tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dark Face of the Past Ch. 2

The Dark Face of the Past Ch. 2


Eve's earlier struggles against the army that followed Alissa against her, left her with few burses and cuts throughout her body. No knowledge came to her of what has become of Virgil and Sara. She was lost… lost in this dark brick walled, damp, cold room. The only sign of life inside other than her own, was that of the other woman who lay holding herself, shivering with the fear and the cold.

"Here." Eve said as she moved towards the woman. Eve held her up and took the woman in her arms. "Body heat will help you warm up a bit."

As the warmth from Eve's body seem to begin to pass over into the woman's, the woman then held tighter as starving from it.

"Th…thank… than y.y.y.you!" She stammered.

The woman had fallen asleep in Eve's hold. Eve however sat straight awake. The memories of past misdeeds telling her mind that she deserved this, that she should be grateful that Alissa was alive. But the other part of her mind kept telling her that though she deserved this, she should also be ashamed for what Alissa had become.

She heard the guards talking of the wonders in pillaging the passing villages they come to. How much loot they had taken… how many men they killed, cattle they stole, and women they raped without their leader or Alissa knowing.

This made Eve curious. Who was 'Leader' and why would Alissa even serve a man like this. Eve knew 'Leader' was a man by the way he was talked about him. Even how they mentioned that he was the greatest guy to serve under.

"Mah, my… n-n-n-n-name i-is N-n-n-em—es-s-s-is." The thought to be sleeping woman said as she cuddle tighter to Eve.

The wonder went through Eve's mind… But wasn't she mortal in the end? Eve held the woman tighter.

"My name is Eve. You said your name is Nemesis,… did your mother and father…"

"No!" the woman cut her off. "I'm the very Nemesis that once fought side by side with Hercules… I'd say more, but I'd choose not to remember most of my past." "But why?" Eve asked.

"Because… the most part was too wonderful. I lost it because when the time came, I was too afraid to die. So I searched the heaven's for Ambrosia and sealed my fate."

"But… if you are a Goddess, why are you here?"

"I don't know how, but Khaymen, the leader. His blood has a strange power in it." Nemesis shivered hard in a convulse. "The power to weaken Gods, should it be spread on a blade and touch through the flesh of Gods."

"How did he come to get you?" Eve asked.

"When taking up God-hood again, Discord lost her job as Goddess of Justice. That turned to me… she hated that, but she never was too good at it." Nemesis made a soft shivering laugh. "When those who came to me, told me of this Khaymen, who ravaged the world in ways Xena used to, no… worse. I knew something had to be done."

"So you went after him…"

"Yes." Tears were rising in Nemesis's eyes. "I went after him, and he knew I was coming. He welcomed it… then he gave his blood to me."

"It must have been a heavy battle for him to have over come you like that." Eve commented.

"No… there was no battle." The tears seemed to flow hard now. "He seduced me into being his woman. The things he said with his sweet and caring voice. A strange Latin almost Irish accent behind him, his long dark hair, the way it was kept. His face… strong, powerful, yet soft. He spoke words of poets to me… I could not understand why, why I'd let myself be taken by him."

"How did his blood come to you?" Eve asked.

"I was with him for months before that came. I kept my ears from hearing the cries of those he had been cruel to. He kept me in the dark all for himself. He told me almost nothing about his past… he just spoke words of love as he made love to me. Giving me a child…" Nemesis held her hand on her belly. "Then one night came when he wanted for us to be united in holy union. He cut both out palms and held them together… as his blood surged through mine almost painfully… I felt it's power, and he brought me here. Where we both lay now… to have his child and never leave him"

Nemesis began sobbing as Eve held her close to her. "He can't be beaten." Nemesis sobbed hard into Eve's heart.

"Yes he can." Eve answered.

"No!" Nemesis looked into Eve's eyes. "He's the one who fought Hercules in the battle at the hills of Olympus."

Eve stared off in wide eyes as she recalled the story of the most famous battle between hero and evil. The battle a hero had lost…

"He's…" Eve swallowed hard. "Khaymen's the one who killed Hercules?"

Nemesis's sob came in a short laugh. "That would have been humane of him to do… no, he broke Hercules's back across his knee in the final blow. Hercules can barely move to this day because of him."

That moment in time came when Eve knew exactly who she was dealing with. Her mother dead, the only who could come close to stopping this man, would be herself. All of his legendary stories of merciless mayhem came to her mind all on account of the story of Hercules she had heard.

Eve's attention was broken by the wet sobs coming from Nemesis in her chest… She ran her hands gently through the woman's dark hair. Holding Nemesis firmly against her body in effort to sooth the woman's tears… but there was something else felt needed to be done.

Placing two fingers under Nemesis's chin, Eve slowly raised the woman's head slightly until their eyes were locked together. Slowly Eve's lips descended downward towards Nemesis's own.

Nemesis had a sudden shock running through her. For she had never in her life allowed another woman to lay lips upon her. But this beauteous woman that laid her pillowy lips upon her own was one that none could resist. This woman that kissed her, was Eve.

Eve's hand slowly crept into Nemesis's top, firmly cupping her breast in her hand. Drawing a moan from the woman's open lips into her own mouth.

Nemesis began to feel the extreme warmth over come her as Eve's lips passionately trailed down her neck slowly. Stopping to suckle firmly on the flesh of Nemesis's neck… kissing and sucking her throat passionately as her hands both cupped and messaged at the woman's breasts from behind her.

The woman was moaning in Eve's touch. Never before, having felt such sensation of another woman's touch rushing through her entire body.

"Oh Eve…" she said almost breathlessly.

Eve let one of her hands release Nemesis's breast and it slowly and seductively trailed downward until it was laying on the woman's bare belly, right above the waist line of her golden skirt. Then drawing a loud hiss from Nemesis, Eve's hand went lower and lower, until her finger penetrated one of the most secret parts of a woman's body.

Nemesis pushed her hips up for more as Eve slid another finger inside of her. One hand feeling the woman's breast, her lips smothering all over the woman's neck, face, and lips, and the other hand almost fiercely fingering the woman's pussy.

"OOOH EVE!!!" Nemesis called out. "Ooooh don't stop! Please!!"

Nemesis was frantically gyrating her hips, grinding them up hard to meet Eve's thrusts. Her passion overwhelming her to the extreme. Driving her mad with the lust that surged in her brain… She new at this moment that she must let herself have more of this woman that touched her as none other before…

Before she felt her orgasm ridding up through her body faster and faster a soft Latin, almost Irish voice spoke into the room.

"A wonderful show, no doubt."

Nemesis looked in horror at the man's face. It was Khaymen. The man most came to know as The Dark Khaymen.

Eve spoke in a mocking voice "You must be the great and powerful…"

"Do not speak a name which isn't true to existence." Khaymen cut her off. "I've come to receive you, girl." He pointed to Eve.

"By who's power,." Eve mocked him again.

"By the power of Dahak." His voice stern and powerful.

Eve spoke not another word as that name seized her mind. The name of the very dark God that caused Gabrielle much of her pain. The god that sent his daughter Hope, to murder the brother Eve never knew. The God that nearly ravaged the world.

Two guards came in and grabbed Eve's arms away from Nemesis before pulling Eve to her feet… Then by Khaymen's orders, pulling her with them, behind Khaymen.

"How…" Eve tried to speak. "How could you serve such a beast like that?"

Khaymen stopped.

"I serve the one who showed me the truth about my life. The hard painful truth about those who said they loved me."

He then turned towards Eve with his accent seeming to darken.

"I serve he who gave you to Xena."

Eve's curiosity couldn't be mistaken.

"Oh yes, Eve… as he had given Hope to Gabrielle. He gave you to Xena. This time with a more meaningful play in mind. A play of utter illusions of Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, Powers to Eli, Friendships with enemies, and life after life after life." He seemed to be enjoying his taste of words. "He even gave you Lucifer… whom Xena believed she sent to hell. When all truth is… Dahak IS Lucifer."

"Why tell me all of this when… when…" Eve couldn't form the words when what she planned to say was making itself known in her head.

"Oh, nothing to say… because mummy dearest is dead? She can't help you?" Khaymen laughed. "Oh how strange… Ra was able to end the feud between you and the Gods, but he was unable to stopped Xena from going to her death. Another great plan of the father of darkness."

Eve was lost as to how she knew that her mother had died. How memories of leading Eli's people flooded her mind when Ra had come and stopped it all from happening. Even stopped Xena from killing the Gods.

As she was pulled down the great wide hall of what had to be Khaymen's castle. She was stopped before a large wooden door. When it was opened, she found her long ago love Alissa, in the arms of three slave girls.

When Alissa took notice of Eve's presence, she became angered at the first sight of her. Her eyes narrowing down hard on Eve…

"I'll come back for you," Khaymen spoke. "When Alissa is done with you."

With that… Khaymen and his guards too leave of Eve who stood in that very room where Alissa and her slaves dwelled.

"Sit!" Alissa commanded. "I'll speak with you when I am finished."

Alissa firmly pushed one of her slave girls' head into her pussy. Making the slave girl pleasure her mistress with her tongue.

"Jasmine, China." Alissa breathed in the pleasure the slave was giving her. "Come!"

The taller blonde haired slave girl named China came closer and knelt behind the salve who was using her tongue to bath Alissa's pussy, and begin to serve the slave as the slave served their mistress.

The shorter dark haired Jasmine came over to Alissa and laid her lips upon her mistresses breasts.

Eve's legs becoming weak as her sex became wet. But she was too afraid to attempt any kind of affection on the angry Alissa at this moment.

"You bitch!" Alissa shouted to Eve. Moaning with pleasure in her anger. "You stupid little bitch… we could have… Ooooh GODS!… Ooooh. We could have been so wonderful together, but you only used me. Just as I use these woman."

Alissa's hips were grinding up into the slaves face… "Oh… I found Jasmine in an Amazon camp a year ago. China was just a simple farm girl a few months ago when I found her… and took her from her home… This one…" Alissa's hands roamed through the slaves hair as her tongue worked her into an orgasm. "Amanda, was celebrating her wedding day when Khaymen's army came and destroyed most all of the village."

Eve's heart breaking into blood and tears when she realized the monster she had created all those years ago.

"FUCK!" Alissa cried out as she pushed her slaves away. "GET OUT!!!" She screamed out at them.

They left in fear of the young woman's wrath. Not bothering to dress themselves as they ran out the big wooden door.

Using a breathing method to calm herself, Alissa then turned to Eve. "They were not doing anything for me anyway. I can't cum when I'm thinking of them… It's only when you pop in my mind that I can cum. That lust for your blood rushing through my body… it's orgasmic."

Eve was on the verge of tears. "I'm so sorry…"

"SHUT UP!!!" Alissa screamed in with her seemingly red eyes glared at her. "Don't you ever say that to ME again."

"But It's true… I lied when I said I didn't love you, because Alissa, I did and still do." Eve's tears were streaming from her eyes. "I wish every day that my life could come to an end because of what I'd done to you."

"You certainly didn't care about me when you were fucking those two peasants like a harlot!" Alissa shot at her.

Eve's mind then whirled back to Virgil and Sara. "Where are they?"

"Your friends?" Alissa asked. "The man was beheaded. Virgil, as the woman called him."

Eve's heart sank deep into her stomach. "And Sara?" she sobbed.

"She was ravaged by three of Khaymen's soldiers… they were executed for what they did, but the woman… well… I would have loved to make her into one of my slaves, but she just jumped from the top of her tower when escaping the guards. She's dead too… too bad really."

Eve was broken into a thousand pieces when she heard these words spoken. Alissa had truly become a heartless monster on the outside. What had she done to Alissa?

"I only have you here because I have something I need to say to you." Alissa voice seemed to be breaking. As she placed her face in her hands.

Eve was taken back when she realized that Alissa was crying into her hands… her breath heavy as she sobbed.

"I…" Alissa chocked out. "I love you."

Eve rose to embrace Alissa, but was thrown back by the hateful eyed crying woman's fist. Eve fell to the floor holding her face where a trail of blood came from a cut as Alissa's fist came at her.

"And… I hate you." She said.

Her heart no longer beating, so it seemed to her. Eve was now completely and utterly broken and alone.

"GUARDS!" Alissa called out.

Two guards entered the room and reached for Eve. One of the guards Eve recognized right away from years ago. It was Ace.

"Ace… take her to Khaymen!" Alissa commanded.

"Yes, Empress." He obeyed.

Upon leaving… Ace alone dragging Eve down the hall to Khaymen's chambers…

"You had to break her spirit didn't you?" Ace asked Eve.


"You broke her spirit." He said.

"I know… and it kills me." Eve replied.

"I remember you well, Livia…. You were more than an Empress to me, more than a lover, but a true friend… and it pains me to do this to you. But I serve another Empress, another Lover now."

"I understand." She said.

"No, you don't." He stopped her. "I love her… I want her back in the worst way, and if I can help you… I want to fight Khaymen and bring Alissa back. Only you can do that now. What with Xena and Hercules gone. The only others are the Twin's and Nemesis that can help."

"But Nemesis is weak," Eve said. "How can she help?"

"There is a cure… I can get it. Then by sending word to Castor and Pollux, we can all join hands and finish Dahak for good. But only under one condition will I do this."

"And that is?" eve asked.

"You promise to never kill Alissa, but give your life if you have to, to bring her back into the heart she belonged to." He answered.

"That's a promise I've made already."

"Good…" Ace said. "See to it that you follow through."

They began walking towards Khaymen's chambers again. The heat of the great hall building higher and higher.

"What's going to happen to me?" Eve asked.

Ace looked at her sympathetically. "I don't know."

Ace and Eve came to a larger door made of stone that opened without any hands before them. Eve watched in amazement as the room that seemed as big as the world opened up to her. It was poorly lit, and had a throne in the far end of it.

Ace left Eve standing there alone as he took his leave of the entire room. The door mystically closing behind him.

"Khaymen." Eve spoke.

"DO NOT…" A loud accent of a voice said to her. "Call me by a name which has no existence with me."

"Then what do I call you?" Eve asked him.

"Call me by my true name…"

"And what is it?" She asked him.

"Tell me the name of the boy who named you, Eve."

Eve gasped and her mind went blank. Her heart stopping as she realized whom she was speaking to. She knew the name of the man they called The Dark Khaymen. She knew who he was to her and where he stood in her past. But it was possible… not…


* * * * *

To be continued in "The Dark Face of the Past" Part III

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