tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Dark in Your Blue Eyes

The Dark in Your Blue Eyes


I know, I know I promised the next chapter to By Night, My Love and I will post that next week, scout's honor. To put some readers at ease, though I may flip flop around stories, I fully intend to continue on every series that I post here. And yah! I have editors! Woot, woot. This story was edited by the awesome and fast AdrianaBelen :), you beloved godsend :). (you can probably tell how much I hate editing by now lol) This may turn into a small series, probably the projected length of Sweet Submissive if you guys like this. As always, rate and comment.

Warning: Some heavy non-con, maybe triggering for some people.

Btw: Even though its not mentioned in this installment their full names are Cadamine Soliene and Harlan Gage.


Cady kept her eyes squeezed shut and her hands clenched in a death grip in front of her. The first and only glimpse of her captors convinced her that her best options were to be blind, deaf, and mute. She succeeded in two of those things; if she could have, she would have gladly ripped out her ears too. The screams of the other abused girls painted a vivid enough picture of what was happening to them. One of the men that kept them hostage picked a girl from among the captured girls not even a few moments ago and raped her exactly five feet away from Cady.

Cady had cried silent tears in tempo to the other girl's screams of agony and anger. The other men had only laughed. One of them had complained about her crying ruining the show and savagely kicked her in the ribs.

Now, the raped girl leaned against the dirty wall next to her, absolutely silent. Cady would have thought her dead except she could still hear her breathing. She so badly wanted to say something, anything to the quiet girl but nothing came out. What did one say to a girl that had just been raped by scum?

Are you okay?

Do you need anything?

I'm sorry this happened to you?

None of that sounded right, so she did the one thing she would liked done to her if she had been in that situation. Her hands were stained with grime and sweat but she nevertheless moved her right hand and placed it gently on the hand lying limply a few inches from her.

At first, the hand jerked under her tentative touch but then it turned over and clasped her hand fiercely. Cady squeezed back as the girls screams repeated themselves over and over in her head, paling in comparison to the girls true torment. Sniffling, she shuffled a little closer to the girl, hoping to offer her whatever body warmth she could. The walls and floor were cold, hard cement and the air carried a damp bite. With little hesitation, the girl huddled closer to her and Cady took another chance and wrapped her arms around the girl. The girl's skin was cold and clammy, but Cady guessed her skin felt the same. However, it didn't feel uncomfortable; in fact the human contact actually soothed her to a degree.

They didn't say anything to each other, just held each other as the minutes ticked past and they waited for their captors to come back. The low buzzing of the flickering light bulb grew obscenely loud and the girls' laboring breathing mixed in with the drip of water created a cacophony of sounds that made Cady's head ache. She needed a distraction. Out of nowhere, she heard a soft humming, something that was neither sad nor happy, just an outcry from deep within the soul. It was her soul; she realized a few minutes later it was she who was humming.

Cady continued to hum until her parched throat protested and her humming tapered off to a dry cough. Again, the sounds started invading her head and this time it was much louder. Cady gathered some spit into her mouth and swallowed it down, and began to hum again, needing whatever distraction she could get to escape this awful place and those monstrous men.

God, she was a plain and simple nobody with a boring nine to five job who lived in a small bungalow. All she was missing was a cat. At least she could be grateful for that because then all she'd worry about is her imaginary cat going hungry. Cady stifled a laugh at the thought but somehow, on its path from her stomach to her throat the strangled laugh turned into a sob. The girl in her arms stroked over her hand and Cady cleared her throat to start humming again. That settled the girl down as she slumped against Cady once more. A few minutes later, her uneven breathing slowly transitioned into that of the slow, even breaths of sleep. Cady was grateful for that. For a few hours the girl would escape her current prison.

Cady wondered how the women in the room had gotten here. She suspected that their stories in one way or another mirrored her own.

She had just gone to a bar, hoping to be adventurous and bold for once. She should have been suspicious of the sudden appearance of the handsome man after her third shot of liquid courage. Handsome men never hit on her. He'd bought her a drink and feeling bolder than she had in her whole life, she leaned into him and began making out. She cringed now at the memory, at the shameful and slutty way she behaved. He'd taken her out of the bar and led her to his big, black SUV. Cady finally got her wits about her and tried to pull away but he quickly shoved her against the car, hitting her head against the door. He had hit her so hard she fell to the ground, when he brutally kicked her in the stomach she puked out all the alcohol she consumed that night. After that, it was becoming a blur until she'd woken up in a moving van handcuffed to a group of girls, each trembling and crying.

Suddenly the door to the room burst open. Cady jumped, as did the girl in her arm. A tall woman stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips. Cady shivered, knowing instinctively this wasn't just one of the goons. She wore skin tight leather pants and a matching bustier under her red leather jacket. She stepped into the room, the light casting a long shadow under her sharp cheekbones. Cady shivered as the woman sneered at the cowering women, baring her canine-like teeth.

"This is a sorry bunch of sluts if I ever saw one," the woman said to no one in particular as she walked around the room, looking over each individual girl. Cady looked down when the woman came to stand over her, breathing a sigh of relief when she passed by without another comment.

"You will all address me as Mistress Kadara. Consider me your...pimp," Mistress Kadara waved her hand as she explained. "Don't speak, and listen to what I say. You will fuck when I tell you to, and we'll be fine. Now," she clapped her hands, grinning widely, "We're going to have a little party for you girls; a welcome party."

Cady didn't like the sound of that.

"Get up," Mistress Kadara commanded in a hard voice.

Two burly men Cady hadn't noticed before stepped into the room, pulling some the girls that weren't fast enough to their feet roughly. Cady helped the girl beside her to stand up, using the wall to support her shaky legs. She'd lost her high heels some time ago, her feet blackened and scraped. Pain ricocheted from the bottoms of her abused feet with every step but she shuffled along with the other women without complaint. The two men herded them out of the room down a long a dimly light corridor. The girl clasped Cady's hand tightly and Cady clung to that small lifeline.

A series of turns led them in front of a black door; there, they were told to stop. Mistress Kadara entered, but bade them to stay there. Loud music and masculine laughter filtered through the door and Cady knew what awaited them inside that door. They were either going to be sold off or passed around as party favors. Cady choked on the thought that she was going to lose her virginity in such a foul way. Her obnoxious prom date was looking better and better now as her cherry picker. At least he would have finished with her in a minute and been off of her in less than that. These men would torment her, take everything that was supposed to be sweet and meant to be shared with her lover and twist it into a degrading, painful torture on her untried body.

After a few minutes, the door was opened again and they were ushered into a dark room. There was a curtain in front of them, the voices and music coming from beyond that small and flimsy barrier. Mistress Kadara was speaking, welcoming the men that were there and promising them a sweet treat. Cady gulped. She highly doubted she tasted sweet, more like sweaty and salty.

Mistress Kadara pushed open the curtain and a bright light momentary blinded Cady. She let go of the girl next to her to shield her eyes and she instantly regretted it. A room full of hulking, dark men in various states of undress was leering at them, already undressing them with their eyes. Their sweaty musk made her nose wrinkle and she quickly dropped her hands, preferring to be blind to their smirking faces.

"Take your pick, on the house for Diego's men. All that hard work deserves some hard play," Mistress Kadara purred, eliciting more cat calls and howls. Cady's body jerked and she stepped back a little, trying to look as small as possible.

"Why don't the officers come up first and choose the girl of their liking?" At the Mistress's invitation, five men came up to the stage, looking the women over.

One of them stepped onto the stage, walking before each of them. He stopped in front of Cady and she stopped breathing all together. He wasn't looking at her though; he was looking at the girl next to her.

"Pretty," he commented, lifting up her face with a grimy hand. The girl made a move to doge his hand but he viciously slapped her across the face, his gaudy ring catching on her lips and splitting the flesh. Cady quickly stepped between them, dropping low to help the girl up. The man kicked Cady in the back and took the girl with him. She whimpered as the man grabbed her up, swinging her over his shoulder, firefighter style. Cady struggled to her feet as the girl screamed, blindly reaching out for help. But there was no help.

One by one, the other four men took their pick, lifting them off the stage and disappeared through the back among the throng of men. They looked like ants swarming a piece of food, surrounding the girls until Cady could see nothing of them.

Cady turned her face to side and began to cry softly. A short, thick man stepped in front of her and licked his fat lips. His hand reached out and Cady flinched as his fingers gripped her bodice and ripped the fabric down her front. She instinctively screeched and began to shield her body with her hands. For her efforts, she was backhanded to the sticky floor. Blood spurted into her mouth, choking her with the metal taste. The man's hand then tangled in her mess of hair, dragging her off the stage. She kicked out at the marauding hands that grabbed at her body when the man threw her onto a small table, knocking some beer bottles to the floor.

She screamed, and again she found herself being swarmed by five men, the stocky man that had choose her, came to stand between her thighs. Two men jerked open her legs, another two held her down by her wrists to the table. Cady began fighting desperately to get free; she struggled until she was slapped by one of the men. Still, she could not stop fighting, would not stop fighting until she was dead.

Coarse hands grabbed at her bared breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples. Their nails left long bleeding welts on her flesh, the pain only urging her to fight harder. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and pulled at her restraints but it was futile. The man between her thighs ripped her lacy panties and she gasped when she felt the cold air brush over her opening.

Oh, god no! Not like this.

She shut her eyes, determined not to look into her rapists' eyes. Her legs and arms twitched a last, protesting quiver. She felt something hot and air brushed between her thighs, leaving a trail of something disgustingly wet. Whimpering, she bit her lip until her teeth broke her chapped skin and drops of blood spilled onto her tongue. The men above her laughed maliciously, their hot breaths hitting her skin. Their sweat dripped onto her dirty skin and face, mixing in with her tears.

"Stop," The low growl stopped the man between her thighs, and the hands on her breasts jerked away immediately. Cady's eyes shot open to assess the new threat. A heavily muscled man towered over her would be rapist, looking down at her with hooded eyes. His stoic face revealed nothing. Cady couldn't help but plead with him to help her.

"Let her go," he commanded without taking his eyes off her. They were a startling blue. Blue eyed men couldn't be evil, right? Cady thought nonsensically.

The men grudgingly let her go but the stocky man made a token protest.

"But Harlan, I saw her first," the man whined, not unlike a small kid being denied a new toy. The man named Harlan gave him a warning look and the man backed off.

Cady sat up, trembling as she pulled the tatters of her dress around her and curled her legs closer to her. Harlan held his hand out to her. She flinched at sudden movement but she said nothing. She looked from his face to his hand, but he gave nothing away. The hand offered could either be a savior's helping hand or a tormenter's welcome.

"Take my hand," he commanded.

That gravelly voice slid over her skin like scratchy wool, prickling at her sensitive flesh. She hesitantly placed her hand in his. He yanked her to him, her body colliding with his. Harlan certainly smelled better than the other men had. Inhaling deeply, she smelled clean soap and the slightly musky smell of normal, manly sweat.

"Please, please just let me go. I promise I won't go the cops, please god, please," Cady pleaded against his chest, sobbing into his warmth. "Please, just...just don't rape me please. I've never...I've never been with a ...I'm a virgin," she blurted out.

He ignored her. Harlan grabbed her wrist and quickly pulled her along behind him. Cady kept her head down, not wanting to see what was happening with the girls around her. Just hearing the grunts and groans were enough. She looked up just in time to see that they were headed for an open door leading back into the corridor. She gulped. Maybe Harlan wanted privacy for whatever he wanted to do with her.

Ever the optimist, she thought that this situation was better. One man was better than five. Maybe she could even fight him off, although that was being a little too optimistic. She didn't fight; in fact, she glued her body to his back trying to avoid the other men in the room. She'd take a private rapist over an exhibitionist rapist any day. A hysterical laughter bubbled up her throat; she'd never thought to have that thought in her mind. If Harlan heard, he didn't react.

They were just a few inches from the door when a portly man surround by a small contingent of guards entered, blocking their path. Harlan stiffened, stopping in his tracks.

"Diego," Harlan acknowledged.

The man grinned at Harlan, clapping at his shoulder. "Harlan, I didn't know you'd be here!"

"I finished the job sooner than I'd predicted. It was an easy target."

Diego nodded, looking immensely pleased. "Good, good. So do you like the new additions? Kadara told me she got a real good haul. I'd decide that after I try some of them out," he smiled slyly, openly rubbing his crotch as he looked around the debauched room.

Before Harlan could answer, Diego noticed the cowering girl. He pushed his way in between Harlan and her. Cady looked fearfully at Harlan, who let go of her hand and let Diego peruse her. Diego walked around, his hand darting out to snatch her ripped clothing off. She was now completely nude in front of these men. Her hands jerked but she kept them at her side, knowing that this man was more dangerous than any of the previous men she'd dealt with tonight. His hot breath washed over the back of her neck, sending an involuntary shiver down her spine.

"A bit chubby but she's got great tits," Diego said over her shoulder. "Why don't you spread your legs for me honey?"

Cady's gaze shot to Harlan, almost as if seeking his permission. He tipped his head in a subtle command to follow Diego's order. When had this Harlan man become her keeper? Cady knew she shouldn't even be listening to Harlan but he was the one man in here who didn't seem to be ruled by cock. He was the one man who hadn't jumped on her ... yet.

Shuffling her feet apart inch by inch, she spread them open. Diego's hand snaked around her front, groping at her breast before smoothing down her slightly rounded stomach to her neatly trimmed pussy. The muscles of her belly quivered underneath his touch, her whole body jerking in his hold. She looked at Harlan again, pleading for him to make this stop like he had last time.

Cady bit her lip to keep from crying out when Diego shoved his finger into her dry opening, rasping at the tender tissues. He pumped his fingers in her for a few seconds before letting out a disgusted snort. He shoved her back into Harlan, his arms coming out to grab her before she could fall.

"You can have the dry bitch," Diego snarled.

Cady curled herself into Harlan, hiding the front of her body by pressing herself as tight as she could to his front.

"You know what? I want to see you fuck her right now. Rip that fat pussy apart," Diego snickered.

Cady whimpered into Harlan's shirt, looking up at him so quickly she bumped his chin. He glared down at her for a second, but then looked back to Diego.

"I'd rather take her back to my room," Harlan said. The man might look apathetic but Cady could hear the quickening of his heart beneath her ear. She rubbed her hand over his chest in slow, soothing strokes. It was the only thanks she could give him right now.

"No. I want to watch her scream. Fuck her," Diego said. "Now!"

Cady waited for Harlan to say no but he remained silent. She looked up to see his jaw clenched tight, his hand fisting where it lay right above the curve of her buttocks. She looked back at Diego and it seemed as if the two men were engaged in a staring contest. Finally, without blinking, Harlan tipped his head. Cady gasped; she had been so sure he was going to refuse.

"No, no, no, please!" Cady yelled. She hadn't pleaded with her previous would-be-rapists because she knew pleading with those monsters would just make them laugh. But somehow in the little time she'd known Harlan, she'd come to trust him to keep her safe from harm. But who the hell was going to save her from him.

She pulled away from him, blindly searching for escape. His hands caught at her waist and pulled her back. She kicked back, eliciting a low grunt but he held on. He swung her up to lie on a table. Diego and his men surrounded her; a few others came to see what all the commotion was all about.

"No, I won't let you!" Cady screamed when Harlan got between her flailing thighs.

Diego gestured to his men. They got on either side of her and just like before, they grabbed onto her arms and legs, holding her down. Cady thrashed her head, screaming her head off. A sudden, sharp slap stopped her mid-scream.

Harlan had slapped her.

She didn't know why that was so shocking but it was.

"Please don't take this away from me," she pleaded one last time but his icy blue eyes were devoid of any emotion. His eyes dropped down to between her thighs where she was spread wide open. She didn't even blush, just sobbing hopelessly and still struggling against her bonds.

Harlan's hands slid up from her ankles, warning her legs up until they framed the apex of her thighs, spreading her even further until her muscles protested from the stretch. One hand moved up to grip her hips, pinning her down with just that hold. With his other unoccupied hand, he reached for his zipper. The rasp of the metal sounded obscenely loud, even among the raucous room. She tried to buck her hips but the hold on her hips tightened painfully.

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