tagNonHumanThe Dark One Ch. 02

The Dark One Ch. 02


(Sorry it a bit for me to submit the second part, as to a few quetsions I received I'm not into devil worship or dark magic though these things intrigue me and yes, the story does have some autobiographical elements that came from something that I now believe was a dream. Any comments are welcome, thanks and enjoy.)

I turned brown eyes wide with shock towards the male perfection that lay beneath me.

"Our what?" I whispered, my new found peace steadily leaking out of me. Smug amber eyes stared up at me. Then before I could get out another word he rolled me onto my back and trapped me beneath him. One of his powerful hands trailed back down to my stomach, but this time his touch was possessive.

"Don't worry. You'll get used to it lover." He murmured.

Anger surged through me in one powerful wave and I got ready to blast him – when he placed a tender kiss on my lips that had my eyes fluttering shut, it was as if I was melting into the bed.

He tricked you, a voice whispered in my head. It was enough to snap me out of my spell and I shoved him away with all my might... only to find myself staring at the dark emptiness of my room.

A dream? Relief coursed through me and my heart which had been banging against my ribcage, slowed down somewhat. Feeling dazed from the drugging effects of sleep I pushed myself into a sitting position...and froze when the sheets slid down to reveal my stark naked body...and a very real small bump that had never been there before.

Our child. As the words echoed in my head all I could do was fall back on my bed with a scream of despair.

* * *

It had been two weeks since my encounter with that devil... and I hadn't so much as felt his presence since then... but unfortunately things were definitely not back to the way they used to be before I... I allowed myself to give into that thing. My belly was now the size of a football...obviously the baby was as unnatural as the thing that had fathered it. And that was not the only thing, as I had found myself starting to care for the little bump...something seemed to happen to me. It was as if I began to have two personalities in me. One that was the normal me... and the other that had the most...darkest urges...not to mention that that part of me seemed to have some kind of control over things. Strange though, that I only became aware of that presence when I was overcome by some kind of strong emotion.

Thinking about it I felt a shiver go through me as I opened the door to my apartment. As I let myself in, I thought about the nights I'd woken up...that alien part of me craving him. Craving that which had ruined me. At that moment, sensing as if sensing my turmoil the baby gave a strong kick against my side. I grimaced a bit with discomfort and rubbed a hand on the spot, trying to soothe the being within me.

I locked the door and turned to carry on down the corridor, only to freeze in my tracks when I saw a soft glow lighting the dark hall. It was coming from my living room. I felt my eyes narrow. Whereas before I would have stiffened in dread, now I felt that strange side come to the surface and it told me what the cause of that glow was. Longing and anger infiltrated my veins, feeding the mixture of emotions all over me.

I tossed my keys onto the small table by the door and made my way in the dark to the source of the glow. And as I reached the door to the living room all I could manage was a gasp at what I saw there.

My living room which had always been soothing with neutral colours in beige and white was now made of red walls that were bathed by the soft light of countless red and white candles held up in elegant candelabras, there were orchids everywhere, the whiteness of them making a startling contrast with the darkened red walls. Everything in the room seemed intense. On the floor there was a volume of red satin sheets strewn everywhere.

"I thought you'd look at home in this setting. I was right." A disembodied voice whispered softly into the room. "Although there is just one thing I would change."

The windows of my living room opened softly and a soft breeze blew at my now red curtains, it came into the room, making the soft candle light flicker as it swirled around the room before brushing against my clothes and in the next instance I felt the satin sliding against my bear skin and looked down to find a black kimono with red flowers on my body, cut just beneath the curve of my ass.

Then there were arms curving possessively over my enlarged midriff and I felt that lean long body fit itself to mine. My body tightened in anticipation even as I seethed with uncontrolled anger at his highhandedness. Gripping his arms firmly I pried them off me with a strength that I did not have... so either he let me pry them off or...I had grown stronger.

"Hmm," he murmured as I turned to face him, "developing nicely aren't we lover?"

I snorted and folded my arms on top of my bump. "So you're back." The words came out with a bitterness that I hadn't even been aware of wanting to use. It made it sound like I had missed him. What's wrong with me?

"Missed me?" He asked arching sexy brows over his amazing eyes. No! Unfortunately that part of me wasn't in control right now and all I did was turn my head away from him angrily and tap a furious beat on the floor with my foot.

"And what's this all about?" I demanded, my eyes running over the canvas of red which was now my living room.

"It's for you."

I glared at him. "I don't like it; I thought I told you that I don't want anything from you." I hissed at him. I have no idea what was wrong with me, I sounded awfully brave. He could squash me with his pinky, and here I was, risking his anger – yet again. And I already knew well where that had ended the last time.

At this he crossed his arms over his own chest and it was then that I realised that he wasn't wearing the customary suit he always wore. He was dressed in a robe, a black satin robe just like mine... Against my will I felt my mouth water. I couldn't help it, he might be evil incarnate but he was still the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. As it was, he didn't even seem to become mildly riled by my words; he just shrugged and stepped closer to me, his hands settling on my distended stomach.

"Is baby doing ok?" He asked, for a second resembling a child with the gleeful enthusiasm he displayed in the question.

"It grew like this in two weeks!!!" I shouted, my anger boiling over and suddenly I wasn't in control anymore, I felt the alien presence in me infuse itself with my anger and it was almost like I became a spectator. "You didn't even warn me you bastard!"

"Don't shout my beauty," he said in a soothing tone, wrapping me up in those wonderful arms, "you'll upset the –" he didn't finish as I shoved him away angrily and he slammed into the wall behind him.

Whoa! How the hell did I do that? I mean, sure, I wasn't a weakling but two weeks ago I had repeatedly tried to push him away from me and it had been like a feather trying top make a dent on concrete. And now I just pushed and he hit a wall?

He straightened away from the wall and that glint came into his eyes. "I see you're feeling a little bit upset my beauty."

If he was trying to rile me up he was hitting all the right spots. "You left me alone with your baby!!! It isn't exactly normal is it? It grew in two damn weeks!" I shouted. What was I saying for god's sake? I want him to leave me alone, so why the hell am I complaining. "You said I was your's but as soon as you put this little monster inside me you leave?" As I shouted that last word, a gust of wind burst into the room and extinguished all of the candles, plunging us into darkness. I had a feeling that it wasn't him. "You do nothing but harass me days on end Lucien – you LOCKED me in a room with you juts so you can get me into bed and then you LEAVE!"

Then in a flash I was before him. Literally. But in my anger I did not even realise I was doing it. "You used me." Jesus I sounded insane, I know I did, but it was like I was possessed. "So now I'll return the favour." I purred, the sound so unlike myself.

Then I was on him like a rash. My hands were tearing at the robe even as my teeth licked in the strong column of his throat, and felt rather than heard his sharp gasp of surprise at my actions. But as I tasted his skin it only made the frenzy inside me all the worse. I shoved the robe feverishly from his shoulders and my hands fell to his chest...that smooth golden expanse of skin that seemed to make me delirious, allowing only the need for more to grow in me.

"Be careful." He hissed, even as he grabbed my arms hard, in a hold that I knew would produce bruises later on. But I welcomed it. I wanted him to feel the way I had felt the last time. Crazy with lust. And with that uppermost in my mind I trailed my hands down to his stomach...allowed my fingers to tease for a little bit just above the his cock...then I 'accidentally' brushed my thumb against a vein that throbbed beneath the soft skin of his hard length. It seemed to snap the little self control he had been trying so hard to exert and he didn't even seem to remember that he could just wish my clothes away. Instead he just ripped the kimono off me... and then stilled.

Surprised because I hadn't expected him to stop once he had me naked, I pulled my teeth away from where they had been grazing mercilessly over and over his neck, making the skin an angry red, and looked up at him to see his eyes trained on my breasts. He looked mesmerized by them.

"What's wrong?" My voice shook from the power of the lust that was driving me.

At my question his hands came up and gently but firmly cupped my breasts. "They're bigger." He said in an awed voice. My eyes widened a little in surprise, I had noticed that phenomenon but I hadn't particularly taken any happiness from it. I had been so used to small breasts that when they had started to swell it had actually alarmed me. But now I wasn't that upset about it as he lowered his head, having to practically stoop, as he pushed the two heavy globes together and ran his tongue down the valley he had produced. My head lolled back on my neck as I felt the pleasure knife through me...they felt so much more sensitive to his touch. A smile that shocked the inner me, curved my lips as I gave myself up completely to his ministrations and I wrapped my hand around that thick rod, and gave it a light squeeze.

He lifted his head from my breasts and groaned in pleasure. "Yessssss..." his hand moved down to where mine held him and he gripped it almost painfully, making me tighten my fingers on him before moving my hand up and down on him, "for some reason," he began breathlessly, "I wasn't expecting you to greet me in quite this way my beauty." Then he leant forward, caught my jaw in his hand and opened his mouth over mine, luring me into a kiss so carnal that my stroking faltered. His tongue was plunging into my mouth in a way that had me making mewling noises in the depths of my throat. His hands slowly let go of me as I continued to kiss him all on my own and settled once again on my stomach, an area that he seemed to be very obsessed with. "Mine," he husked against my lips, "you're both all mine."

That brought to mind what I was supposed to be doing so I pushed him back against the wall and before he could pull me to him I slid down to my knees and steadied his cock. Then I flicked him one look from under my eyelashes before giving a light lick to his blunt head. In my weird state, the bead of pre-cum that hit my tongue was like an aphrodisiac and as his hands locked in my hair, I started to run my lips over his head over and over again...slowly.

"You're playing with me again," he breathed as he leaned his head back against the wall and thrust his hips forward, trying to make me take more of him but I stubbornly kept to the tip and for his impertinence I ran my tongue around the tip of him as I closed my lips around him again. Then I added a suck for good measure and felt his hands tighten almost painfully in my hair. "More." He demanded; his voice was rough now as he urged me to take more. "Do it."

I resisted the urge to laugh and took another inch of him into my mouth. "Again," he groaned, "deeper beauty, deeper." His voice, sounding so husky so desperate was like some kind of spell and suddenly my intent to make him beg changed to pleasing him as he wanted to be pleased. And so I took him deeper and before dragging my lips back to the tip, feeling every raised vein in his hot arousal, it was as if it was pulsing in my mouth and he caught my head even tighter as I allowed him to begin thrusting into my mouth. "Use your tongue beauty...like you did before – yessssss, just like that." This time he sounded like he'd regained some of his control back and I really didn't want that, so I caught his hips and held him still with the strength I still found so disconcerting and begun sucking at him hard, my lips working that hard rod as hard as I could and I heard him shout in mindless pleasure.

He was getting bigger in my mouth and I knew he was just about to – he pulled my mouth away in a sharp yank that made m yelp as he held me there on my knees, neck arched a she held my hair wrapped around his fist. I gasped as still holding onto my hair he walked around me to drop to his knees behind me. He tugged on my hair again and I arched my back with a gasp.

"I think you've had enough taste of control haven't you beauty?" He breathed against my neck as he ran his tongue up the place where shoulder swept up into neck only to stop at my ear.

"Not nearly enough!" I gasped as one of his hands rubbed my belly and the other followed crept down and over the large mound of my stomach to dip in between my legs. Everything about me was extra sensitive and I held my breath as I waited for the fabulous sensation of his fingers stretching me open.

"Should I? Or do you want to carry on with your little games? Hmm, beauty?" He murmured as he bit my lobe.

I gritted my teeth and instead of answering him I caught his fingers and pressed them into me, raking my bottom lip with my teeth from the incredible pleasure that engulfed me as they sank in deep. "Ohh." I cried and thrust myself on those incredibly strong fingers.

"So you did like my surprise." He said I could hear the smile that was on his face from his tone of voice. But I was still too volatile and I wasn't willing to submit to his charms and allow him dominance once more. Not when I had the power of his child inside me. After the baby was gone I would never again be on equal footing with him, so this could be my only chance to be his equal – not in nature perhaps, no matter how angry I got. Biting the inside of my cheek to keep from crying out again at the pleasure his fingers inside me were creating, I inched back against him until I felt his erection rubbing against the cheeks of my ass. I heard his gasp even as he tried to stifle it and his hand on my stomach stilled even as the other kept on going. I began rocking against him lightly, widening my legs so that his cock slid further down and nestled at my folds.

"I like your surprise just fine." I moaned back at him as my own pleasure increase as his blunt head nudged at my entrance and brushed his own fingers. "But what do you really want for it?" This time my voice was all heat and I felt him nudge forward, though not with his fingers. I turned my face into his neck and tilted my face up so that I could nip his chin. "Are you coming in Lucien?" I breathed his name into his skin and followed it with a sharp brutal suck that I felt sure would leave its mark on his perfect skin. "Are you?"

But it was me who sucked my breath in stunned surprise as he slid me back so that his thighs held me partially up and then without removing his fingers from me, he thrust his way slowly into my tight channel. "God!" I choked, falling forward and bracing myself with one hand on the floor. It was hard to get him in last time – but with the added width of his fingers? He seemed to be sure I could take it though as he continued to push his length steadily into me, spreading me as he continued to move his fingers inside me. It made me breathe heavier as the forth movement of his cock shoving its way into me counter the contrasting movement of his fingers that kept up their in and out jerks at a faster pace.

"You'll never win power games with me beauty." He murmured before lowering his mouth to my spine and kissing its line, making me thrust back into his length. I cried out as I felt my inner muscles give all of a sudden and he rushed into me all at once, driving my breath from my lungs. At the same time the baby kicked against the exact spot where Lucien's hand was and all the sensations had me grinding back on the hardness that impaled me. "You see that, he knows." He groaned as he started to pull out, dragging his fingers along before letting them settle on my clit. Another gasp escaped my parted lips. "He knows that you're mine, he knows that I'm the one who fathered him. All we need now is for you to accept me isn't it beauty?" Then with that he shoved back in.

I hissed. "But I'm never going to be like you." I gritted as he lunged again and again, as if he was trying to dig deep into me. If he wasn't careful he'd probably hurt the baby he'd worked so hard to get in me.

He leaned over my back and increased the pace, moving both his hands up to cup my swaying breasts...and then catching my nipples between his thumb and his forefinger. "Who said I wanted you to be like me?" He whispered and he thrust again, deeper. I arched my back with the pleasure, like before I was at that place where I was beyond coherent thought and all I could do was pant like an animal as I felt him ram into me like the demon from hell that he was. "Right now all I want is for you to come for me, to come hard."

At that I reared back and wrapped my arm around his neck, then thrust myself on him hard. He wanted me to come that was fine, but he'd come with me. As I felt my climax begin, I reached down between my legs, further between his and caught his sac in my hand. His body jerked. I gave them a squeezing caress and that's when I won. Behind me he cried out, his arm slid up to catch me to him hard just under my breasts, his mouth buried itself at my neck and he bit me hard, and that was all I needed to allow myself to go with him.

We shook uncontrollably with the strong climax and toppled sideways, legs intertwined, my hand still between his legs and his cock still spurting inside me. Unlike the first time I felt a little ache between my legs and it seemed to echo our frantic heartbeats.

Then just as our breathing slowed down and the strange presence inside me started receding, our baby kicked again, reminding me that with my wanton behaviour I had solved nothing.

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