shit" Brooke yelled as she froze on the spot. She whipped her head around and made the decision that instead of running to the backyard ran up the front steps through Marcus and Lily and into the living room.

"Oh my god that was close." Brooke said as she gasped for air.

"What's up why didn't you finish your streak?" Amber asked as she and Morgan returned from the back porch.

"There was a car so I ran inside so I didn't get caught. Oh and can I have my clothes back please?" Brooke asked as she remembered that she was naked and covered her tits with one arm and her pussy with her other hand.

"Well seeing as how you didn't do your dare I don't think so." Morgan said crossing her arms around Brooke's clothes.

"Come on that's not fair I streaked around Amber's house like you said!"

"I said twice around you didn't finish."

"Come on Morgan even you don't want to be seen by a total stranger nude."

"If it was part of my dare I would do it."

"Fine then I dare you to stand by the street until a car drives pass totally naked."

"Ok fine if I stay out there and someone sees me you stay naked for the rest of the night."

"Fine but if you chicken out which you will you stay naked for the rest of the night."

"Let's do this then."

Amber grabbed Brooke a towel to wrap up in as the group headed out to the front porch. Morgan walked down the path through the front yard removing her shirt as she went.

"Damn you going braless tonight girl?" Lily commented as Morgan turned around with the hands covering her tits and gave a devilish grin. Morgan turned around and dropped her skinny jeans and walk to the street corner in just her thong.

"That comes off too you know." Brooke commented from her towel.

Morgan flipped her off as she dropped her thong and stood at the edge of the yard and the street buck naked.

"Damn I didn't know there was a full moon tonight guys?" Lily joked.

Morgan stood on the edge of the yard with an arm over her tits and a hand over her shaved pussy. She thought to herself how much better this night had gotten in the last 40 minutes. She then realized just how crazy this was. Either she was going to expose her full frontal self to some complete stranger or even worse someone she knew. Or she would be stuck naked for the rest of the night in a house with her six closes friends. Two of which she was hoping to sleep with tonight.

"Alright someone's coming hands behind your back!" shouted Kevin.

Morgan's heart skipped a beat as she heard the engine and saw the lights as the car rounded the corner. Morgan put her hands behind her back and stood up tall as the car pulled into view and she felt all the blood rush to her face as she blushed as the beams of the car fell upon her nude body. Everything from her black hair to her small a cup breasts and her shaved snatch was illuminated. The car rolled past not slowing down as the passenger in the car yelled "Put some clothes on young lady."

Judging by her voice it had been a middle aged woman. The crowed on the back porch cheered as Morgan stepped back into her thong and covered her tits as she walked back to her jeans turned around and put them on and covering her tits again walked back to her tank top and again facing the street so as not to show the group on the porch her tits put her shirt back on.

"I've never known you to be so modest Morgan." Lily commented as Morgan walked back up the front steps.

"Well I wouldn't want to steal the attention away from Brooke now would I." Morgan said as she turned to face Brooke. "Now fork over that towel."

Brooke reluctantly removed the towel and handed it to Morgan standing there in all her glory. Both guys' eyes instantly took in every detail about Brooke's nude figure. Brooke and Morgan were the two most crazy and outgoing of the girls in the group. Lily had a big mouth but didn't really back it up with a wild side. Amber was the most reserved of the four.

The group retook their seats in the living room with Brooke crossing her legs to hide her pussy but didn't bother covering her tits.

"Alright so who's next?" Morgan asked thinking about who to dare. "You know the guys so far have gotten a free show so I think it's time for Marcus to show off those football calisthenics and due some nude jumping jacks for us." Morgan said "and to stick with tonight's theme you can do them in the front yard."

"Alright" said Marcus who stood up and stretched. "I think all just keep these in here for safe keeping" Marcus said as he removed his shirt revealing his enormous pecs and huge six pack. He then removed his shorts and walked out onto the front porch in his boxers. The rest of the group followed him out to the front porch with Brooke hanging back in the doorway so as to not expose herself more than possible.

Marcus walked to the center of the yard and looking over his shoulder to make sure no cars were coming and no lights were on across the street and dropped his boxers. The girls on the porch gasped and even Kevin gave an approving nod to the 8 ½ inch black cock before them.

"So how many you want?" Marcus asked.

"30 should be a nice number." Morgan replied.

Marcus started doing jumping jacks and his huge dick started bouncing up and down. Brooke's hand instinctively slide down to her pussy as she began fingering herself thinking about having that huge black cock inside her.

"Damn girl don't get too excited now." Lily remarked. Brooke immediately stopped and retreated back to the doorway as Marcus finished his 30 and put his boxers back on.

The group returned to the living room where all the girls watched Marcus get dressed.

"Alright let's see. Morgan and Brooke have already done a dare and Kevin no offense I'm sure you're dying to show what you've got to the ladies but I don't want to see what your packing so that just leaves Amber and Lily."

Marcus looked from Lily to Amber.

"Lily I dare you to streak across the street and go skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool."

"Oh shit, come on no way!"

"Hey we both did our dares it's time for you to do yours." Morgan said forcefully.

"Alright I'll do it. But I better not get caught." Lily responded.

"Hey you could always chicken out and we could be naked buddies together." Brooke joked.

The group again went out to the front porch. Lily took center stage as she removed her blouse and jeans. Her d cups were straining against her bra and she also wore a g-string. She quickly removed her bra letting her tits free and dropped her panties revealing a thin landing strip.

"Someone's not a natural blonde I see." Commented Brooke who stood quite calmly having gotten used to her nakedness.

Lily didn't even offer a clever response as usual she just sprinted flat out across the street as the rest of the group followed. She paused as she reached the gate to the neighbor's backyard. She slowly opened it up checking the backyard to see if there was anyone there. She opened the door more fully and walked cautiously into the backyard still keeping herself covered. She quickly checked the windows for light as she crept over to the pool and suddenly throwing caution to the wind jumped in.

"Damn the waters nice you should join me."

"Hey I've already got my suit on and I'll join you if you dare me to." Brooke said.

"Alright Brooke I dare you to come skinny dipping with me."

Brooke jumped in. The two started splashing each other and swimming around.

"Oh shit guys this is so exhilarating I've never been nude in public before." Lily said.

"I know neither have I it's so freeing." Brooke responded.

"How bout you Morgan? You seemed pretty comfortable showing off." Amber asked.

"Yeah I went streaking with Jen once but we weren't seen by anyone." Morgan said blushing.

"You went streaking with Jen? Do tell." Amber said. Morgan was about to answer when suddenly.

"SHIT!!!!" Lily yelled.

The light in the dining room of the house had turned on. There was a man with his back to the pool standing at his kitchen counter. The members of the group that were still clothed darted for the exit. Lily and Brooke both swam as fast as they could and had a fight at the ladder to get out of the pool and then they both streaked out of the gate and into the street. Thankfully no cars came down the street. They both ran into the house and Lily quickly covered herself with Brooke's towel from earlier. She gathered her clothes and ran to the bathroom to finish drying off and get redressed while Amber simply grabbed Brooke another towel and she dried off in plain sight.

"Alright so it's my dare right?" Lily asked as she returned to the living room fully dressed and drying her hair.

"Uh no. You dared me to go skinny dipping with you remember. But before I dare anyone I want to hear Morgan's streaking story." Brooke responded

"If you want to know then you'll just have to dare me to tell you."

"Fine I dare us to tell us about the time you went streaking with Jen."

"Ok," Morgan began. "If you remember at Trevor's all grad party somebody dared her to streak the backyard and she did. Well a couple of weeks later Connie was having a party..."

"The one that the cops busted right?" Lily asked.

"Yeah exactly." Morgan continued, "So when the cops showed up me and Jen bolted over the back fence and into the woods behind her house. Anyways when we got out of the woods we were at Lauria Park. Jen had picked up some ecstasy at the party so we decided not to let it go to waste. So we then started walking around the park and as the E started to kick in she started telling me about it. She said how thrilling it had been and that she was dying to do it again. I said that she should do it now since it was dark and no one was around. She said she would do it if I did so we striped off and ran the length of the soccer fields. At the time I thought all the excitement I felt was because of the E but after tonight I realized that it's just as exhilarating." Morgan finished.

"Damn," Amber said, "I never thought Jen was such an exhibitionist. After you did it did you ever feel tempted to do it again?"

"Yeah a little bit but after tonight I sure will." Morgan replied.

"Yeah me too, it's like a drug almost." Brooke said.

"Ok so I believe it's my dare and if I'm not mistaken the only two who haven't taken part of the festivities are Amber and Kevin," Morgan said, "and since it's Ambers birthday I'll give her a pass and start with Kevin."

"Awsome I was getting bored over here." Replied Kevin.

"Alright your dare is to strip naked and stay that way for the rest of the night just like Brooke."

"Damn alright I've got nothing to be ashamed of." Kevin said as he stood up removing his vest and shirt. He didn't have a six pack like Marcus but he was in reasonable shape. He undid his belt and dropped his pants. He stood there in his boxer briefs and did a little shimmy as he slowly slipped them down past his hips and let them fall to his ankles. His cock was not as long or as thick as Marcus' but was a respectable six inches. He had some serious tan lines leaving him with a seriously white ass. His pubic hair unlike Marcus' which had been neatly trimmed was a tangle of black hair which stood out against his white hips.

Morgan was having an internal struggle over who she wanted to fuck more. She really liked Marcus' muscular body but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to fit his massive cock inside her small pussy. Little did she know that the other three girls were having the same thoughts.

"Alright," said Kevin, "since its Amber's birthday I feel like I should go easy on her. So I dare you to stand up and flash us your pussy."

"Alright I guess it is my turn." Said Amber as she stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. She was wearing standard pink panties. The entire group could see her auburn pubes through the light pink fabric. She slowly lowered her panties while taking a deep breath and let them fall to her ankles. Her pubes had clearly been trimmed to fit in her bikini area. Other than that she had not made to many attempts to shape it at all.

After about five seconds she pulled her panties and jeans up in one swoop and sat down blushing.

"Damn so imp the only one who's going bald down there huh?" Morgan said aloud.

"Yeah and it looks like Kevin and Amber have a date with a razor soon." Lily joked.

"Hey I have trimmed it better but I never thought I needed to do more." Amber said going bright red.

"I'm a dude so I never really thought I needed to." Kevin replied.

"Alright it's what 3 in the morning right?" Brooke asked, "Cause I think it might be time to make this a little more interesting."

"What did you have in mind?" Morgan asked.

"We divide into groups of two and each group comes up with a dare and puts it into a hat. Then a group picks a dare out of the hat. I also think that if you have to get naked for a dare you have to stay naked."

"Sounds like an idea but these should be some good dares if there for a group." Lily added.

Everyone agreed and then split into groups. Marcus and Kevin, Lily and Brooke, and Morgan and Amber. Each group wrote a dare and placed it into a hat on the coffee table.

"Alright since it's my birthday I think the guys should go first followed by Brooke and Lily.

Marcus reached into the hat and pulled out the first piece of paper.

"Shave off all of your pubic hair." Marcus read aloud.

"Damn I was hoping that Amber would get that one." Lily said.

The group headed down the hall and into the bathroom. Marcus striped off completely and again revealed his monster cock. Amber grabbed a couple of disposable razors as Marcus and Kevin both lathered up with shaving crème so that their dicks looked like little heads sticking out of the snow. They both took razors and went to work. Marcus who had shaved his before finished quickly but Kevin's skin was very sensitive and he had a hard time maneuvering around his cock and balls. By the time he finished his skin around his cock was red raw and bleeding in several spots.

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