tagNonHumanThe Dark One

The Dark One


(This is the first time I'm submitting to Literotica so I'd really appreciate any kind of feedback. Thank you and hope you enjoy.)

The dress I wore was black...tight at the bodice and see through, it hung from one shoulder – my right shoulder... then it puffed out at my hips in layers of midnight black see through material – you could see my black lace panties and my black thigh highs topped off with black lace at my thighs....my hair was long and flowing in a mixture of brown waves and curls down my back. My eyes seemed bigger and more exotic, my lashes longer and darker, my skin had a glow to it almost like the sun kissed skin I sometimes get in the summer...yet not, my mouth looked fuller and inviting and my cheeks were flushed as I stood in some kind of isolated bedroom.

In the centre of the room – which wasn't that big – against one of the tall terracotta coloured walls was a large four poster bed, with white see through gauge sweeping down to cover the high bed – the windows on either side of the bed were tall and medieval looking...they were shuttered, blocking any light from outside from the room... I had no idea if it was day or night. The only light that illuminated the room came from the large old fashioned fireplace opposite the bed...and two candles – long slim columns, pearly white crowned with a flame at the top stood on opposite sides in front of the mirror above the fire.

Yet I knew as my wide brown eyes searched the room, that I was not alone. Something watched me, as it had done before. I could feel his presence there...like the scent of rain before it poured down upon the earth. As the air gathered and thickened around me...he appeared, first like particles of air turning black...forming a cloud of black smoke behind me...then slowly the shaping of the black smoke, until it became a human figure. But not a human. Instead he stood behind me, the Dark One. Lucian.

Suddenly I could feel this cool breath against the exposed column of my throat and felt all my insides freeze, felt my heartbeat speed and thud hard against the walls of my chest in fear...and some excitement that I would never allow myself to acknowledge. He made me feel like prey. My eyes remained fixed on the detail carved into one of the wooden posts of the bed, seeing yet not seeing.

"You look," he breathed into my ear, "exquisite."

At the sound of his voice my skin went up in goose bumps all over. In my mind, thoughts that had begun to be processed were frozen as if stuck in a picture that had been taken long ago.

"As beautiful as the last time I saw you..."he murmured, "only last time, last time you weren't ready for me." I felt the soft brush of his lips against my neck and flinched involuntarily. But it served the purpose of snapping me out of the frozen – fear stage and I took a step forward, away from him... only to take a deep breath before turning to look at him.

Big mistake. My eyes were instantly trapped by his ever burning amber ones, shaped like almonds, surrounded by black lashes... his eyes were so disconcerting, so bewitching, the colour seemed to be shifting endlessly from gold, to yellow, to flame yellow, to molten lava but all in the context of amber...it was the most beautiful thing...but also fascinatingly horrifying.

I managed to make myself blink and take in all of him. He was dressed all in black. A black suit, with a black shirt unbuttoned at the first four buttons, the dark clothing complimented his deep tanned colouring...it also made him seem somehow bigger...more imposing. He was already too tall for me, at possibly 6'2, and there I stood with my 5'3 height. His black hair was messy, but devilishly sexy; his face was indeed the face of a fallen angel. Devastating. High cheekbones, cheeks slightly hollowed a perfect aristocratic nose and with a mouth as tempting as sin, tilted at the moment in an unholy grin. The only sign of something pure was held in his elegant powerful hands – and orchid. The white a contrast to him, who represented pure evil.

"Am I dreaming? Are you in my dream?" I demanded my voice stronger then I felt. "Does it feel like a dream?" His bewitching eyes were gently mocking as he tilted his head slightly to one side. No. It didn't feel like a dream, not at all. I could feel the warmth of the fire touch me, the texture of the dress against my skin, the floor beneath my feet and the air that filled my lungs...and most of all, his scent.

"Is it a dream?" I asked again, so sure...and yet...not. Slowly he lifted gorgeous shoulders and dropped them, his eyes never leaving my face. He remained silent. I refused to ask what he wanted. But I wanted to. The question was trembling on the tip of my tongue – begging to come out, to be acknowledged. But I would not allow it. He would not win with me.

Slowly his eyes travelled down from my face, down my neck, lingering on my breasts exposed through the see through black fabric, taking in the slight curves of my neck and then down my legs which though covered in layers were still visible. Not one emotion passed his now bland face, my heart beat increased and I felt I felt my lips part wider in order for me to accommodate the new demand of my lungs. His eyes snapped back to my face so fast so suddenly that I was startled into taking a step back.

Taking his time he allowed a smile to steal over his lips. "You're ready for me now." He murmured, taking a step towards me. I immediately took one back. He took another. So did I – and suddenly my back was against one of the posts. As soon as my back grazed the wooden post, he moved in light speed and before I knew it his entire length was pressed against me. I gasped at the suddenness of the movement and could only slap feebly at his hand when he slipped the orchid stem first inside the dress and in between my breasts.

"Stop that!" This time my voice shook as my hands came up to push him away from me.

"I brought you a flower. Don't you want to say thank you?" He asked, his voice soft, as fingers trailed over the curve of my left shoulder and seared my skin on their way to my throat.

"Don't touch me!" I protested desperately as I once again slapped his hand away... and almost wished I hadn't as his face changed... a face that exuded malice.

"I'm allowed to touch what's mine." His voice, though still soft, sent chills down my spine.

"I'm not yours." I denied hotly.

This he seemed to ignore as he leaned forward to nuzzle the curve of my neck. "Say 'thank you' nicely for the flower."

"I don't want your flower." I was defiant, though I knew that I should not have risked angering him. My heart jolted when a hand closed around my throat and amber eyes that blazed with fury met mine.

"Say. That. Again." He suggested with gentle malice. My mouth opened to repeat it but the pressure of his fingers increased on my throat and I thought better of it. "Nothing to say?"

"Not anything that you want to hear." I retorted, unable to hold my tongue.

At this a smile spread over his stunning face once more. He leaned close to my ear again. "Don't worry." He murmured, and then I felt sharp teeth on my ear, followed by a slow soothing of his wet tongue that made me shiver against him. "I'll make you scream the words I want to hear."

I shook my head in denial, my hands still pushing at his large shoulders but he just ignored my efforts and scraped the side of my neck with his teeth. I gasped as the sensation caused pin points of pleasure to pierce me, making me cry out in denial as well as need. He was starting to slip through my defences, and if he managed to get inside then I knew I would be lost. I couldn't let him win, I couldn't.

But then, his lips were trailing down to my collar bone, a series of nips and sucks hard enough to mark followed his progress as he neared the neckline of my dress. Still I continued to try and push him off me. Even as he began to lick at the skin above the neckline...even as he trailed those kisses over the flimsy see through material. His hands caught my flaying ones in his and dragged them down and behind the post, locking them behind there with one strong hand wrapped around my wrists.

"Don't!" I cried, and even as I did that – thrashing madly in hopes of him loosing his hold on me, his warm wet mouth closed over a turgid nipple through my gown. The cry of amazing pleasure that was torn out of my mouth shamed me. I was loosing. He began sucking hard, so hard I thought he would draw blood and I felt myself growing hot with every pull. No longer attempting to buck him off me but instead arching my breasts into his mouth, cries of frustration seeping through the lips I had tried to keep locked. I desperately wanted to beg him to treat my other breast to the same treatment. As if reading my thoughts he moved to my other breast and proceeded to give the other one the exact same treatment.

He began rubbing against me, making me aware of the huge erection between his thighs, making me incredibly wet, he was making me want to give in. To beg him to lift my skirts up and consequences be damned. But I seemed to still have some measure of control over myself. Obviously aware of my resistance he gave my nipple a vicious bite that had me crying out with pleasure/pain before pulling his face away from my breasts. Allowing cool air to hit the place where his warm wet mouth had just been, making them even harder at the chill.

Burning amber eyes locked with mine as his free hand slid up to grab me by my jaw, forcing me to look up to him, his eyes mesmerising me so that I couldn't look away as he ground myself into me harder then before. I watched those sinister eyes cloud with pleasure and he did it again, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from expressing just how good it felt. But that only brought his attention to my lips and the fire in his eyes burned brighter. He rammed into me again and I gasped. And in that moment his lips were on mine, taking advantage of my open mouth to slide his tongue in. His mouth was hot and his tongue brushed mine sensually, seducing me into a daze where I couldn't help but kiss him back.

As I did, he released my hands and my jaw to cup breasts as he continued to drug me with his kisses. The man could kiss, I'd give him that. NO! I cried in denial at the way my thoughts were going. He wasn't a man. He came from hell itself, it was there in the way his eyes burned, the evil that resided within him. With a gasp I tore my mouth away from his and pushed his kneading hands from my breasts.

"Stop it; I don't want your hands on me." He ignored my demand and simply followed my lips as I tried to turn my face away. He wouldn't let me. Instead he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the floor, nuzzling the cleft between my breasts where the flower still rested, its soft petals another attack on my senses as they brushed against my skin. He bit the swell of my breast and moaned against my will, my hands finding his wide shoulders and my nails sinking into them even though I knew he wouldn't be able to feel any pain whatsoever.

Distracted by his constant nips and sucks I didn't realise what he was doing until I felt the mattress beneath me. He followed me down and returned his mouth to mine, my control was just hanging by one thread – and I was no longer fooling myself that I would manage to keep it that way. The thread was sure to snap soon. My hands reached for him and I let out a shocked gasp when I met smooth hard skin instead of the material of his suit. My eyes flew open and I saw him as he began to lower his body on mine that he was completely naked. Gloriously naked.

His body, an amazing glowing bronze colour was perfection, with lean muscles, everything about him was hard. There was a line of hair starting from his navel that ran down his taught abdomen until it fused with the dark hairs surrounding his erection. An erection which had my eyes widening with its size. It was at the least 8 inches long and 3 and a half around, arching slightly up. The head was shiny with a smear of pre-cum. And I knew that there was no way I would get out of this.

I jerked away from the sight of his intimidating arousal when I suddenly felt cool air on my body. I tensed with panic as I looked down at my own body and saw that I was completely bared to his amber gaze, wearing nothing but the thigh highs. I tried to sit up instantly, but even though he didn't try to stop me, it just made the situation worse as this parted my thighs and he slid right between them before taking a hold of my wrists once more and laying me back on the bed.

"I have waited years to feel you beneath me exactly like this. Mine. Wanting me." He smiled the most wicked smile that I have ever seen. "Because I know you want me, you've always wanted me, even if it has always been against your will. He leaned closer to me and began kissing up my throat to stop near my ear. "And that's what I want to hear today," he husked, "I want to hear you scream my name and tell me you want me." And having told me what he wanted he allowed his cock to brush my cunt, not entering but just sliding smoothly between my folds.

The pleasure was mind blowing and my lips parted in a hiss of pleasure. "You like that don't you baby?" He groaned, letting me know that he was also being completely taken over by the same rage of lust that was filling me. He thrust harder and I bowed off the bed, my hands frantically caught at his back and raked themselves down in diagonal scratches. He cried out and arched, flinging his head back as the pain obviously intensifies his pleasure.

Then he was prying my hands from his shoulders and stretching them high above my head, holding them there while he panted in unspent lust, until I felt cool sheets twisting themselves around my wrists until they bound them as effectively as his hands had done. Slowly he leaned back, his eyes trailing over my body with barely contained anticipation. Then with my wide eyes still on me he slid down my body, his hands gripped my thighs and pulled them further apart until I was completely exposed to him. He sighed as he stared at my wet core.

"You're so beautiful, so wet..."the smile returned once more and he glanced up at me, "and all mine." Then, his eyes not leaving mine he lowered his head, amber eyes flaring as I watched his tongue come out – and then I felt it. It flickered right over my clit and I instantly opened my legs wider. I heard his groan approval at my reaction before he caught my clit between his teeth and started sucking.

"Oh God!" I gasped, feeling everything within me coil tight, all my senses focusing on that centre of sensations on my body. I arched myself closer to his mouth and he rewarded me by sucking harder, his hands kneading and soothing my thighs as I writhed on the bed, completely lost to the sinful sensations that he was gifting me. I could myself nearing that peak...one I knew would grant me relief from this inferno of emotions and demanding feelings. I was there, I was right there...right...th– and he pulled away. I think I screamed as my body instantly mourned the loss of what had been a promise of ecstasy.

"I told you sweetness," he practically purred as he looked down at me, "not until you tell me what I want to hear." Then he climbed back over my body and rubbed his erection against my thigh as his mouth decided to play with my navel. He used his tongue to keep me aroused even as my body reluctantly backed away from the orgasm it had been so readily heading for. His hands once again returned to my breasts, squeezing them gently and then massaging them with the palm of his hand before pinching my nipples until I thought I'd scream again and they became red berries. He rose up, leaving a damp trail up the centre of my body so that he could then lavish a lick on each of them...before moving up again and then sinking into my mouth like he owned it.

In my mindless state I kissed him back with matching fervour, my teeth grazing his lips, nipping them before I allowed his tongue in my mouth only to suck viciously at it.

He jerked back as if my kiss burned him, his lips swollen, streaks of red climbing up those incredible cheekbones as he knelt between my legs panting from the kiss he had initiated.

"Are you playing with me beauty?" I don't know what went through me then, but I felt the smile curving my lips and saw his expression darken. Slowly he held up his hand and did a movement that I couldn't catch and then the orchid that he had given me was in his hand. "I like it." He confided as he brought the flower down and began stroking my stomach with it, making my skin burn for a firmer touch. Then watching for my reaction, he trailed the flower lower, and lower...and lower until its petals brushed over my dark hairs...until they kissed my wet lips. Once again, I bit into my bottom lip and then screwed my eyes shut, as if I could shut out the sensation all together. But then they just flew wide open again as I felt the stem of the flower at e entrance.

"Do you like that baby?" He murmured and before I could say anything, he pushed the slim stem inside me some more. It was a frustrating exercise, because the feel of the stem sliding in was arousing a need in me that it wasn't fulfilling. I shook my head mindlessly back and forth, my frustration like a neon sign on my body. "But I thought you liked to play." He teased.

Bastard. He was playing with me, wanting me to beg him. But his folly only made me want to give in less.

"Resisting me is not a good idea, sweetness." As he said this he slid the flower out. And then laid it beside my head, as if it were a token of something. "Because I'm going to get what I want anyway aren't I?" Again he placed his hand on my thighs, sliding closer to my centre with his knees so that I couldn't close my legs to him. He held his knees wide as he let go of my thighs and reached out with both hands. And then I felt it. He held both of my nether lips with gentle fingers and pulled them apart. Wide apart, lewdly spreading me open for him. "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never remember the reason why you tried to resist me sweetness." He growled, his eyes fixated on my wet folds. Then, still holding my lips open he scooted forward a little more and I gasped when I felt his blunt head against my opening. I closed my eyes and sent up a prayer. He rocked forward a little and my breath caught in my throat when I felt his head pass forcefully into me.

That's all he had in me. Just the head...and the stretching was a mixture of discomfort and pleasure. "Look at me taking you, it looks so hot. My head is stretching you wide open baby and it feels so good," he groaned, momentarily closing his eyes, "it makes me want to do...this."

And with that he gave one hard thrust and shoved himself all the way into me, not giving me any time to adjust, making me scream with the pleasure that was so completely intertwined with the pain that I had no idea what the scream was actually for. "Yessssss." He hissed, then opened his eyes and looked down at where we were joined. "And still you haven't taken all of me." His voice was husky and had an almost lulling affect, but his words alarmed me. He had completely filled me up! There was no way any more of him would fit inside me.

He placed a soothing hand on my stomach, making circular motions with it as if he was trying to rub away some kind of pain. "Just lie still," he murmured and then pushed forward a little more and I gasped as I felt a little more of him pushing into me, felt the head of him butt into what must've been my cervix.

"I can't take anymore." I gasped. But he just shook his head and continued to rub my stomach.

"Easy," was all he said and I felt another cram another inch into me ripping another gasp from me, he groaned, leaning his head back, "woman, do you know how good this feels?" He groaned, withdrew a little and thrust again, slowly so that I felt every inch, every raised vein on his cock as he slid back into me. "Now," he demanded all of a sudden, "I want you tell me now."

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